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My Word by <NAME> Dear Friends, I hope this newsletter finds you well and ready for the first signs of spring. We’re enjoying a breath of fresh air ourselves after a very busy season of keeping our customers comfortable. There’s nothing more important to us than the work we do for you. Every day, we work hard around here to put our best foot forward for you, and we place a very high value on the trust you place in us. Thank you for that. So, as you enter this new season and look forward to warmer days, let us know how we can help.

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Smart & simple ways to enrich your home living.

— It’s About Time —

Springtime Checklist for Your Plumbing

Water is money. Or it sure feels

that way if an undetected leak sends your cash down the drain, thanks to high water bills. Or if the drip, drip, drip of an untended faucet does the same. To find ways to keep this money for yourself, give your plumbing a closer look. This is especially important now since water usage increases as the months get warmer. So, pay attention to these five areas: Faucets – Check for drips or leaks, indoor and outdoor, and get them repaired if discovered. A hundred drips a minute can waste 33 gallons a day, experts say. Toilets – Are your toilets leaking? Try this. Add six drops of food coloring to the toilet tank. If the toilet has a leak, the color will move into the toilet bowl within a half hour. Also, inspect toilet bowls for cracks, and test flushing mechanisms.

If a handle has to be jiggled to keep from running, you may have worn parts. Drains – Make sure all your drains have strainers to prevent hair, soap and debris from collecting and clogging drains. Pipes and Hoses – Inspect all exposed pipes for leaks. Also, check your washing machine and dishwasher connecting hoses for signs of wear. Water Heater – When more than 10 or 12 years old, check for signs of aging, such as rust-colored water, long wait time for hot water, and particularly for water leaking around the heater. Also, check the temperature setting, which should be no higher than 120°F to prevent scalding and reduce energy use. If you discover any problems, give us a call. We’ll help right away.

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Transform Your Pantry — HOME HE ALT H —

Should You Repair It Yourself or Call a Professional?

For homeowners that are handy around the house, it makes sense to take care of simple fixes yourself. For example, changing a shower head or replacing a faucet are certainly doable for capable do-ityourselfers. But how do you know when to try on your own and when to call a professional? First, you need to know… What’s in your toolbox? Professional plumbers have a full toolbox for taking care of both the expected and unexpected. If you’ve got, say, a pipe wrench, plunger, plumber’s snake, pipe cutters, pipe bender and auger, then you’re in better shape for D-I-Y than most homeowners, however…


What if a bad situation gets worse? This is the most pressing reason to call a professional first. If you’re fixing a broken pipe, for example, you don’t want to make a mistake that means now you’ve suddenly got two broken pipes to repair. A professional is prepared to both prevent additional trouble and/or address other issues if they occur. Like discovering at a really bad time that you can’t shut off the water supply because the valve is broken. Which brings up another point…

Water goes where it flows. If your project involves altering your plumbing system, call a professional. Adding water lines or re-routing pipes takes experience. Though it might not be “dangerous,” errors and unintended consequences can quickly get out of control, causing a huge mess and a lot of costly damage.

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disorganized pantry is a kitchen nightmare. You can customize yours by following these smart placement tips so you won’t end up buying 15 cans of PAM… again.

Spin Away Use a two-tier rotating rack for any small or sticky supplies (like honey). Spin and search when you want! Set it in the back, with common essentials, like cereals, in front.



These tips can help you build confidence for your next road trip to the tire store…

There are various types of tires according to weather conditions, driving styles and vehicles. Decide what feature is most important to you and go from there.

Visit a neighborhood tire retailer for expert advice and close-up view of each tire.

When budgeting, account for balancing, alignment and other extra fees.

Tire Options Making You Tired?

I Can See Clearly Now Pour lentils and other similar items into clear containers. Use transparent canisters for other spillables, like spaghetti. While that spaghetti is out, make sure to place it next to the tomato paste (as well as other related items together). Up, Up and Away Move bottles to a safe, high place. A wine rack helps keep wine properly stored on its side. While you’re at it, stash the corkscrew here, too, so you’ll never go looking for it again. Baker’s Man, Bake Me a Cake as Fast as You Can For quick convenience when it’s cookie-making time, place all of your baking items in one spot: corral flour, sugar, vanilla, etc.


Save Your Outdoor Furniture

Want to keep your patio pieces

looking new and feeling great? These low-maintenance tips will help keep your private paradise in tip-top shape. Cast Aluminum Cover all pieces of furniture completely with an all-purpose cleaner and rub with a nylon scrub brush. Then, wipe with a microfiber cloth. Cushions • Create this solution to scrub your cushions with

a sponge: 1 quart warm water, 1 tablespoon borax and 1 teaspoon dishwashing detergent. • Let the solution soak for 15 minutes. • Rinse with a hose, then dry by standing each cushion on an edge. Wicker To dislodge bugs and leaves from the cracks of your wicker, use either the vacuum’s crevice attachment or a paintbrush.

Party Fare Fill your top shelf with things like nuts and crackers. Use risers to double usable space.

— BUCKLE DOWN — a day can help to strengthen your heart.

Go Deep!

Reduce Stress

Put cans or jars on bottom shelves. Stock several of them deep, with one item in front to indicate the category.

Avoid stressful situations by balancing your home/work lifestyle. Meditation and laughter also help to reduce tension.

Is your bathwater clear as mud? If your water isn’t properly filtered, you may have a mud bath in your very own home. Or at least, plenty of sediment in your water. The buildup in your water can affect taste and cleaning power. So call <COMPANY> at <PHONE> for a water inspection and filtration options.

4 Heart-Healthy Tips

Heart health is no laughing

matter. According to a study by Bayer Aspirin, cardiovascular disease accounts for more deaths in the U.S. than cancer, diabetes and accidents. So, what can you do to stay heart healthy? Exercise Any physical activity, like a daily walk, for at least 30 minutes

Reduce Alcohol Intake Most women should limit themselves to one drink per day. Alcohol intake over two drinks can be harmful. Keep Aspirin on Hand After calling 911 in case of a heart attack, take one regularstrength aspirin to decrease a heart attack’s damaging effects and reduce the risk of death.


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Hopefully, your plumbing is in top working order, but if you’re having any problems, just give us a call, and we’ll get right on it. In fact, sometimes an inspection of your system can help you ward off very messy problems later on. So let us hear from you. We’re here to help, whenever you need us.

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