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Materials: Hook – Tiemco 911s #4 Thread – Fine Mono Weight – (2) Tungsten Scud bodies Tail – Magnum Rabbit Strip Body – Polar Chenille Head – Kinky Fiber Eyes – 3D Holographic Eyes Color – Sharpie Markers


Place the hook in your vise and wrap a base of thread down the length of the hook shank.


Attached two tungsten scud backs to the hook shank as shown. Be sure to leave enough room at the front of the hook for the head. Once they are secured, put a small dab of Zap-A-Gap on them to keep them In place.


Locate a puncture point on the rabbit strip by holding it next to the hook shank. The point should be just behind the tungsten weights with the tie off point just in front of them. Pierce the hide with a bodkin, and remove the hook from the vise. Thread the hide onto the hook as shown, remember, the fur is the top of the finished fly, and this fly rides “hook up�, so the rabbit strip needs to be place with the fur facing down at this stage.


Attached a piece of Polar Chenille to the hook and palmer it forward over the Tungsten weights. Secure it just in front of the weights and trip off the excess.


Now, invert the vise (if it’s rotary – if not remove the hook and place in the vise upside down) and pull the rabbit strip over the top of the weights and secure it. The tie off point should be just in front of the weights. Brush the Polar Chenille under and towards the back of the fly.


Now its time to start the head. Tie the Kinky Fiber in using a “V” method. Start with a clump on top and then a clump on the bottom of the fly. Keep adding clumps with the “V” method until you only have room for the final clumps. In this photo I have started the clumps, the one being tied is the top clump on the second set. Notice how the clump is lying at a crossing angle to the hook shank.


Here the clump has been folded back and secured. At this stage the bottom clump is ready to be tied in.


This is what the clumps should look like after they have been folded back and secured. Notice how the piece of material forms a “V”. 1st the clump is tied in at a “crossing” angle to the hook shank, then folded back across its self and secured to form a “V” shape.


The final top and bottom clumps of material are tied on using the standard straight “inline� method. Attached a clump on the top, and bottom of the hook shank with the excess material protruding straight in front of the hook as shown.


Fold the Kinky Fiber back and build up a thread dam in front of the fibers. Try not to bind the fibers down with thread, it’s fine if the fibers stick up a little, as they will be trimmed in the next step. Once the thread dam is sufficient to hold back the fibers, whip finish and clip the thread.


Here the fly is ready to begin the trimming process.


To trim the material, pinch the Kinky Fiber along the sides of the hook shank as shown. Use scissors, and clip the top and bottom of the fly to shape, do not stop pinching the material as you trim. Next pinch the material from the top and bottom, and clip the sides.


Here the pattern has been trimmed to shape. Note that this pattern is not as wide, creating more of a baitfish silhouette. For the Sculpin shape just clip the pattern with a wider profile by clipping the sides first, then the top and bottom.


Attached the 3D eyes with your bodkin using a spot of Zap-A-Gap to secure them in place. Be sure the eyes are centered on either side as it is viewed from the front of the pattern.


For this color pattern I used a red, black, and gray Sharpie markers. Vary the colors per your local baitfish, the sky is the limit when it comes to markers. The Kinky Fiber will take colors from a marker very well, colors can also be layered to create additional effects.


Ready to fish! This color combination makes a great White Fish pattern to use for Bull Trout on our local river. With the tungsten weights on the top of the hook shank it rides “hook up� keeping it from getting snagged as it is swung across the bottom of the river. I fish it with a sink tip line, heavy enough to keep it along the bottom structure.

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