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Universiade 2013 2011



Universiade 2013 and Key Dates


General Information For many years the World University Games have been the main university competitions, standing aside for its atmosphere and intensity of struggle, symbolizing the true spirit of honest sport challenge. The Universiade is the second in importance only to the Olympic Games. About 60% of the Universiades participants take part in the Olympics. The first University Games were held in Turin in 1959. Russia hosted the World Summer Universiade only once, in 1973, in its capital, the city of Moscow. For modern Russia the XXVII World Summer Universiade 2013 in the city of Kazan will become the first complex competitions of such a scale. The World Universiade 2013 is a grandiose holiday of youth and sport, peace and joyfulness, it is a festival of cultures and traditions that is to be held in Kazan, famous for its hospitality. The World University Games are to become the brightest event in the sports life not only for Russia, but for the world university sport. One can already speak on the World Universiade in Kazan as a unique event promising to turn unforgettable. According to the words of the Prime-Minister Vladimir Putin the World Universiade 2013 in the city of Kazan will serve the following promotion of the Olympics and become the excellent prelude to the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi.


Key Dates and Events May 31, 2008 Kazan was announced the host city for the XXVII World Summer University Games 2013 at the meeting of the International University Sports Federation Executive Committee in Brussels. December 23, 2008 Order #1810 “On the organization and delivery of the XXVII World Summer Universiade 2013 in the City of Kazan” was signed by the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev January 12, 2009 The Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin signed Order #18-р “On the creation of the Organizing Committee”, the Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov was designated to the position of the Chairman. August 15, 2009 The Executive Office of the XXVII World Summer Universiade 2013 in the City of Kazan was created. March – December 2009 Ten Universiade venues were opened. May 5, 2010 The Prime Minister of Russia Vladimir Putin participated in the opening ceremony of 7 sports venues and the ground-breaking ceremony of a future 45 thousand-seat football stadium where in 2013 the opening and closing of the Summer Universiade are to be held. The future stadium is included into the Russia bidding program to host the matches of the World Football Cup 2018/2022. June – July, 2010 The Chairmen of the FISU Technical Committees on 22 sports from 20 countries came to Kazan with an inspection visit. June 23 – July 6, 2010 The first test events were organized in Kazan- the European University Table Tennis and Beach Volleyball Championships. August 30-31, 2010 The first group of students was accommodated in the Universiade Village


July 29 – August 1, 2010 The First International Forum “Russia - the Country of Sports” was held. During the forum the II International Exhibition “Modern Sport. Innovations and Prospects” was organized where the Universiade Village was introduced as one of the projects of the Republic of Tatarstan. During the forum the “Memorandum on the understanding to found the FISU International Educational Centre to implement international educational sports and culture programs in the sphere of university sport” was signed.


Kinds of sports Only 7 sports were presented at the first Universiade 1959 in Turin. About 50 years later Kazan will set up a record for the number of Universiade sports. For the first time in the history of the Games 27 sports have been included into the sports program of the Universiade 2013: athletics, swimming, rhythmic gymnastics, table tennis, basketball, diving, fencing, football, judo, artistic gymnastics, volleyball, tennis and water polo. Kazan has proposed the record number of additional sports. Among them there are the most popular and developed sports: boxing, trap and skeet shooting, synchronized swimming, sambo, belt wrestling, chess, weight lifting, rugby 7, field hockey, badminton, beach volleyball, wrestling (Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling). On June 23-26, 2011Volga Region Youth Forum “Universiade in Your City!” was held at the Volga Youth Camp. The executive authorities of the regions of the Russian Federation in the sphere of youth policy, leaders of regional youth social organizations, pedagogics administration of state universities of the Volga Regions and the Moscow State University after Mikhail Lomonosov took part in the forum. The participants were presented the progress report on the preparations for the Kazan 2013 Universiade, discussed and approved the project of the FISU flag relay, and passed a draft resolution for the launch of the “Universiade in Your City!” project within the FISU flag relay.

Water polo


Table Tennis

Rhythmic Gymnastics




Beach Volleyball

Artistic Gymnastics



Belt Wrestling




Rugby 7





Field Hockey




Synchronized Swimming



Canoe Sprint

Universiade Organizing Committee On January 12, 2009 the Prime Minister of Russia Vladimir Putin signed Order # 18-р “On the creation of the Organizing Committee to organize and deliver the XXVII World Summer Universiade 2013 in the City of Kazan”. The first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov became the head of the Organizing Committee Universiade 2013. The Minister of Sports, Tourism and Youth Policy Vitaly Mutko, the Prime Minister of Tatarstan, now the President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov and the Aide to the President of Russia Alexander Abramov were designated the Deputy Chairmen of the OC Universiade 2013. Other 22 well-known politicians got into the Universiade 2013 Organizing Committee, including the Executive Director of the Olympic Committee Marat Bariev, the first President of the Republic of Tatarstan Mintimer Shaymiev, the Mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin, the Olympic champions, the deputies of the Russian State Duma Anton Sikharilidze and Svetlana Zhurova.

Team Organizing Committee Kazan 2013 Executive Committee International University Sports Federation (FISU) Sponsors and Partners Volunteers


Universiade Executive Committee Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization “Executive Committee of the XXVII World Summer Universiade 2013 in Kazan� was created on August 15, 2009. The founders of the Executive Committee were the Ministry of Sports, Tourism and Youth Police of the Russian Federation, the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Tatarstan, the Municipality of Kazan and the Russian Students Sports Union. The Executive Committee cooperates with the FISU and international sports federations on all the aspects of the Kazan Universiade organization and staging.

All the responsibilities for the organization and coordination of the Universiade 2013 organization were imposed to the Executive Committee, including developing of the Universiade sports program, providing the venues with the necessary sports, medicine anti anti-doping equipment, coordinating the questions of the medical and antidoping provision, security, sponsors attraction, promotion, and volunteers training.


Sponsors and partners

On March 26, 2010 the Executive Committee of the XXVII World Summer Universiade 2013 and the MegaFon Company signed the partnership agreement. By the Agreement the MegaFon Company got the status of the General Partner, Official Mobile Operator of the XVII World Summer Universiade 2013 in Kazan.

On December 20, 2010 the Intention agreement was signed with the PwC on its participation as the Partner of the XXVII World Summer Universiade 2013 in Kazan. By the agreement PwC will receive the status of the Partner of the XXVII World Summer Universiade 2013 in Kazan and the Official Supplier of Consulting Services.


Preparations for the Universiade


Cooperation with FISU The Universiade is being organized in close cooperation with the International University Sports Federation (FISU). Thus, in June-July 2010, within the organization of the Universiade the Technical Committee of the International University Sports Federation (FISU) visited Kazan, under the supervision of the FISU International Technical Committee Chairman Stavros Douvis and the FISU Summer Universiade Director Marc Vandenplas. The delegation was composed of the FISU technical delegates for 23 sports from 20 countries.

During the official visit a number of meetings were held, the officials of the Executive Office Kazan 2013, ministries and other departments of Tatarstan and Russia participating. The technical delegates inspected all the Universiade venues including those which are under construction now and the venues reconstruction projects. During the visit the technical parameters on the number of participants, referees for each sport and the Universiade 2013 sports program were approved.

On June 30, 2010 during the International Forum “Russia- the Country of Sports�, the FISU President George Killian, the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov and the Minister of Sports, Tourism and Youth Policy of the Russian Federation Vitaly Mutko signed the Memorandum on the understanding to found the FISU International Educational Centre to implement international educational sports and culture programs in the sphere of university sport.

The International Educational Centre is a modern innovative educational institution with a laboratory, cultural centre (Universiade Kremlin), scientific centre of sport physiology and recreation therapy, coaches higher school, and an accommodation cluster for students, professors, graduate students.

The International Educational Centre is to operate at the Volga State Academy of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism in Kazan. It is the first FISU Centre in the world and its foundation is to serve the development of the university sport and the promotion of the healthy lifestyle. According to Rustem Minnikhanov, the educational centre in Kazan is to be a part of the Universiade 2013 legacy to be left after the Games.


Universiade 2013 Venues Since Kazan was announced the host city for the XXVII World Summer Universiade 2013, a colossal work has been done in Kazan to construct new facilities. By the Universiade concept all the venues are located along the big Kazan ring way that allows effectively utilize the sports facilities during the Universiade and in post-Games time. 36 new modern venues are to be built specially for the Universiade, 22 sports complexes and stadiums out of them have already been opened including such unique ones as the Ak Bars Wrestling Palace, the Tennis Academy, and the Olympiets Sports Complex of the Kazan Olympic Reserve College, the Rowing Centre.

Tennis Academy Just like a symbol of sports achievements of the city and the region, a unique sport centre – the Tennis Academy- is located at the entrance to the city. It is one of the first sports venues that opened its doors to Kazan dwellers. The complex occupies the area of 8.5 ha. 8 indoor tennis courts with extensible stands and 14 outdoor courts are available on the territory of the complex.


Ak Bars Wrestling Palace Wrestling has always been a very popular kind of combat among the soviet and Russian people. The achievements of our distinguishing athletes Alexander Karelin, Alexander Medved, and Buvaysar Saytiev became history. In October, 2009 new Ak Bars Wrestling Palace was opened. The launch of the venue was a very important event for the promotion of this discipline. By its characteristics the venue is unique not only for Russia, but for the whole world. Its total area is 17Â thousand meters , the sports arena with the basic hall for 2,500 spectators being available. There is also a special zone with a pool, a medical area and a gym. Children and Youth Sports School #12 of the Novosavinovsky District trains at the Ak Bars Wrestling Palace. More than 300 children do sport there. Besides wrestling other kinds of combat trainings are organized here. Including kurash, which is related to national Tatar belt wrestling; judo, belt wrestling and sambo competitions are to be held during the Universiade at the Ak Bars Wrestling Palace.


Stadium On May 5, 2010 Vladimir Putin, the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation opened the ground-breaking ceremony for the future football stadium to host the opening and closing ceremonies for the Universiade 2013. The new stadium is included into the Russian bidding program to host the FIFA World Cup 2018/2010. The building of the stadium shall have a circular form with four layers of the open stands. The total capacity is reach 45 thousand spectators. The latest technologies and engineering solutions are to be used for the stadium construction that will make the facility suitable both for sport and cultural events. The global design practice Populous developed architectural concept of the stadium. It is the company that was involved into developing projects of the Wembley Stadium, Emirates Stadium, and Melbourne and Olympic Parks. The construction of this enormous venue is planned to be finished in 2012.


Rowing Channel The president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev recommended adding rowing and canoe sprint into the Universiade sports program. This decision gave the motivation to construct a unique sports facility – the Rowing Channel, which completely meets all modern standards. The construction started in November, 2009. According to the N. Novikov`s project, the capacity of the rowing channel will be 3,000 seats; the distance will be 2,000 meters long. The project is interesting with its landscape and recreation area around the lake. The joint area shall be used to locate boathouses, the administrative office with a gym, rowing pools, athletes dormitory accommodation, catering centre, roller skiing track, outdoor playgrounds, and recreation zone. After the Universiade, the Rowing Channel is to be the Olympic Training Centre for the Russian national and university teams. The Rowing Channel will have all necessary facilities to host the competitions of the highest level.


Aquatics Palace On November 2009 the construction of the Aquatics Palace, a special sports complex for aquatic sports started. One of the largest facilities, it is to be built in Chistopolskaya Street, on the bank of the Kazanka River. The capacity of the Aquatics Palace is 4,500 spectators. When put into operation, the venue is to be transferred to the Volga State Academy of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism. During the Universiade swimming, diving and synchronized swimming competitions are to be held here.


Universiade Village The Universiade Village is the key venue of the XXVII World Summer University Games 2013. During the Universiade 13.5 thousand athletes from more than 170 countries are to stay at the Universiade Village. The International Center – the Universiade Kremlin – is to be built in the Village besides residential buildings, sports training and medical centers. The Accreditation Center, the Competitions Results Monitoring Center, Catering Centre, Organizing Committee offices and a concert-hall (the largest in the region) are to be located here.

The Universiade Village occupies the territory of 38 hectares and is easily accessible for the Universiade 2013 delegations, athletes and guests from their arrival spots and sports venues.

The accommodation of students into the first clusters of the Universiade Village started on August 30, 2010. These are two clusters with 20 residential buildings, total area of 187 thousand square metres, capacity of 7 thousand beds. During this process we have tested the accreditation procedures recommended by the FISU. 1142 students were checked in whereas their personal information was put into the common database.



Transport infrastructure The International University Sports Federation (FISU) specifies high level requirements to the transport infrastructure of the Universiade host city. For the best Universiade project implementation it is planned to significantly change the city transport infrastructure. The reconstruction and the construction of the roads are going on. By 2013, 14 transport junctions will appear in Kazan and help reallocate the traffic intensity in the city. A great attention is also paid to the development of the Kazan metro. By the beginning of 2011 it had 7 stations and it is planned to launch 3 more stations by 2013. Another important trend the reconstruction of the Kazan airport. The airport capacity is planned to reach the number of 5 million passengers a year. Besides, the quick transit is to be organized between the Kazan railway station and the international airport.


Volunteers Volunteering at major sports events does not only solve a number of organizational issues but add some positive aura to the event, the necessary mood to its participants and the feeling of a festival to its spectators. In the run-up to the World Summer University Games 2013, the Universiade Executive Office is actively promoting volunteering ideas and values in the Republic of Tatarstan and developing a special program that aims to create positive social opinion about volunteering, to raise the status of the Universiade 2013 volunteer. At present there are about 2 000 young people in the database, they participate in the organization and staging of social events. For the last half a year they have took part in over 100 events and organized and held about 250 presentations of the Universiade. Great attention is paid to the training and education of volunteers. Volunteers training program “English 4U” is being implemented. To study foreign experience of the organization and staging of grand sporting events our volunteers go to special trainings. Thus, in 2010 the Universiade volunteers helped as interpreters at the 1st Youth Olympic games in Singapore, in 2011 they participated in the World Winter Universiade in Erzurum (Turkey), the 7th Winter Asian Games in Astana (Kazakhstan) and the XXVI World Summer Universiade 2011 in Shenzhen (China). In June 2010 International Volunteers Youth Camp “Towards Universiade 2013” was held that gathered volunteers from 28 regions of Russia, Baltics, and Egypt. It is planned to organize next session of the camp in 2011.


Test Events According to the FISU requirements the preparation for the World Summer University Games presupposes the organization of test events for all Universiade program sports. Within the Universiade organization such large international events as the IV European Universities Table Tennis Championship and the VII European Universities Beach Volleyball Championship were held in June-July, 2010. The European Universities Table Tennis Championship took place at the Kazan Sports Palace, where athletes from 8 countries competed. Partially, the Universities of Cambridge, Geneva, Nottingham, Rzhev, Mainz and others were presented. 13 men and 14 women teams from 9 countries participated in the European Universities Beach Volleyball Championship. January 29-February 6, 2011 Kazan hosted the Kazan Kremlin Cup ATP Challenger International Tennis Tournament “Kazan Kremlin Cup�. In total 60 tennis players from 15 countries of the world participated in the tournament. In April 2011 Kazan was the host city for the European Weightlifting Championships, in May we held the FIDE Candidates Matches 2011 and European Youth U23 Fencing Championship. Besides we organized the European Junior Table Tennis

Championship, Russian Beach Volleyball,

Rowing and Canoe Sprint University Championships. It is planned to host International University Water Polo Tournaments and other major sports events.



Anti-Doping On November 26, 2010 the Executive Committee Kazan 2013 and Russian Anti-doping Company RUSADA signed an Agreement on ensuring the rights of the athletes to participate in doping free events. The agreement provides cooperation in accordance with the international law standards and applicable legislation of the Russian Federation for the doping control in sport, rules of the World anti-doping agency WADA and doping control regulations of the Universiade 2013 in Kazan. The doping control is provided by the FISU requirements for Summer Universiades, FISU Anti-doping Regulations, and requirements of the World Anti-doping Agency. The Kazan 2013 Executive Committee is responsible for the organization of doping control procedures at all competition venues and shall prepare sport facilities, equip doping control stations at all Universiade venues, hire necessary personnel and provide Games-time operations management. During the Universiade the doping control is provided in cooperation with the Russian Anti-doping Agency RusADA that fights against doping in sport. The main objective of the RusADA is to protect the health of athletes and their right to compete in fair free of doping conditions. The main goal of the project is to prevent youth from using doping.



Cultural Programs It is impossible to promote the Universiade without cultural and social programs. Today the Integrated Cultural Concept of the XXVII World Summer Universiade has been developed and is successfully implemented. The key events of the Concept are the Mercy Charity Project, the UNI-RESERVE|UNIELITE Context Project, the Faces of the Universiade Project aimed to form an official ceremonies team together with Miss Tatarstan Social Organization (during the Students Spring Kazan University Festival), the Musical Universiade Project of the classical music implemented in cooperation with the State Symphony Orchestra of the Republic of Tatarstan, and many others. The Universiade 2013 brand is promoted all over the world. In August 2011 at the closing ceremony of the 26th World Summer Universiade in the city of Shenzhen (China) the FISU flag has been handed over to Kazan – the host city for the University Games in 2013. The Kazan 2013 Russian House operated as a representative office for Kazan 2013 Universiade. In the same way the XXVII World Summer Universiade 2013 will be represented at the XXX Summer Olympic Games in July – August 2012.


Partnership Programs On July 15, 2010 the Sponsorship and Licensing Program has started. It is suggested to attract at least 15 sponsors of different levels and categories. Besides the official status the Universiade partners are to get different level rights for using Games brand, attendance at the sports venues and participating in advertising campaigns.

Level 1 General Partner

Level 2 Official Partner

Level 3 Official Distributor


Vehicles (Lorries)

Cars (buses,minibuses)


Clothes and shoes




Delivery service and logistics

Non-alcoholic beverages

Sweet goods

Furniture (production, sales)

Payment systems

Retail sales


Finance and Investment


Cash transfer

Oil and gas

Mobile phones

Tour operator (tourism)

Fast food restaurants

Office goods

Transport (railway)

Wireless communication services Internet companies Snacks Photo facilities

Health service and personal-care goods Fitness

Equipment sales Sport goods sales Cosmetics sales Software Home electronics Timber and paper Tires and rubber

Future Plans Last 2 years a lot was done for the organization of the Universiade but there is much more left. Next year a number of sports venues are planned to be put into operation, including such unique ones as the Gymnastics Center, the Aquatics Palace and the Rowing Channel. One of the most important events in 2011 is going to be the opening of the Volga State Academy of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism and the start of the third Universiade Village cluster exploitation. Besides, in 2011 and 2012 it is planned to host grand international competitions for Universiade 2013 sports in the city of Kazan. 28

Test Events List Draft 2011 1.

European Weightlifting Championship April 7-17


Russian Junior (U-18) Swimming Championship April 10-14


European Youth (U-23)Fencing Championship May 27-June 1


Russian University Rowing and Canoe Sprint Championship June 22-26


Continental Stage for the World Beach Volleyball Cup June 3-5


Russian Beach Volleyball Championship Stage June 9-12


Qualification for Shenzhen Universiade 2011Beach Volleyball Competitions June 6-8


European Junior Table Tennis Championship July 14-25


ITF International Tennis Women’s Championship August


International Youth Water Polo Championship «Kazan Cup» August


Russian Judo Championship August 30-September 6


International Tennis Tournament “Kazan Kremlin Cup” January-February


Russian Junior (U-20) Judo Championship (qualification for Russian Championship) March


Russian Diving Championship May


Synchronized Swimming Tournament May


European Rugby 7 Championship Stage May


Russian Men’s Boxing Championship May


University Field Hockey Tournament (men teams) June


Russian Athletics Championship (qualification tournament for the Olympic Games in London


2012) June 9.

International Youth Water Polo Championship «Kazan Cup» August


World University Canoe Sprint Championship August


ITF International Tennis Women’s Championship August


World University Shooting Championship August


Women Grand-Prix Chess Tournament September


World University Sambo Tournament September


International Artistic Gymnastics Championship “Olympic hopes” of CIS and Baltic states October


International Rhythmic gymnastics Championship «Yoldiz» October-November

2013 1. International Men ATP Challenger Tennis Tournament “Kazan Kremlin Cup” January-February 2. Russian Swimming Championship February 3. International Junior Diving Championship February


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