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Setting the standard in sports software for over a decade, Hudl has changed the way teams at every level gain an edge on the competition. Hudl offers tools to edit and share video, interact with stats, and create quality highlight reels for recruiting. The whole experience is available online, giving coaches and athletes secure access at home and on the go.

With the acquisition of VolleyMetrics, Hudl is the preferred video solution for all teams, from the smallest youth organizations to professional franchises around the world.


Volleyball Coaches and Athletes


Div. I and Pro Volleyball Teams

Scholarships [are] out there for everyone, but you have to be seen. Accessibility is a big deal. We don’t want just the rich or the elite to have access [to these tools], we want every single person to. Kerri Walsh Jennings | Beach Volleyball World Champion

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Video and stats—now easier than ever.

Record with your favorite device. Use an iPhone, iPad or hard drive camera to record every match and practice. Connect to Wi-Fi and the video will upload as it’s captured, ready to watch after the match is over.

Find key moments fast. Create custom playlists to quickly jump to the points worth a closer look. Pull together video of the strongest and weakest moments to share with the team for independent review.

Bring lessons to life. Help your teams see exactly what needs to improve. Athletes can critique their own performance or study a coach’s comments and drawings for more personalized feedback. | 5

Get stats your way. Coaches can add stats to their video after the match, or send it to Hudl Assist for a full breakdown in less than 24 hours.

Discover deeper insights. Our powerful reports link stats directly to video, making it easy to pinpoint key moments from a single match or the whole season. Use stats as filters to find clips worth review and create new playlists.

Give athletes the tools to stand out. With access to every match, athletes can create custom highlights to share with recruiters and fans. Easily share the best moments on your club’s website and social media to celebrate success.

Keep teams in sync. Use in-app messaging to update the whole club, a select group or individual athletes from any computer or mobile device.

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Video changes the game for everyone. Club Benefits

Coach Benefits

Attract new talent.

Save time.

We understand clubs get competitive when it comes to how they interest prospective athletes. Adding Hudl to your club could be the deciding factor in an athlete’s choice.

As much as coaches prioritize their to-do list, there are never enough hours in the day. Hudl can help increase efficiency to do more in less time.

Break away from competitors.

Run efficient practices.

Coaches can use playlists to point out where teams and athletes are doing well or where improvement is needed. The more your players improve, the more attention your club will receive.

With only two to three practices a week, every session is vital. Hudl provides insights on your team’s strengths and weaknesses to help fuel more effective planning and maximize court time.

Impact every age.

Provide personalized feedback.

We have the tools to help all levels of play. Athletes are visual learners—being told what happened won’t produce the same results as seeing what happened. From 10U to 18U, everyone can benefit from Hudl.

Most coaches don’t have time to meet with every athlete—Hudl gives them the tools to coach off the court. With comments, drawings and playlists, coaches can share detailed lessons for athletes to review from anywhere. | 7

I don’t think you can emphasize enough how [much] video development has impacted player performance. John Speraw, Head Coach U.S. Men’s National Team

Athlete Benefits

Parent Benefits

Learn from video.

Don’t miss a thing.

With Hudl, player development is no longer restricted to the court. Coaches can pinpoint where athletes should direct their focus in video review to quickly learn new concepts.

Parents can see the entire season’s video with their child’s Hudl account. Even if they can’t attend a match in person, they’ll never miss a moment.

Improve with insights.

Put down the camera.

Tying data to the video puts an objective spin on each athlete’s strengths and weaknesses. They can use key stats throughout the season to track their improvement.

Rather than stress over capturing every move their child makes, parents can actually enjoy the action. Everyone will be able to see the video on Hudl.

Get noticed.

Own the recruiting process.

Hudl helps athletes win—and has the tools to celebrate and share their success. They can easily turn their biggest plays into highlights, get noticed by recruiters and compete at the next level.

Avoid the expenses of video editing programs and recruiting services. A Hudl player profile packed with highlights will help gain traction with the right recruiters. Share via social media or email with the click of a button.

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Leave the breakdowns to us– let your coaches focus on coaching.

Submit your match.

We’ll break it down.

It’s ready in 24 hours.

Coaches send us the full match with just a few clicks.

Our team of analysts track stats for both sides of the net.

Coaches will receive an email as soon as the video and its reports are ready.



Rotational Analysis

Attack Attempts Kills Attack Errors Attack % Assists

Attempts Errors Aces Serve Quality Rating Serving %

Points Won Points Lost Side-Out % Service Win %


Serve Receive

Block Solo Block Assist Digs

Receptions Receiving Errors Pass Quality Rating

Hudl Assist is an add-on to your Hudl subscription.

Pricing as low as $30/match | 9


Dig deeper with advanced reports.


Box Score

This is the go-to for cumulative statistics. Every stat links directly to video, allowing teams to quickly jump to the most important moments. Sort by match, rotation or individual athlete to analyze performance from every angle.

Get a clear view of each contest—this is the hub for individual matches. The box score includes stats for both teams with an in-depth look at player stats, painting a complete picture of the action.



A visual representation of the highs and lows for each stat over the course of a season. Is hitting percentage increasing because of a change in rotation? Use these insights to work on exposed weaknesses during practice.

Determine the stats that matter most and create goals to incentivize your team. Once a match is broken down by Hudl Assist, the goals report will automatically update—it’s easy to see where teams succeeded or came up short.

*Trends are only available to volleyball teams with a Gold or Platinum subscription.

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Get athletes to the next level.

Showcase your players. Athlete profiles contain all the information recruiters need to see. From vitals to transcripts, it’s all stored in one place, ready to be seen by college scouts.

Connect with recruiters. We give athletes everything they need to get in front of recruiters. With Hudl, coaches can send a complete recruiting packages—full of athlete-made highlights, matches and contact info—straight to a recruiter’s inbox. It’s that simple.

Build your brand. Promote your club’s achievements. Gain recognition by sharing top moments and recruiting success stories to your website and social media. | 11

See how simple it is for coaches, athletes and parents to create killer highlights—no longer an endless chore with expensive video editing programs. The best moments can be quickly highlighted and shared with fans and recruiters, all from Hudl.

Select a match with the moments you want to highlight.

Use the Filter tab to pinpoint a specific athlete and stat, e.g., an outside hitter and their kills or blocks.

Each instance will appear in the video’s timeline. Right-click the tag and select Clip the Tag.

Save it as a highlight, then visit the athlete’s profile to add extra details like themes, spot shadows and music.

Share your new highlight with recruiters and social media, or get noticed even quicker with Hudl’s recruiting packages.

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Support We thrive on the front lines and want to go the extra mile to provide a world-class Hudl experience for our clubs, coaches and athletes. Our reps are here to answer any and all questions via phone, email, chat or tweet.

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Hudl for Club Volleyball  

We change the way clubs, coaches and athletes prepare for and stay ahead of the competition. Whether it’s with video, stats or a combination...

Hudl for Club Volleyball  

We change the way clubs, coaches and athletes prepare for and stay ahead of the competition. Whether it’s with video, stats or a combination...