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September 2008

The Official Newspaper for the Students of The University of Huddersfield.

Studentsʼ Union Showcases the biggest Freshersʼ Fortnight EVER! This yearʼs Fresherʼs Fortnight is set to be the biggest yet. With every day of the two week long welcome to Freshers hosting an exciting new event at the Studentsʼ Union, you wonʼt want to miss out; being a Fresher or no. To top it all off, the entire fortnight boasts FREE ENTRY to all events at the Union. The Union starts proceedings with the imaginatively titled ʻWelcome Nightʼ on Sunday 21st September. This event, being the first in what is hailed to be the busiest Fresherʼs calendar the SU has seen, is a great chance to meet a huge number of the thousands of students starting at the University this year, but also to com back to the hub of student life here in Hudds; The Studentsʼ Union. Monday shows an event that will be repeated in the second week of Freshers, and subsequently every week there after; Quiz Night. We all know students love a good brainteaser,

Meet your student representatives; the Sabbatical Officers, and hear what they are doing for you this month. Pages 3 and 4.

Radio 1ʼs very own Chappers and Dave come to the Union to show us what theyʼve got. Page 11.

if the percentage of student loan emptied into ʻit-boxesʼ throughout the town is anything to go by. And even though it is quite rare that anyone ʻpulls enough pints to make prizesʼ, or counts enough Cartmen to win a small handful of pound coins; which are inevitably filled back into the coin slot, players still get quiz addiction. This weekly quiz looks as though it will have the same addictive element, and youʼre probably more likely to win, as your playing against drunken students instead of a computer! You get the added benefit of winning shiny beer vouchers to spend at the bar – free beer, what more do you want? Guest appearances mark the highlight of Freshers; with Hollyoaksʼ very own Jamie Lomas, or ʻWarren Foxʼ to anyone else, joining all you lovely people to open our new Thursday night slot; ʻDollypop: school Discoʼ. While the guys among you may wonder why you want to take part in this event it could be said that this night promises something for both sexes. With ʻWarren-the-hot-Manc-actorʼ for the girls, the blokes inevitably have the joy of seeing all those girls dressed up as schoolgirl St. Trinian types. Theyʼll all be there to watch and meet the hired eye-candy of course, and who can blame them, but thereʼs only so much the SU can do for you on that subject guys!

The next names the Studentsʼ Union have kindly brought you come from Radio 1. The events team have certainly pulled something genius out of the bag for students here- and for free it should be added. The comedy legends that are Chappers and Dave come to see you all on Friday 26th September. Anticipate some comedy gold, and some tunes they might just put a donk on for us, possibly with the appearance of Folkface?? The names get better throughout the winter term as the Union grab the chart soaring Noah and the Whale (currently sitting at 11 on the UKʼs official chart). So, keep your eyes glued to these lovely pages and also to the SU website ( for dates. Keep a look out for ticket sales in the shop and online for events after Freshers too. There is a lot going on this entire term in the Studentsʼ Union, and for the only place in town solely committed to looking after you the students, it would be plain barmy to miss out. The newspaper will let you into everything there is to do and see and there is also the brand new ʻWhatʼs on?ʼ guide for a handy portable flyer detailing everything to do this term.

Leeds Festival gets a thorough reviewing from two students who saw it first hand. Pages 14- 15.

September issue 25x33 v7:Huddersfield Student



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September issue 25x33 v7:Huddersfield Student



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MUSIC 14-15. Leeds Festival Revie FILM g 17. Coming Soon...........p FASHION 19. Shopping in Hudders

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Money Worries? The University gives 10 top tips to Freshe 5. 8-9. UCO/UCB - Have your say!................pg9. Whatʼs on - FRESHERS 11.

BOOKS A Hudders ND FICTION field ʻG ristʼ : Giving Voices to Stud ents...... 21 VIDEO . GAMES Flesh C rawlers Preview .........p g 22.

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TEAM TALK Editorial Producer...torial

Hi, and welcome to the first Huddersfield Student of the year. My name is Lauren, Iʼm this years Communications Officer. I produce the paper and, seen as we have no elected editor yet, Iʼm taking up that position as well! While Iʼm here, by-elections are happening in October – keep an eye out in the S.U and the paper for details – where you can apply for the elected position of editor if your interested. It looks great on your C.V and you get an office to hide in! This months issue is a bit different looking to what went on last year, and I hope its starting to look more ʻstudentyʼ and less formal tabloid. The look is due to change significantly during my year in office, with January seeing the release of the new, and much improved, student run, student led, glossy magazine. Ta da! My aim this year is to make the media side of the Studentsʼ Union move with the times a bit more than it has ever done in the past, so Iʼm going into magazine territory with our student publication. I hope thatʼs ok with you all! Any comments or feedback on the idea is always welcome, just email me or come into the Sabbatical office. The content of the Huddersfield Student has also changed a little. I want to make the student paper more student orientated. If it is written for you, by you, then why isnʼt it more about you? This yearʼs content will be aimed at informing you about whatʼs going on in your world as a student in the Hudd. It makes sense to me! So, for example, the news we write in the paper is all student orientated; with

articles, for example, to do with student finance, and coping with getting a nice fat loan and not spending it in the first week. For areas such as the Music section, we can fill it with current music, but also with articles on the damn good Music Department we have at the University. We also have a film suite for media students, editorials on what their making would be a really good example of the kind of things weʼre looking to use as well. This is a massive hint for anyone reading this by the way – if you have things going on in your school or course then write something about it, or get the section editor in to write an expose on it, but get involved! This paper is for you, to tell other students, and the wider community what great things we do at the Uni; a bit of American ʻTeam Spiritʼ if you want to make it nice and cheesy! Speaking of representation, the Sports section is something that has given a lot of grief to sports and society members in the past, with itʼs lack of advertisement of a great number of sports, and an even greater number of societies. We have a massive student body involved in societies, and they do a lot of good around the Union and University, I think they should be shown off more than they are, or have been. Sports wonʼt be neglected either, thereʼs a three page spread devoted to sports and socs each month, so thereʼs plenty of room devoted to it. And if youʼre a team thatʼs complained in the past (I have to admit, I have been one of them myself, trying to get the Cheerleaders promoted in the newspaper – nice name drop for you there!) about under representation, youʼve got it now, so come on – tell us all what your up to, who youʼve played and beat, or what campaigns are running! With all that in mind, happy reading, this; the first issue of the new, and still improving Huddersfield Student. Lauren; Editor and Producer.


: Get In Chance g in rt o 25. A Sp Sport....


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September issue 25x33 v7:Huddersfield Student



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Sabbs Say! Hi all

First of all, welcome back and I hope you all had a good Summer Break. While the luckiest of you probably spent your holidays having fun, maybe enjoying the sun abroad, others like myself, the sabbatical team and the all Union Staff were less lucky and worked hard all summer under the grey British sky to prepare a great year for you. Anyway, we are all back in Hudds and you're starting to settle down in what is going to be your home for the coming year. I hope that the freshers fortnight entertainment program gives you the opportunity to have plenty of fun, meet other students and if you're new to Huddersfield, discover what the local studentsʼ night life is about. This year is not just about having fun, and like you I have a lot of work and a couple of challenges ahead of me. The ʻreturnersʼ are probably aware of the past year (which was a bit chaotic). The exec team finished the year with only 2 sabbs trying to cope with the 5 jobs at the same time. University was quite rightly a bit worried about the representation of the students, but Richard Lord (acting President at the time) and I ( in my prior duty as VicePresident Sports and Societies) worked hard and successfully handed over to the next sabbatical team. Many thanks the Students' Union Staff and

Julien Boville


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Hello guys and girls, I am Junaid Ejaz your new Internal Affairs officer for 2008/09. Itʼs been two months since we have been in office. The past two months have been thrilling, tiring and boring at the same time. I have been on two NUS training sessions, one residential and one union visit during that time. I got an opportunity to meet sabbatical officers from literary all over UK. It was really exciting to come across people from all corners of the country, knowing their thoughts, picking up new ideas and talking about NUS nitty-gritty. I learnt so much from NUS training about the studentsʼ union structure and challenges students

Vice President Internal Affairs Junaid Ejaz

the University Executive team for their valuable support at the time. Now that I'm President i hope to reinstall the professionalism in the Exec team and in our relationship with University. Part of the sabbatical team projects for the year is to reinstall more debates amongst the Students' Union members. Whether it is political or cultural there is a place to debate and i strongly believe that this place should be the Students' Union. I believe that it is time for students to retake ownership of the union through all activities available whether it is by having a drink in our Bar, playing in one of our many sports teams or being a student course rep. A perfect example of how you can get involved is the Byelections on Wednesday 29th and Thursday 30th of October. (to find out more visit the SU website In the past months The SU has joined the Students' Union Evaluation Initiative (SUEI). This is just a complicated way to say that The University of Huddersfield Students' Union (UHSU) is working with other Students' Unions on refocusing on our membership. We will have plenty of opportunities this year and during the 2 years of the project to update you on the progress of this review. Although

Hi people, my nameʼs Lauren, Iʼm your Communications officer for this year. I look after all the student led communication that matters to you, from the newspaper to the website. Yep, I can feel the disappointed looks when I mention the website, but donʼt worry, I know all the issues you have with it, and this year itʼll be something you want to visit! So, to start properly, welcome to another – or your first year at Huddersfield. I hope your having a good Fresherʼs fortnight, weʼve got enough

SUEI is a permanent member focused process, the coming term will be a crucial listening exercise for us and it will be a great opportunity for you to have your say on your Union. So please give us some feedback on the Union as your views are a valuable resource to us. If you have any comments about this article or if you want to find out more about the byelections or the SUEI process don't hesitate to contact me by email at (I will get back to you as soon as i can, but please be patient with me as i am often away from my computer in meetings). I wish you all a successful year and i hope you enjoy all that the Students' Union as to offer. Julien email -

are facing, especially the consequence of government policy on top up fees. Right!!! Letʼs talk a bit about my role. Well, to be honest with you, it took me two month to have an apprehension of my job description and duties I have to do. I am mainly ʻCampaigns officerʼ and also responsible for liaison with university sites at Barnsley and oldham. Campaigning as it sounds a BUZZZZ word is something which is really exciting and something I canʼt wait to kick off with. I have to campaign on anything or everything which has an impact on students. There are many famous national campaigns out there like top up fees and anti-racism. I am running campaign on diversity and volunteering. The main theme of these campaigns is to create awareness for widening participation from all types of

planned at the S.U to keep you busy! Our features editor has made a list of everything you can get involved in during the next fortnight, so take a look and get stuck in! As you Comms officer, the Newspaper is my main priority this month, so if you have anything you want to put in the paper, contact me as soon as youʼve got your idea/written it. Weʼve also got a ballot box outside the S.U during Freshers for you to vote which issues you would like the S.U to campaign for, so Iʼll be busy helping Junaid promote that. During the summer, Iʼve got the student Radio society up and running, and with the help of Kris Lockhart and co. we should have a working student internet radio station, run from the S.U in January. Help is always needed for projects such

students and to promote volunteering across the year. There are so many volunteering opportunities but our task to break that apathy by raising awareness. One thing I would like to manifest to all of you that Studentsʼ union is run ʻBy the students, for the studentsʼ. Itʼs place for you to have your say. If you are not happy about anything then you should flag it up and you can do it by contacting any of the sabbatical officers and be ensure that WE ARE LISTENING. Thatʼs all from me. See you soon! Muhammad Junaid Ejaz Phone - 01484 473424 Email -

as these, so please come see me if you want to be involved in the setting –up and running of the station. Thatʼs all from me, and what Iʼm doing this month. Remember, if you want to be part of any of the media we have going on in the Studentsʼ Union, come see me – top floor of the S.U, opposite the cash point. Have a wicked Freshers, Lauren x Phone 01484 473441 Email

ViceCommuni President cations Lauren Stewart


Page 5

TEAM TALK Hi everyone, as your new VP for sports and societies I would just like to welcome everyone back from last year and a big hello to all you new students just starting at university. Now then, where do I start? I could bore you all with every little detail about whatʼs been going on but I am not going to do that. I would just like to tell you about how you can get involved with the wide array of clubs and societies that our Students Union has to offer. If you enjoy the rush of playing a contact sport like I do with the Huddersfield Hawks American football team, playing for the badminton club, or if surfing the wild coasts of Britain with

HUBA, our board riding club, or if your simply not a sporting person you can join one of our more relaxed societies, from the international friendship society to the Photographic society. What are you waiting for, get involved. We offer it all, and if there is a club or society you have a passion for that doesnʼt exist, why not start it up yourself? Itʼs easy and with the help I can offer, you will have it up and running in no time. Over the summer I have been a busy little bee settling into my new role, one of the things I am most pleased about this summer is the addition of the trophy cabinet to the Studentʼs Union

Hey Dudes and Dudetes or should I say students? My nameʼs Haneef and I am your Education and Welfare Officer at the Student Union. Welcome to all new students, to the largest town in the UK. Congratulations on the students who have passed the previous year and have come back to continue with their respective degrees, masters etc. So what do I do? I represent all of you at university and union meetings to ensure that decisions are made in your best interest not the universityʼs interest. Also, Iʼm responsible for the course reps and hopefully you will be interest in

Vice President

Education and Welfare Haneef Rashid

Vice President Sports and Societies

reception. Our teams and societies put so much effort when entering competitions and up to now, the trophyʼs all you guys have earned have not been best displayed, so I hope you like it! If anyone has any issues, please donʼt hesitate to ask, either email me or pop into my office which is upstairs in the students union building.

Gaz Weeks

Stay classy Huddersfield. Phone: 01484 473456 Email:

helping me make your courses more exciting, dynamic and a fun environment to learn in through this system. This can only be done by Course Reps, so get yourselves elected. I will also be campaigning for the best academic environment here at the University that includes Barnsley and Oldham too. Welfare issues.I do everything I can to help students with issues such as accommodation, tuition fees, money issues etc. So if you feel you have any welfare issues affecting you, please get in contact. We have an advice centre that can offer students professional advice and it costs nothing. So please donʼt be afraid to approach us. But aside from all that, I want to

make sure that all of you know that our organisation is run FOR the students BY the students. We are here to better the whole student experience and no matter what sort of student you are, fresh from college or a mature student, black or white, international or local, gay or straight, studying nursing or engineering, on any campus, you are all our students and I represent EVERY one of you - and you are here to use us. Stay cool and peace be with you, Haneef Phone - 01484 473440 Email -


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September issue 25x33 v7:Huddersfield Student

September issue 25x33 v7:Huddersfield Student



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NEWS Money

Worries? Get Help from the University’s Student Finance Department.

discount – if you donʼt ask you wonʼt get! $ Never do your food shopping on an empty stomach – this should prevent any unnecessary purchases.

internet sites (e.g. Amazon).

Page 5

$ Keep all your receipts for the week / month in a glass or vase where you can see it. This will give you a visual idea of how your spending is going for that week / month. The Student Finance department is located in Student Services, on level 4 of the Central Services Building, and is open from 9.30 until 4.30 during term time. We can offer more advice on budgeting with your money and keeping your finances in order. We can also offer advice and guidance on dealing with any debt problems - your problems will be listened to sympathetically by a member of university staff. Any problems will be treated in strict confidence, and appointments can be booked in advance. If thereʼs anything thatʼs worrying you about your money come and see us!

PortalPlus the online onestop -shop

Hereʼs a great idea. Letʼs make it easier to get to into the I.T. systems that we $ Keep track of where your money need to use. Letʼs bring everything that is going by keeping a daily diary of we need into one place, and remove all the money you spend, along with a those additional logins to the University note of your bank balance. This will network. Thatʼs the idea behind give you an idea of where your PortalPlus, a new service that is money is being spent, and how available from the University network in much youʼre spending. With all the excitement of the start 2008. of a new academic year the Email, Blackboard, Library, My $ Rather than going out and temptation is inevitably there to Details, Student Finance, there are a lot splash the cash during the first few spending money on nights out, of systems and sources of information have a night in with friends that we need to use. Can we remember weeks of term. cooking and sharing a bottle of where to find them, and how to get into Whenever the word wine will be a lot cheaper. them? All too often the answer to that “budgeting” is mentioned it doesnʼt question is ʻnoʼ. PortalPlus aims to cut just apply to accountants – by $Keep a jar for your spare change, through the red tape and provide direct, taking a few simple steps to look personalised access to what each of us this will quickly accumulate and after your money you could make needs. can feel like a nice bonus when your cash go further. It may sound Itʼs a revolutionary concept; it youʼre skint! boring but the result could be more puts us as the centre of I.T. and not the money in your pocket! other way round. Weʼll also be able to $ Have a look through your get messages from our departments that Further details can be Try these ten tips and see how you wardrobe, anything you donʼt get are intended just for us, and not get any use from, think about putting it found on the University of get on: bombarded by so many emails. Huddersfield website: on an internet auction site (e.g. And not only that, but student_finance, Ebay). Itʼs better to have money $ Remember that your Student PortalPlus also contains online spaces by phoning us on 01484-471139 or than a top youʼll never wear. Loan / Grant has to last, after the where interest groups and societies can 01484-471130, or by calling in to first instalment there wonʼt be meet, chat and exchange information. It $ For university text books, have a see us. another one until after Christmas. has the makings of a one-stop shop that look at 2nd hand book sales, or is the online counterpart to the Student Centre on the Huddersfield Campus. $ Put together a budget for your A pilot service was available finances – list your income then earlier this year and here are some of your outgoings. This will give you the comments of users: an idea of your financial situation. “Really nice, the portal should be great Be honest with your outgoings, for people to use.” otherwise the budget will be “This looks good and is easy to navigate inaccurate! through.” “…it is a vast improvement on what was $ Whenever you are doing any available already …” shopping, ask if there is any NUS You can access PortalPlus directly at this address: Itʼs also available on the Student Home Page on the University website. This project is being sponsored As from September 2008, your student number (you can find it on your student by Professor Tim Thornton, Dean of card), will start with the letter ʻuʼ, rather than letters relating to different schools Music, Humanities and Media, and is (eg. Music, Hummanities and Media is an ʻAʼ). This means that when you log being managed in Computing and into your uni emails, or onto any computer in the library, you will use the new Library Services by Derek Heathcote. letter, then the same student number you always have done. Your thoughts, suggestions or feedback For example is welcomed by Tim and Derek. Instead of, you would be Thereʼs an email address for feedback: Donʼt forget your new log-ins people!

Change to log in detail s !

£300 Do you have an idea for a fantastic community project? Need some funding to get it off the ground?If you have an idea for a project, but need some help with funding it, then the Hands On Volunteering department can help. You can bid for up to £300 to help get started, and you will get all the advice and support you need to make it a success. Simply download the application form from the website, or contact the Volunteer Co-ordinator for more details. Sarah Fawcett, Volunteer Co-ordinator Tel - (01484) 473455 • email -

NEWS Get out There and Get Involved! Are you struggling to find things to put on your C.V.? Do you want to do something worthwhile, but donʼt want a big time commitment? The Universityʼs School and Liaison Service have several schemes which give you the



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your participation in our events will be financially rewarded. Student Tutoring Scheme. On this scheme you will undertake a voluntary placement at a local school. You will act as a classroom assistant, helping and supporting teachers during class time. The scheme is open to all students and you will have the option of attending a primary, secondary or special school in the Kirklees area. You can find your own placement if you wish.Tutoring involves spending 10 half day sessions in school.

please contact the Schools and Liaison Service on 01484 473918/ 473965/ 473185. Or by e-mail at, or pop in and see us in Central Services Building, Level 7, room 25/26. The closing date for applications is Friday 3rd October, so donʼt delay!

Student Mentoring Scheme. On this scheme you will be placed in a local school where you will act as a ʻrole modelʼ, encouraging pupils to raise their educational aspirations. You will work on a one-to-one basis with a GCSE pupil who is failing to realise his/her potential in school. opportunity to boost your C.V., whilst helping others, The scheme will commit you to at least one hour in having fun, and in some cases being rewarded total at the pupilʼs school each week, for a minimum financially. of 10 sessions. Student ambassador Scheme. The Student Ambassador Scheme gets yo involved with the local community, with the aim of raising awareness of aspects of higher education, and promoting the University of Huddersfield in particular. As an Ambassador you will become involved in a variety of activities such as helping on Open Days, taking students on a trail of the campus, taking part in a student panel or being involved in activities in schools such as ACE Days (Aiming for a College Education).As an extra bonus,

Doncaster Mentoring Scheme. This is a paid mentoring scheme which involves you mentoring three or four students in Doncaster for half an hour each, on Wednesday afternoons. The scheme will run for 16 weeks between October and Easter. Your role would be the same as with our voluntary student mentoring scheme.Transport to and from doncaster is provided and the rate of pay is £25 per session. You must be available from 12.15pm on a Wednesday. If you are interested in any of the above schemes


McCain Micro Chips is launching a Facebook challenge for Yorkshire uni students. Make friends with likeminded chip lovers, engage in some inter-uni rivalry and win a few great prizes along the way. What could be more appealing? From 22nd September, students from nine Yorkshire uniʼs are invited to join in 'The Yorkshire Games'. By joining the Facebook group, you will get involved in four challenges to win great prizes for our union…anything from 100ʼs of Wham Bars to a 32” Plasma. An accumulator system also rewards the uni that has achieved the most number of points throughout the games with an exclusive music gig. Each individual challenge will run for a minimum of two weeks giving you the chance to really get stuck in. The challenges vary in complexity and

levels of required creativity and each is designed to test a range of skills. All activity requires sustenance though, so stock up on Micro Chips to feed your creativity. Ready in only three minutes, Micro Chips are convenient, simple, great tasting chips. So easy to prepare, they let you get back to doing nothing, quickly! Made from only two simple ingredients, potatoes and a little sunflower oil, they contain only 5% fat so are a much healthier way of enjoying chips than a trip to the kebab man. Handy information: • The Facebook Group URL is Yorkshire-Games. • The universities involved include: Bradford, Huddersfield, Hull, Leeds, Leeds Met, Sheffield Hallam, Sheffield, York St John and York.

By-Elections 2008! Know your dates!!! Nominations open - Thur 16th October ʻ08 Nominations close - Thur 23rd October ʻ08 VOTING - Wed 29th & Thur 30th October.

Page 6 Huddersfield

September issue 25x33 v7:Huddersfield Student

September issue 25x33 v7:Huddersfield Student



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September issue 25x33 v7:Huddersfield Student



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thinking properly about making this a working business.” Laura Pearce, Concepts and Spaces Ltd (BA (hons) Exhibition and Retail Design) “They provided a solid foundation and support on which the business grew. The address gave credibility and the mentors gave practical support and advice on topics such as funding as well as day to day management” Phillip Perks, Live Translation Ltd (MSc eBusiness) If youʼre interested in taking the first steps yourself then call into the Drop-in Clinic on Wednesday 24 September 2008 (12-2pm in the Queensgate Library Foyer) or into one of the Business Mine offices at either Barnsley or Queensgate Campusʼs – see details below. Also, events will take place every Wednesday on Queensgate campus from 4.15 to 6.00pm in the Firth Street Building, Room FS3/07 (starting 1st October 2008). Each week there will be either a business related presentation; an “Ask the Expert” question and answer session; or a role model speaker to inspire you with their story. For more information on the Business Mine or their events: Phone - 01484 473356/ 473907/ 473849 (Huddersfield & Oldham) 01226 644 262 (Barnsley) Email - Visit - Huddersfield: Central Services Building, Room 10/06 Barnsley: Room UCB 3/01b Top 10 tips when thinking of working for yourself 1. Be clear on your business idea and the reasons why you are setting up in business (who, what, how, where, when, why, etc). Find your USP (unique sales proposition) – the things that make your product or service special and different from everyone elseʼs (not just better quality, cheaper price, better service etc). 2. Analyse your personality and ask yourself

whether you are the right person to start a business (have a look at the Business Link website for some handy check sheets). 3. Research your market and product to ensure that your business idea is viable (is there a market for your product or service, what size is the market, what price are people willing to pay – talk to potential customers, suppliers, competitors & distributors, and check the internet). 4. Be honest about your skills – if you are a fantastic sales person but lousy on finance then seek advice and get help. 5. Work out how much money you will need – calculate your personal budget and check out any grants, bursaries or cheap loans (the Business Mine and Business Link can help with information and advice). 6. Make contacts, starting on your own can be a lonely business so talk to friends, family and owners of businesses (see what local networking and support groups are available). 7. Get a good mentor on board – two heads are better than one! Seek the advice of a friend or family member who has experience of being in business or better still…..apply to join the Universityʼs Business Mine! 8. Donʼt forget the legal side including the structure for your business, any regulations you may need to consider, whether your product may need protecting and what the HMRC will expect you to do re tax. 9. Use all sources of free advice including the Business Mine and Business Link Yorkshire – come along to the Business Mine Events Programme! 10. Business Plan first draft – sit down quietly for at least a week and do a first-draft Business Plan (the Business Mine has a really user friendly template for you to use).

Setting up your own business or starting on the path to self employment can be scary, but the University is on hand to help students and recent graduates (of up to 12 months) explore their ideas and start trading. More and more entrepreneurs are becoming freelance consultants rather than starting traditional-style businesses or working for another organisation. The Business Mine provides a professional environment and a range of free services to support students and graduates: • Regular presentations and ʻmeet the expertʼ events • Drop-in clinics on the last Wednesday of every month ( 12-2pm, Queensgate Library foyer) • The opportunity to earn your place in the Business Mine, accessing: • one2one mentoring • free office facilities • the chance to apply for a Proof of Concept Grant (Being launched in November 2008). The Business Mine helps and advises on everything from researching your idea and the paperwork you have to complete, through to marketing and ʻDragons Den styleʼ pitching workshops. However, donʼt just take their word for it – hereʼs what some of their members have to say… “Without their help my business may have started, but I can guarantee it would not be half as good” Josh Reed, Little Power Records (BSc Music Technology and Audio Systems) “If I hadnʼt been to see Michelle [Business Mentor] initially, I wouldnʼt be as far on as I am today. That initial meeting was very powerful as I realised that I wasnʼt crazy and my dream wasnʼt just a dream. Her confidence in me and my business idea has pushed me further into really

abseils and marathons, to garden redevelopment and fashion shows. The Hands On Volunteering department also have over 80 placement providers on file, which means there is an opportunity to suit everyone. Have you got your own idea for a volunteering project? You can bid for up to £300 to get it off the ground! We have 2 student led projects running from the Studentsʼ Union right now, with access to computer and printing facilities, and support and advice from the Volunteer Co-ordinator. Not only do we assist you in finding a placement, provide you with support, and help you to set up your own project, but we also pay travel expenses! Thatʼs right! Your volunteering wonʼt cost you a thing! And whatʼs more, when you become a member of Hands On Volunteering you can gain access to free CRB checks and training. We hold induction training, as well as sessions in Leadership, Fundraising, Child Protection, Self Defence, Sign Language, and First Aid. So what are you waiting for? If you are interested in volunteering or want to find out a little bit more about the opportunities available, then contact Sarah Fawcett, Volunteer Co-ordinator, on 01484 473455, email , or check out the options online at

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Have you ever been refused a job because you havenʼt had the relevant experience? As more and more people graduate from University the competition in the world of work becomes much harder. As the volume of people with the same or LET US KNOW ABOUT YOU! similar qualifications increases we need to provide Hands On Volunteering can Provide potential employers with that something more to help us you with support, advice and can even stand out from the crowd. refund your travel expenses! We want Volunteering can give you practical experience to know about the organisation you and transferable skills that employers view so highly. Just volunteer for because itʼs not paid doesnʼt mean youʼre not getting and what you do for them experience. The skills you build upon and learn through So get in touch via email at your volunteering are so very valuable and above and , beyond those learnt through the study environment. Not or by phone on 01484 473455 only does volunteering improve your job prospects and make you employable, it helps you develop skills, increase your confidence and demonstrate your commitment to helping others. Hands on Volunteering can help you find the placement that is right for you, whether you want to enhance your CV and boost you employability, or simply have some spare time and donʼt know what to do with it. Your experience as a volunteer is what you make of it. The amount of time you commit is up to you. The Hands On Volunteering Project was created in July 2002, and was set up to offer both staff and students from the University the opportunity to get involved in various voluntary projects within the local community. Over the past six years Hands On Volunteers have participated in a range of one-off events, from charity

Are you a volunteer???

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Volunte ering Diary of an African Summer.

Hello to everyone that i've left behind. Just to let you know that we arrived safe, the journey was perfect and we were met at the airport and taken to a beautiful tropical beach for 'training'. We had a great couple of days relaxing and bathing with a little bit of work. We have since travelled to Dar es Salaam where we met some brilliant locals who helped to train us in making our donations more useful for the schools that we provide them to. The girls and I will be working in the west, and have just travelled across to Mbeya. The journey was fantastic, better than any English service! For the equivalent of 拢15 we were on a national express style coach for 12 hours, with frequent stops, refreshments provided, and some very amusing slapstick comedy safari films for entertainment. We also got a free trip through a national park, and have already seen elephants, giraffes, buffalo, bok, antelope, monkeys and zebra! The coach journey meant that we saw so much of the country it was a real eye-opener. I have sooo many questions about the lifestyle, I can始t wait to be living in a village like those that we passed through. We are spending a couple of days here, seeing some beautiful natural sights. Its slightly colder

here. It drops to 10 degrees at night because of the high altitude, but everywhere else it has been scorching, it was 20degrees at 6am when the plane landed!

reeeeaaally looking forward to the welcome that we will get from the schools upon arrival! We have arrived in the region where we begin work today, it is a very remote and poor area, and electricity is sporadic. The books are arriving only 5 days late, which we have come to realise is good in African time! So our project will go ahead almost to plan and we should make it to every school personally. I始m very excited! Of all the projects, we are working in the most remote and dispersed region, one which READ has not visited before. We are also the smallest team so the workload is HUGE, but we are embracing it positively and our sense of achievement will be immense once we have finished. I hope all is well in England, and the summer is treating you fairly well....the locals here can始t believe our description of English weather!

Our next stop is Sumbawangi where we will do a few days safari, before we travel up to our region to begin the work with the schools. We have already met a minister from the government who was extremely thankful for our work and the locals that we dined with in Dar es Salaam gave a touching speech about how grateful they are that we came to their country to help, so i am

THANKYOU to all of that have helped us get here, we couldn't have done it without you. You should all be very proud that you have been a part of this project as we can assure you that it is so positively received it is REALLY worthwhile. take care all, Kirstoire

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UCO & UCB NEWS HAVE YOUR S A Univers Y i ty Cen U

tre Oldh y Centr e Barns am and ley stud ents,



Every month in the Huddersfield Student, there is a whole page for you to have your say about University life, events and politics. Tell us what is happening at your site, we want to know!

As your Commuiations officer, I want to be able to give you a bigger voice than anyone has ever let you have, you are a massive part of The University of Huddersfield, and no one should ever have the opportunity to forget it.


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Features Welcome, or welcome back, to you all. The Huddersfield Student has undergone an image overhaul while you were away during the summer and big, exciting things lay ahead. Hopefully by next month we'll have a bit of a different look to this section- nothing Earth moving mind, so no need to rush out and buy new pants. The theme of this issue is change; and like the rebirth of a phoenix from the ashes of its parent, so this section grows from the ashes of all the old copies of the Huddersfield Student I burned in my garden this morning.

Speaking of change, the whole newspaper, I hope youʼll find, has a more studenty (if thatʼs an actual word) feel to it and, especially in this section, we want you to keep this going by sending anything you can in to us. Whether it be comments, questions, ideas or a note to say youʼre up to helping out in any way, drop me a line on and Iʼll get back to you as soon as is humanly possible. Enjoy this issue and bask in it its studenty goodness. This month weʼve got Gordon Brown, a guide to everything good thatʼs going on and Mentos fountains bigger than your head. Enjoy.

by Ben Hall,

FEATURES EDITOR New yearʼs resolutions and why they go wrong. Everyone knows the same old promises we make ourselves at the start of every academic year. Like with New Year resolutions, we all start out with good intentions that generally tire themselves out around the third week of term. This month we take a look at some of the best worst promises we make and give you valuable excuses so you can justify them to yourself. This year I won't leave essays/assignments/anything work related ʻtil the last minute. This has probably been a promise you've made yourself in the September of every year since you went to secondary school and you still can't keep to it. Letʼs face it, some of us just work better under time constraints and not all of us can work two months in advance. This time I'm going to all my lectures and seminars come hell, high water or influenza.

Waterstones Loves Students:

Special Offer! As an student I understand that most people on my course will need a lot of books and I donʼt mean ones that are enjoyable to read. Iʼm talking about academic books, research books, study books and secondary reading books. Over all, nearly all students doing any course will need a handful of academic books whether itʼs to do with theory or help with something practical. Waterstones as a bookshop and

Unfortunately, hangovers and general ʻcan't-bebotheredʼ attitudes do not fall under the hell, high water or influenza categories but, for some unknown reason, the less-than-reliable bus services experienced by those living about 20 minutes off campus do. Missing lectures, unlike meteors and the eventual effects of 'global warming', is not the end of the world, however, don't believe everything you're told about ʻPowerpointsʼ being available on blackboard. This year I'm actually going to take meaningful notes all year long. I have yet to meet someone who can pre-plan a note-taking session. I find it, personally, almost impossible to organise my annotations ʻon the flyʼ.Yes, I might have a slight case of OCD about the layout of my scribbles but really, it's a valid, medical excuse, I promise. I'm buying a diary/planner and I am going to use it to my advantage. It will be life changing and have a pretty pink cover to reflect my individuality.

months before we have to worry about it?Technically, the logic is that we start the work earlier and therefore benefit from an improved standard but, in reality, the only good thing about that diary is its pretty, pink cover and the most valuable part of it is its £6 price tag. I am not, repeat not, going to be finishing any work off on the bus to/whilst walking to/whilst running to Uni. This one's just too simple. Desperate times, desperate measures and all that. Does the work need to be finished? Yes. A glass half-full is still only half a glass so you're not going to be complaining if the waiter fills it up at the table are you?

Disclaimer: In all seriousness, and so I can't be blamed should things go wrong, you really shouldn't make excuses, should finish work in plenty of time to improve it and you should definitely invest in a useless pink-covered diary to make yourself feel better.

Whom are we kidding? Really? It's a struggle to get work done in the first place so really, where's the logic in writing about it 3

business understands this often quite expensive demand on students who have a limited budget without breaking into the overdraft. So this September they are offering a special deal to ease the financial burden of being well equipped for all degrees. All you have to do is sign up to their Waterstones Card, basically a reward points card where for every pound you spend you gain three points, then when you go into their store (which can be found in the Kingsgate Shopping Centre or along the main street of town near Clintons) and select some books to buy – they donʼt have to be academic – hand them your Waterstones Card,

show them your NUS card and you can get a student 10% discount of your purchase! So not only do you get a discount but you also earn plenty of points which can then be redeemed on your next purchase which will save you even more! But be warned this special offer discount for students is only available to claim between 4th September to the 29th October. So if you have come to University and discovered you have either forgotten or missed a book off your academic resources list go get a Waterstones card and get it on the student offer.

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There’s no excuse

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Features WHAT’S ON?: Freshers Festivities

FREE ENTRY to the S.U! The University of Huddersfieldʼs Freshers festivities kick off on September 21st and carry right on through to October 3rd. Most of the events will be held in The Venue which can be found downstairs in the SU, also known as the Studentʼs Union to those of you frightened by abbreviation. Hopefully you will have brought the UHSU guide that was provided in your ʻFresher mailingʼ as this details the programme for the next two weeks. If you havenʼt however, never fear, a list can be found in our very own ʻWhatʼs Onʼ guide (below) so there really is no excuse to miss out- fabulous. Those of you living at Storthes Hall or further away from the Uni really should get your heads around bus timetables. Complicated, yes, but very worthwhile. Those of you who are fancy enough to travel by taxi need to get your numbers sorted. There are plenty of companies looking for your business and most do a £5 trip from Storthes to the campus- brilliant, no? The Fortnight Ahead… Sunday 21st September- Welcome Night Oh yes itʼs ladyʼs, or rather just ʻWelcome, night. This could be the perfect opportunity to find friends away from the place youʼll be living, especially if your flat mates arenʼt your type of people. Not everyone gets on but, by the simple law of averages, the more people you have in a room- the more chance there is of finding someone youʼll get on with-simple.

GIVE IT A GO! Page 11

Give It A Go is a programme of trips, events, and activities run at low cost to suit you hard up students! You donʼt have to commit to long-term agreements, and booking is made easy by finding us online at, or by popping in to the Studentsʼ Union reception. We have something for everyone! This term we have on offer ………………………. Trips to IKEA £1 Tuesday 23rd September & Thursday 2nd October, departing from SU at 11am, 2pm, and 5pm. Three trips each day costing only £1, with free coffee & cake on arrival! The perfect opportunity to brighten up your digs with a few cushions and a beanbag! Sign Language class £5 Monday 6th of October 5pm til 7pm, The Zone, upstairs in the SU. Come and try a taster session in British Sign Language. A two hour session incorporating basic sign language with deaf awareness.

Monday 22nd- Quiz & Games Night One of the best ways of getting to know people is by having fun, or someone said once. Get yourself there whether youʼre venturing it on your own or getting together with the people youʼve just met to start your wonderful first year memories as soon as you can. Tuesday 23rd- Jagermeister promo night You know, and if not, will soon learn, that any event with the word ʻpromoʼ in its title will be worth going to. Freebies or discounts generally follow. Wednesday 24th- Live music from Renegade Promotions ʻCut Off Your Handsʼ are joined by ʻThe Daysʼ. Early arrival prevents disappointment apparently, so donʼt be late. Thursday 25th- Dollypop School disco. Jamie Lomas, who plays Warren Fox in Holyoaks joins us all the way from Chester to open this night. So early in the year but whatʼs better than a fancy dress night, especially while you can still afford a costume. This is the first of this yearʼs monthly Pop nights which are to be held on the last Thursday of every month- what fun! Friday 26th- Chappers and Dave Radio 1 DJʼs Mark Chapman and ʻComedyʼ Dave are to be arriving in Huddersfield and putting on a show, just for you. The guide says donʼt be late or youʼll be disappointed so listen to it.

Sunday 28th- Weekly Quiz This oneʼs not a fresher exclusive but does it have to be? The Venue holds a weekly quiz and ʻbar bingoʼ with bar vouchers up for grabs so get yourself there. Monday 29th- Karaoke This one really doesnʼt need selling. As we all know, the word ʻstudentʼ has somehow became synonymous with the word ʻalcoholʼ and what could help loosen the inhibitions more? Karaokeneed we say more? Tuesday 30th- ʻTackle Tuesdayʼ Hereʼs hoping this strangely titled event is actually to do with sports. The guide requests you come and enjoy a drink with like-minded sports fans so, apparently, you should do just that. Wednesday 1st OctoberʻWii love Wednesdaysʼ Personally, I prefer Fridays, but if youʼre keen to show that youʼre the King or Queen of the Wii then you may just find this is your cup of tea. Thursday 2nd- Comedy Night Anything really can happen and not all of it to the comedianʼs liking. One thingʼs for sure though, itʼs certainly entertaining for the audience. This night promises to showcase Geoff Norcott, Gary Delaney and Chris Stokes, with MC Phil Buckley - as ever, arrive early. Friday 3rd- Project Records Club night With music from Palmstruck, Seven Seals and Connecting Flight followed swiftly by a DJ. This night looks to be varied with music styles ranging from punk to electro with a bit of indie thrown in for good measure.

Bored? Want to try something new? Don’t want to it to cost the earth?

Trip around West Yorkshire £9 Saturday the 11th of October 11am til 4pm departing from Page Street. So you may be new to the area, or have never explored your surroundings, this will be the trip for you. Tour of the areas surrounding Huddersfield, Self Defense £4 Thursday the 16th October 5pm til 6pm, SU Main meeting room. Learn to defend yourself and stay safe. Class taught by Sifu Rebecca Kane. This class is held as part of Student Safety Week Horse Riding £22 Wednesday 22nd October 2pm-4pm departing from SU. Saddle up and join the class! 1 hour lesson, for beginners upwards. Halloween Craft Class £3 Wednesday 29th October, 11am3pm in the Zone. Work on your costumes for the DollyPop ʻFright Night!ʼ and learn to face-paint gouls and goblins!

Trip to Blackpool £13 2nd November 10am til 9pm departing from Page Street. Visit the Pleasure Beach, ride the Pepsi Max Big One, the tallest rollercoaster in Europe, visit the world renowned Illuminations, or treat yourself to fish and chips, and a walk along the pier. The choice is yours! Watch out in the next edition of the Huddersfield Student for more activities and classes! Still to come…………………. Blackpool Illuminations, Weekend trip to Edinburgh, Paintballing, Dry Skiing, Xmas craft class, Trip to Old Trafford, Mug painting class, Ice skating, Dancing, Meditation, First Aid, Sign Language, MIDAS bus driving course and Trips to Alton Towers, the Lake District, Liverpool, Whitby and Wales. Book your tickets online at under Give It A Go.

GARDENING PROJECT WANT TO HELP??? On Friday the 3rd and Saturday the 4th of October we will be helping to transform a nursery garden on Colne Road, behind the University. If you would like to come along and paint, dig or plant then let us know! There will be free refreshments, and lunch expenses to anyone that helps all day! Even the Sabbs are coming along to help! Call 01484 473455 or email for more information.

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“who really does care- perhaps too much”. Rachel is in her second year here at His year, and a bit, at Huddersfield and took Government and Politics the top has been nothing at A level. She disagrees and says itʼs all been less than turbulent, but downhill for Brown since he accepted the job. “I why? donʼt believe the cabinet was 100% behind him Since taking over as to begin with,” she states “and thatʼs not a good Prime Minister from Tony start.” Blair in June 2007, things However, Lewis believes that the PMʼs have gone from bad to concerns for social justice and equality are what worse for the poor PM. motivate him. Brown is, concedes Lewis, On entering office, Mr perhaps a little misguided, lingering too long on Brown promised to try his issues more appropriate for junior ministers. “utmost” to tackle “what matters to the British “I like too, the way he isnʼt ʻflashʼ like people”. Has he delivered? Blair and Cameron,” continues Lewis “we donʼt Lewis is a politics student at Newcastle need a ʻflashʼ Prime Minister, we need someone University and thinks Mr Brown is doing pretty who can cope”. well. He sees Brown as “a very intelligent and But whether he can cope is evidently passionate man” and believes he is a really good the issue at the heart of the problem. Though, as PM. Lewis points out, Brown is arguably the best “He is a good, decent man,” Lewis said, Chancellor we have had- having served over the longest period of economic growth the country

POLITICS: Gordon Brown

WHAT’S ON?: Huddersfield September 16th – October 14th The Lawrence Batley Theatre in Huddersfield is on Queen Street, just over the road from the main Uni (itʼs the one next door to Tokyo). Hereʼs our pick of whatʼs on between now and our next issue. This, it must be pointed out, is not a complete list of everything thatʼs on so for more details, visit their website at or drop in and pick up a brochure. Monday 4th August - Sunday 28th SeptemberTaste of HOST An insight into the variety of art and artists exhibiting or opening their studios as part of the Huddersfield Open Studio Trail (HOST) Trail opens at 10am. Free admission. Thursday 4th- COMEDY CELLAR With Duncan Oakley & Kevin Bland, Compere Anthony J Brown in the Sygenta Cellar. Only £5 for students. Thursday 11th- Mid Wales Opera- THE TALES OF HOFFMAN by Offenbach Fabulous melodies combined with a fascinating story of passion, comedy and tragedy set in a supernatural framework make an exhilarating evening of theatre. At 7.30pm on the main stage. Tickets: £19, £15, £10 + concessions £2 off.

Thursday 25th – Saturday 27th- Huddersfield University MA Showcase From a curious interest in contemporary fables and demonic trials, comes this performance from Huddersfield Universityʼs MA students in Ensemble Physical Theatre. On the main stage at 7.30pm or at the matinee on Fri 26th at 2pm. Tickets: £7, concessions £5. Thursday 25th September- Mikron Theatre Company in DEBTONATION Losing your home, inability to pay the bills and a sparse Christmas ahead – letʼs talk about the topic that prompts the most discomfort – money. In the Syngenta Cellar at 8pm. Tickets: £9, concessions £7. Monday 29th & Tuesday 30th- THE MIGHTY BOOSH SOLD OUT! The quirky TV series comes to the LBT stage in this sold out gig. Main Stage: 7.30pm.Tickets: £22 + concessions £19.

mint directly after drinking any one of a variety of carbonated drinks can result in death, mortuaries have no confirmed cases of these mint-related mortalities to date. has seen- does Gordon have what it takes to climb back atop the political rodeo bull? “People are beginning to stray to Conservative,” observes Rachel “even with Cameron as leader. God help us. I would like to think [David] Milliband would be the new PM, young like Blair and reflecting Obama in the US. “Gordon Brownʼs done a good job of putting people off which makes me question whether labour have it in them to win an election, regardless of their leader.” The outcome to the current political situation is yet to be seen but what can be certain is that things arenʼt looking good for Gordon. Big changes are needed to convince the British public that Brown is the right man for the job and hopefully, for him and his team, that change will come before the next election. Next month: Anything to say about Boris Johnson? Thursday 2nd October- COMEDY CELLAR Tony Burgess & Barry Dodds, Compere Anthony J Brown in the Syngenta Cellar from 8pm. Again, only £5 for students. Friday 3rd- JASON MANFORD The multi-award-winning comedian and star of 8 Out of 10 Cats, Live at the Apollo, and XFM, embarks on his biggest tour to date with this exciting and hilarious show which features on the main stage, starting at 8pm. Tickets: £12, concessions £10. Tuesday 14th – Saturday 18th- Huddersfield Thespians in THE HEIRESS A classic tale of love and betrayal based on the Henry James novel Washington Square. On the main Stage at 7.30pm, or there is a matinee performance on Sat 18th at 2pm.Tickets range from £7-£9 with £1 off for students and under 16s. If youʼve been to see something and have a review for us or fancy a go at writing a review on something youʼre planning on seeing, email

If you would like to write for the Features section of the Huddersfield Student, donʼt hesitate to contact Ben Hall, the Music Editor at

Students in Belgium set a new world record for the most Mentos fountains by simultaneously dropping a tube of the mints into bottles of Diet Coke. Ladeuzeplein Square in Leuven was filled with 1,360 bottles that created fountains of up to 29 feet.The previous record of 973 cola bottles was set in the USA. The Mentos and Coke craze paid dividends for the Dutch mint company when it

was announced that sales had increased by 20% last year. The sweet-maker estimates that the ritual creates $10m of free advertising a year. Internet viewings of the record-breaking event in Belgium surpassed 10 million in a matter of weeks. Though there is no exact scientific explanation, it is widely believed that the thousands of tiny pores in each Mentos mint allow carbon dioxide bubbles to form that shoot out of the bottle when the mint sinks to the bottom. While some claim that eating a Mentos

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NEWS: Mentos and Coke world record broken

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LIFESTYLE NEWS Volunte eringMusic Summer is always a great time for music. Bands come alive, tours and festivals are rife, albums are released thick and fast, and music fans everywhere rejoice as their favourite bands take to the stage one after the other. As we return to, or begin, our studies in Huddersfield this September, we gaze melancholically over our shoulders at these bygone days, with only iPod playlists and silly photos to remind us of such glory. Weʼve had our work cut out here to review the summerʼs music especially for you nice people, including; a particular band whose set at Leeds festival could only be journalistically quantified as ʻincredible out of tenʼ; alcohol down trousers; Bill Cosby hip-hop, and one or two albums worth a serious look too. On a personal note, Iʼve now kissed goodbye to my teens, my formative musical years. I now embark on a new era of musical discovery, and an

Page 13

8/10 Sam Bethell

Sam Bethell, Music Editor

by Sam Bethell,


Bloc Party - Intimacy (Digital Download)

Moving Mountains- Pneuma (CD Album)

Available by digital download, “Intimacy” is the latest album release from Bloc Party, but don't be disappointed by the short tracklisting, as the full album is available in October. Bloc Party's third album was always going to be hotly anticipated, what with the success of debut “Silent Alarm”, and slightly disappointing follow-up “Weekend in the City”. After the release of electro-house inspired single, “Flux”, were the band dancing in a different direction? Fans can wipe the sweat from their brow as “Intimacy” combines the best elements of both studio albums; the quirky production from “Silent Alarm” with the political content, representative of Kele's songwriting on “Weekend in the City”; The typical Bloc Party essence of fast-paced rhythm and tangled guitars is still consistent, none more so than in tracks “Halo”, “Trojan Horse” and “Ion Square”, however tracks such as “Zephyrus” and “Biko” feature as RnB influenced tracks; aptly demonstrating Bloc Party's development and versatility as a band.

On a first spin, New Yorkers Moving Mountains sound like a bunch of lads who grew up listening to Appleseed Cast albums on repeat, but on closer inspection thereʼs much more to them than just that. Moving Mountains have constructed a record crammed with a myriad of dense layers of sound. The guitars are reverb-rich and progressive, the drums exemplary for the ethereal indie-rock they create, and the vocals are at times sparse but nonetheless gorgeously complementary to the music. ʻ8105ʼ clocks in at 8 minutes and is every bit the bandʼs apotheosis, whereas ʻSol Solisʼ is a lyrically-pleasant bare acoustic guitar and horns anomaly which somehow fits the shape of the album like a velvet glove. ʻOde We Will Bury Ourselvesʼ suitably closes the album with an epic amalgamation of the musical prowess showcased on the previous 9 tracks. An unexpectedly excellent effort. For a debut, as good as it gets.

Ace Enders And A Million Different People- The Secret Wars (Album Download)

Multi-instrumentalist and one-man rock marvel Arthur “Ace” Enders doesnʼt call himself Ace without good reason, and this giveaway 8-track album is perfect proof. Kicking off proceedings is ʻReactionʼ, complete with silky piano-intro and laden with pop loveliness, this is the ideal platform for Ace to display his vocal competency. Indeed, his vocals are the focal point of the album, with a backdrop of gentle guitars and piano the ideal accompaniment. Less obvious is the carefully considered structure of the songs which allows each to flow into the next without an awkward seam in sight, while the consistent quality barely enables ʻRainʼ and ʻWhy Do You Runʼ to stand out from the rest as favourites. Ace Enders provides a compelling argument that a jack of all trades isnʼt necessarily master of none. The Secret Wars is a satisfying soft-rock album well worthy of your immediate attention.Free download at

exciting time as the new music editor of the Huddersfield Student (ooh my Gran will be proud!). Whether youʼre reading the section for the first time or otherwise, I urge anyone with a passion for music and a flair for writing to get involved, whatever kind of music turns you on.To join the cool kids, drop me a line at: Thanks to Kevin Smith, Stef Brown, Joe Tyler, Correen Robinson, and Lauren Stewart for their valued support of the section. Until next time, keep listening.

8/10 9/10 Stef Brown Sam Bethell

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LIFESTYLE Rage oozed coolness. New bands were discovered, old bands made triumphant returns and buzz bands lived up to their hype. It was electrifying, and I'm glad me and my mates made the journey north to Leeds for a weekend of moshing, drinking and loutish behaviour. The first of the thirty bands we saw was The Metros (surprisingly impressive), whilst the rest of the afternoon included sets from Natty (a very cool chap), Cajun Dance Party (great on record but not so much live), Lightspeed Champion (genius), Lethal Bizzle (why do all his songs feature his own name?) and Pendulum (highly energetic and violent mosh-pit). The bands of the day were The Rascals and Glasvegas. I finally saw the reason why The Rascals have been hyped about - they are fantastic musicians and write catchy shots of indie. Glasvegas continue to leave me in awe. Combining terrace style anthems with a melodic wall-of-sound, you must see this band live. By now we were all quite drunk and also quite skint after having to pay £3.80 a pint. We finished the day in the NME tent, mixing it up with The Last Shadow Puppets, who make truly innovative music, but lack an anthem or two. Then The Cribs played one of the sets of the festival and included the legend that is Johnny Marr. "Who wants to hear a song about Wakefield", Ryan Jarman announced in his northern drone. I'm not afraid to say I was one of the hundreds that screamed back in the affirmative. We eventually slept at about 6am after giving up on dancing in a pit of mud. After a lie-in until 11.30am, we queued


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L e e d s Fe

for an hour to get beer and then consumed as much as possible before Dizzee Rascal at 2.20pm. We also spent a while devising a plan to get alcohol into the arena which involved some trousers and an unusual walking style. The plan worked. Oh yeah and Dizzee proved he was still the Lord of Grime. Having my hands on some guest passes for the weekend was pointless. Instead of luxury treatment we were given some Hollyoaks cast members (who my mate recognised as I don't waste my time with that), and even more expensive drinks. Needless to say we didn't hang around here very long and went into the mosh-pit for The Enemy. It's great when you stumble and you are helped to your feet by a stranger who then embraces you in a fit of ecstasy. It was like this for the entirety of The Enemy's set - 'It's Not Ok', 'Away From Here' - these boys now how to do a festival anthem and made for perfect crowd surfing opportunities - to which I obliged. Next was MGMT (suffered from Cajun Dance Party's syndrome), Vampire Weekend (clean-cut and brilliant) and Queens of the Stone Age (rocked the arse off). I then had a huge dilemma: was I to attend Rage and see the main attraction of the festival, or see Babyshambles and stay loyal to one of my favourite bands. I went for 'Shambles, and though everyone said Rage were great, I do not regret it. Pete Doherty was bang on form and bombarded though his set. It's great when you're at a festival and you pass by a tent and get drawn in by a sound. That's what happened on Sunday when The King Blues caught my ear in the Lock Up Stage. Their version of ska-tinged protest tunes was

The Medic Droid - What's Your Medium? (CD Album)

one of the weekend's highlights. As was the no frills rock of Twisted Wheel in the Festival Republic tent. Dirty Pretty Things, who have rocked up their sound big time, amazed during their set and included a surprise cover of Nirvana's 'In Bloom'. There was then a rush to see the phenomenon of Seasick Steve. The man is amazing. Who would have thought a former hobo would be able to play a three-string guitar on such a big stage? The Raconteurs then played on the main stage like the experienced rock gods they are, whilst Bloc Party, though slightly subdued in spells, proved they could be future headline material. Though I didnt witness a main stage headliner last year or so far this year, I resisted the 'temptation' of seeing The Killers and opted for The Manic Street Preachers. To my delight they relied mainly on old material and finished on a rousing 'Design for Life'. Despite getting into a few altercations due to me and my mates being southerners, the music made this an unbeatable weekend. Whoever invented festivals should be given a knighthood.

val ‘0 8 st i



Joe Tyler

The Verve- Forth (CD Album)

Brass Players Wanted for the West Yorkshire Police Band.

Any preconceptions you may have of “The Medic Droid” will be rendered vacant after listening to their debut album; if it isn't the Madonna cover then it'll be the infusion of “Techno/Rock/Powerpop” as they describe their music on the official Myspace page. “What's Your Medium?” boasts eight incredibly catchy tracks, with my only complaint being the overuse of effects on the singer's voice, but only after listening to this album on constant repeat does it get a little tiresome. This album isn't one for playing infront of the kids, especially top track, “Fer Sure” which features some interesting language and is the tune to initially catapult The Medic Droid into Myspace fame. Other top tunes include “FSCENE8”, “Keeping Up With The Joneses”, new single “The Killer Anna”, and slightly more melancholic “It's About Love” which exults a Carribean-esque aura. “What's Your Medium?” is a captivating blend of genres and synthesisers which fans can only hope is sustained for future releases. 7/10

Stef Brown

If youʼre only reading this to find out if itʼs as good as Urban Hymns, Iʼll make this quick and easy for you; itʼs not. However, to say this is a weak album would be doing it a grave injustice. The Verve have produced yet another anthemic lead single in ʻLove Is Noiseʼ, which is joined by a host of other big choruses, namely those on ʻRather Beʼ, ʻNumbnessʼ, and the downright phenomenal ʻI See Housesʼ. Conversely though, the album does seem to take an eternity to come to an altogether jittery, unconvincing conclusion. Much like the careers of these volatile, cock-sure Wigan boys, Forth is an album which skips without warning from high points to plain apathetic ones. Maybe, just maybe, if The Verve couldʼve somehow turned the fragmented brilliance of Forth into something more consistent, weʼd be looking at one of the best British rock albums of the year. 7/10 Sam Bethell

Practice is twice weekly, Monday and Thursday at Wakefield with limited travelling expenses available. The police band must be the only 3rd section band in the area that pays anything and hopefully this may interest any New Students starting at The University of Huddersfield. They operate as any normal band but also take part in many prestigious engagements and travel abroad at least once a year. Email Dean Taylor if youʼre interested, at

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The band desperatly require a Solo Trombone player, Solo Horn and also an experienced front row cornet player. (Other players welcome)

West Yorkshire Police Band are primarily a contest band (third Section) consisting of players from all walks of life including only 4 remaining Police officers.

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Leeds Festival, Bramham Park

L e e d s Fe s

Itʼs the bank holiday in August, and surely that can only mean one thing? Itʼs time again to embark upon Leeds festival for Music, Beer, Sun, stuck up ʻIndie-sindiesʼ and... Sludgy, slimy mud! Arriving at the campsite brings more to mind the traditional mud bath you find at Glastonbury, thanks to the rain of recent times. So after a night of mud skiing and general debauchery itʼs onto the arena for the bands. The start of the bands on the main stage on Friday is delayed due to SLIPKNOT having to pull out (to some peopleʼs relief and othersʼ despair!). So MINDLESS SELF INDULGENCE (8/10) take to the stage 45 minutes later then scheduled. And this is just the start the festival needed. The self proclaimed Industrial/ Jungle/ Punk/ Rock/ Techno freaks soon shut up and convert any doubters. They take the set in their own stride. The between song banter of vocalist Jimmy Urine is hilarious, “If I knew it was this easy to get a Grammy I would have started smoking crack earlier”. It could well be onwards and upwards for the New York

t iv

al ‘0 8

Sigur Rós- “With a Buzz in Our Ears We Play Endlessly” (CD Album)

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Sigur Rósʼ fifth studio album begins uncharacteristically with upbeat summery number ʻGobbledigookʼ, before allowing ʻGóðan daginnʼ and ʻVið spilum endalaustʼ to bring us very much back to familiar Sigur Rós territory. Furthermore, as the album progresses we really see it define itself- the piano is more prominent,

Exciting forthcoming release dates-:

quartet. Later TENACIOUS D (9/10) also treat us to something different with a theatrical set including appearances from the Devil and a Metal Robot as well as Kyle Gas walking on stage in a lizard suit! Then METALLICA (9/10) bring the day to a close playing a typically solid set of Metal classics as well as 2 new songs from their new album. A pyrotechnic and firework filled rendition of ʻOneʼ being the highlight. The first real pit of the festival doesnʼt come until Saturday when BIFFY CLYRO (9/10) play an early evening Main Stage slot. Taking to the stage shirtless and in skinny sky-blue jeans (donʼt ask why!), the band play a storming set. Complaints will only come from fans of Biffyʼs older albums with most of the set comprising of songs from breakthrough album ʻPuzzleʼ. After brief trips to the NME/Radio 1 stage to see JACK PENATE and MGMT play to large, adoring crowds its back to the Main stage to see QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE (7/10) give a rousing performance despite vocalist Josh Homme clearly being beyond pissed, knocking over the keyboards and an amp halfway through the second song! More of the hits need to be played at festival performances though one feels. Then itʼs easily the most anticipated band of the weekend as RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE (Incredible/10) play main stage. They may be the latest nostalgia act to do the money making comeback tour but no-one here cares! This may be the one and only time many of the people here ever get to see the band. The gig has to be stopped temporarily early on due to people at the front being crushed by the surge of the mental crowd. As expected all the Rage classics are played and people leave to the campsite a little more then satisfied. On Sunday itʼs over to the NME/Radio 1 stage early in the afternoon to see KIDS IN GLASS HOUSES (7/10) play to an already large and growing crowd. The band are hindered early on by the sound but come good towards the end

of the set with hoards of fans singing back all the words to a band that have only just come into the limelight. Then over on the Lock Up stage THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM (7/10) play a nervy set of melodic punk rock. This only being the bandʼs second gig on British soil they try to live up to the hype that some major music magazines are building up for them. The band are genuinely overawed by the size of the crowd and donʼt fail in impressing them. Later over on the NME/Radio 1 stage after narrowly avoiding The Ting Tings set (thank goodness) its Californian Blues man SEASICK STEVE (7/10) who entertains a surprisingly large crowd with his self confessional tales of life. Todayʼs performance sees Steve serenade a young lady from the audience and dedicate a song to his dead dog. Staying to see FOALS (6/10) is a disappointing experience with ʻCassiusʼ being the only song to really capture the crowd. Also front man Yannis Philippakis had a real ʻrock star hissy fitʼ moment when this guitar and microphone stopped working as he decides to vent his anger on his amp and walk offstage without even as much as a wave to the crowd. On the Main Stage BLOC PARTY (8/10) play an excellent set after their disappointing performance of last year. Only concerns are how it felt like Kele Okerekeʼs band and less like Bloc Party. And with whisperings that not all the band want to take their more dance direction one feels someone should confiscate the loop machine from Kele before he ruins the band. Then THE KILLERS (8/10) bring the festival to a glossy close with an impressive stage set up and impressive suits to go with a performance filled with hits from their two huge selling albums. Fansʼ favourite ʻAll These Things That Iʼve Doneʼ finishes this yearʼs festival as the massive crowd leave the arena to riot night and eventually back to reality. Kevin Smith

the orchestration out-of-this-world, and the overall feel more sombre. Thereʼs even what some might call a guitar ballad ('Illgresi). I have yet to succumb to curiosity and look up translated lyrics from Sigur Rósʼ native Icelandic into English, choosing instead to believe that the meanings behind the warblings of front man Jónsi Birgisson are more beautiful than the English language is capable of

conveying. Itʼs an unusual case of ignorance actually being bliss. ʻWith a Buzz in Our Ears We Play Endlesslyʼ is a band at the peak of their form and an absolute joy to behold. Just one question boys- what next? 9/10 Sam Bethell

Houston Call sThe End of an Error

13th Oct


AnberlinNew Surrender


29th Sept

You Are My Sunshine

13th Oct

Snow Patrol-

OasisDig Out Your Soul

A Hundred Million Suns

06th Oct

These Arms Are SnakesTail Swallower & Dove

06th Oct

Funeral For A FriendMemory & Humanity

13th Oct

27th Oct

…and during the summer, Bill Cosby has released a hip-hop (yes, hip-hop) album entitled ʻState Of Emergencyʼ. The album is said to deal with serious issues such as taking drugs, high school dropouts, and unsafe sex. Sample the genius then purchase at

If you would like to write for the Music section of the Huddersfield Student, donʼt hesitate to contact Sam Bethell, the Music Editor at

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Having a film editor who is a music student will inevitably result in some bias towards the musical side of the industry. That said, I think anyone who enjoys films can appreciate that the music plays a huge role in the effectiveness of the on-screen narrative. Now, I could bore and probably confuse you with an endless glossary of musical terms which even I, as a final year degree student, couldnʼt begin to comprehend, but Iʼll dumb it down slightly for the benefit of those people who arenʼt doing a degree which involves sitting around playing pianos and discussing what Beethoven had for breakfast on Thursdays. Music can have a huge influence on how the mind interprets the on screen action. For example, imagine watching the shower scene from Psycho accompanied by the Teletubbies theme tune. It doesnʼt quite have the same stomach churning sinister undertone to it!

Star Profile: Jim Carrey Jim Carrey. Heʼs a funny guy, as most of you will agree. However, what did he do before Ace Ventura, and how did he rise to stardom? Letʼs find out, shall we? James Eugene Carrey was born on January 17th 1962 in Newmarket, a small town north of Toronto in Canada which also acted as birthplace to the late John Candy. After living in the town of Scarborough (no, not THAT Scarborough!) when he was 14, he moved to the town of Burlington and finished his high school education at Aldershot (no, not THAT Aldershot!) High School. It was here where Carreyʼs alternative career would have been had he not made it big in show business, as he sometimes used to look across the bay to the steel mills and appreciate that thatʼs where the jobs worth having were. Jimʼs first venture into the limelight came when he started performing stand-up comedy at Yuk Yukʼs Comedy Club in Toronto aged 17. Two years later, in 1981, he became a headliner. The Toronto Star even commented that he was “a genuine star coming to life”. The road to stardom had begun for Carrey. In the years to follow, Carrey moved to Los

Likewise, try watching the Teletubbies making Tubby Toast accompanied by the famous two note theme from Jaws. We all know one or two of the loveable creatures are slightly suspect, but to have a tense soundtrack underneath their daily antics is ludicrous. Film music is like pop music in a way. The clichés can keep coming yet no-one really minds. Take the drawling tones of Celine Dion singing My Heart Will Go On from Titanic back in 1997. The theme itself was full of romantic cliché, using musical ideas that originated in the Romantic period of the 19th Century, yet here we are nearly two hundred years later listening to similar styles accompanying films. Thereʼs a reason why composers like John

sort of stuff; it works. I canʼt imagine Star Wars without the triumphant brass fanfares and soaring strings, just like I canʼt imagine Titanic without the heartbreaking tin whistle motifs which repeat throughout the three hours of epic magnificence. On the subject of motifs (repetitive representations of characters, locations or themes), itʼs amazing how often I hear people humming the main Pirates of the Caribbean theme (not to be confused with Yo Ho (A Pirateʼs Life For Me) which originated on the Disneyland ride which the films were based on). This just goes to show the power of music in films. Iʼd be willing to bet a fair amount that even non musicians could leave the cinema after watching a film and hum the main theme hours or days later. Could they also repeat lines from the film with the same ease? I doubt it.

by Matt Lawson,


Williams and Hans Zimmer are still churning out this Angeles where he was spotted by a comedian with a superb name, Rodney Dangerfield. Carrey was signed on by Dangerfield to open his tour performances. Jim bummed about for a few years in TV shows and small film roles, never really landing himself a decent role. His first major film role was in 1983, but was an unsuccessful television movie called Rubberface. How appropriate a name, considering that Jim would be renknowned for his contortions of facial features in later films, particularly Ace Venture. If truth be told, one of Jimʼs finest roles was in fact his first. Ace Venture: Pet Detective arrived on our screens fourteen years ago in 1994. Does that make any of you feel old? I can certainly remember watching it when it first came out; I was seven! Amazingly, Jim won a Golden Raspberry award for the worst new star. The film was emphatically slated by critics and deemed to be a disaster. The public, however, loved it, and itʼs still a popular comedy film to this day. Carrey used his new found fame to his benefit, and starred in two more successful films in the same year. The Mask and Dumb and Dumber were both popular at the box office, and Carrey had finally found himself as a movie star. The following year, Carreyʼs role as Ace

Venture was reprised in the sequel Ace Venture: When Nature Calls. He also starred as the Riddler in Batman Forever. Once again, both films were hits at the cinema. The Ben Stiller film The Cable Guy earned Jim a $20,000,000 cheque, a record for a comedy actor. The film was not successful, however, and he returned to his usual style of comedy in the film Liar Liar, released in 1997. One of my favourite Jim Carrey film appeared a year later. The Truman Show affects everyone who watches it, and shows Carrey in a more serious and profound role. The ending to this movie is very moving, and for those who havenʼt seen it, I recommend nipping to HMV when you get a spare minute. Itʼs a truly fantastic and innovative film. Since the turn of the millennium, Carrey has starred in films such as Me, Myself and Irene, Bruce Almighty and Fun with Dick and Jane. Despite bouts of depression in previous years, and two failed marriages, he remains the upbeat character we all grew to love. He gives off the aura that heʼd be great fun to be friends with, even away from the cameras.

Now aged 46, we can be assured that Carrey will continue to make us laugh and cry over the coming years.

The role of film music

Christ knows how a family of four can afford a trip to the cinema nowadays. I realise I sound like an old man, but when four tickets, two big tubs of popcorn and four drinks can cost you £40 or more, they really are taking the proverbial biscuit. It really doesnʼt represent good value entertainment any more. I admit, the cinema is a great place for a date, the one at Huddersfield has a convenient Pizza Hut in the main building, which makes for a lovely evening. On a student budget, however, youʼd be as well looking to my favourite place – the HMV bargain bins! Now Iʼve had a good grumble, Iʼll let you enjoy the rest of my section of the newspaper. I hope you find something that interests you, and Iʼd be delighted to receive reviews or previews of films which interest you. You can get in touch with me at if you think youʼve got something worth printing! Thanks for reading, and good luck with your studies for the 2008/09 academic year. Matt

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Welcome to the first Huddersfield Student of the 2008/09 academic year! Let me introduce myself. My name is Matt Lawson, and Iʼll be taking you through the world of film in the coming issues, exploring areas such as upcoming films, movie star profiles, film general knowledge and top ten lists. Hopefully all of this will keep you suitably entertained until the summer of 2009! I joined Huddersfield University in September 2005 and since then have been beavering quietly away at a Music Degree, which I will complete next summer (if we have one, that is!). Basically, I applied (and subsequently got offered) the post of Film Editor, as I have a passionate interest in films, particularly the production side. Coming from a small town on the long and winding A64 road to Scarborough, I hardly get exposed to films on a regular basis, which is why I enjoy Huddersfield so much; it actually has a decent cinema! The nearest cinema to my house which shows all the newest films is 18 miles away in York, so a gentle stroll to the pictures isnʼt what it used to be! As a Music student, I also have more than a passing interest in the soundtrack side of things. As a treat (and to get all the musical stuff out of my system),

Iʼve included a short article about film music in this edition. I hope you find at least some of it interesting! Another great thing about Huddersfield (or not so great, depending on your viewpoint), is the multitude of shops where you can buy DVDs. I kid you not, I came to Uni with six DVDs – that was my lot. Because I have nothing better to do, I counted how many I have now after three years of being exposed to HMV deals. 87! So thatʼs where my student loan went. Eighty-one films bought in three years equates only about two or three per month, but it still beats the hell out of watching the same half dozen over and over again! One of the peculiarities about the human mind though is that none of the 87 actually appeal to me to watch more than once, even now. I can go through them all saying “Iʼve only just seen that”, when in fact it was three years ago when I last shut the box. Odd how much we can remember about films. To combat this, I just buy some more. Simple. Iʼd also like to take this opportunity to grumble at cinema prices. I remember going to the cinema for £2 when I was a kid. At some places, it costs me £6 to get in now. Shocking! I mean, my beloved HMV often sell me two or even three DVDs for £6. Why are people going to go and see new films when they can buy three old ones for the same price? You also get to keep the DVDs; you canʼt take the cinema home with you! I very rarely go to the cinema now, and simply wait for the movies to come out on DVD, when the online megastores such as Amazon and Play start a price war meaning that new releases can often be bought for under a tenner.

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combined with the bittersweet ending make this film very watchable indeed. The piano score by Phillip Glass tugs on the heart strings at certain In this column, I will ask readers what their favourite films are and why. Seeing as this is the points in the film. 4. Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the first issue of the 2008/09 season, I shall start by Jedi (1983) – The best Star Wars film by a naming my favourite films. country mile. The whole father-son relationship between Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker 1. The Shawshank Redemption (1994) – comes to a dramatic finale, and redemption from In my opinion, simply the best film ever made. evil to good is used without being overplayed. The locations used, the plot and the underlying John Williams once again hit the bullseye with moral bond of friendship makes this a must see his score. This is the film that the prequel trilogy film. Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman put in should have looked to for inspiration. absolutely faultless performances as the two 5. Titanic (1997) – I donʼt really know why lead characters. This probably ranks right up this is on my list. Itʼs one of those films that there with the best ending in a film too. I wonʼt people love to hate, but also hate to love. When spoil it for those who havenʼt seen it, but Iʼve it was released eleven years ago, it caused a never felt such a warm feeling inside at the end worldwide craze. How many people reading this of the film before. Perfect in every way. have some sort of Titanic memorabilia in their 2. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of household? The romance between Kate Winslet the King (2003) - Now Iʼm a huge fan of the and Leonardo da Vinci (well, he is getting on a books, so was slightly sceptical when the film bit) was stretched at times, but when ʻJackʼ dies trilogy was announced. The first two blew me at the end of the film, it really hits you in the away, but this one exceeded all expectations. stomach. The music helps this film a lot. This epic of a grand finale probably stuck to the books closer than the other two films, and had all Bittersweet tragedy. 6. Saving Private Ryan (1998) – One of the emotion and heartbreak that fans of the the best war films ever made. Spielberg and books will know only too well. Again, the ending Williams teamed up once again to create a was perfectly produced and very few people in masterpiece. The basic plot is that a guy called the cinema left with dry eyes as the credits James Ryan has lost three brothers in the World rolled. War 2, and a squad of seven rangers is sent out 3. The Truman Show (1998) – Amazing. Jim Carrey puts in a heartbreaking performance to find him. Some of the plot twists are a little too obvious, but the grimness and destruction of war as a man whose entire life is staged. It really are beautifully depicted. This film also contains must be seen to be truly appreciated. As things the best battle scene of all time, namely the Dstart to twig that his life isnʼt quite right, Carrey Day Landings sequence at the start. puts in one of his most convincing non-comedy performances to date. His short lived romance,

7. Where Eagles Dare (1968) – The second WWII film on my list. This classic starring all the old stars has enough twists and turns to confuse the most intelligent amongst us. The 1960s were a classic era for war films, and this one is right up there with the best. Again, it has one hell of a theme tune which you canʼt stop singing once youʼve heard it. 8. The Great Escape (1963) – Talking of theme tunes, how about this one for a piece of music thatʼs made itʼs way into popular culture? If youʼre a football fan, youʼve probably sung this one on many-a-terrace throughout the country. I know I have! Steve McQueen and his motorbike will always be the one defining image of this film, but I think there are many other qualities. Donald Pleasance puts in a fantastic performance as a forger who loses his sight, resulting in tragedy at the filmʼs climax. Funny at times, sad at others – this is a film for all the family. Itʼs always on TV on Christmas Day or Boxing Day! 9. The Pianist (2002) – A very difficult film to watch, but one which everyone should take the time to. Emotionally draining from start to finish, The Pianist tells the tale of a Jewish pianist in the city of Warsaw in Poland during World War II. The Jews of the city get herded into a ghetto, before being transferred to extermination camps. Heartbreaking stuff. 10. Schindlerʼs List (1993) – Similar to the above film, this deals with the harsh facts of the Holocaust. Filmed entirely in black and white apart from a girl with a red coat. Liam Neeson plays the lead role perfectly. There are some harrowing scenes in this film, but again itʼs one which everyone should watch. Itʼs been used frequently in schools to teach children about the Holocaust.

Walt Disney are back on the scene in October, and in keeping with the previous two titles has a ridiculous one. Beverly Hills Chihuahua follows the story of a pampered pooch who gets lost in Mexico whilst on holiday. She has to rely on her friends to get her home before an evil Mexican dogcatcher turns her into a fur coat. Quite heavy stuff for Disney, Iʼm sure youʼll agree. Iʼm against the fur trade, donʼt get me wrong, but for Disney to make a film to disguise anti-fur propaganda is perhaps a step too far. Anyway, 101 Dalmations did it years ago. Might be worth going to see with your partner though for cheap laughs and a few tears maybe. Video game enthusiasts may well get a little excited at the next title. Those of you who remember playing Max Payne on the PC or Playstation 2 when it was released in 2001 may be pleased to know thereʼs soon to be a film out based on this very game. Mark Wahlberg stars as Max. Gruesome gore fans will be delighted when Saw V hits the cinemas late in October. If youʼre of a similar view to me, the films are

disgusting, morally unacceptable, gratuitous in violence and nudity and plain sick. I love it! The entire series has that unbearable tension but the twists and turns of the storylines make them must see films. I personally canʼt wait for this one. For the young ladies amongst you who may not like the aforementioned bloodfest, High School Music 3: Senior Year is out around the same time. It will be interesting looking at the two different queues forming when Saw V and this are on at the same time. How many guys will sneak into the High School Musical 3 queue ʻaccidentallyʼ? You wimps! Thatʼs your lot for October folks. Out of those half a dozen major releases, Iʼd tend to go for How To Lose Friends and Alienate People and Saw V if you had to choose two.

Top 10 films

Coming Soon

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So film lovers, what can we expect from the monthof October in terms of new releases? The first film due out is on the 2nd of the month, and is the fantastically named Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging based on the novel by Louise Rennison. Whether itʼs of interest to adults (or students, if you prefer not to be branded an adult just yet) remains to be seen. It might be one to take your little sister to see. After skipping a few really toss-looking releases, the next one which caught my eye was How To Lose Friends and Alienate People starring Simon Pegg of Shaun of the Dead fame and Kirsten Dunst. Itʼs a story which, truth be told, has been done before in a different guise. The focus of the film is on Peggʼs character Sydney Young, who is a small-time British journalist who is recruited by a successful magazine in New York. Cue varying comedic moments as he does exactly what the movie title suggests, and insults everyone and anyone. This looks like it could be a goer.

If you would like to write for the Film section of the Huddersfield Student, donʼt hesitate to contact Matt Lawson, the Film Editor at

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by Katrina Afleck,

Iʼve always been a northern girl, so the thought of moving to London to do my placement year was a very scary prospect. But in the end I decided it just had to be done, it had taken so much effort to find a placement throughout my second year I would have been pretty silly to turn it down. I had got a placement in fashion PR, something that I had always wanted to work in.With a week before I started my placement, this meant I could do all the touristy things we all get up to when in London. The London eye, Big Ben and of course shopping on Oxford Street. Top-Tip number one, donʼt be fooled into thinking any girl has the will power not to buy anything in the massive Topshop on oxford street! No-one has that sort of strength…simply if you donʼt want to buy anything…donʼt go in! For every fashion devotee London is the place to see some of the best fashions. Having now been in London for a couple of months, I can safely say that I have learnt some valuable fashion lessons. For instance, pretty much most Londoners own an Umbrella. I figured this out in my second week when it started to pour it down with rain. I got soaked, whereas everyone around me pulled out umbrellas of all different shapes and sizes. I have also discovered that it is perfectly okay to dress in high heels and party dresses during the day, and when your feet hurt too much because of your heels, just pull out your spare flat shoes that you keep in your oversized handbag.

Threads is about fashion but itʼs also about you, and what you do; whether you design, make, print, sew, or like to write, get in touch. Hopefully, like me, your summer has been jam packed full of holidays, festivals, fashion and fun, but now its that time of the year when the loans have arrived and summer has disappeared, so its time to start searching for the perfect Autumn/Winter look, this month is packed full of fashion advice, where to shop for you Huddersfield nebbies and a look into the life of a Huddersfield student out on placement in the real world of fashion so sit back put your feet up and enjoy.

generally getting used to travelling around the place, before I knew where I was it was the first day of my placement. I didnʼt really know what to expect at all, I knew I would perhaps be making lots of cups of tea, and doing the most tedious jobs. But these past few months I have been asked to do so many different things! In my second week I went to the Miss England final and helped organize the press. This was an amazing opportunity, it was a very busy few weeks but it meant I got hands on experience of planning a major event. I was allowed to sit in the V.I.P section, and even though I didnʼt get to see much of the show I felt a real sense of achievement when the night was over. After Miss England, the office calmed down a lot and it meant that I could start to learn what I will be doing for the majority of the year. I was told that I would be responsible for sending out samples to press and also making sure that I got them back. The first three weeks were the hardest; most of the things that I had sent out to the magazines had not appeared yet. I was going to have to wait to see the clothes I had sent out for photo shoots as these things take time. I was so excited when my first major piece came into a magazine; it was hard to believe that I had played a small part in the outcome of a printed page.

After a few more weeks, the PR Company I work for got a new client. Seen as we were having a quiet day my boss asked me to try designing a layout for a look book. I never thought that anything would come of it; I honestly thought I was probably getting under her feet and she wanted me to get out the way! But when she saw what I had designed she really liked it and has decided to get five hundred printed. They should arrive at the office in a few weeks, and I canʼt wait to see something that I have designed in print. This past week I have also been working on a new beauty product and getting to help pull press releases together and layouts. So far there have been so many benefits from going on a year placement, even though it has only been a couple of months, I can tell that the skills that I am going to learn and improve are invaluable. This next year is going to be hard, but I know I have made the right decision. My advice to all second years trying to decide whether they should go on placement next year is to just go for it. Nicola Hulme

Firstly welcome to Threads I am Katrina Affleck, your new fashion Editor for the year, I will be bringing to you the latest and greatest fashion out there, interviewing some of you up and coming designers and reporting on fashion right on our doorstep. I will be taking you right through the year looking at the latest trends, eco fashion, fashion on a budget and many more hot topics. Our cam will also be around and about Huddersfield snapping some of you well dressed lovelyʼs.

Placement DIARIES

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With all the excitement of moving to London, settling into my flat, and

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The latest show, also from Channel Four brought us the hottest looks straight off the catwalk but from the high street. Week by week Gok showed us how to get designer looks on a budget from our favourite high street retailers. Providing us with a mix of brands meant there was something to suit anybodyʼs budget, from low cost shops such as Matalan to the more pricey House of Fraser. I would love to see Gok knighted for his efforts to fashion and womenʼs self esteem, all hail Sir Gok (Fashion) Wan! Seriously, nobody but Gok could have thought of wearing a necklace around a pair of heels to give them the wow factor. As much as I adore Gok I am still a little sceptical as to how biased

Huddersfield for shopping For all you new to Huddersfield this month weʼre looking at the best places in town to go splash some cash, our town is bursting with new and exciting boutiques mix that with a few high street favourites Topshop, River island, Primark and Dorothy Perkins and you donʼt have to head to Leeds to have a really great shopping day out. Firstly check out Byram arcade itʼs located on the street to the left of MacDonaldʼs so its not hard to find, this is Huddersfieldʼs most up and coming fashion hub with plenty of great boutiques.

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Charitable Shopping

Shopping is all about me. Retail therapy is my form of de-stressing. But sometimes I have to admit- I do feel a twinge of guilt when spending money on me, feeding money into an industry that has been globalised. To relieve the feeling of being blatantly Western, I find that I want to give my money to a good cause. However, as charitable as I may be feeling why would I ever give if I am not going to get anything back? I would put money into a PDSA collection box, but there is always the fear that later I realise I needed that change to print my work out at the library therefore I can not see the plus side to helping someone elseʼs dying pet. As a student, money is not freely flowing, so when I come across a spare note, the first thought is ʻmeʼ. I hope you are agreeing with what you are reading here, or am I some sort of selfish snob that makes me glad my picture is not published, because if it was- you would know which face to shun? Yet, if you are still reading this, then I presume you can understand where these feelings are coming from. After all we are the age when we have finally found a hair style that works with our hair, a favourite niche band to listen to and so we

the results were each week, can high street really out style designer…every single time? But, some of the looks he produced were fabulous and much nicer then the designer pieces. Gok seems to be everywhere right now, and we can also find him hiding in our local Dorothy Perkins store, who he has recently teamed up with to offer style advice and key pieces for the season. “Hello gorgeous girls” must be the new Gok catchphrase, I just wish heʼd actually pop into the changing rooms to give advice in the flesh, rather than being a huge window sticker! For Gokʼs Fashion tips you can check out Gok Wanʼs World at Sarah Fory

Sasa loves- This summer Boho is set to make a comeback and where better to start that this beautiful new boutique selling dresses, tops, scarves all with their signature floral patterns and at very reasonable prices. The Left Bank- For that one off Piece head to Left bank, it sells Exclusive, Limited Edition and Designer clothes and accessories perfect for that special occasion. Meen- Beautiful handmade dresses and tops, pick up something unique here and with a great chilled out atmosphere it makes it a great place to find that perfect one off dress. Magic- A retro Haven for any Vintage chick, sells all you could want for that perfect 60ʼs look; T-shirts, Dresses, jackets, Bags and Badges Galore. Kitten Heels- Located on 13 Byram Street, Huddersfield, sells beautiful handmade and stylish fashions, including causal wear and sophisticated looks, thereʼs something for everyone. And with a studio at the back it gives a really authentic handmade exclusive atmosphere. One not to be missed. need the right clothes to portray this image of ourselves we want to get across- but with no money, how can we? Well, no fear girls, and guys- I have found a solution for those of us who find money sparse and want to at least pretend to spend it wisely. I have found a way to dress well, accessorised by a good conscience. Let me introduce you to the charitable shop. Yes you may well have been mocked for shopping at Oxfam in High School, but those times have passed, and those people who mocked have probably made many journeys into the humble Oxfam since. Huddersfield has a whopping 14 charity shops spread over the town centre, giving any student the perfect opportunity to search and search until they find exactly it is that they want. Recently Oxfam in Huddersfield had a huge collection of clothes and shoes donated from Miss Sixty. The prices were extremely affordable and they even had a variety of sizes. This shows how charity shops are no longer just your Grandmothers rejects, but now charity shops stock a huge variety of clothing. Oxfam is this townʼs favourite and coolest charity shop. Being on the main market street, it is

yl e !

Doesnʼt every woman want to be Gokʼd right now? The hottest stylist of the moment Gok Wan has made many a celebrity, and non Alisters, look fabulous. He had us hooked from the word Go(k) to his Channel Four program ʻHow to Look Good Nakedʼ. This summer he has done it again, fulfilling us with our weekly fashion know - how on ʻGokʼs Fashion Fixʼ. Surely this man must have been sent from heaven? The only thing stopping us girls from marrying him right now is the obvious; unfortunately he doesnʼt swing our way ladies! But, then again there are few straight men who could pull together a killer outfit Gok style. Its almost like Sex and the City all over again.

He ’ s G o k St


Pixie- A High end fashion Bag and Shoe shop selling some of the latest designer ranges including; Billy Bag, B Store and Chie Mihara.

always busy and thriving. Let me give you a heads up on two of my other favourite treasure troves. PDSA has a shop just on the way out of town up towards Marsh, at the foot of Trinity Street. This is a very small shop and has recently been refurbished. If you want some true vintage this is the place to go. They usually have loads of jewellery, bags and shoes that are in good condition and are dirt cheap, because they are not in the heart of the town centre. Kirklees Hospice charity shop is next door to Verve and probably one of the biggest in Huddersfield. It stretches over two floors and sells everything from furniture to curtains, to records. It has a whole menʼs section and the prices are reasonable. They will often have bags of buttons going cheap somewhere. The staff in here are very friendly and always up for an idle chat. I have only mentioned three out of 14 charities here, but I hope I have given you a good cause to shop for. Shopping is about you. It is a good way for you to de-stress. Let the experience of retail therapy help not only you, let it help the world, which in turn will give you a peace of mind; a perfect end to stress while of course, looking darn good. Amy Cole

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LIFESTYLE Bo o Books & Fiction Tutors stand by your whiteboards, Helpers get your orange Tshirts on and Students, ready your notebooks, the next academic year is about to begin and I can guarantee it will be hard work. Anyway, I best introduce myself, my name is Rebecca or Becky whatever you prefer and I will be your Books/Fiction Sub-editor for this year! In B ʻ eckyʼs Bookshelfʼ I will be reviewing books suitable for the student populace ranging from study methods, out door activities and how to use the cooker instead of the take-away. If you feel you have a book that other students may find interesting get in touch with me and you could do a book review for the next issue!

In the accompanying section there will be short stories and poems based on the student life, its drunken falls and early morning rises. And if you are the creative writing type then you have the chance to get your work on this page, in print and available for the whole campus to read. Simply contact me for more details on how to take up this opportunity. So it begins,I hope you enjoy this section and feel free to contact me with any questions or queries. Welcome to The University of Huddersfield!



Students gather in great numbers at Storthes Hall one Saturday. Tearful mothers and proud fathers help carry the cases and boxes. Optimistic students lay claim to their rooms and limited kitchen space. Retail raids harass the small shop for those essential supplies. Then just after four, parents leave all those students together yet alone. Hundreds then gather at D-bar to celebrate their new found freedom. Everyone will drink away their doubts and fears well into the night. Sunday will soon arrive and bring with it an extra batch of flat mates to all.

ry t e P o rt i o n s o

Hall life will soon settle into a routine, making it more of a home to its residents. As days become weeks and on into months, their tenancy too will eventually end. Lonely parents will return happy to pick up those that they missed. Leaving as a family again for the summer but Storthes will be waiting, to welcome them back in the approaching September.



ʻRemember this Septemberʼ September means many different things To animals and humans alike. Usually harvest time it brings But to students the educational hike. For first years itʼs a whole new world So far away and stocked with baked beans. They gather on campus both young and old Nervously to meet their department Deans. Second years return for even more study. This time though each and every mark counts. No more bar crawls or dares in the nudy. Only after exams can they drink copious amounts.

For most third years itʼll soon be the end. For come May they enter the world as employees. Just one more final effort to drive them round the bend. But soon they will finish in the early summer breeze. All this and more will occur During this September And it will be for all Iʼm sure A university year to remember.

ʻStorthes Hallʼ

Although for many this will become their first taste of university life but for equal numbers it is near the end of that journey and the hard work. Soon their exams and course work will be collected, marked and hopefully all will pass quite happily but what next? Obviously the first thing to do after finishing your degree is to find a job and for a lot of you, you may already have an idea of what profession and company you wish to go into as a career choice. This book is all about helping you find, approach and pass the many trials all graduates will go through for the job of their choice in a professional capacity. Because itʼs written by graduates who have gone through this exhaustive process already you get the real view of whatʼs needed to be accomplished in your job hunt. As a third year myself Iʼm ashamed to admit I didnʼt realise (after reading this book) how much you would have to do to get a graduate job; but this book not only explains everything clearly and simply but helps you understand what each test requires of you in order to impress your future employer and be offered the position. It covers everything from applying, preparing your CV, filling in the forms, the attitude tests, presentations, interviews, assessment days in general, group work and role play. These are all the TO G E T T I N G A tasks you will have to go through and pass well to succeed in your job offer. But this book is packed full Let the real experts of useful tips, hints and guides to help you through guide you through: each individual challenge. Yet despite how hard it all • aptitude tests may seem it always keeps your remaining optimistic • group work and hopefully less stressed which will help you • role plays • interviews perform your best when the assessment day finally • application forms arrives. So regardless of whether your in your first year or just entering your final year, this book is a must have for your Christmas or birthday list. It will be money well spent in the investment of your future career. THE REAL GUIDE TO GETTING A GRADUATE JOB

ʻStudent Cookbook – Healthy Eatingʼ by Ester Davies - £8.99 RRP This cookery book has quite a charming colourful front cover but in a way itʼs a deception to hide all the white and black pages within that donʼt even come with any pictures of the recipes involved but that really is the only fault I can find with it. Written by Ester Davies, a food and nutrition consultant you are guaranteed to get more of the genuine facts and less of the fearful fantasy about what is good to eat and what isnʼt. The best thing is using her experience and knowledge she gives a list of tasty recipes which makes healthy things yummy and suggests easy and often cheap ways of cooking them so you get the best quality and less of the bad stuff. From the start she shows great understanding on the situation of students and the slight fear they face when they must fend for themselves in the kitchen for the first time and the small space they get to use as a cupboard. With helpful advice on what basic utensils and equipment to get, how best to stock your cupboards, fridges and freezers and what with; she follows this up with useful tips on how to shop for food economically on a student budget and the best methods on how to keep your kitchen clean to prevent anyone suffering food poisoning and missing tomorrows lectures. As the title shows this cookery book is set around the idea of healthy eating so it is only sensible that this book is full of facts, figures and charts showing in an easy to understand way what food is good for you and what isnʼt. This continues on through the recipe section with a small nutrition chart showing how much (or how little) fat is in each recipe. So you really do know what you are eating and what your body absorbs. The recipes cover everything from casseroles, pancakes, curries, stews, stir-fry, smoothies and delicious sounding desserts not to mention the family classics. All are easy to follow and with a chart explaining cooker settings you really couldnʼt go wrong. So if you are a student who wishes to try out a diet this year or simple want to become the top cook in your flat, you really couldnʼt start better than with this book. I recommend the chocolate dipped strawberry recipe. Tasty and slightly naughty. The potato wedges recipe is quick and easy for a friendly gathering too.

ʻThe Real Guide to Getting a Graduate Jobʼ published by Lake District Press (order now at, £3.99)

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Becky’s Bookshelf


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ARTS & CULTURE Huddersfield ‘Grist’: The Anthology for New Voices G ʻ ristʼis a new anthology being created by Michael Stewart, a Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing who is based here at Huddersfield University. He has set up a writing competition for poetry and short stories that will help compile this anthology which will not only include the three winners, the runners up but two of the biggest local literary stars. They are Joanne Harris, author of the novel Chocolat which was turned into the hit film starring Johnny Depp and who has won many British and international awards herself for both her novels and short stories but also Simon Armitage, a renowned poet who has won many awards for his poetic pieces including the Sunday Times Author of the Year. These two famous and very popular writers will also have written a specially

Student Stories: ‘The Storthes Hall Foxes’

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Freedom at last was Emilyʼs thoughts as she watched her parents slowly disappear behind the building to the small car park at the top of Storthes Hall. Giving Emily chance to walk into flat one alone, although not completely, as at least two other flat mates and their parents were busy shuffling cases, boxes, computers and TV sets into their own rooms. Emilyʼs allocated room for the current academic year was right at the top end of the corridor conveniently near the flat exit and the kitchen. After giving a few weak friendly smiles to the strangers and their families in she went into her room and shut the door behind her. Her room was surprisingly spacious. Her bed was on the right had side of the room which made more logical sense to her and gave her a good sense of familiarity to her old rooms layout back at her family home. She sighed as images of the house she had lived in for most of her life tried to mirror themselves onto the place which would become home for the next forty two weeks. Of course neither matched the other but she knew that once all her little trinkets, photographs in nice new picture frames, posters and even her favourite cuddly toys were set in their rightful place it would at least feel like home. So thatʼs what she did for the next two hours or so, making her room as comfortable as possible to settle in for her first night as a university student. Sleep came rather slowly that night as she lay in bed, after chatting away the hours with her two flat mates, two lads called Mike and Paul in the kitchen over tea, as her bedroom was on the ground floor, no steep stairs to climb, but it was turning out to be a rather noisy spot. Her room faced out into the rear car park so she was able to hear every engine that went past and the voice

Books & Fiction

commissioned work which will be published as part of the anthology but not only that, Joanne Harris will be judging the Short Story section of the competition and you guessed it Simon Armitage will be judging the poetry side of things. But I have saved the best for last, if you are a student who is keenly interested and eager to enter this competition, regardless of what course you are doing, you can enter…for FREE! All you have to do is check out the Grist website at, read the competition details and guidelines, print off an entry form and once you have refined your best poetry and short story to its finest you just put your student number (found on your NUS card) next to your name on the entry form and your in. You can enter as many pieces of creative work as you like, as it wonʼt only

increase your chance of being one of three winners from each section and getting your hands on the cash prizes available but even if you donʼt make it that far your work may still be published along side other deserving student works and beside two big literary stars! There really is nothing to loose with this fantastic university based competition! The deadline for entries 30th November this year! So what are you waiting for? If youʼre interested get yourself to a computer, find the website, get your entry form and get writing. Good luck to all who take up the challenge!

emanating from the speaker at the gate each time a car tried to go deeper into the flat complex. Not only that but the ceiling, she thought, must be quite thin too as she could hear every footstep coming from the flat above. But the most irritating thing of all was that the wall her bed was set against was in fact part of the stair well and each time someone went up and down the stairs causing the metal to rattle and creak she could hear it. The noises of her new room made sure thoughts of home kept tugging on her heart well into the night. The following day the trio were joined by another three flat mates, two girls called Amy and Charlotte and another lad named Jack. All six were doing a range of courses from History which was Emilyʼs chosen subject to Accountancy and Fashion which was Paulʼs and Charlotteʼs. Once the others had more or less settled in all agreed to go up to the D-bar for a first drink together but Amy had the unusual idea of going on a group walk around the grounds, ʻa mini adventureʼ she had called it and gave them chance of some space away from the other students still moving into the flats above and around them. At first they casually made their way towards the entrance of the park where the shop and reception were based and found themselves on the ring road and the bus stop. It was still quite light for September having only just turned six o clock and Amy got curious by the woodlands and so led them encouragingly down the track before spotting a smaller earthier track leading off to their left. “Why donʼt we go down there?” “It looks a bit muddy to me and Iʼve only got my sandals on.” Charlotte complained. “Itʼs dry, youʼll be fine and if necessary Iʼm sure one of the boys will carry you on his back.” Amy replied with a grin leading them off once more into the unknown.

About ten minutes down the small ravine pathway between two slopes of trees, hawthorn and autumn leaves they met a broken building in a man made recess that was flooded with dark brown water and they could hear water still running into it from somewhere hidden from sight. “Must be an old pumping house or something. I heard this place used to be a mental hospital.” Mike commented ominously. “Hey whatʼs that?” “Whatʼs what?” “That there, can you see it? Oh there are more of them.” “What?” Jack moaned not making out what Emily was pointing at through the fence. “Look at the mound near the tree just across from us. Can you see them?” “Awww they look like puppies.” Charlotte shrieked but quickly got a hush signal from Amy to be quiet. Indeed they did look like a few months old puppies but their big ears with dark brown tips and the same colouring on their paws gave away their true identity. There were about ten of them in all, sniffing, scratching, digging and tumbling over one another on the soil mound beneath a tree on the opposite side of the pumping station. “Theyʼre fox cubs. Actual fox cubs. Theyʼre adorable. Look at them playing.” Emily whispered proudly, a big smile across her face and a strong feeling of excitement welling deep within her not just for this special moment they all shared but a new found optimism for this new place. Whilst they all watched with baited breath and quiet laughter at the wildlife circus before them Emily felt happy to be there. Her mind had already started to wander what other surprises Storthes and Uni have to offer. Her first year seemed to be turning into a truly memorable part of her life. For her and the fox cubs life in the big wide world was starting off very well indeed.

If you would like to write for the Books and Fiction section of the Huddersfield Student, donʼt hesitate to contact Becky Wilson, the Books & Fiction Editor at

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Hi and welcome to the first edition of the Huddersfield Studentsʼ game section. Things are all a little hectic at the moment. The section will need some fine tuning and maybe redesigning over the next few months. I also hope to get as many students to contribute as possible. “The Hack” news section will hopefully (once the students are back at university) start reporting on a few gaming stories relevant to the gaming students of Huddersfield. We will try and cover some of the student up and coming projects and take a regular look at what is going on at the Canal side studios. As I said before I am very interested in finding people to write for the section not just in

previews and reviews but also for the news reports. If you think there is something involving games that the students should hear about then please tell me. I am hoping to put together a regular team of writers but any news review or previews you would like to get the chance of seeing in the newspaper please send them to me.

by Patrick Costelloe,

Patrick Costelloe


Dead space, look it up check it out, it is a must for sci-fi aliens or gore horror lovers. I came across this game while looking into the E3 convention and when youʼre as twisted as me you canʼt pass up high end console mutants of this level. The basic plot is middle of no where deep space and of course completely F.U.B.A.R. You take the role of Isaac Clark an engineer on a planet cracker mining operation when an ancient relic is discovered. This start up a whole load of religious fanatics called the Unitologysts to kick off claiming itʼs a religious artefact. Along with that anyone who goes near this thing either goes nuts or just blows there brains out. Of course thatʼs the back story once you really get into the game its all about the aftermath. Everyone is dead your alone and anyone lucky enough to be alive isnʼt really so lucky because they are either trapped in space or they have mutated

For: PC, PS3 and Xbox360 Patrick Costelloe

Prototype Here we find Prototype another flesh crawler but with a twist, this time you are the monster. You are the most dangerous thing in this game. Meet your self, Alex Mercer and thatʼs about all you know at the beginning of the game because you wake up with complete amnesia in an underground experiment facility. When you emerge you find you self in a full replica of New York City in chaos and that it has something to do with you. Surrounded by lies and secrets your mission is to unravel a conspiracy with in the city at any cost, which will in turn reveal your past. But here comes the cool stuff, your more than just human. These people have done something to you change you into a new animal. An animal that can mutate and change itʼs self for whatver situation arises. You can

mutate at will and absorb the DNA of your enemies or even of innocent by standers. Change you form to hide your self or turn you limbs into serrated 3-foot long swords. By killing and absorbing a human you gain that persons memories, abilities and even the way they dress, by absorbing other mutants you can upgrade your own body. The great thing of all this is the chaos you can cause all on your own in the free roaming city. Take on the form of a commander and infiltrated basis then order an air strike on there own allies or once inside just rip the place apart as the unstoppable prototype. This is defiantly a game for the power hungry out there, so check out this open world adventure and get a taste of what its like to be a one man army. For: PC, PS3 and Xbox360

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Dead Space

into god knows what. As a lowly engineer you are woefully ill equipped or trained to handle the situation. Lucky you can make stuff and lasers, bolt cutter, stasis guns are the tool of your trade and now that trade is popping mutants. But one of the major horror mechanics of this game is shooting them in the head a lot just donʼt cut it with these freaks. You take their legs out they crawl, you take their arms off they grow new ones and if your very unlucky after cutting them down to size they might just explode in a hail of puppy sized flesh eaters. If you love flesh crawling Zombie popping horror games this maybe be for you so check it out. The site has a whole load of pre release comics covering the back story as well as some awesome videos to show off some amazing graphics. This is defiantly one to keep an eye on till Halloween 2008 when baring any set backs it will be on the shelves.

s r P r evie e l Fl e sh c raw ws

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ARTS & CULTURE Extras Taking a different look at gaming. Music of gaming In most cases game soundtracks are completely overlooked because while they add to the effect or experience they are usually nothing on there own. But there are a few odd games that really make the soundtracks one of the best achievements. As more and more money is found in the games industry these “few odd games” with good soundtracks are increasing in number. Online. Here are some of the best soundtracks I love to listen to and how I feel they affect the games image and game play. For online game soundtracks nothing can beat either EVE online or World of Warcraft. Since online gaming can be very monotonous, a good backing track helps the game run much more smoothly. In EVE, which is one of the most relaxing games I have played, the cool themes give the effect of slowly moving through vast cold space. In WoW the music takes more of a back seat slowly fazing in an out for each zone. It gives the feeling for the zones whilst not overwhelming game play. Blizzard has also used a few game specific tracks for events such as “the power of the horde” played at the worlds end tavern by the chieftains (in game). Tracks to look at: EVE - “I Saw Your Ship” and “Last Power Cell” By: Jon Hallur WoW - “Arcane echoes” and “Reign of chaos” By: Derek Duke. Action, adventure, rock or metal anything with a beat. Iʼm a complete rock and metal fan my self so I love anything that you can play loud enough to give you a headache. There are some


games out there that really need a hard hitting track to match its fast paced action. In my collection of Soundtracks, for this kind of music I look towards either the Devil May Cry series or Doom. I love the DMC series simply because itʼs far too cool to ever be real and it has music to match. Every time an enemy comes into view a greats track just jumps into life while you smash the life out of some dummy stupid enough to come up against a guy with a ten foot broad sword. With Doom which is a action horror game, most track are super dreary but its not just about the in game tracks with this one. Ever since Doom came out with its awesome menu music a lot of different artists have taken the time to remix them into something more suitable for the demons of doom to rock out to. Tracks to look out for: Devil may cry 3 – the “Loop Demo Movie [bonus track]” By Tetsuya Shibata and Kento HaseGawa Doom – “Hang Armageddon” By Evil Horde Sit down relax and mellow out. When I want to just mellow out or just fall into a nice doze there is nothing quite like Silent Hill series or the original Echo the Dolphin by ʻSegaʼ. Both of these Games are completely different to play. One being made to turn you to a nervous wreck in horror and the other a beautiful Sea world to save as a brave fish with a blowhole. But their soundtracks for the most part are extremely soothing. When linked to the game they give very different effects. In Silent Hill they give the game a very eerie and thoughtful feeling as you traverse the monstrous town try to keep your nerve and doing some very stupid things like following trail of blood instead of turning a running like hell. Tracks to look out for: Silent hill 4 – “Room of an Angel” and “Sliced” By Akira Yamaoka

In Echo each track represents the currant ocean environment as you guide you bottle nosed friend through all sorts of strange obstacles and puzzles while trying not to suffocate him and get a call from RSPCA. Unfortunately the tracks of the 1990s game have no names or artist but Iʼm sure there are quite a few samples on the net to take a look at. In conclusion with BlueRay and DVD giving almost infinite amounts of space as well as new compression script being written every day, there Is a lot of disc space available to give the really big games better and bigger themes and audio and its worth keeping an ear out as they are becoming more professional and more available to download and buy. This gives the games more of a chance to stand there ground against the big Box-office hits or latest media and makes them much more accessible by non hardcore gamers who are looking for something beyond the game play. There are a lot of games and music I havenʼt had the chance to talk about but are worth looking into. The Stalker soundtrack and Guitar music; anything Shin Megami Tensei, The Ghost on the shell music, anime, and games, the music game REZ, Anything Final Fantasy, The Legacy of Kain series, metal gear solid series and vampire the masquerade bloodline are all worth looking into if you love weird and cool soundtracks

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The Charts The UK charts from 23 of August





















Provided by: Leisure software charts compiled by Chart Track, (C)2008 ELSPA (UK) Ltd" the word "ELSPA

What’s got my interest on each console? PC:

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. – Clear Sky


Ninja Gaiden II

PS3: evil

Hellboy – The science of


Ben 10




Final Fantasy IV

E D I T O R ‘S


If you would like to write for the Video Games section of the Huddersfield Student, donʼt hesitate to contact Paddy Costello, the Videogames Editor at

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Wing Chun Club Football Ladies Club Archery Club Football Menʼs Club Cricket Club

Hockey Menʼs Club

Hurling Club

Conoe Club

Rugby League Club Hockey Ladies Club

Netball Club

Badminton Club

Tennis Club


American Football Club

Jiu Jitsu Club Squash Club

arding Society (HUBA)


Cheerleading (Hawks)

Gaelic Football Ladies Basketball Club (Heat)

Caving Club Athletics Club

Juggling Society Volleyball Club

Snow Sports (HUSSI)

ing Club Climbing and Mountaineer Rugby Union Club


Ice Hockey Club (Ice Ha

Fencing Club

Afro Caribbean Society

S O C IE TIE S Socialist Sudents Society

Islamic Society Motorcycling Society (HUMCC)

Sameem Society

Friends of Falun Gong Society

Rock Society

Marketing Society Gaming Society (HUGS)

Transport and Logistic Society Book Club (Cocktail Critics) Medieval Re-enactment Society

International Friendship Society (IFS) Chinese Society

Motorsport Society

Christian Union Photographic Society

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! D E V L O V N I T GE

Meet every Team and Society at Freshers’ Fayre !

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SPORTS & SOCITIES And so it begins. Another University year kicks off and closes the door on the rest and relaxation that was the summer. But this is the sports section, and summer is still always a busy time of year. We have seen Andy Murray win in Cincinnati, Lewis Hamilton storm to the top of the Formula One World Championship and a surprisingly successful Olympics for Great Britain in Beijing. Iʼd like to introduce myself. My name is Mark Bryans and Iʼm entering my final year studying Media and Sports Journalism, I support (legitimately) Manchester United and Iʼm also a fan of cricket and Formula One. I hope to bring readers some interesting and in depth articles but obviously cannot do this alone. If you are interested in writing for the sports section, my e-mail address;, donʼt hesitate to get in touch. The immediate future of sport also seems promising, with the Premiership and Champions League promising to be as exciting as ever and Super League is heading towards another exciting climax. But this is a


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The game of poker used to be frowned upon - only played by sleazy groups of people, the cards blurred by the haze of cigar smoke and decisions blurred likewise due to the whiskey. But then all of a sudden the game, especially the Texas Hold ʻEm version, exploded onto the scene. With poker sets available from high street stores and supermarkets, it was a Christmas craze that has admittedly died down, but the game is still very popular. The University of Huddersfieldʼs Student Union decided to get involved in the game and it was very popular. Only 32 places were available for the inaugural Redtooth competition and all were snapped up in a single weekend. Held on Tuesday nights in the Venue it had a band of loyal players who turned out come rain or shine to compete and socialise. The tournament winner was local man Dan Moger who believed the tournament was a raging success: “It was very good, mainly because I won it! It can be judged as a success because people came back, it was good fun but not a mess around.” That was the most evident trait of the competition, friendships were born purely out of the conversations and camaraderie formed around the tables. Moger is a keen poker player and often plays in tournaments organised by friends, and also dabbles with online poker, so what does he feel are the main skills required to be a poker shark? “Patience and concentration are vital. When the cards arenʼt coming you canʼt fight it or you will lose. You have to remain focussed at all times because if you lose focus you will miss opportunities to win hands,” he said. The success can also be measured by the planned reforming of the Unionʼs ʻPoker Society,ʼ many of the players from the original tournament are eager to get involved and Moger believes it is a good idea: “It is definitely popular enough around campus, the numbers

from the Redtooth tournament suggest it would be interesting to a lot of people.” Victory in the competition propels Moger onto the regional finals to be held later this month in Leeds and he is raring to go: “Iʼm looking forward to playing in a big tournament, with players who are better than me to learn some things; I donʼt expect to win.” The scale of the tournament and the prizes it has to offer prove the overall popularity of poker and Moger has his own beliefs on why the game has grown: “Card games used to be unfashionable but gambling on the whole is now more socially acceptable. A poker night is cheap and exciting entertainment with your friends,” he said. But is poker, a gambling game, suitable in a student environment when much is made about student debt and the glorification of victory? Moger believes it is not an issue: “The tournament last year was free to enter and no money changed hands. The games machines and bandits in the Students Union take players money for a ten-second thrill and are much more addictive.” The tournamentʼs appeal to female players also proves critics who claim it is a male game wrong. Two females finished in the top six in the overall table and were two of the most popular competitors. But what advice would Moger give to new players, both male and female alike? “I would say the most important thing is to have controlled aggression, I learnt that from watching the professionals on television. You must be aggressive, but only at the right times,” he said. So if you are an avid poker player or you are a rookie who would love to give it a try, keep your eyes open for information about the Poker Society and also check posters in the Venue for Union organised events. Mark Bryans

Poker Stars…3rd to 1st place – Marcus Taylor, Ian Ironmonger & Dan Moger

Dan Moger is off to the regional finals QUIZ ANSWERS: 1. Rubens Barrichello 2. Chinese Taipei 3. Salford City Reds & Celtic Crusaders 4. Lithuania 5. James ʻThe Machineʼ Wade 6. Nottinghamshire 7. Rocco Mediate 8. Bath 9. London 1908 10. Andy Booth


student newspaper so its sports section should show support to University sport. Chairman of the UHRUFC Steve Davies is the first member of a university team to write for the new-look sports section, but I hope he will not be the last. If you are involved with a team, letʼs hear from you! Obviously due to no one being around at the time of print the articles and features have been thin on the ground, but that is not to diminish the quality of the writing. The ʻSummer of Sportʼ quiz will hopefully test your sporting gland to the limit, the answers are printed so donʼt cheat, random urine samples will be taken! What with the upcoming sporting events you could be forgiven for being glued to the box until Christmas, but I want to use this section to encourage you to get out there, get involved and ʻGive It a Go!ʼ This monthʼs ʻGive It a Go,ʼ is golf. After the Ryder Cup in Valhalla head down to ʻDirect Golfʼ at the Galpharm Stadium to hone your skills on the driving range and putting green.


GET INVOLVED WITH UNI SPORT It is a daunting prospect, settling into a new home and with new people. But if you are a keen athlete, the university sports teams offer a great way to both quench your thirst for sport and also meet new people. The Sports & Societies aspect of the Studentsʼ Union is always growing and more information can be found in the newspaper, on the student website or at the Fresherʼs Fayre where current team members will try to convince you that their sport is the one for you. Other opportunities arise if you get involved in the sports and societies, with positions required within those specific societies and special discounts for nights out on the town are also a large incentive to get sporty!


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SPORTS & SOCITIES RT O P S F O R E SUM M 1. Which Formula One driver finished on the podium at the 2008 British Grand Prix to achieve his first podium finish since the U.S. Grand Prix in 2005?


7. Which relatively unknown golfer lost to Tiger Woods in a play-off for the 2008 U.S. Open crown? 8. London Wasps defeated Leicester Tigers in the Rugby Union 2008 Guinness Premiership Final to win their 6th Premiership title, who are the other team who have won the league six times?

5. Who did Phil ʻThe Powerʼ Taylor defeat to win his 9th Darts World Matchplay title in July?

2. Andy Murray was eliminated from the Menʼs Singles tennis at the Beijing Olympics after losing to a competitor from which country? 3. Which two teams will join the 12 clubs currently competing in Super League after receiving franchise licences for the 2009 season onwards? 4. FBK Kaunas – the team who knocked Rangers out of the Champions League qualifiers – play their football in which country?

Q5…The Power wins his 9th title.

6. Darren Pattinsonʼs selection for the England Test side caused controversy this summer, but which English county does he represent?

9. The number of gold medals awarded to Team GB at the 2008 Beijing Olympics was only surpassed by Great Britain at which previous Olympics? 10. Who scored Huddersfield Townʼs first League One goal of the new season?

Sporting Receptions Accross the Pond. For years I have struggled to interpret the American vision of sport. I never understood how baseball, a sport that is no different from that highly popular game we call rounders, can generate more popularity than a global past time, such as soccer. To start off with I would like to state that I am not a massive soccer fan. I wonʼt travel to the ends of the country to watch my beloved Ipswich Town take on the might of the Championship. However, saying this I do have respect for the sport. I respect its history and how it has played a massive part in so many different cultures. Now I am not suggesting that baseball doesnʼt have history. The sport has been around since the late 19th century and, like soccer, it has produced its fair share of Peleʼs throughout its existence. Players such as Babe Ruth, Sammy Sosa and Frankie Frisch have become idolized by generations, proving that Americaʼs favourite past time is more than just a slight adaptation of a high school leisure activity. Modern stars, such as New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez, have become some of the richest sport stars on the planet. A-Rod, as he is known throughout the States, earns a whopping $27 million a year for his services to the Yankees and his sponsors, which include Nike and Pepsi. It seems his impact on the American public has proved influential, with around 30,000 flocking into the Yankee Stadium to see the likes of Rodriguez,

Alex Rodriguez…star of MLB

Derek Jeter and Johnny Damon put their talents against M.L.B.ʼs finest. Yet for all my best efforts I struggle to understand the game in the same way as the Americans do. I have watched matches on ESPN and I fail to see the appeal. Three hours go by of athletes missing a ball they are paid millions to hit until eventually one gets a lucky shot that ends up in the bleachers. Thatʼs it. Game Over. No controversy, no injuries, no suspensions. The end. Determined as I was to not let this be my final thought, I decided to endure a game whilst on my travels Stateside. Although it was some local team from Long Island rather than the glamour of the major league, I was not going to let that put me off. At the end of the day baseball was baseball. As I climbed the steps of the Citibank Ball Park I took a moment to take in the atmosphere, which resembled more of a carnival than a baseball match. Food stalls would surround the terraces, souvenir stands stood at every exit and competitions would be available at every corner of the stadium. For a split second I had forgot the reason for my presence. After the first innings neither team got a home run. Come to think of it, neither team hit the ball. So far not a lot had influenced my perception. As the teams went for a quick team talk before the second innings the Long Island Ducks MC guy took to the field. With him were four young fans who were to participate in a game of musical chairs for a free ticket to the next match. I have seen this entertainment down at Portman Road but that was at half time. This was the first innings, 8 more remained. The fact the mini competition was sponsored by some local chair firm only added to the comedy. As the game went on each innings ended in similar fashion with some sort of sponsored event. Throughout the match there was a messiest face competition sponsored by a pizza company and a stretch after the 7th innings sponsored by some health resort. The game progressed along the same lines, with only one home run to excite the home crowd. Strange as it may seem, I did start to understand baseball and its appeal. For me, sport is all about the players I watch. If the game is boring it is because of the players and vice versa. Yet baseball is

different. Itʼs more than just the players out there on the field. Itʼs about the fans. Itʼs an evening out, a family social time in fact. Whilst the parents sit and relax, knowing they are in the comfort of a warming environment, the children stand in the bleachers, hoping to catch a pop fly off the bat of P.J. Rose. Yes it may not be the kind of thing we are used to witnessing but it is not meant to be. Its success is more to do with the

businesses that support it rather than the players themselves which seems to be the main difference between the sports across the Atlantic. Stuart Fitch


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Huddersfield Student September 2008  

The University of Huddersfield Students' Union Newspaper, September 2008

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