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A tt e nti o n C o ntract o rs :

Follow the Path to Get More Customers That Buy More • Stay Longer • Pay More • Refer More •

…And absolutely rave about you in the process!


A New Requirement for Marketing Today • The Secret of “Getting to the Next Level” • Why Your Customers Leave • Powerful Web Integration •

Contractor Marketing that Works.

Two Things You Won’t Hear Anywhere Else Dear Contractor Friend, The following may sound weird coming from a harddriving Direct Response marketing firm: Of all the marketing dollars you invest, Customer Retention – though a small percentage of your budget – is the one marketing type you want to increase. Why? You may think it’s because it makes us more money (partly true), yet it’s actually because it means you have more customers to retain! Pretty much the point of being in business. However, There are 2 things that media salespeople and other marketers often do not tell you... “Acquisition Marketing” – getting a customer to call the first time – is the most expensive marketing type by far. In fact, getting a customer costs 6 times more than keeping one. Now you know why media salespeople want to “sell” you more acquisition marketing.

Why “High Impact Marketing” Is Required for Contractor Results Now


here is so much distraction in marketing now that customers are “blind” to the ordinary or expected. Just parking a static website, or hoping some old ad is going to catch their attention is futile and costly. Yet contractors continue to hope for “new” results.

You’ve got to break free from what the “standard” contractor does. Here’s how: You know that if something is unique, it stands out. Yet a full 89% of contractors don’t even have a Customer Retention Program! So when you do, you’re instantly set apart from the norm.

Then there’s this little gem: Since an average contractor loses 11% of customers to the competition by not having a Retention program, this means you get to acquire them all over again! That’s another reason ad reps don’t talk much about retention marketing. It eats into their sales, though it would make money for you. Bottom line – – A Powerful Retention Marketing program reduces your need for expensive acquisition marketing and outperforms it. Make sense? Now all you need is a powerful turn-key program to plug in place. Lucky you: it’s in your hands now! Happily Helping You Get and Keep More Customers,

Adams Hudson n Is Simple

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Let me ask you, when was the last time you got a newsletter or any regular follow-up from a contractor? Thought so. That’s because they’re doing the same-old stuff, going after new customers, “hoping” for better results, letting their most profitable customers leave. Your customers are too valuable to ignore. They cost too much to get, and they’re like “gold” when you keep them, build relationships and earn sales, referrals and repeat business for years. This does not happen by chance. It happens with a program. That’s why this package is filled with “High Impact” Customer Retention tools proven to work.

1-800-489-9099 • 40 Monroe Street • Montgomery, AL •

The little secret your competition hopes you never find out…


ost “standard” contractors get a lead, make the appointment and do a repair or replacement job. They hand the customer an invoice, then assume two things: 1) If this was a current customer, they assume the “standard” approach must be enough to keep them. 2) If this was a new customer, they assume this customer will remain a customer, as long as they were satisfied.

Pretty standard, right? Yet what most contractors “think” is a good flow of repeat customers is a trickle of what they could be getting. See, that first-time customer is still very fickle and prone to forget who they called the next go ‘round. Consumers get 2,100 ad messages a day; you think they’re going to remember the name on your van 6 months from now? These ‘assumptions’ are behind a common phrase that is the title of the next article.

“Why Can’t I Get to the Next Level?”

Here’s Why Customers Leave You for the Competition

• The #1 reason is “CLR”

5% Felt pricing was inconsistent with service.

Most contractors don’t know that Customer Loss Rate quietly erodes sales and eats tons of cash. It seems that you’re working harder each year, but never break through to the next level.

10% Passed away or moved out of service area. Can’t help this one. 14% Had an unresolved complaint. They didn’t feel enough “connection” with your company to resolve it.

You’re about to see why: When you figure advertising, marketing, staff, overhead, fuel, missed appointments, unclosed leads all together...

16% Took your competitor’s offer. Sales killer. These came out of your database from your customers.

It costs you $225-$290 to get one customer. So, if you service them once and they leave, you probably lost money on them. The CLR among home service contractors is about 11%. So, if your database is 3,000, that’s 330 customers who leave you for your competition every year. When you lose a customer, look what it takes to replace them in marketing and lost sales.

55% Left due to your “indifference.” This means you never showed them you cared! You may say you care, but how do you prove it? Add up those last two, and 71% of your lost customers left you for ONE reason: you weren’t there but your competition was. Bottom Line: Prove that you care with an active Customer Retention Program.

t CLR! a h w Look ting you is cos

CLR is a devastating problem.

Your Company Sales Volume

Customer Count

Customers Lost Rate (CLR) per Year

Cost to Replace Lost Customers ($240)

Sales Needed to Replace Loss at 15% Net

1,000,000 1,500,000 2,000,000 3,000,000 4,000,000 5,000,000 7,500,000 10,000,000

2,000 3,000 4,000 6,000 8,000 10,000 15,000 20,000

220 330 440 660 880 1,100 1,650 2,200

$52,800 $79,200 $105,600 $158,400 $211,200 $264,000 $396,000 $528,000

$150,000 $225,000 $300,000 $450,000 $600,000 $750,000 $1,125,000 $1,500,000

Find your company’s CLR above. How much loss is enough to justify a program to keep customers who stay, pay and refer? Now, you see why it’s hard to get to the next level without a Customer Retention Program. 1-800-489-9099 • 40 Monroe Street • Montgomery, AL •

7 Powerful Ways This Customer Retention Program Pays Off 1. Boost Your Brand – These newsletters have a modern design to give your company a high-quality brand and image that plain-Jane efforts do not. 2. Web Integration – This program combines offline newsletters with your online marketing. Drive traffic to your website using our “QR” codes and our unique “Power Portal” which is like having a second website to generate more leads!

7. MegaMarketer Coaching Club Included – No other contractor marketing firm offers this program. As a Customer Retention customer, you’re automatically enrolled in our MegaMarketer Program which includes:

Newsletter Paid fo r Itself in 1 Week — Over 30 Calls from 1 Ad

“When I first starte d the newsletter program, I had m y doubts. Imagine my surprise when the newsletter generated over 30 calls! I’m a believer. This has changed the way I run my business. I can’t thank you enough!” —Phil W ard, Flynn Heatin g & A/C, NE

• “One-on-One” Coaching to help you with any marketing needs.

3. Your Company name on every page – Customers will be reminded often that you’re their quality contractor. You can’t be overlooked!

5. “Psychological Sales Triggers” – Our articles use triggers to “nudge” readers to products and services they may not have known they wanted… or that you offered them!

4. Ads that hit buyer’s “Hot Buttons” – We’ve created an entire Ad Vault to promote virtually every type of product or service you have, ready to go.

6. Customize As You Wish – You can write your own editorial, choose alternate articles or send your own ads to create “your” special newsletter, your way.

“How Can I Get My Own Customer Retention Program?” Just Let Us Do It for You! That’s why we’re here. We don’t do our own contracting, so why should you create your own Customer Retention Program? You’re 90% done right now! Just follow the steps to build your customer base into raving, referring fans.

You do the contracting. We’ll help keep your customers… for life. Fair enough?

• Monthly Group Training with an expert on a specific marketing or sales topic to help build your top and bottom lines. • On-Line Training Videos to train and dramatically illustrate the most profitable marketing techniques. • Monthly CD and Newsletter on specific, timely topics to keep your training fresh and exciting. There is nothing else like this in contracting. Your benefits start as soon as you enroll!

Here’s How:

Simply select HomeSense for HVAC or HomeXpert for Plumbing or Electrical (main articles chosen according to your trade). Then...

1 2

Choose the quantity. Most select all “active” customers from the past 48 months. Choose your ads. This season’s copyrighted “Ad Vault” is available upon request. Just call a Hudson, Ink Coach!


Choose Your Web Integration. You can get powerful QR codes, a custom web portal to drive traffic or both!

Call a Hudson, Ink Coach at 1-800-489-9099 or Email and...

That’s it! We’ll take it from there! 1-800-489-9099 • 40 Monroe Street • Montgomery, AL •

NL Report Magalog Fall 2012  

NL Report Magalog Fall 2012

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