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MANHATTAN’S MOST EXPENSIVE LISTING ACADEMY CHRISTOPHE COLOMB BY ZENITH Try looking at Zenith’s Academy Christophe Colomb without your eyes bulging out of your head. It features one of the landmarks of 21st-century watchmaking: the gyroscopic module named Gravity Control. If that sounds like a sequel to the blockbuster movie starring Sandra Bullock, think again. For this watch manufacturer, the gyroscopic module ensures horizontal positioning of the regulating organ: the ultimate guarantee of precision.

46 DECEMBER 2014

New York has seen its share of high-priced real estate, but there’s a new listing that puts everything else to shame. With 12,394 square feet, this Park Avenue triplex is hitting the market at $130 million. There are too many amenities to touch on, but you can imagine that, as the highest listing in the city, it will be customized with the most luxurious and tricked-out gadgets.

CANOPY BY HILTON Get ready for the future of Hilton. The newest line of Hilton Hotels, geared toward business travelers, will incorporate the local foods, drinks and style of each location’s neighborhood, meaning no two buildings will be identical. Canopy by Hilton, which will open 11 worldwide locations early next year, stresses this chain has been designed to enhance guests’ comfort and experience. In this spirit, each guest staying at a Canopy hotel will receive complimentary WiFi, a carefully curated breakfast, a welcome basket filled with local goods and other amenities.

HudsonMOD 100- December 2014  

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