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My Word by <NAME>

It’s election

season (I’m sure I don’t need to tell you), and there’s a lot of talk about who or what is good for the country. So, I’d like to toss my hat in the ring! No, not for political office. I want to be in the running for the top electrical contractor serving your home. I pledge great service, quality installations, warranties and guarantees to back up everything we do, and a continued interest in what’s best for your home.

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— The Product NitPick —

“Get the LED in!” Back in the old days, the phrase

“Get the lead out!” was commonly said to people who weren’t moving fast enough. Now it seems everyone’s putting the LEDs in. These “light emitting diodes” are pretty much “instant” light, and their light quality is remarkable. Unlike normal “bulbs,” LEDs don’t have filaments (that can burn out), they generate very little heat, and last four times as long. Even better, white LEDs can easily last 50 times as long as a normal 60 watt bulb. Now you know why their popularity is soaring. Is There A Downside? LEDs have a higher up-front cost than incandescent and fluorescent. Yet weighing that against their longevity and light output, the Department of Energy estimates that LED lighting could cut national consumption by 29% by 2025. That’s about $100 billion in light bill savings.

Fortunately, the up-front costs will shrink with volume. LEDs are already in thousands of electronics (clocks, audio, video) and commercial environments. As more uses for LEDs are found, manufacturers are getting more efficient – with their production costs, which means lower costs and more applications for you. Pretty Cool Feature. With LEDs you can “change” the quality, quantity and even the color of light. Such as with a dimmer on your incandescent bulbs, an LED can go from soft to glaring, bright to dim and even white to blue or red. Another cool feature is the lower operating temperatures. Incandescent light bulbs are hot, so just think how this affects the comfort in your home and seasonal bills. LEDs stay cool to the touch, and they don’t have that “nervous” off-on cycle you sometimes get with improperly installed fluorescents. (We can eliminate that too.) All in all, LEDs are a very bright idea.

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You Ask , W e Answer

More Power Outages to Come?

— I t ’s Abou t T ime —

Fall Fix-Ups for a Lush, Green Lawn in Spring T he leaves are falling, it is

football season and the air is turning crisp. But that’s no excuse to ignore your lawn. Now is the time to get rid of weeds and bugs, nourish the grass for Winter, and plan for a beautiful Spring.

temperatures get really cold,

Let the leaves be your guide. When the leaves start to turn, it is time to fix up the lawn. When the first frost hits or the temperature drops below 45 degrees, it is too late to tackle bugs and weeds, and the problems can literally multiply for the coming Spring.

keep your yard safe in Fall and

Give the lawn a Winter coat. Apply a winterizer and Fall fertilizer, available in almost any local gardening store, to strengthen the root system and give the lawn the vital nutrients it needs to rejuvenate from the stress of Summer heat and needs to survive the cold Winter months.


Eliminate weeds before Winter. Applying a weed control in Fall will kill weeds in the lawn and reduce the number of weeds that pop up in the Spring. Before you get started, make sure to identify the weeds so you can choose the proper herbicide.


Ban the bugs. Once the many insects will search for shelter in your home. Birds feeding in your lawn usually indicate the presence of insects. Applying an insect control will

he lights flicker, and then… darkness. No clocks, television—nothing. You fumble for flashlights and candles, hoping the power will soon be back on. That’s the way it’s always been. But will it always be this way? You’ve heard the stories of

your home protected in Winter.

I’d Like to Borrow Several of Your Friends We enjoy providing superior service to our customers. And we’d like to offer the same expertise to your friends and family. Just call <COMPANY> at <PHONE> to let us know you’re sending another friendly face our way. We’ll take $20 off your next service. <COMPANY> at <PHONE> ©2012

America’s overtaxed power systems—and the promises of new power plants within a few decades. But how many power outages will you face until then? For many, the answer to the unknown

— Take T HAT! (And this too.) —

Useful, Fun and Free Websites Emergency Alerts: Provides notification of local, regional, national and international emergencies by email, phone or fax. Family Fun: Family fun site with recipes, arts and crafts,

outdoor family fun ideas and recommendations for family television/movies. Lyrics Online: Find lyrics to all your favorite songs.

is a home generator. Sales are skyrocketing. Before you join the pack, keep these things in mind:

— Re al Good Food —

Good News About Vegetables

Safety first! Improper use puts you, your neighbors and power workers at risk. Only a qualified, licensed electrician should connect a generator to your power system. Before the purchase, make sure that the appliances you’ll need in an emergency can be run safely with the size generator you’re buying. Examples are the refrigerator, furnace, lights, freezer and TV/VCR. Home generators run on gasoline, natural gas, propane or diesel fuel. Natural gas is the most

“E at your fruits and vegetables”

is one of the tried and true recommendations for a healthy diet. And for a good reason. They are rich in essential vitamins and minerals, fiber, carbohydrates, and phytochemicals which can lower the risk for certain cancers. Research is increasingly uncovering links between specific fruits and vegetables and preventing diseases. A recent study done by the University of Illinois has found

economical. Propane costs are

eating certain foods together can reduce the risks even more. One study looked at the benefits of eating tomatoes and broccoli together and found that it can have enormous cancer-fighting potential. Eaten together, they bring out the best in each other and maximize the cancer-fighting effect. The interaction may not be limited to tomatoes and broccoli, the chemical reaction takes place in any diet containing a variety of plant foods.

the second lowest. Choose a fuel that is easily available—and make sure there’s adequate ventilation. Maybe the Fall will bring only

— T he Five —

5 Steps to Easy Interior Renovation

L ooking for a Fall weekend proj-

Clean up the Bathroom: Create a pleasant rest stop by following a theme: Think beadboard paneling at chair-rail level with whitewashed wooden shelves displaying favorite seashells for a beach look.

First Impression: Brighten up and sophisticate your rooms by replacing outdated floors with clean, fresh, easy-to-maintain wood flooring.

Dine in Style: Add picture frame moulding for added style in the dining room. Below the chair rail, install round moulding pieces, cut to create a square or rectangle on the wall, and paint the frames an accent color.

beautiful weather, but in case

of seasonal storms and power

outages, these electric “security blankets” can keep your home humming.

Is it really possible to eliminate your home’s power outages?

ect? offers five solid interior renovation tips that can easily be done in a weekend.

Good news – with the <BRAND> System you can forget about losing power and the dangers of “other” generators. So, call <COMPANY> at <PHONE> for a completely free generator survey. Make sure your home and family are protected before the next storm.

Kitchen Face-Lift: Add value to your home by giving your kitchen a new look. Try decorating the island with beadboard.


A Fun Office? Customize the office by displaying photos, trophies, and other memorabilia on the walls and on the desk.




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Fall Fix-Ups for a Lush, Green Lawn in Spring …page 2

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More Power Outages to Come? …page 2

Good for Nothing Just present this ad with your next repair bill, and we’ll give you $25 off. Why? Because when you need a repair on your electrical system, you’re already not having a good day. We understand and would like to make things a little easier on your wallet. Of course, the best benefit is that our repair professionals can get your system up and running as soon as possible. And that’s good for a lot.


(We recommend cutting this out and putting it on your refrigerator. Just a thought!)

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In fact, this very newsletter is our way of reminding you that we still care, and we’re still here to serve. So, let us hear from you whenever you need us. While the politicians and pundits go back and forth, I’ll keep my attention on the best way I can make the world better: by serving one customer at a time. Yours sincerely, <SIGNATURE>

— Secrets —

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My Word

That’s what many things you get in the mail are worth, but not this…



Good News About Vegetables …page 3


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