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Editor After having to cut so many articles last month, I’m pleased to announce that Matt Wetherill, (Communications & Democracy Officer) has managed to increase the size of T’HUD to 40 pages. Meaning I can offer you students even more opportunities to get your work published. Excellent! This month, there’s a whole heap of articles I’m excited about. There’s T’HUD’s guide to drinking, an interview with Mercury Music Award winners ‘Alt-J,’ an interview with Student President, Matt Wheelton and whole heap of gift ideas for Christmas. Also, it is the first issue where the cover has been designed by a student; something I’ve wanted since the first issue. This month’s cover was lovingly crafted by Lucas Jubb, he’s a busy member of Huddersfield’s arty ‘Rag’n’Bone’ collective, so I’d like to thank him for taking time out to make the excellent wintery illustration. As always, I’m keen on finding new and creative ideas for the magazine so if you think you can make T’HUD better fire, me a mail to and I’ll do my level best to give you a prompt reply.


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Deputy Editor

Your questions, your President

Every year the Students’ Union elect an ‘Execu-

tive Team’ whose full-time job is make sure your time at Huddersfield University is the best it can be. At the head of this team sits, Matt Wheelton, who was elected Student President last March and took up the reins from Matt Christie, whose two terms in office came to an end this September. However, many students on campus don’t know what the office President entails, so T’HUD thought we’d ask Matt your questions and give you a peak at what it’s like to be President: Ffion, 19 - What made you apply for the role? MW - There were several factors which influenced my decision. Firstly, I wanted to be involved in making a stand against government changes to higher education. I could also see that there was opportunity to do so much with the role. Finally, I wanted to be part of our ever improving institution in a professional capacity. Sean, 20 - What does your role entail?

“I’m here to ensure that every student Harriet, 22 - Are there any major perks to your job? is treated MW - The major perk of the job is that fairly” I am part of a dynamic organisation

MW - Every day is really varied. I sit on the University Council and Senate, as a representative of the student body. I chair committees within the


Union, and aid the rest of the sabbatical officers with their portfolios. I am the first port of call for any thoughts and issues students may have. I’m here to ensure that every student is treated fairly, and that the University and SU provide you with the experience that you desire in your time in Huddersfield.

which constantly changes to meet the needs of its members. As a sabbatical team, we strive to champion the student voice wherever possible. Some of


raise issues, without having to visit the Students’ Union. We’re also currently working on publishing each officers objectives online, so that people know what we are working on. Sarah, 20 - Are you interested in politics? Yes, I have a keen interest in modern politics. I studied government and politics at A-level, and initially looked to read politics at University, before deciding on a Sports Science course. Politics influences everybody within society so it’s vital that people do take an interest. Daisy, 19 - What is your pet peeve? My pet hate is probably people who are impolite. Please, thank you and the odd smile go so far to transforming someone’s day. Bit of an old fashioned one I know. Sihma, 18 - Do you have any bad habits?

the ideas students come up with are revolutionary, and will come to fruition after approval from the Union Council. To be a part of that process really is a privilege. Tim, 21 - How are you held accountable for what you do?

Answered by Communications & Democracy Officer, Matt Wetherill - As I live with Matt I think I can answer that question better than any one at this point. Matt’s worst habit is that he doesn’t understand how a clock works or if he does he doesn’t care. I’ve started to tell him things start 15 minutes before they actually do and he still manages to be late! I’ll leave it there but I could go on to food stealing or managing to get more toothpaste in the sink than his mouth amongst other things. Nick, 19 - What’s your poison?

MW - Beer-Laos. the National beer of Laos. I first tasted it when travelling, but have since found it MW - Students can hold the sabbatical officers on offer in B and M. The drink has so many conto account through the different student pulse notations for me, and will always remind me of groups which take place in the Union. There is some of the greatest days of my life, with good also an opportunity to ask question directly at friends amidst stunning scenery. If you ever have Union Council. Also we have a new mechanism any issues on campus that you’d like to raise with for accountability called ‘Exec on Tour’, where the executive team, Matt is located upstairs in the the officers will go out to the various buildings Students’ Union next to the iZone (and next to on campus to give students the opportunity to the T’HUD office). 05 WWW.T-HUD.CO.UK


News Editor

The University’s Pro-Vice Chancellor for Teaching and Learning, Professor Tim Thornton, is pleased at the NSS survey’s findings and says that the University won’t be resting on its laurels:

A recent National Student Survey (NSS) has

“Excellent feedback makes a real difference to the student experience and plays a big part in the future success of graduates. The increase in tuition fees, as the result of government policy, means that students now, more than ever, expect and deserve the very highest standards in assessment and we are determined to deliver that.”

The survey discovered that the University scored an average mark of 82 across 22 questions about aspects of student life including wellbeing and academia, placing them in joint ninth place out of 116 UK universities who took part.

The NSS survey, which is conducted on behalf of the UK’s Higher Education funding bodies, has asked final year students annually since 2005 to share their thoughts on a wide range of issues.

revealed that the University of Huddersfield ranks top in the country for quick and constructive feedback on academic work, and was one of the UK’s top ten universities for student satisfaction and wellbeing.

For feedback on academic work, the University polled the highest out of all the other UK’s mainstream universities with a score of 79 %, a three per cent increase from last year’s table topping result.


The NSS figures also show that the University of Huddersfield has held onto its number one national position in student satisfaction for History and Biology and is joint second for teacher training. In addition, a third of subject areas, including accountancy, nursing and physiotherapy have been ranked as the best in the Yorkshire.

UNI SPEEDING TO RECORD? Research from the University of Huddersfield

could soon help a British dare devil become the fastest man on two wheels. Richard Brown, is determined to break the motorcycle land-speed world record riding his motorcycle, ‘Jet Reaction,’ which is powered by an jet engine and could reach speeds of around 425 miles per hour. The team supporting the attempt have explored new scientific and technological territory with the help of experts from the University of Huddersfield, who specialise in flow science. Professor Rakesh Mishra agreed to carry out a detailed aerodynamic investigation of the Jet Reaction motorcycle alongside PhD student Taimoor Asim who is a specialist in the field of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). Asim’s investigations centred on analysis into how air would flow around the machine with its specially designed nose cone. Taimoor said:

“At speeds as high as 425 mph, the air becomes compressible. This makes modelling of compressible flows quite challenging. Jet Reaction wanted to know if they would be able to reach that speed and if there are any safety risks involved. At such speeds, will the bike be stable enough?” After the completion of the investigation, the results were sent to the dare devil himself and researchers were told that their data was a close match to the experimental findings of the Jet Reaction team. “We were very pleased to hear that!” said Asim, who was keen to acknowledge his supervisor’s contribution: “Professor Mishra’s expertise in fluid dynamics really helped me a lot in understanding compressible flow phenomena.” Tributes have been paid to the pair’s work with the findings being described by experts as “excellent.”





Staff Writer

9 low cost Christmas gift ideas

It’s that time of year again, buying gifts for the

Lynx Duo (£6, Boots)– Shopping for a man can be a little tedious, as there is not much on the market that doesn’t involve Beats by Dre or Xbox. However, guys do like to smell and look good, and they can with a Lynx Duo. Choose from either package: Lynx Attract or Lynx Excite which comes with the spray and shower gel.


mum, dad, brother, sister, girlfriend, boyfriend... There’s too many to count. With all of these people to buy for, it can be hard to find a present suited to them that doesn’t break the bank.

Sealed With A Kiss! (£6, House Of Fraser)– These two cute lip balms make great stocking fillers. Not only are they small and cute, but look at the packaging. “You’re The Balm!” Genius.


Don’t worry, we’ve found some gifts that won’t burn a hole in your pocket, and that your family members will love! (Also, a few items worth considering; if you have the money to spend):

Butter Shortbread Tin (£5.50, Boots) – Parents love shortbread biscuits, and why not buy them a tin of the delicious snacks?


Jewellery – Topman currently have a sale on their man jewellery; so tons of rings, earrings, bracelets are around £1.50 to £5. Perfect if you’re struggling to find a present for a guy.


MUA Lipsticks (£1, Superdrug) - The 1 quality of these lipsticks are amazing for the price. £1. Yes, £1. And there are is a huge selection of colours to choose from. Perhaps your mum wants to try a new lipstick colour, or your sister has been looking everywhere for that particular shade.


Royal Jelly Trio of Treats (£4, Boots) – Boots have a ton of Christmas packages (which are all 3 for 2 – so why not?) and the Royal Jelly collection includes a lot of body pampering goodies. The Royal Jelly ‘Trio of Treats’ includes a face cream, hand and nail cream and a body lotion.


Starbucks Mug & Hot Chocolate (£12.50, Boots)– If you have a bit more extra cash and want to buy someone a gift they can indulge in, why not buy a Starbucks package including a large coffee mug, hot cocoa and ground coffee. Brilliant for the wintery nights.


If all else fails… (£4.99, House Of Fraser)– You can’t go wrong with a box of chocolates. Lindt have released a limited edition box of Lindor Chocolates in the flavour of Cookies & Cream. Yummy!


Superdry Nail Polish (£6, House Of Fraser)– Despite being a well-established clothing brand, Superdry have released their own brand of nail polishes which come in a range of colours. A great little present for a beauty fanatic.






Lifestyle Writer

Losing lbs but saving £s

With winter around the corner, everyone is try-

ing to look their best and fit into that Christmas party dress. But being students we still want to go out and have a good time before it gets too cold to trek all the way to Camel. Here are a few drinks that are cheap on the purse strings and lower on calories... Rum and Diet Coke - this averages around 65 calories, and can be as cheap as £1 on Mondays and Wednesdays at the SU bar. Just don’t be tempted to get the VK fishbowls, as these can have up to 500 calories!



Shots of Jose Cuervo - or any tequila brand (who are we kidding, we don’t have a preference, we just drink it). One shot is only 97 calories. It might not taste like a desert or come in a nice glass with sugar round the edge, but it will definitely set you on your way for a good night. On Wednesdays at Camel Club these are buy three get one (and lime and salt) free, can’t argue with that.


Gin and diet tonic - Good news gin fans, as these are only 115 calories when you put it with the diet tonic option. It can be bitter, but that’s nothing that a wedge of lime can’t control. Again, SU do theses for just £1 Mondays and Wednesdays.



Cosmopolitan - for those who love their half price drinks on a Tuesday at Revolution, this is the one for you. Although a

NG: OUR GUIDE small version is only 150 calories, it does go up calorie wise if you add more shots of alcohol, so don’t be tempted. Tuesdays at Revolution sell this cocktail for around £3.50, and a pitcher for about a tenner, more value for money! Mojito - Another for those who don’t like hard shots. Minty and Limey, these are refreshing and only 160 calories and another of Rev’s £3.50 wonders.


Jägerbomb - the student favourite! You can even ask for diet red bull, as most places stock it these days. This little number is only 200 calories and everywhere does them. The best deal is from Warehouse, who do 5 bombs for £10 (if you can’t do the maths, that’s £2 a drink) which you can’t grumble at, it’s cheaper than most taxis home. Although be careful, the caffeine in these will keep you awake for hours!


Bloody Mary - Now this is a drink better to do at home for pre drinks, or hair of the dog. Cheap and simple, only £6 for 25cl of basics vodka from sainsburys and 80p for the tomato juice, all you have to do is add some Tabasco sauce and black pepper. The easiest drink ever, and you can even tell mum and dad you’ve been having at least 1 of your 5 a day!








T H E G ROV E Inviting worldly local

The Grove is a fantastic pub for all types of people an atmosphere. It’s just beyond the ring road but is well w minute walk to discover the vast array of real ales, wh beers. Even if you’re not a real ale expert, the friend staff will help you out. Best for adventurous nights w through different tastes and flavours from all around th in a relaxed setting. Pint of water before bed mind. STUDENT OFFER - Bottles of Fuller’s London Pride eydew Organic Ale, or an Old Krupnik Honey Vodk only £2.50.


Lifestyle Editor

Our top tips for avoiding & dealing with a hangover

Students are known for their partying and

drinking habits, so we may as well embrace our stereotype and get on with drinking that pint, that shot and that shot too. But what about the morning after? How do you deal with that hangover from hell? I’ve put together some tips on how to make yourself feel a little more alive after a heavy night out: Water! - This beautiful substance is the answer to all your hangover worries, although not everyone can be bothered downing pints that don’t contain beer. Drinking water before, during and after drinking refuels your body with the water alcohol takes out. Drink 3 pints of water after a night out and you will feel a lot better the next day!


Full English breakfast - Or toast if you can’t handle much food, but eating will soak up the alcohol from the night before and make you feel much more energised.



Sleep it off - Sleep is the best cure for a hangover, so if you have a day off then take it as an excuse to sleep off your hangover! If not, brave your lectures then get back into bed.


Watch your colours! - It is said that the darker your drink, the harder it will hit you, and the worse your hangover will be, so swap the red wine to white to feel slightly fresher the next day.


Hair of the dog - This is what everyone wants to hear; just go out and drink your hangover away. If you can handle your alcohol the next day, play like the student you are


nd has a laid- back worth taking the 5 hiskies and bottled dly, knowledgable working your way he world, all done

e, or Fuller’s Honka and mixer - all

VE RV E Good time drinking den Recently refurbished Verve has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The new decor gives it a prohibition drinking den vibe, enhanced by some exotic and rare whiskeys and spirits on their top shelf. They also specialise in several types of Absinthe and molecular cocktails. Order an Absinthe Bomb if you’re feeling adventurous. They’ve got great beers on draft from Sierra Nevada to Estrella, as well as a terrific selection of bottled and canned beers. Check out an FYI fave, DJ Boy Oliver, he usually plays Saturday nights. Verve also has live music and a happy hour, if it’s been a tough day. STUDENT OFFER - Bottle of Budweiser and a Bullet chaser for £3.50 and get your mates together for a casual drink, but if you’re still being sick at 7pm then just go to bed. No smoking - Smoking and drinking seem to go hand in hand; even some people who don’t smoke regularly smoke when they are on a night out. But smoking just adds to your body’s agony the next day, as well as all the other bad things they do. So if you can help it, cut down on the cigarettes, your body will thank you in the morning.



Exercise - It seems like the last thing you want to do, but a slow jog or a walk will get the blood pumping through your body again and give you more energy. You’ll feel better for it, trust us!


Eat before you drink - Drinking on an empty stomach is the worst thing you can do. You will not only get drunker than everyone else (and make a fool of yourself ) and feel even worse the morning after. So just eat.


NEXT: YOU DON’T HAVE TO Tactical chunder - No getting away from DRINK (LOADS) TO BE A STUDENT this one, if you need to throw up just do it. You’re likely to feel better afterwards. 13 WWW.T-HUD.CO.UK





You don’t have to drink (loads) to be a student


hat you are about to read will not be popular with a lot of people. It will not be popular with your mate who thinks that doing a strawpedo in less than two seconds solidifies his position as the best person alive. It may not be popular with your student union, it will not be popular with the manager at your local Wetherspoons and it most certainly will NOT be popular with the CEO of Jagermeister. However, it is the truth. You do not need to drink too much at University. In fact, if you don’t fancy it, you do not need to drink AT ALL. The choice is yours and only yours to make. By now you will have successfully endured Freshers’, or if you’re a 2nd or 3rd year you may have successfully ‘encountered’ some freshers’... Freshers’ is GREAT. It is an opportunity to meet lots of new people, begin chipping away at your loan, act like a twat and sleep with complete strangers. At this stage, you may have lots of new contacts, be a member of countless clubs and societies, have a genuinely disgusting kitchen, may have chlamydia and almost definitely will have a terrible cold. This is the classic fresher experience and is a drama that is repeating itself for many


of this year’s roughly ½ a million new students across the UK. The extent to which us students drink is impressive. 59% of students have experienced some form of memory loss and a staggering 37%, have at some point, not known how they got home. Most impressively, last year, students from Leeds Metropolitan University proudly topped the table of drinking establishments by chugging an average of 26.7 units of alcohol per week. That’s equivalent to about 45 single shots of Archers and Lemonade, in an average week! This is all fun and games, but there is a fundamental and troubling disconnect. A UNITE study recently surveyed students before they embarked on their studies, asking them what they wanted out of University. Of the 532 that answered, 456 said they desired a ‘hard working’ atmosphere and time at University, whereas only 76

average of £33.10 on alcohol and going out, allocating only £25 a week on food. That means you, yes, you, are set to spend £1059.20 on going out and alcohol over your next 32 weeks of being an active student this academic year. We are literally lining the pockets of the alcohol industry. You can pick up a decent second hand car for 800 quid and the going rate for flights to Sydney or Peru around this Easter break is £600. I know where and what I’d rather be spending my money on! Kind of puts into perspective how wrong your mates are when they claim they “don’t have enough money for food.” What if you’re a non-drinker? There is hope. A recent study from the Journal of Alcohol and drugs found that ‘the vast majority of both male and female students overestimated the incidence of drinking amongst their student peers’, in short, we all think everyone else is drinking loads when their actually not. Estimates for non-drinking students range from 10-31%. That means if you’re at one of the least boozy universities such as Salford or Kingston 1 in 3 of your peers could be a non-drinker! What I’m arguing for is a re-definition of what it means to be a student. This does not mean that drinking become abolished or stigmatized. It still means going out if you want to, and it can still mean the outside chance of a one night stand! It just means less wasted days walking round campus in tracksuit bottoms at 2pm with ketchup matted into your hair. It means slightly healthier livers. It means feeling awake enough to get involved in other stuff. It means no peer pressure and a bit more respect for people who decide drinking is not for them. It means you may even have a tangible and meaningful conversation with someone after 9pm. It could even mean being able to go away on holiday, a new car, or committing to the internship of your dreams over next summer. Wouldn’t that be nice?

said they desired ‘hard partying’. Why is drinking so popular then? Somewhere along the line going to University became more synonymous with booze and less with knowledge. Is it me or are we selling out, just a little? I remember arriving at my halls just over 3 years ago to a welcome pack laced with condoms, free WKD and countless drinking promotion leaflets. I also remember the promoters of CARNAGE coming and asking whether I wanted to pay a ludicrous sum of money to wear a frankly offensive T-shirt and wonder round some mediocre pubs like Jordan, desperately trying to get laid. I have since graduated (relatively sober) and look back at these things as whimsical attempts at making money off the back of student’s naivety. Some more facts, every week students spend an WWW.T-HUD.CO.UK

59% of students have experienced memory loss



P L A G I A R I S M Gary Smith* was finding University tough.

It was his final year and whilst he realised it was important, it was just as crucial to make sure his last 12 months were memorable. Trying to fit in all the socialising, partying, the numerous theme nights and trips fancy dress shops for outfits were starting to have an impact on Gary’s work. Consequently he found himself in the impossible position of trying to finish a 3,000 word essay in less than 48 hours. After spending the next two days searching the internet for inspiration and arguments to back up his research, he found some supporting evidence and typed it all in to his essay. Eventually at 4:30am on the date due for submission he was finished; he had cut a few corners but he was happy. Two weeks later he got back from a lecture to find a letter from the University waiting for him. The letter was asking him to attend a formal meeting with the department Academic Misconduct Officer. It was alleged that the recent essay he had submitted wasn’t all his own work! The Turnitin report he had attached stated that 28% of the content was lifted from other sources and Gary hadn’t acknowledged the source or quoted the text correctly. The allegations were explained to Gary. He knew he had rushed his work, cut and pasted a


few paragraphs here and there but he had honestly thought the words he had copied were unlikely to cause issues; after all they were from the internet! Accepting the allegations, Gary explained his reasons, “I was partying too hard, had left it to the last minute and yes I had copied passages from the internet but I didn’t realise they would also need referencing”. A few days later Gary received another letter. He would have to repeat the module during the next academic session and the mark would be capped at 40%. Unfortunately in Gary’s case this meant he couldn’t graduate on time and his degree classification would suffer. Pro Vice-Chancellor Tim Thornton was asked to comment “Whilst I can’t comment on any individual case, Gary’s predicament is all too common. Freely available knowledge on the internet can lead to students taking the easy option but they often don’t realise the penalties. We are not saying don’t use the internet; just make sure you reference all your sources in full. The University and Students’ Union will give advice and support to any student who needs academic help. Seek our help if you are unsure before it’s too late and your future prospects are damaged.” *The student’s name has been changed to protect his anonymity





Student fees, rent, bills, food, travel and leisure...

All these things us students have to worry about on little income...What if we told you, we could help save you up to £500 a year by simply buying a £12 card? Think it sounds too good to be true? Think again. With the NUS extra card, even more savings can be made at your favourite shops, restaurants, takeaways, leisure destinations and hundreds more. This even applies online, meaning you don’t even have to leave the house! You’re probably thinking “But I already get discount with the University student card.” However this has restrictions and as the majority of better deals are found nowadays online, this card cannot be used over the Internet! Nicole Wayman, 19 studying Extended Science bought her NUS card during Freshers from our team working at the Students’ Union and she told us that when shopping online for coursework books, she saved 5% at Amazon online buying a chemistry book and another 10% off a new dress for Hud Fest! When you’re wanting to get away from university


or just needing to use your mum’s washing machine, Elliot Thorn, 22 studying Events Management used his NUS card to purchase a 16-25 railcard which saves you a 1/3 off normal rail prices! Furthermore, some top brands don’t accept University cards but offer discounts for NUS Extra card holders, these include ASOS, Missguided, Odeon, Frankie and Bennies, Alton Towers, Staples, Topman and Topshop, with up to 25% discount plus many more. You can browse these offers online or ask a friendly member of the Students’ Union staff team. Now is the perfect time to purchase a card with Christmas just around the corner and even more discounts from popular retailers being introduced for you all the time! Saving that little extra in your back pocket means presents for family, friends and loved ones can be just as thoughtful without damaging the bank balance! To order your card today for just £12 for whole 12 months worth of discounts, visit www.NUS. and follow the easy instructions. OR order at the University from US working around the SU and campus. Then pick up your new card from the iZone a week or two later! Simples!

THIS CHRISTMAS my extra card bought for me...


1 ST



5 £31 3 £ Mum r £36 o f 0 e 4 m £ u Perf per m £8.50 u j s a 0 1 m £ t Chris ndad a r £21 G 5 r 2 o £ f Nan Socks r o f £4 riser u t s s e i l o d d M Ti r o f 20 £18 e £ s u o m nny Toy o J £70 r o s f d Just £12 for 12 months’seworth of savings n t e n i r f rehow you canorcutUthenicost Visit to P see can you afford not to? f s t n e s day of the year! of Christmas and every Preother




Arts Editor

Getting crafty with a graduate from Huddersfield University

Art’s and crafts were once the preserve of the

elderly. A past-time for rainy days that they’d share with their grandchildren. They taught them how to knit, sew, bead and other handy skills. However over the past few years, ‘crafting’ has been picked up by a younger generation and homemade items are the epitome of hipster cool. For those of us that weren’t lucky enough to learn from Grandma there’s a new store in the Byram Arcade who will help you on your way and give you the chance to let that wild imagination of yours free. The store was set up by Huddersfield University graduate, Elisa Etemad, who is living proof that your three years of studying, hard work, and late nights in front of the computer are worth every effort. Just a couple of months after her graduation, Elisa, did not freak out about life after University.


Instead she used her time more productively, and on September 14 she opened her very own shop, Crafty Praxis. Crafty Praxis is a small, cosy place which sells “hand made textiles, jewellery, illustrated bags and badges,”Elisa says: “As well as my own work, we also sell work from other artists and designers, both local and national. Not all of them are students or graduates. So, we take on work from a wide variety of people and wide variety of craft practices.”

tion form of why we wanted the grant, why we thought we should get it, what our business was and what we were going to do. Once we got through that stage, we had to do a really terrifying five minute presentation.” For those of you who have been around campus during Freshers’ Festival you might remember, or even visited, one of Crafty Praxis’ the workshops. Where Elisa and friends helped students make braided bangles and cuddly monsters made out of scrapped recycled fabric. Currently the shop is “full to bursting,” with textiles, jewellery, original hand drawn illustrations, photography, ceramics, silver work, prints, cards, cushions, to knitted scarves and hats. You can find almost everything you can imagine there. The store was set up with help from the University’s Student and Graduate enterprise scheme called ‘Business Mine’ which is situated at Floor 10 of the Central Services building and available to any student. All you need is a good idea, a strong pitch and the drive to make your idea into reality. “It wasn’t like they just gave us a grant,” says Elisa about her application. “We had to really work for it. We had to send this massive applica-

If you missed out on those first workshops, don’t worry, there will be plenty over the year held at either Crafty Praxis, the Students’ Union or the Faith Centre: “You don’t have to be creative to come,” says Elisa, “I had someone who’s doing Psychology at the last workshop. I had final years and first years all together, which I thought was nice, because it was not only a chance for them to have a play with crafts, it was also a chance for them to meet new people.” These events are key to Crafty Praxis survival; as it aims “to play a large part in the craft community” of Huddersfield. Becoming a place where you can buy, receive advice and learn about crafting.





Fashion Editor

Student’s launch new clothing line

When most students go out partying, they

usually arrive home with a hangover and plenty of awkward images scattered across Facebook. Not so, Stephen Bradshaw and his Graphic


Design classmate, Jay Thomas. Who after a heavy night out in Huddersfield came up with an innovative business idea that combined their love of partying, graphic design and music. After adding Matt Hayes from Leeds College of Music in the mix , the entrepreneurial trio, have founded their new clothing range ‘Midnight Hour.’

The name, Midnight Hour is symbolic of the time in which the idea for the company was hatched and its clothing range is based on owls, clocks and the number twelve. “Midnight Hour offers an alternative idea to fashion design, all from a shared admiration of graphic design and music”, said Stephen Bradshaw. He believes that design isn’t all about designer labels or high price tags, but the expressing artistic emotion onto the product. Midnight hour aims to be different, giving you the latest set of designs, from the students who know exactly what students like. “T-shirt’s are fantastic icebreakers,” said Stephen. Seeing a person with a fun, memorable t-shirt slogan will have you talking for hours and create new friends. With these t-shirt designs you’re bound to get noticed.” As part of these designs the trio developed ‘Owley’, a mascot and key design element to the brands clothes. When it comes to the prints themselves, we see Owley taking on many different personas. These include: an insanely wacky Lady Gaga, dressing as Moss from the IT Crowd, Jarvis Cocker from Pulp and wearing Jack Black’s Nacho Libre costume. If you’re crazed by the internet sensation and you want a little bit of your own ‘Gangnam style’, you can also choose the PSY design, with catchy ‘Eh Sexy Lady’ slogan.

The launch party will be held in the basement of the relatively new bar in Huddersfield, The Zetland. The night will consist of musical entertainment by DJ’s: Kid K, Liam Divers and Daniel Ingham, followed by an array of acoustic talent such as, Holly Macve, Matty Fletcher and Paul Janicwiez. Midnight Hour’s aim is to promote local bands and musicians throughout their events, as well as provide a fun, relaxed arena for you to purchase some new threads. During the evening, you will have the opportunity to purchase one of two things: a funky new t-shirt or a fantastic new print for your university dorm. The clothing range consists of Aztec and clock designs and the original ‘it’s a hoot’ tee. Each of the T-shirts are limited edition, as only 25 will be printed at a time. This exclusivity will give you a chance to stand out from the crowd and really impress your university friends.


If you’re interested in Owley and Midnight Hour clothing range, pop into the free event at Zetland on December 12th 2012.



Music Editor

Music Editor, Jenessa Williams talks to the UK’s hottest band

Say what you like about the Mercury Music

Prize, but it is steeped in northern history. Awarded annually to ‘the British album of the year’, with an affiliated prize of a cool £20,000, it’s generally considered the only ‘authentic’ music award out there, focusing not on the commercial success of a record, but it’s musical merit alone. With previous winners including Arctic Monkeys in 2006 and Pulp in 1996, and the likes of Wild Beasts, Richard Hawley, Doves and Elbow all receiving nominations over the years , Yorkshire and Lancastrian music has long been well respected as some of the best in the country. And now we can add another to the list. With their debut album ‘An Awesome Wave’ being out just over six months, ex Leeds University students ‘Alt-J’ scooped the prize sum for their blend of trip hop drums and sparse, cinematic guitars, which received a large amount of critical lauding at it’s release. Spawning four singles including Breezeblocks and Tesselate, the record has seen them compared to the likes of TV On The Radio and even Radiohead (although this is probably a teeny bit too generous)

We loved being at Leeds University.’ Said Gwill Sainsbury, the bands bassist, in an interview backstage in Leeds on the second night of their current tour. ‘I’m from Cornwall originally, so it was completely different being this far away from home. I live in Cambridge now so I miss how cheap northern living is. If it wasn’t for the time and the environment we had doing an art course, we wouldn’t have had the time to practice or write songs. Doing arts courses also means you are taught to get really critical about everything,

“I miss how cheap northern living is”

Studying Fine Art and English Literature, the four piece have directly cited their time at University as an influential factor on the album that took them five years to make.


... ALT-J

nomination. It’s something that seems ironic now, as they find themselves £20,000 richer just a week after speaking to me. ‘I think if you put out a physical record, not just on iTunes, you kind of need to put a bit more effort in to make it a tangible thing. We actually lost money producing those origami ones, but it was a nice thing to do, and they had a quite an impact when the album came out next to all the normal CDs. I’m quite proud that we managed to convince a label to do for us, on our first record where no one had really heard of us.’ Explains Gwill. ‘In terms of the Mercury, no -one knows this, and I’m not even sure if we’re meant to say… but you have to pay to go to the Mercury Music Prize, it’s like 450 quid each. So if you want to take a full team, your band and your record label and your PR guys, you can’t really afford it.’ Thom Green, the band’s drummer, conquers. ‘I really wanted to have my family there on the day, but we couldn’t afford it. But that’s the way it is. We didn’t intend to be a band initially and I think that’s why it works. It was just something we wanted to do; we didn’t have a goal to be famous or make money.’

and I think that’s helped us in terms of making the best music we can.’ Clearly baffled by the success of their debut, the concept of putting enormous effort into their music without expecting any financial gain is something that runs through our interview; they tell me of the loss making exercise that was producing their unique origami artwork for the record, and of the expense of even accepting a Mercury Music Prize

With an album that will now inevitably see exponential sales boosts and public attention, the pressure now kicks in for Alt-J to attempt to create a second record that lives up to it’s predecessor. It’s a task that would intimidate many, and is something they are taking very seriously.


‘In our minds, yes, we’ve got ideas in place for the second album. But we just haven’t had the time record anything yet.’ Says Gwill. ‘Between now and our next UK tour in May we’re going to Europe and America, twice. We’re crazy busy.’ He pauses, smiling wryly at his bandmates. ‘We’re living the twisted dream!’




Journalism Student

More Than Conquerors @ Zephyr

Zephyr is probably one of the coolest bars in

Huddersfield. FACT. Yet, it seems like the unlikeliest of venues for a heavy rock show. Dealing with the fact that it’s about as big as a Storthes bedroom, I try to put aside its stupidly small size and concentrate on what matters. Northern Ireland’s very own More Than Conquerors are in town. If you’re interested in real music, the band are a fine example of a balls out rock band, signed to one of the most productive independent record labels, Small Town America. Guitarist and vocalist Kris Platt told me that for ‘More Than Conquerors,’ getting signed was pretty easy. ‘I’m not saying it’s going to be easy for anyone else.’ He admits. ‘I just went in with a CD I burnt it off and found a piece of paper and wrapped it up and wrote the name of the band and the songs’. Platt also encouraged young student based bands to try and share their work with as many people as possible: ‘Theres no reason why not; that’s what this whole era’s about, doing it yourself ’. Second on tonights bill, More Than Conquerors open with a track called ‘I’ve Done Nothing/ I’ve Done it all’, taken from their self titled EP. It’s heavily constructed riff makes All Time Low look like a boy band, a massive sound for such a small venue. ‘It’s always nice to come back to like


small venues which are really nice and intimate, crammed sweaty and loud’. Smiles Platt. The harmonies in new single ‘When The Well Runs Dry’ are near perfect, bursting like a yoghurt in a lunchbox during the chorus and ridiculously good middle 8. They finish on ‘Bear Knuckle Fight’ a track which has been played many times on Radio One by Fearne Cotton. Again carrying a belter of a riff, it’s humorous lyrics (‘I saw a bear, in the woods alone/ Showed me his teeth/ Gave me a whiff) showcase a band in their zone. At this point Platt and Guitarist have jumped into the middle of Zephyr’s dance floor, partaking in a reverse stage invasion. There’s only one thing that disappoints me about tonight’s gig: the lack of audience. Let me remind you that this is a FREE gig in Huddersfield, and it really isn’t often a band this good come to town. So keep your eyes peeled, make the most of a homely venue and see some good bands without having to travel to Leeds.


Submotion Orchestra @ Bar 1:22 - By James Wood

One of my favourite sights is watching big bands squeeze

onto tiny stages. I have fond memories of watching the Grand Union Orchestra cram themselves onto the minuscule platform at the old Hull Truck Theatre, leaving the poor Tuba player to perform a feat of great endurance. Standing up, elbows tucked in, and blowing his heart out for the entire set. Submotion are an entirely different sort of orchestra, but I still had to suppress a laugh watching all 6 of them trying to find wriggle room, with reams of pedals and percussion on Bar 1:22’s small stage. The band were more than used to their surroundings though, this being something of a homecoming gig for them. Bandleader and vocalist Ruby Wood proudly recalled her fond memories of singing in public for the very first time here, and was evidently thrilled to play the prodigal daughter, returning to perform in front of a whole new legion of adoring fans. Even though the crowd may have lapped up anything Submotion Orchestra would have offered, (my personal favourite super-fan was Rene ‘the crazy poet’ Thomas who spent the night bare-footed, madly shaking his limbs, swigging from a flask and sketching the singers portrait) the standard of the tunes was undeniably high. Although perhaps not as jazzy as on record, the combination of some stellar samba-style polyrhythmic percussion, huge swathes of classic King Tubby 60s dub reverb (props majorly due to the soundman) and a monster fat bass led to a highly danceable, slick wall of sound that Phil Spector’s groovy granddaughter would be proud of. This is an orchestra to watch out for, no doubt. WWW.T-HUD.CO.UK

Los Campesinos! – The Holly And The Ivy The Maccabees – Walking In The Air Slow Club - Christmas TV Sufjan Stevens – That Was The Worst Christmas Ever The Killers - The Cowboy’s Christmas Ball Best Coast and Wavves - Got Something For You Death Cab For Cutie - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) Frightened Rabbit - It’s Christmas So We’ll Stop

GIGS HUDDERSFIELD 22/11 - Floorplan presents XXXY – Zetland 23/11 – Professor Green Remedy Launch Party – Tokyo 8/12 – Tinchy Stryder – Tokyo LEEDS 20/11 – AlunaGeorge, Nation Of Shopkeepers 10/12 – The XX, 02 Academy SHEFFIELD 18/11 – Mystery Jets, Leadmill 28/11 – Foals – Queens Social Club MANCHESTER 4/12 – XFM Winter Wonderland (Bloc Party, Everything Everything) Apollo




Music Editor

My Top 5 Musical Gifts Display 1 Vinyl Cases - My course

leader would probably call me a terrible Music Journalist for wanting to display vinyl on a wall rather than playing it, but it looks pretty cool right? I’d be pinning up my copy of Wild Beasts Smother or Animal Collectives Merriwether Post Pavillion for the ultimate in arty hipster goodness. - £8.50, D.A.B Radio - If you’re feeling super rich and want to club together with your housemates to buy yourselves a treat for the kitchen, why not have a look for a DAB Radio? Most good ones will also come with an iPod dock, meaning instant pre drink party playlists, and being able to pick up virtually any radio station from around the world, you can even tune into Huddersfield Uni’s very own radio station from the comfort of your own home. I’m quite a fan of this adorable number from Cath Kidston, but then I am a very girly girl with an unhealthy interest in florals that probably shouldn’t be encouraged.£189.00,



Urban Ears Headphones - Believe it or not, there are other headphones on the market that don’t involve lining Dr Dre’s already bulging pockets. Urban Outfitters stock an UrbanEars range that come in a variety of colours and fit tightly to the ear, meaning no one on the bus ever needs know about your secret penchant for Taylor Swift. -£50, Urban Outfitters


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Mixtape - Who doesn’t love a good homemade mixtape? It shows you’ve put some actual thought and effort into your gift giving, rather than just panic buying a HMV voucher. It also means you can get creative with the artwork and the only real cost is the CD and the songs, which of course you will all download LEGALLY. Why not have a gander at T’Hud Recommends alternative Christmas playlist for inspiration?



Journalism Student

Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the 50th anniversary of the first James Bond film. To mark these achievements Brass Factor will be themed “Proud to be British.”

Back for its third year, Brass Factor, West York-

Organiser Alex Bray said: “We’re so proud to have shire’s premiere brass band competition, promises such amazing traditions flourish and we want to to be more exciting, more entertaining and above celebrate brass bands alongside the years other great achievements.” all, more British than ever. Taking place on Friday 30th November 2012 at Holmfirth Picturedrome; six bands will go head to head performing a diverse repertoire of songs. The winner will be decided in part by an ‘X Factor style’ judging panel made up of media personalities and brass band experts while the evening’s audience gets the casting vote.

The evening will incorporate all of these themes in a special musical celebration, but perhaps most importantly will commemorate the tragic death of Private Thomas Wroe, who was killed in Afghanistan only a few weeks after his 18th birthday back in September. Alex, who knew Thomas Wroe’s family said:

“We are also having a collection for ‘Help the Heroes’ in the memory of a local soldier who died, Thomas Wroe. This fits in with our theme because we are proud that he stood up to fight for our country, he fought for Britain, so as a return of 2012 has been a year to remember in modern respect we are dedicating the evening to such a British history; we’ve seen record medal hauls at heroic young man.” the London Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Alex Bray, who started ‘Brass Factor’ in 2010, will be presenter, and to add a bit of celebrity glint, the well known New Zealand rugby player Robbie Hunter Paul will be making an appearance.




Deputy Arts Editor

The inside track on this years festival


he University of Huddersfield is renowned throughout the UK for its music school. By offering courses ranging from Music Technology, to Performance, Production, Promotion and Journalism, students find themselves in a melting pot of musical culture. Each year their talent is exposed to the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival (HCMF); an event open to everyone that offers a priceless opportunity to experience cutting-edge music. Spread across multiple venues for ten days between the 16th and 25th of November, this year’s HCMF promises to be full of “once in a lifetime” concerts and performances that will leave a mark on attendees. Artistic director Graham McKenzie has worked on the festival since 2006 and considers music as “everything from noise to orchestra’s.” He’s keen to point out that this is not a highbrow event aimed at professionals or aficionados, but a cultural happening for all those curious of what music might sound like in the future. Each year the festival has a composer in residence and 2012 will see Norwegian, Maja Solveig Kjelstrup Ratkje, take on the role with her compositions being played across the festival events. Ratkje represents an unconventional school of compositional thought. Inspired by Norwegian composer Arne Nordheim, a personal friend of Frank Zappa, she started her career in the early ‘90s experimenting with music she heard without thinking of the outcome.


In a previous interview for ATTN Magazine, Ratkje said: “Our goal was to improvise a new sort of music that we had never heard before, not related to any music genre, and referencing any genre that we liked. There was no-one doing that in Oslo then.” Processing her voice through samplers and effects, she takes the listener through the obscurities of noise into a blissful state of what should be an interesting set of performances. The voice is her primary instrument and emotion is the main target of her music, she’s likely to be the talking point of the festival.


This year’s festival also features a residency from the Crash Ensemble of Ireland, a group that has been very active in recent years, especially working with American composers, something artistic director Graham McKenzie says is a main focus this year. The first concert of the Crash Ensemble will take place on day one of the festival and will portrait contemporary Irish composer Donnacha Dennehy. The American Originals event on Sunday, 18th November will include a HCMF commissioned piece from legendary composer

Glenn Branca; a highlight for those who want an education on what else was around in the late ‘70s besides punk. Branca was a member of the original CBGB line-ups. Alongside Talking Heads and The Ramones, his band, Theoretical Girls, was filling up the venue regularly. His Neutral Records label is credited for releasing the first records from noise/grunge legends Sonic Youth; a left-field take on avant-garde music if ever there was one. Something for the purist punk fan to enjoy. 2012 also marks 100 years since John Cage was born and twenty since he passed away. A performance that should be attended for its value is that of violinist Irvine Arditti performing Cage’s impossible to play Freeman Etudes at St Paul’s Hall. A seemingly cacophonous construction of notes that Cage designed to be unplayable, became playable when Arditti managed to pull it off at three times the original tempo in the early ‘90s. Cage was so inspired by the feat that he finished the last two books of the Etudes after witnessing on such performance. If you don’t know John Cage, get to know him because he inspired some of the most influential rock and pop bands in the last 40 years (Velvet Underground, Radiohead) and the story behind this composition is worth a read. Reading this you may wonder why such modern artists have decided to air their works in such an old-fashioned town. They’re alien to it’s environment, yet lend credibility to the HCMF’s unconventional location. For the town it’s a fresh canvas, unaltered by the festival’s existence, oblivious.





Arts Editor

For a comedy act that a few have heard of, Frisky

and Mannish have performed everywhere. Their current tour has seen the duo grace the stages of London’s West End, New York, Berlin, Melbourne, New Zealand, Singapore and Sidneys Opera House. Their next stopover is Huddersfield’s Lawrence Batley Theatre. The pair, Laura Corcoran and Matthew Jones, started performing six years ago after they graduated from Oxford University, eventually forming Frisky and Mannish at a friends charity fundraiser. Ever since then they’ve been praised by critics such as the Guardian to the BBC, proudly attaining the Times’ title of a “global phenomenon.” As a comedy duo they have found their own niche; combining parody, original lyrics and funny looks to pop music. The act allows Corcoran and her brother to apply the analytical techniques they learnt during their time at Oxford, creating what she calls: “popmusicy-seriocomic-mashparodicstereophonic-LOUD-vaudevillian-sketchcabaret-


throwbackcurrent-oldfangled-newfashionedbapsbotty-infotainment.” Put simply: “Even we find it very difficult to describe what we do,” says Corcoran. “We take existing Pop songs, play around with them and show them from an intelligent perspective.” With another round of X-Factor contestants about to enter the pop music scene, it’s hard to believe that there are still people who respect the art-form enough to dedicate such a large part of their lives to it. “I’m a big fan of pop music, very keen on it,” says Corcoran. “It’s a very interesting art form that uses every element available to it. It’s a brilliant time for British pop music right now.” As their biggest tour to date, Frisky and Mannish perform some old favourites combined with some exciting new stuff: “We’ll take you out of everything for an hour and a half. This is about fun, entertainment and making you dance,” sums up Corcoran. Not only that, now they’re giving you, the readers of T-HUD, the opportunity to win two free tickets for their show on the 15th November. For more details, head over to

C H I N A S K I Intoxicating, magnetising, blood boiling, play-

ful, funny, dynamic and magical, The Chinaski Sessions takes its audience on a trip through drunken delirium and mayhem; a fast ride on the train of exploration of masculinity and the I’m-never-gonna-grow-old, immature nature of a man’s soul. With a slight nod to Charles Bukowski’s autobiographical character Henry Chinaski, Australian choreographer Kylie Walters “coaxes seven testosterone-crazed men to live through an evening of debauchery and revelation.” Back a mixture of dynamic physical theatre and live rock music, it’s a show quite unlike any other. “It’s loosely based on Bukowski, it’s a wink,” says David Hughes, Creative Producer of the Chinaski Sessions and founder of David Hughes Dance Scotland (DHDS). “When I read one of the books, I was like, ‘Oh my god!’. They’re quite shocking. There was no way I would put that on stage, it was too offensive. But I didn’t see any of that in this play.”

The night started off in confusion and evolved into madness. Each unsuspecting visitor was pushed into one bizarre scene after another. The fright of Rob Heaslip jumping out of nowhere shouting “pizza” evolves into heavy drumming, maddening guitar solos and outrageous dancing. Next thing you know, the energy level drops as Matthew Foster is dragged, kicked and thrown around the stage for 15 minutes. The most impressive and absorbing part of the show was undeniably Jack Webb’s demonic dance. The lights were muted, leaving one spotlight illuminating his body writhing in inhuman shapes. Before heading back to a comparative reality, in a hilarious journalist vs. rock star interview between dancer Martin Lindinger and drummer Jeroen Stevens. Liz Heywood, one of the older members of the audience says, “It’s absolutely terrific. Energetic and has more content than expected. Although it’s deliberately staged. It seemed inconsequent and anarchic.”





Societies Editor

Headed up by first year Law student Kate Tay-

lor, The Baroness Hale Law Society is new for the 2012/13 academic year. Anyone from the university can join up to the society through the I-Zone but the society will in particular benefit any student of with an interest in law. Although she has only just started her course, Kate has already helped kick start the society by organising two question and answer sessions with local law firms. The society is placing a big importance on networking with other universities this year and will be taking part in ‘Mooting’ competitions. They are also lining up a national quiz in a ‘University Challenge’ style with the help of the UK Law Stu-


dents Association. In addition to big events like these, the society are arranging more Question and Answer sessions with local solicitors which are beneficial to any student looking for a training contract after they graduate. This can include getting advice about what to put on your CV, the best ways to gain experience and the chance to talk to people who have been through a similar experience. Not only does the society offer academic benefits to Law students and any student with an interest in Law, but a great social side too. The society regularly meets in bars, clubs and restaurants which appeals to their varied members and they are hoping to get involved with other societies for joint socials too. The Baroness Hale Law Society will be running many more careers and social events throughout the year and they would love for you to take part. Find them on Facebook or sign up at the SU.


FRAG Reporter

Every Thursday, the members of FRAG (Foot-

ball, Racing, Assault Gaming) society hold our ‘Give it a Go’ session and in the last week of September we kicked off the new academic year with a bang. After our time at Freshers marquee we knew interest was high, but what came next amazed all our members. We set up as normal, ready to start at our regular time of 5:15pm and when the doors opened a flood of people, about 40 of them, all interested in gaming descended onto the meeting one and spoke about what the society was about, room. what we do, and what the society has planned. As people came through the door, we greeted them with shocked but open arms and smiles, and everyone started talking to one another about the latest new releases that they’d have a chance to try. Once the room filled, President Andrew Rice and his elected committee members welcomed every-

At around 7pm things really picked up, when a tournament on the brand new Tekken Tag game ensued. The great bunch of budding fighters wanting to be crowned victorious started at 24, but by the end only 3 remained. The tournament was won by Fayyaz Dawda with Tom P. coming in 2nd and Ash Rhodes coming in 3rd. As the night began to draw to a close, I caught up with a few society members who were reflecting on the hours of entertainment they had been involved in. Matthew Whitehouse said: “It was a fun and great way to spend the evening, meeting new people and playing a wide range of games.” Overall, everyone that came to give it a go enjoyed themselves and were delighted by the wide range of games that we had on offer. The night was a resounding success! FRAG society meet in the Big meeting room (behind the izone), on a Thursday 5:15 till 9:15 pm so come and game to your heart’s desire.





Deputy Sports Editor

With H-Karts, Karl Bangay

When you think of karting your mind is more likely to think of childhood play time with Mario Kart on the N64 than its real life counterpart. Virtual gaming aside, thanks to events like KF1 which was won in 2000 by former F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton, go-karting has become an increasingly popular sport .

At grassroots level go-karting is no longer just a ten year-old boy’s fashionable birthday party, Transport Design student Karl Bangay shares everything appetising about the University of Huddersfield’s go-karting society, H-Karts: T’Hud: Why did you begin go-karting with the University of Huddersfield? KB: Motorsport is something that really interests


me as soon as I arrived at Huddersfield and heard of the go-karting society I joined straight away.. T’Hud: Where’s the circuit? KB: ‘Pole Position’ in Leeds, on average about 25 people go a session, I also got my fastest ever lap their 1:44:44 which I’m very pleased about. T’Hud: Are the go-karting races competitive? KB: Yes there are we race in a PPIK championship as well as a BKA league. Last year whilst competing against other Universities, we finished tenth out of fifty in our first ever Championship which was very good going. T’Hud: Why should students visit the Pole Position circuit in Leeds? NR: Because it is great fun and also a novelty. Not everybody would have sampled go-kart racing before but I urge anybody to give it at least one try, it’s a challenging circuit but one you can easily get hooked on, I’m addicted and look forward to going throughout the year.




Last summer was a poignant and rip-roaring

success for British Tennis as Andy Murray became the first Briton since Fred Perry to claim a Grand Slam title. Ending a 76 year men’s drought in the UK, as well as winning a Gold and Silver medal in the singles and doubles (with fellow British player Laura Robson) respectively.




example one player we have was playing for his county last year.” Whilst it is commendable to accommodate a crop of players at different ends of the tennis talent spectrum the sense of competition can’t help but grip you: “Playing against so many different Universities is great for players’ confidence, we play in two tournaments with the busk league seeing winning Universities getting promoted to a higher league… We travel to Bangor in Wales next week to play our next match” says Lau.

This success has re-energised the University of Huddersfield’s Tennis team: “We’ve had an extraordinary amount of interest this year, to the extent we’re actually going to make a second team As the team captain elaborates on extra friendly for next year” commented team captain Ashley matches being played throughout the year. He Lau. then goes on to reveal the slight possibility of weekend training camps happening in the nonSo is the University of Huddersfield’s tennis team to-distant future. Excitable, energetic and excelgrooming the next British Champion? Lau ut- lent, Ashley Lau and the University’s Tennis team tered: “We have players of all skills, some have resemble a Coca-Cola bubble bolting to the top only just started to play this summer because of of the glass. Murray whereas others are more advanced, for






By Oliver Matharu & Danielle Takeuchi MEN S T EAM Huddersfield University Mens team is all about “grass-roots hockey”. We believe that the game is for every one of all abilities and that if you share a passion for the sport then we want to know you. We try to ensure that it’s affordable for all, and have one off subscription, with no fees to pay for training and matches. For all players thinking about coming along, we have a fantastic coaching set up at Storthes Hall and anyone is welcome. We can also supply equipment to all participants if you are short a stick or other kit. ‘Going out’ plays a big part in being part of the team, socialising every Wednesday night with a range of different social nights and events throughout the year including fancy dress and pub golf. These nights mainly consist of going round and sampling some of the towns finniest bars and clubs.




WO M E N S T E A M The University of Huddersfield Hockey Club is more than just a group of people getting together to play hockey…we’re a family! Over the past few years our numerous social events and sports tours has created a closeness within the group. Our past tour to Southampton has to be the highlight of the end of our hockey season where we invited former hockey club players to join us on tour to build a sense of togetherness. Although our league results from the past couple of years have been a roller-coaster, we are looking forward the new coaching staff we have just hired, who we hope will have a positive impact on our performances. As well as playing, we balance our hard work at training and matches with the social side. Encouraging ladies to join our team on a Wednesday night out to further strengthen our bonds. It acts as a good time to get to know one another and build long lasting friendships. Anyone who has an interest in playing hockey is welcome. So even if you’re a beginner or a more experienced player me and the rest of the team can’t wait to meet you.

Contact - Oliver Matharu, U1055843@unimail. Contact - Danielle via email:





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