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Hook: Thread: Inner Tail: Middle Tail: Outer Tail: Flash: Body: Throat: Under Wing: Over Wing: Topping: Eyes: Head:

Teimco 811S #2 Fine Mono White Bucktail Olive dyed Grizzly Saddle White Bucktail Pearl Polar Flash UTC Opal Mirage White Bucktail Olive Cashmere Goat Hair Black Krystal Flash Orange dyed Peacock Herl Oval Pupil 3D eyes Clear Cure Goo / S.H. Hard as Nails


Start your thread and wrap back to the bend of hook. Tie in a sparse amount of bucktail to the top of the hook shank with a couple of loose turns. Use your thumb to distribute the material all the way around the hook shank and secure the bucktail with several tight wraps of thread.


Choose (4) saddle hackles for the tail. Measure the length to about 2 times the hook shank and strip the feathers off the stem below this point. Marry two “lefts” and two “rights” together so the saddles face each other, “concave side in”, and secure them to the hook shank on each side. Start with loose wraps and maneuver the feathers into final position, and then tie them down hard. Add a small amount of Zap-AGap to the thread wraps for added security.


Secure another sparse clump of bucktail to the top of the hook shank. Using your thumb roll the material around the hook shank to “veil� the saddle feathers.


Add 6-10 strands of Polar Flash down the center of each side of the tail. Tie in a strip of UTC Opal Mirage tinsel and wrap it forward to the 1/3 point of the hook shank.


Turn the hook over in your vice and tie in a pencil size clump of white bucktail for the Belly. This clump should be slightly shorter than the length of the fly. Measure it against the fly, cut it square and tie it in at the hook eye.


Turn the fly back upright and select a pencil size clump of olive Cashmere Goat hair. Comb out any under fur and short fibers and measure the hair the length of the fly. Secure the clump to the top of the hook shank.


Add 15-20 strands of black Krystal Flash over the top of the goat hair, the flash should be just slightly longer than the length of the fly.


Select 6-8 peacock herls from a stem. Measure the length to the fly, the herl should extend to the rear of the goat hair. Trim the butt ends and secure them to the top of the hook. Be sure to keep the herl from spinning to the opposite side of the hook it should be tied in directly on top of the hook shank.


Build up a head at the front of the fly with the mono thread. Whip finish and trim away. Attach Ÿ� 3D eyes to each side of the fly directly behind the finished head. Be sure the eyes are centered with each other, both horizontally and vertically. Use a very small amount of Zap-A-Gap to help hold the eye in position.


Coat the entire head and eyes with thick Clear Cure Goo and finish off with Sally Hanson “Hard as Nails”. The fly is now ready to fish!

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