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Foodies’ Delight Recipes, reviews and special offers Huddersfield’s Bond Girl Modelling outfits from local shops Leisure Time Features on local events, travel and more



Huddersfield Town Centre Partnership

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I’ve had a great business idea, who can advise me on starting up?

FOR FREE EXPERT BUSINESS ADVICE THINK BUSINESS LINK At Business Link we understand that the difficult economic climate means we’re living in uncertain times. That’s why, whether you’re struggling with financial concerns, trying to cope with slow sales, dealing with staffing issues or maybe thinking of starting up on your own, you can get FREE advice and even a FREE business health check at Business Link.

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from the



Welcome to the Autumn issue of your Huddersfield Magazine. s you can see, it’s a bumper edition with even more pages of great features to keep you interested and informed.


If you’re looking for our usual special offers, don’t panic! You will find them on page 29, along with a helpful listing of all the bargains on offer in town centre restaurants.


We have a bit of an interiors theme going on, with ideas for the dining room, some How To tips on colour in any room, and our Bargain to Binge page focusing on how to change the look of your home without necessarily breaking the bank. Food is also a big topic this issue. We’ve got delicious dinner party recipes, and our Top Ten Money Saving Tips will show you how to reduce your food bill without making sacrifices. And it wouldn’t be the Huddersfield Magazine without Peters the popular Real Restaurant Review, which features Ciao Bella.


Interiors 4 Fine Dining Rooms 7 Bargain to Binge 8 The ‘How To’ Page Fashion and Beauty 12 Huddersfield’s Bond Girl 16 Independent Huddersfield 18 Skin Deep Beauty


Food 23 Real Restaurant Review 24 Fine Dining Time 27 Top Ten Money-Saving Tips

Also on the fashion front, we have tracked down all the independents in Huddersfield that sell bags - you will be surprised by how many there are, and the huge variety of styles they sell.

Leisure 30 Village Life and Walk: Holmfirth 34 Marsden Jazz Festival 37 HOST Open Studios 42 Just Cruisin’ 50 Dates for your Diary

We have loads of other features for you too - find out all about Barrington Douglas, Huddersfield’s very own TV chef, and check out the information on two upcoming events, HOST Open Studios and the Marsden Jazz Festival, as well as our usual diary of what’s on in the area for the next few months.

Plus 20 Pleased to Meet ... Barrington Douglas 28 The Offers Page 45 It’s Economy Drive Time 46 This Sporting Life

We’ve also included a feature on cruise holidays in case you want to go away, and a walk in the Holmfirth area in case you want to stay here.

In case you don’t get the Huddersfield Magazine delivered to your door, we now have regular pick-up points in the town centre so you don’t miss out:

And if you are still having trouble relaxing, have a look at Skin Deep Beauty and book yourself in for a soothing massage • • • • • • • • • •

You won’t find a makeover this time, but we hope you’ll like our substitute - Huddersfield’s very own Bond Girl, Nicola Baldwin, has been modelling iconic outfits for us at Grosvenor Casino (where else?).

Adam Summers Hairdressers Café Ollo Central Lodge Courtyard Dental George Hotel Hair Cuttery House of Fraser Huddersfield Hotel Huddersfield Library Kitten Heels

• • • • • • • • • •

Mark Riley Hairdressers Peters Fashions Ramsdens Solicitors Revival Studio 18 Hairdressers Thatchers Furnishings The Keys Restaurant Urban Escape Voda Bar & Grill XTG Hairdressers

Denby at Strawberry Fair and House of Fraser

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Fine Dining Rooms ad news for restaurants (though that can be good news for us, as lunchtime and early bird specials proliferate). But good news for stores selling things we eat with (cutlery, glasses) and from (tables, plates).

We think not, but we also think that it’s not always necessary to go for black tie splendour - casual works just as well. Gone are the days when you had to Make An Effort every time, and that just seems to make it all the more fun when you do. Call us obsessive (some of our best friends do ... often) but when we do get out the best linen, silver, crystal and candelabra, we have a bit of a fetish for making all the cutlery line up level along the bottom ends (you know, kind of like the Queen does, but without the footmen in white gloves with little rulers).

“ ” Asymmetrical and slightly abstract organic patterns are all the rage, especially leaves.

Wedgewood Vera Wang Lace Strawberry Fair

But we are just as happy with colourful crockery, gorgeous glasses and lots of tea-lights scattered along a pretty table runner.


Cutlery tends to be smooth, sleek and unadorned, and glassware is the same. But strong colours in linens, candles and other accessories add interest and brighten up the whole event.

Times have changed, and living spaces are much more flexible these days. Think of all those mill conversions with their open plan kitchen/dining/living rooms. No need (or room) there for casual kitchen table and crockery plus separate dining table. You can use a nice wooden table for everyday, and who’s to know what’s under the tablecloth if you decide to disguise it for a special occasion? The fashion at the moment in crockery is pattern - but not in the old-fashioned willow pattern sense. If you do see willow pattern, it will be just a small section placed off-centre on an otherwise pure white plate, and it won’t necessarily be in any colour you might expect. Asymmetrical and slightly abstract organic patterns are all the rage, especially leaves. Even long-standing traditional firms are now not only using well-known designers, they are giving them free rein to come up with new and exciting designs. The end result is fantastic quality that is anything but boring. If you don’t believe us, head to Strawberry Fair and see for yourself!

House of Fraser


“ ”



So what are you waiting for? Get a tablecloth or some placemats, invest in whatever appeals to you most to put on top, check out our dinner party recipes, invite your mates around and see just how impressed they will be

Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer

Now we all know that when we have friends around, it’s not really on to eat from a tray in front of the telly. But is it true that we have lost the art of fine dining at home?

Cutlery tends to be smooth, sleek and unadorned, and glassware is the same.

Denby at Strawberry Fair and House of Fraser


More and more people are choosing to entertain their friends to dinner at home, instead of meeting up in restaurants.


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Marks & Spencer




Marks & Spencer

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Next Hertford from Old Charm at Thatcher’s Furnishings

Christian Harold Ardennes range at Thatcher’s Furnishings





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The Latest Shutters for you whatever your style and space

FREE Measure & Fit Arrange an appointment today

CALL NOW 01484 428116 Whatever your style, made-to-measure shutters create a stunning look that’s the perfect fit for your home





The Conservatory Blind Co. Unit 2 Victoria Buildings Albert Street Lockwood, Huddersfield HD1 3PR

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Marks & Spencer Marks & Spencer Marks & Spencer

o t n i a g r a B Binge Next


House of Fraser

new Now that staying in is the saving are you e hop we , out going k you thin we loads of money. But e of the som nd spe so t, trea a deserve your ke ma and money you’re saving it n tha ul utif bea re mo n home eve already is.

to splash out t doesn’t mean you have iture - but on a whole new set of furn at you wh t’s tha if st gue do be our armchairs are fancy. Formal sofas and ce at the having a bit of a renaissan sh upholstery plu ed tern pat moment, with more the ing and tighter shapes join ent rec of les sty y ish squ relaxed and times. en if you like And - call us a drama que nce of the ara ppe rea the we are loving el colours. jew ul utif chaise longue in bea more budget But anyway, back to the options ... e comeback, Wallpaper is making a hug es on traditak us urio lux with witty and n’t cheap, are t tional patterns. The bes it on one use to nt wa y onl will but you the bank. ak bre n’t wo it feature wall so


Main picture: each, ‘Crescendo’ cushions £40 House of Fraser

ch, it’s amazing If you can’t afford too mu nge of wall cha what you can do with a sn’t cost a doe nt pai of tin a colour ... and w To’ ‘Ho the at k fortune. Have a loo our. col ut abo as ide for es pag miracles with And of course you can do lighting, ns, hio accessories. Rugs, cus sculpture and gs ntin pai es, vas candles, m draroo a of k loo can all change the lly. tica ma ap and cheerful Prices range from the che uxe and luxdel re off a market stall to mo commislly cia spe to ugh thro urious, the many artists sioned work from one of Check out their in the Huddersfield area. dio weekend Stu en Op ST HO work at the you will be n, the buy - even if you don’t re. And then futu the in e tim any me welco ! que uni y trul be your home will





The Huddersfield



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This issue we have a bit of an interiors thing going on, and we thought we might have a brief word about colour.



Page 8

f you look at the style magazines, you will see a riot of colour and pattern. But how often does that translate into real people’s real decorating schemes?


We have to live in our homes every day, so it’s easy to decide to play it safe with neutral colour schemes and very pale shades. That’s OK, but what’s wrong with picking out accents of colour with accessories? And bear in mind that they don’t always have to match - contrast will give maximum impact. We’ve all heard the rules: ‘blue and green should never be seen except with something in between’; ‘oooh, you shouldn’t wear pink if you have red hair’. And what we say is: ‘oh yeah, says who?’ Blue and green look fantastic together, and some shades of pink look fabulous on redheads (some shades of pink don’t look good on anyone, but that’s another story).

To paraphrase Jennifer Aniston in that ad, here’s the theory bit. The primary colours are red, yellow and blue. If you mix red and yellow, you get the secondary colour orange, and the missing primary colour - blue - is the complementary colour that will provide the strongest contrast to orange. Mix blue and red, and the resulting purple will contrast most strongly with yellow. And so on ... you get the picture. And when we say contrast, we don’t mean clash, we mean that they will really make each other stand out. Go on, try it - you’ll see what we mean straight away. Most colours have a bit of the other colours in, and if you play with those undertones you can have endless fun and everything you put together will look great. You know what we mean - yellowgreen, yellow and yellow-orange, or blue-green, blue and blue-purple. Add in a splash of a complementary colour, and it will look stunning.>







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What strikes us as really ironic is that just as people are terrified of strong colours, they’re even more frightened by pure white! But it’s THE way to make a strong statement and still stay neutral - in fact no one will even notice that your colour scheme is neutral if it’s white. And there is nothing at all wrong with white - unless you have children or pets of course.

‰™aÄ?ßÄ wÖÁ™‰ÍÖÁj ”‰ …‹©` ´y?ˆ ¼¬´ l¼©ˆ|´¼©`

Be brave and go for it. Start small with a few accents of colour if you feel a bit uncertain. Go to the shops - there’s plenty of colour of every type around - and have some fun putting things together to see what happens. When you’ve decided to go for it, head for Thatcher’s Furnishings to have a carpet dyed to exactly match anything you want.

-Ð>šiâ ˆÇ] ĈÐ>ššˆ> , >` ˆšÇLĈ`|i]  Ò {"è§{n{ Ì{nÌËè

And always remember the golden rule: If you only ever buy things you really love, they will always go together ... because they fit your taste M&S


7i >Äi ¯iš\  š‡->Ð\ œ>• Р x´Ò试 -ٚ\ §è>• Р {¯• HUDDERSFIELD MAGAZINE



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Take your first step towards weight-loss and your improved lifestyle Tel: 01422 324000

Spire Elland Hospital, Elland Lane, Elland, West Yorkshire. HX5 9EB

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AN EXTENSIVE range of cosmetic and weight loss surgery is now available at the highly regarded Spire Elland Hospital, situated on the edge of the town. Our hospital has been established in the local community for over 24 years. We have 41 single ensuite rooms all with satellite television, and tantalising menu options to cater for all tastes. We pride ourselves on our clinical excellence and over 94% of our patients thought we were excellent or very good in 2008. Cosmetic Surgery With several highly experienced plastic surgeons based at the Elland hospital, patients receive only the finest care with all surgery carried out to high standards. The Elland hospital is well renowned for its cosmetic procedures with the most popular being breast enlargement. Other available procedures include facial cosmetic work such as facelifts, nose reshaping and eyelid surgery, tummy tucks, liposuction and breast reductions. The hospital is also highly experienced in non-surgical facial procedures such as fillers and anti-wrinkle injections all performed by your consultant, in a safe, clean hospital environment. Weather you choose surgical or non-surgical treatments pre and post-operative care is always guaranteed to be with the consultant you choose. Cosmetic surgery continues to form a large part of the work of Spire Elland Hospital and for nearly 25 years thousands of patients have experienced highly successful procedures, making them feel much happier with their overall appearance.

The hospital is currently one of the first in the region to offer the Macrolane system of breast enhancement which uses fillers instead of conventional implants. Cosmetic surgery is no longer just the preserve of the rich and famous. Growing numbers of women and men are opting to reap the rewards for themselves. Weight Loss Programme If you are very overweight, losing weight can change your life. Weight loss surgery (also known as obesity surgery or bariatric surgery) in the form of gastric by-pass, intragastric balloon or gastric banding may be the solution for you. Spire Elland Hospital offers safe and effective weight loss surgery and is your local private hospital. Our weight loss surgery programme is stringently carried out to the same criteria as the NHS and in accordance with NICE (the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) guidelines. Research shows that for those people who meet the criteria, weight-loss surgery can be extremely effective, particularly alongside advice and help from dieticians and councillors. We provide ongoing dietary advice and support. Our dietitians, who are experienced in advising patients dealing with obesity, will provide you with advice and support throughout your weight loss journey – from your first appointment until long after your surgery. We can also arrange access to local weight loss surgery patient support groups.

Take your first step towards weight-loss and your improved lifestyle As well as cosmetic and weight loss surgery Spire Elland Hospital offers a full range of diagnostic tests and investigations as well as a full range of surgical procedures including hip and knee replacements, complex spinal and foot procedures, varicose veins and key hole hernia surgery to name but a few. If you would like more information on any aspect of Cosmetic or Weight loss surgery or any other aspect regarding Spire Elland Hospital treatments please speak to Heather Clayton on 01422 324065 or via the internet link below. All enquiries are completely confidential and you are under no obligation. Spire Elland Hospital *Cosmetic Surgery Open Evenings are held every month at the Spire Elland Hospital. Expert consultant cosmetic surgeons are on hand to talk about general aspects of cosmetic surgery with free mini consultations available. To book a place or for further information, please call 01422 324065. The next Open Evening is Thursday September 24. COMING SOON!! Similar Open Evenings are to be held for people interested in weight loss surgery. Check website for more details.

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la Baldwin Model - Nico Studio 18 at s illip d Clinton Ph an on Studio 18 bs Gi at nnor, Laura uren Conroy Makeup - La Hair - Kim Co raphybyjan og ot ph at l - Jan Dennis on Campbel Photographer Stylist - Alis sino Ca r no ve os Location - Gr

s ’ d l e i f s Hudder


ond.” . . . James B d n o B ’s e m a him, “The n can picture e n o ry e v e , ows him in every Everyone kn te actor. And ri u o v fa ir e s th d girls. everyone ha e iconic Bon th re a re e th Bond movie




ntly miner rece rsfield Exa de e in ud tr H en e C Th za with the Piaz field’s rs de joined forces ud H er n to discov r a competitio lucky winne rl, and the gi d on B ley. Her nd own Li om fr Baldwin e was Nicola s from all th 00 of goodie £4 le e er ho w w a es priz cluding e Piazza, in ith shops in th ce to pose w an ch a d an t . tfi tin ou ar w ne ton M ry’ and his As ‘Sean Conne uod an opport it was too go d some an a We decided ol ic N and took or nity to miss, to Grosven girl outfits d on B l you posd typica ul co se el l, where Casino. Wel otoshoot? Bond girl ph a r fo go y sibl e the day by th assisted on ly , et ab re e St er w e am W Byr udio 18 on t and cu w team from St ne a Nicola to who treated the day. She as styling on l el w as of her hair, colour ur lo co th and y ra di ca l liked the leng an dn ’t m ak e di ey th so changes. rk r all-over da a very simila chness ri a Laura used tr ex , but with of plum colour some slices d added in an h, pt it texd de ve gi an to e ighter shad use of Fraser a lighter, br house at Ho trimmed the Jacket - Ware Clinton then t. lif d an re btle layers, tu xt su Ne e s m an Je and added so ds en y tain thickdr xt re Ne Top ters ite long to in Pelle at Pe ing them qu Nicola’s av le ed ap er Shoes - Moda as sh Fr e e of d body. H emi at Hous an , then ss ce ne fa er Necklace - No as r e of Fr around he emi at Hous Bracelet - No hair softly . ge in fr eeping xt Bangles - Ne added in a sw Fraser i at House of eup, started er Ring - Noem as Fr of e arge of mak emi at Hous Lauren, in ch to even out Earrings - No n d foundatio with a liqui ng a minplexion, addi Nicola’s com utral base ne A on top. eral powder ed a base e eyes provid colour on th ed pink us en ur and La to go to build on, ow ad tones of sh (and and purple its tf ou e daytim pale with our r, he us !). Pink bl d the Nicola’s hair he is fin ra ca mas lip gloss and first makeup. en outfits Laur the evening g gold in us Later on for p, eu Nicola’s mak e dramatised fabulous fals and applying es d to ey de ad so on the al k arker lipstic eyelashes. D quotient. > r ou am the gl


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n d e o

Heels Suit - Kitten Top - Next n Heels Shoes - Kitte xt Ne e lac Neck Cuff - Next llis Teal ring - Wa xt Grey ring - Ne

SUPPLIERS 484 468500 te Centre, 01 ga gs in K r, se 4 422220 House of Fra Street, 0148 am yr B 13 , 4 516203 Kitten Heels Street, 0148 ew N 25 , on Monso 484 447780 te Centre, 01 ga gs in K t, Nex 484 424450 te Centre, 01 ga gs in K e, Offic 4 306090 g Street, 0148 in K 1 -3 25 ns, 4 435397 Peters Fashio Centre, 0148 te ga gs in K , Wallis

: re Shops Main Picture - Piazza Cent Accessories Clothing and Riley Hair - Mark ots Bo up ke Ma





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er ond movie ev ery single B ously)? vi ob Who is in ev , es m from Ja We decided made (aside y of course! nn pe ey on M y bang upMiss ar et cr efficient se suit from to bring the a stunning ack tones bl to-date with d an ey . The gr , so we ur Kitten Heels lo co r blocks of fo t ou d red d an lle ca Next al top from ories ss ce Ac added a te . ls Kitten Hee the om fr ed s et oe pl sh com and Wallis from Next look. The e ingénue. is always th e of on in d Then there se is either ba MI5 girl who nt out from tions, or se ca lo ic for James. the exot lls fa . And who ce ffi O d ea t fail. But H time. Withou Bond film Every single a be wouldn’t go ci then, it just de ded to ould it? We , with a re otherwise, w he ok lo y casual for a stylishl sandals from Wallis. The e om fr s dres matched th rs te lle at Pe creto lis Moda in Pe al W ssories from jewelled acce nocence. grown-up in of r ai ate that irl tion Bond G always an Ac l, but ir G d There is also on B to be a Bad e on his - she used is usually on e er th s ay nowad Halle Berry, were thinking the leather side too. We t we had to ge se of ur co of so at House Warehouse ack bl ny in jacket from sk ith teamed it w t, and Fraser. We top from Nex ly ve lo a d a in od M jeans an om fr e sandals yl st ded rto ad ia e w ad gl Then tough look. Noemi om Pelle for a fr ry le with jewel some glitter s it up a bit. aser to dres Fr of se ou at H Fraser at House of Top - Coast Fraser of e us Ho at t Skirt - Coas e Shoes - Offic n Bag - Monsoo nsoon Necklace - Mo nsoon Bangles - Mo

amwithout a gl n’t be Bond was a ce oi And it would ch ur O g outfit. ched with a orous evenin t in red, mat ir sk We tin sa lovely om Coast. top, both fr da an e ic ff silk taffeta O tin shoes from d added red sa onsoon, an bag from M tin etty pr a cream sa ith w ories low-key kept access , al so fr om d ba n gl es an e n ec kl ac Monsoon. r ly enjoyed he she had real s, er ht ug da Nicola told us o tw ung mum of anaya, 8 day. As a yo ths and Sh on m 20 to herself. e Jayda, tim seldom gets e irl sh s, th on m urite Bond G that her favo She told us ry, but is Halle Ber joyed en ly al she re l of al being given very d an w ne the s ok different lo s Dress - Walli ters in Pelle at Pe Shoes - Moda llis Necklace - Wa llis Bracelets - Wa s Rings - Walli





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25/31 KING STREET HUDDERSFIELD T 01484 423 900




TimeTo MakeYourWill? Many people realise that they should make a will but just haven’t quite got round to it yet.There are many driving factors in the decision to make a will, lots of people put their affairs in order to make things easier for their family in the event of their death. Others may do it to take advantage of legitimate tax saving schemes.Without a will you risk leaving your spouse, partner or family with uncertainty and increased stress at an already difficult time.

There are many other reasons for putting a will in place, including the ability to nominate guardians of your minor children, and to provide for children of an earlier marriage. In addition, you can make gifts to friends or other bodies, or to charities, where you can specify the purpose(s) to which the funds should be put.

Those without a will at the time of death die intestate.This leaves the law to then dictate how the estate is distributed. A maximum of £400,000 goes to the surviving wife or husband, however if there are children this maximum drops to £250,000 which includes the marital home. Making a will allows you to specify exactly who receives what from your estate.

Although many are aware of the issues outlined here, they haven’t yet made a will.To avoid the uncertainty, contact Chadwick Lawrence today. The wills and probate team deals with wills promptly and you can be assured that, when you pass on, your estate will be administered according to your own wishes.

Under UK law there is no such thing as a common law wife / husband, therefore should you die unmarried your long term partner would have to make an application in court for an award out of your estate.This can lead to disputes and potentially high legal bills. A will also immediately hands the power to run your business over to your executors allowing them to handle the day to day running of the company, for example paying the wages. Without a will, your personal representatives will need to apply to the probate registry and wait for the necessary authority, possibly affecting the business. Another point worth mentioning is that home made or store bought‘Do It Yourself’wills can often be invalid or inappropriate especially if your affairs are not straightforward, again leading to potential legal disputes.


#ONTACT 0AUL (IRST Office locations throughout the Yorkshire region. 2EGULATED BY THE 3OLICITORS 2EGULATION !UTHORITY





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Strawberry Fair 14-18 Westgate

Magic 2nd floor, Byram Arcade

Mysterium Standard House Sergeantson Street

Pink Cadillac 15 Market Walk

Pixie Pop&Posh 32 Queen Street

International Standard House Sergeantson Street



Page 16

Independent Huddersfield

Bags of style

Here we are with the first of a series of exciting new features to make sure you know just who all the independents are in Huddersfield and where to find them.


e’re always going on about how many independent shops we have here in the town centre, but we are sometimes asked exactly where they all are. After all, the high street shops are easy enough to find (being on the high street, natch) but some of these are pretty well tucked away.

For up to the minute designer items, you are spoiled for choice, with Kitten Heels on Byram Street, Pixie Pop&Posh on Queen Street and Pink Cadillac on Market Walk. They each have their own unique feel, and you will quickly find out which of them suits your style best.

So read on and find out just how many different places you can go to get bags - whether handbags or luggage - from small shops with that personal touch. These are places that will stock those more uncommon brands, places where you can find that special piece and be sure that you won’t then bump into ten other people carrying the same one.

High quality, top end brands are the forte of Cellini in Standard House and Peters Fashions on King Street. Both these shops have a good stock of ‘standards’ - those bags that will last for more than a fashion moment - alongside more quirky styles. Shaw & Hallas in Market Walk are well-known for their shoes and their fitting service, but they also stock a good selection of handbags and briefcases that is definitely worth a visit.

Revival 23A Westgate


At the dressier end of the spectrum make sure you visit International and Mysterium conveniently located side-by-side in Standard House - and Cinderella at Le Bonnet in Station Street. At International you will be able to find a complete outfit, and at Cinderella at Le Bonnet you can even hire a hat to go with it! Last but not least, Huddersfield can even provide plenty of choice when it comes to fashionable vintage. Both Revival on Westgate and Magic in the Byram Arcade stock handbags - often beautifully made, in leather with silk linings which are true, unique one-of-akinds. And the Open Market on a Tuesday or Saturday is also well worth checking out. If you have never been to one (or more) of these shops, now is the time to give them a try! And even if you have been before, make sure you go again because their stock is constantly changing and you never know what fantastic stuff you will find

Shaw & Hallas 9-13 Market Walk


Another shop that’s well known for something else is Strawberry Fair, though in their case it’s china, crystal and wedding lists! Yes, that’s right, they have branched out radically in recent times, and now have - among many other things - a range of really unusual bags (in a good way) to choose from.



Magazine AUTUMN 09:Magazine Wint Sprng 09



Page 17

Peters Fashions 25-31 King Street

Cellini Standard House Half Moon Street

Cinderella at Le Bonnet 6 Station Street

Kitten Heels 13 Byram Street





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Page 18


Skin Deep Beauty Here’s another in our new series on beauty treatments, where three of our extended team try out therapies and let you know what they think. This issue we have been in and around Huddersfield testing massages - yes, once again it’s hard work but we do it for you! We do love a massage, and reading what our reviewers thought, it certainly seems that you are spoiled for choice in Huddersfield. So have a read, and see if you end up as envious as we did! BhS

The Powder Room 82a John William Street 01484 435552 Babbling brooks, birds singing, warm fragrant atmosphere, relaxing piano music. Can I really be in Huddersfield town centre? This is the ambience created by a small, new venue designed for pampering and catering for all the beauty needs you could possibly wish for. At the Powder Room, Zanilla offers a huge range of beauty treatments in a cosy, luxurious environment which she has tastefully decorated and filled with lovely smells and candles. I booked a full body massage after work on a Friday and was well rewarded with a deep and relaxing treatment which included gorgeous aromatherapy oils and hot stones. Zanilla was friendly and attentive, and provided a very personal service, including particular attention to my back problem. She took care to avoid the painful area and made sure that I was comfortable at all times. I have had massages elsewhere and it always surprises me how a slight, gentle person can apply such strength and intensity.The massage was deep and relaxing but without being so intense that I felt wiped out afterwards. The hot stones were a new experience for me and a very smooth light feeling. Not at all what I had expected. The atmosphere was relaxing, with music and subdued lighting and the whole experience felt very personalised and unhurried.An added bonus is the heated bed which is a great idea for those of us who feel the cold easily. Zanilla finished by offering a welcome glass of water and some aftercare tips about how to spend my evening - have a light meal, drink plenty of water, make sure you relax! The Powder Room is at an end of town that is a bit remote from shops and workplaces. But it’s only just past St George’s Square and the railway station, so I hope that this does not prevent people visiting this great little place. Maggie (age 56)

Lenitive Plus 8 Market Avenue 01484 540581

Alexandra House 2 Murray Road, Edgerton 01484 303786

My first impressions on contact were excellent.The telephone was answered quickly and efficiently and the different massages available to me were explained. I opted for the back, neck and shoulder massage.

Never having had a massage of any sort before, I was excited yet a little nervous about what I was letting myself in for.

On arrival I was pleasantly greeted and given a personal record card to complete. I wasn’t kept waiting at all.The therapist showed me to the treatment room, explained the process and waited outside until I was ready. The room was tastefully decorated in neutral light colours with good lighting. My therapist made sure I was comfortable and then explained the different blends of oils that could be used. I chose the soothing blend, which smelled lovely. The relaxing piano music playing in the background was appropriate and unobtrusive and added to the peaceful experience. The only thing that the room would have benefited from was a chair or a stool to place my clothing on.As there was nothing apparent I had to place them on the floor. Before the treatment started the therapist asked me if there were any particular areas that cause me problems so she could tailor the treatment to suit my needs.

The treatment room exuded calm and tranquillity with dim lighting, candles, scent and soft music. I was impressed to note that a bowl containing floating flowers and petals had been placed on the floor below the couch - a lovely touch so you aren’t staring at the carpet. I was asked if there was any part of the body I would like to concentrate on - in my case the upper back.As soon as the first hot stones touched my back I knew I was in for a treat - it was just so relaxing and the intense, focussed warmth felt wonderful as the massage got underway.

The treatment was lovely - the oils smelled glorious, the room was the perfect temperature and the music remained as soothing as the treatment. The therapist was professional and thorough.The right amount of chat in the beginning made me feel comfortable and at ease and then allowed me to relax into the experience.

Afterwards I was allowed as much time as I needed to come round and advised to drink plenty of water when I got home, before once again resting for a while in the relaxation room.

After 30 minutes, at the end of the treatment the therapist ‘blotted’ the oil to remove excess residue, which made getting dressed again much less messy.

I was very impressed with Alexandra House, and the hot stone massage itself. It certainly relieved the tension in my neck and upper back, as well as leaving my skin silky soft. I left feeling stress free and invigorated - just in time for a busy weekend away!

I was then told to relax on the treatment bed whilst my therapist fetched me a glass of water to sip. I was under no pressure to hurry; she suggested I take my time getting ready to leave and explained all the aftercare issues. Andrea (age 40)


Owner Maxine Stead explained the full body hot stone massage I was to receive - using smooth volcanic stones that are heated in water then applied to the body to give deep penetrating heat to the muscles during the massage.

My therapist was very attentive, always checking the pressure being applied wasn’t too much for me and that I wasn’t too warm - she had noted I suffer from hot flushes. By the end of the treatment I was so chilled I was very nearly asleep - apparently a very common sensation!

It was a thoroughly relaxing and enjoyable experience.


I arrived very early and was greeted by a friendly staff member who showed me into the downstairs relaxation room, where I filled in the client medical questionnaire.



Debbie (age 44)

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We also buy Gold • Antique Jewellery • Gold Coins • Diamond Rings (Old or Antique) • Gold Watches • Old/Unwanted Jewellery (any condition) • Scrap Gold



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ffering a large selection of fine diamond and gem set new jewellery

New Range of Jersey Pearl Jewellery

Fine Jewellery, New and Old 15 Market Avenue, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire HD1 2BB Tel: 01484 540011 Silver ranges from and more…





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Pleased Our profile this issue features popular (and now famous after his television appearances!) chef Barrington, proprietor of Caribbean restaurant Discovery Bay.

tomeet... . . . Barrington Douglas at Discovery Bay orn and bred in Huddersfield, Barrington decided at an early age that he wanted to run his own restaurant. He started cooking with his mum at the age of 12, but it took him a long time to realise his dream.


“I grew up on a pretty tough estate and spent a lot of my youth fighting,” he says. “But I’m not ashamed of that. I did grow out of it, and it means that I know what I’m talking about when I work with excluded kids these days. And they respect me for that.” Barrington spent 20 years in the construction business, always saving and aiming for the day when he would be able to open his restaurant. And on September 1 this year Discovery Bay celebrates its 3rd birthday. “Part of me can’t believe it’s been that long, and another part feels like it’s been forever!” Barrington, who is 43 and married with two sons of 7 and 4, says that he’s tired all the time but has never been happier. “I love it even more than I ever thought I would.” Never one to let the grass grow under his feet, Barrington has more than one branch to the business. “I started the outside catering for two reasons,” he explains. “First, it helps out at quiet times, like holiday periods, when the restaurant isn’t as busy. And second, it gets new customers for the restaurant when people taste the food at an event and decide they want to come back for more!” Profile-raising has always been a part of Barrington’s business plan, and he has certainly done a lot. In his first year, he had already won Metro’s award for Best Ethnic Restaurant 2006. This was closely followed in 2007 by an invitation to cook for the Queen’s cousin at Harewood House, which led to an appearance on the BBC.

Discovery Bay 12 Wood Street 01484 300211



“We have even had visitors from Canada, who had come to stay with family in Leicester and said that they really wanted to go to this restaurant that they had seen on TV.” “And that means it’s not just good for me and my restaurant, it’s also bringing new people into Huddersfield to enjoy the town and hopefully spread the word about what a great place it is.” As if he’s not busy enough, Barrington also works at a school for excluded children, teaching them about health and hygiene and basic cooking skills. He also talks to them about his background, and how he turned his life around.

In 2008 he won Male Entrepreneur of the Year at the Yorkshire Black Enterprise Convention run by Business Link. And this year has seen him spend a month filming in the Caribbean with Gary Rhodes for a series of programmes on television.

He explains: “I tell them that it’s not over for them. If you work hard and have a good attitude you can overcome anything. I also take along some of my staff, particularly the girls, and they give the same message with their stories.”

“There was a nationwide search for two sous chefs, and I think about 20,000 applied,” says Barrington. “A friend of mine saw something about it and said I should give it a go, so I did.”

“I’ve always made a point of training young people up. Everyone starts as a pot-washer, but my first pot-washer is now my second chef and others are coming up behind him.”

“It was a fantastic experience, and I do still keep in touch with Gary.We speak every couple of weeks - he’s a bit of a mentor for me.”

He adds: “What I really want you to include in this profile is the credit that’s due to the team. The story of Discovery Bay isn’t just the story of Barrington Douglas. There is no way we would still be here and so successful if it wasn’t for every single person who works here.”

People come from around the country to visit Discovery Bay, having seen the programmes.



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?ÍÁ‰Þ ja‰? ‰Ä ? ™jÝ^ W? MÖĉ™jÄÄ Ä¬jW‰?‰Ä‰™~ ‰™ 0 ™Ä֔?MjÄ ?™a #ww‰Wj +ÁaÖWÍÄ M?Äja ‰™ ͆j ja‰?

j™ÍÁj^ ÖaajÁÄw‰ja± 0†j ?ÍÁ‰Þ ja‰? Íj?” WÖÁÁj™Íß W™Ä‰ÄÍÄ w ¤É ÄÍ?ww ? ݆ ?Áj W? ͝ ͆j ÖaajÁÄw‰ja ?Áj?Ç Í~j͆jÁ Ýj †?Üj ? Ýj?Í† w jÞ¬jÁ‰j™Wj ‰™ ͆j ‰™aÖÄÍÁß Ä¬?™™‰™~ ÜjÁ ¤åå ßj?ÁÄu ™ ‰™j ݉͆ ÖÁ MÖĉ™jÄÄ ~ÁÝ͆ ¬?™Ä Ýj jÄ͉”?Íj ͝ WÁj?Íj ?™Í†jÁ Ôy ŽMÄ Mß Í†j j™a w ͆j Ôååš^ ÁjWÁ։͉™~ ¬jÁĝ™™j wÁ” ͆j ÖaajÁÄw‰ja ?Áj?± #ÖÁ ¬†‰Ä¬†ß ‰Ä ĉ”¬j ˆ ? W? MÖĉ™jÄÄ^ ¬ÁÜ‰a‰™~ MÖĉ™jÄÄ jÄÄj™Í‰?Ä ͝ W? W”¬?™‰jÄ^ j”¬ß‰™~ W? ¬j¬j±

?ÍÁ‰Þ ja‰? ÄÖ¬¬ß ÜjÁ ÔÈ^ååå ¬ÁaÖWÍÄ^ Ä͝Ája ?WÁÄÄ ¤Ô a‰ÄÍÁ‰MÖ͉™ Wj™ÍÁjÄ Ä¬Áj?a    # # ### ?WÁÄÄ Í†j 2 Mj‰™~ aj‰ÜjÁja ™ ? ™jÞÍ a?ß !  M?Ä‰Ä Mß ja Þ± #ÖÁ ¬ÁÍw‰ w WÖÄ͝”jÁÄ ?Áj wÁ” jÜjÁß ÜjÁ͉W? ”?ÁjÍ Ý‰Í†‰™ ͆j WÖ™ÍÁß^ ‰™WÖa‰™~ ͆j ‰™‰ÄÍÁß #w jwj™Wj^ 2™‰ÜjÁĉ͉jÄ^ .W†Ä^ !. ĉÍjÄ^ j™ÍÁ? ÜjÁ™”j™Í #ww‰WjÄ^ W? ÜjÁ™”j™Í j¬?Á͔j™ÍÄ^ Öj †‰¬ Á¬Á?Íj W‰j™ÍÄ ?™a . MÖĉ™jÄÄjı


8j ?Áj ¬ÁÖa ͝ Mj M?Äja ‰™ ͆j ja‰? j™ÍÁjÇ ‰™ ͆j †j?ÁÍ w ͆j ͝ݙ ?™a Mj‰™~ ¬?ÁÍ w ͆j ÖaajÁÄw‰ja Öĉ™jÄÄ ™jÍݝÁ± 8‰Í†‰™ ͆j wjÝ ”™Í†Ä w ÍÁ?a‰™~ wÁ” ͆j ja‰? j™ÍÁj Ýj †?Üj Ö¬~Á?aja ͝ M‰~~jÁ ww‰WjÄ ™ Íݝ WW?ĉ™Ä± W? MÖĉ™jÄÄ ‰Ä ? ¬Á‰Á‰Íß Í ͆j ?ÍÁ‰Þ Íj?”^ Mj‰™~ ¬‰ÜÍ? ‰™ ÖÁ wÖÍÖÁj ÄÖWWjÄÄ Ý‰Í†‰™ ͆j ?Áj? ?™a Ýj ?Áj w‰Á” Mj‰jÜjÁÄ ‰™ ÄÖ¬¬Á͉™~ W? MÖĉ™jÄÄjı ™ ÍÖÁ™^ Ýj Ö͉‰Äj ÄjÁ܉WjÄ ?™a W”¬?™‰jÄ Ý‰Í†‰™ ͆j ͝ݙ ?™a ݉Ć ͝ a ÁjW‰¬ÁW? MÖĉ™jÄÄ Ý†jÁjÜjÁ ¬ÄĉMj± 8‰Í†ÖÍ aÖMÍ Ýj ?Áj W™w‰aj™Í ͆?Í Ýj W?™ ™Í ™ß Mj?Í ?™ß ~j™Ö‰™j ¬Á‰WjÄ j™Žßja Mß W”¬?™‰jÄ Ý‰Í†‰™ ?Áj?^ MÖÍ ?Ä j™†?™Wj ͆j ÄjÁ܉Wj ‰™ ¬ÁWÖÁ‰™~ ?™a aj‰ÜjÁß MÖĉ™jÄÄ jÄÄj™Í‰? ¬ÁaÖWÍı ?ÍÁ‰Þ ja‰? .֔”jÁ ½åš ¬Á”Í‰™Ä ͝ ÖaajÁÄw‰ja MÖĉ™jÄÄjľ ‰™WÖaj ¶Ö?‰Íß oå~Ĕ ¬?¬jÁ ¬Á‰WjÄ ?Í ?™ ֙Mj?Í?Mj šš¬ ¬jÁ Áj?”JÇ ?™a ? ™jÝ MÖĉ™jÄÄ ÁajÁÄ ÜjÁ ̤yå ݉ ÁjWj‰Üj ? wÁjj ~‰wÍ ˆ ͆j W†‰Wj WÖÁÁj™Íß Mj‰™~ ? +†‰‰¬Ä +Ï ¬?ßjÁ Á ?™ ?”?㉙~ - j‰W¬ÍjÁ±JJ ÖÁ͆jÁ”Áj ÖÁ »ÁjW””j™a ? W? MÖĉ™jÄļ ¬Á”Í‰™ j™Í‰ÍjÄ Í†j WÖÁÁj™Í WÖÄ͝”jÁ ͝ ÌÔy ?ÁÄ F .¬j™WjÁ ܝÖW†jÁÄ wÁ j?W† ™jÝ MÖĉ™jÄÄ Í†jß ÁjW””j™a ͝ ÖÄ ?wÍjÁ ¬?W‰™~ ͆j‰Á w‰ÁÄÍ ÁajÁ±


¯þ¹êÊ šÓÕ®æ Õ*Õ®æ ÓÍÆü

‰Üj ÖÄ ? W? ˆ ÖÁ ~Áj?Í ¬Á‰WjÄ ?™a ÄjÁ܉Wj ”?ß ŽÖÄÍ ÄÖÁ¬Á‰Äj ߝÖu

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8j ݝ֐a Mj aj‰~†Íja ͝ †j?Á wÁ” ߝֱ 22



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?Þ yå Áj?”Ä ¬jÁ WÖÄ͝”jÁ^ ݆‰ÄÍ Ä͝WÄ ?Äͱ JJ 8†‰ÄÍ Ä͝WÄ ?ÄÍ


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Page 23

The real

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iati In assoc


T N A R U A T S E R been The Virtual Huddersfield reviewers have ersfield. for a taste of Italy in the middle of Hudd . Read on for their views on Ciao Bella

Unlike the cobbled nooks and crannies of ancient Siena streets, you don’t have to search far in Huddersfield to get a taste of the Mediterranean. Ciao piece Bella on John William Street is a little of Italy in a very English setting. g the Train users won’t have a problem findin as you of d ahea ht straig it’s as t uran resta n! you leave the main entrance to the statio g Car parking is available on the surroundin . 6pm after free streets and is pm on Four of us went to Ciao Bella at 7:30 party a Thursday. There was a large family the but s diner r othe few a and us near to was a restaurant was only a third full. There ern friendly atmosphere, and the mix of mod an place the lent r and retro-Italian déco authentic ambience. enter Passing pleasant outdoor seating you with rich area bar a into s door through glass Our character without being pretentious. swiftly waitress welcomed us and we were open an ng taken to a table overlooki kitchen.

The striking thing about the menu is the largely sheer range of choices available. It’s ral seve res featu also Italian in focus, but hern dishes from Greece and central sout Europe. well We were all impressed with the size as and as the taste of our starters. My Garlic so fillTomato Pizza was light and tasty, but next else eone som ing I would share it with Pizza c Garli had s diner fellow My time. my Bread, Funghi (mushrooms in a crea parsley and garlic sauce), and Tomato Bruschetta. We sampled a good range of pizza and pasta dishes: Spaghetti Bolognese, Lasagne, Pepperoni Pizza and Vegetable and Pizza. The Bolognese was my choice, d grate ired requ ly hard it ious delic was pt it Parmesan cheese, though I did acce rich when it was offered. The sauce was and full of flavour. ed With little room left for dessert, we decid cakes, to share a couple of chocolate fudge cofwhile I sampled the delights of an Irish fee.

Ciao Bella

fashion Each of our courses arrived in timely drinks from attentive, polite staff, as did our also was r wate ntary plime Com orders. offered to us. but The toilet facilities are clean and tidy note those with mobility issues should take na dow d foun be to are ties that these facili steep set of stairs. four The total for our meal of four starters, very a to e cam erts dess two and mains, were reasonable £49.30. Bottles of Peroni large one and l smal two while £3, at d price 0. £7.3 to e cam glass of rosé wine There is an early bird menu which runs and Monday to Friday from 4pm to 6.30pm and pizza or a past with er start includes any a glass of house wine for £8.50. Ciao Bella (which translates to ‘Hello Beautiful’) has to rank near the top in Huddersfield for the single most important reason: the food. It takes the Italian ethos for good cooking and fresh ingredients, and delivers it with style and great value.

Dan of Shelley

Ciao Bella 52 John William Street 01484 544454 Ciao Bella

restaurant go © Virtual Huddersfield. To review a

to and


click on Reviews




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DiningTime We have shown you how to make your dining room look nice, now it’s time to think about what to serve your guests. We have been given a fabulous recipe for a full roast beef dinner by Haigh Butchers in Meltham, and we decided to give our dinner party menu a multicultural twist by asking local chef Barrington Douglas for recipes for starters and dessert. Barrington owns Discovery Bay, where he serves all the dishes you would expect in a Caribbean restaurant. As he points out, Caribbean food is the original fusion cuisine, with elements from all of the European, Indian and African inhabitants. And he has taken that a stage further, with a selection of specials on the menu that combine Caribbean and European for a thoroughly modern taste. For the full Caribbean experience, he’s given us a recipe for Jamaica’s national dish, Ackee and Saltfish, but he’s also included the more luxurious Garlic King Prawns in Pineapple for those who prefer it.



Serves 6 3 pineapples 30-35 raw king prawns 6-12 langoustines, pre-cooked 3 cloves garlic, crushed unsalted butter parmesan cheese, grated crunchy salad and chopped chives to serve

Serves 6 1/2 packet gingernut biscuits unsalted butter 300gm mascarpone cheese zest and juice of 3 limes icing sugar to taste lime slices and berries to garnish fruit coulis to garnish (Barrington makes his own, but you can buy it ready-made)

1. Cut the pineapples in half and scoop out the centres. 2. Melt plenty of butter in a frying pan, add the crushed garlic and sauté briefly. Add the king prawns and fry until pink - about 2 minutes. Be careful not to overcook them or they will be tough. 3. Place some salad in each pineapple half, add 5-6 prawns each and drizzle over most of the garlic butter from the pan. Sprinkle over the parmesan cheese and place under the grill. Meanwhile, put the langoustines in the pan with the remaining butter and gently warm through. 4. Arrange some salad on each plate, place the pineapple halves on top and add 1 or 2 langoustines. Drizzle over the rest of the garlic butter and sprinkle with chopped chives.



1. Crush the biscuits with a rolling pin to form coarse crumbs. Melt a little butter and mix just enough with the crushed biscuits to bind together. 2. Mix the mascarpone cheese with the zest and juice of the 3 limes, and icing sugar to taste. 3. Place the crushed biscuits into individual metal cooking rings and press down to about 1/2” thick. Add about 3/4” of the mascarpone and lime mixture on top of the biscuits in the cooking rings and smooth over the top. 4. To remove the rings easily, give them a quick blast with a mini kitchen blowtorch which will just melt the cheese mix slightly and allow the metal rings to slide off. 5. Garnish with lime slices and your chosen berries, drizzling the coulis onto the plate and finishing with a dusting of icing sugar.



ACKEE & SALTFISH Serves 6 250g salted cod, soaked overnight 500g ackee 1 large onion 1/2 each red, yellow and green sweet peppers 1/4 Scotch Bonnet pepper vegetable oil black pepper 2 cloves garlic, crushed 1 tomato DUMPLINGS 1 cup self-raising flour 1/4 cup caster sugar 1/2 cup water 2 tsp salt 1. Drain the cod, then place in a pan in fresh water. Bring the water to the boil, remove the pan from the heat and drain. Repeat, then rinse the cod under cold water. 2. Put all the ingredients except the cod and ackee in a pan and sauté for about 10 minutes. Half way through, add the salted cod. When the onions are completely transparent the dish is cooked and the peppers will still be al dente. 3. Meanwhile, combine the dumpling ingredients to form a dough. Break into 2” diameter balls and roll out until 1/4” thick. Pan-fry both sides until golden brown. 4. Turn off the heat and carefully fold in the ackee to warm through. Serve with the dumplings.

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ROAST BEEF & YORKSHIRE PUDDING Serves 6-8 Preparation: 15 mins Cooking at Gas Mark 4-5, 180-190°C, 350-375°C Rare: 20 mins per 450g (1lb) + 20 mins Medium: 25 mins per 450g (1lb) + 25 mins Well done: 30 mins per 450g (1lb) + 30 mins ROAST BEEF 2.7kg (6lb) lean rib of beef, boneless rib or topside joint 15ml (1tbsp) English mustard powder salt and pepper 1 small red onion, peeled and cut into quarters 1 bulb garlic, cut in half widthways YORKSHIRE PUDDINGS 175g (6oz) strong plain flour pinch of salt 2 large eggs, beaten 5ml (1tsp) fresh thyme leaves 300-400ml (10-14oz) milk 30ml (1tbsp) sunflower oil or beef dripping GRAVY 25g (1oz) plain flour 450ml (3/4pt) good, hot beef stock, home-made if preferred, or water 300ml (1/2pt) full-bodied red wine

1. Score the skin of the joint, pat dry with kitchen paper and rub mustard over the surface. Season with salt and pepper. 2. Place the joint on a metal rack in a large roasting tin, add the onion and garlic. Open roast for the calculated cooking time, basting occasionally with the juices. If the bottom of the tin seems dry, add a little beef stock or water. 3. One hour before the end of cooking prepare the Yorkshire pudding. In a large bowl sift the flour and salt. Make a well in the centre and whisk in the eggs, thyme and milk to form a smooth batter, the consistency of double cream. Cover and leave to rest in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. 4. Increase oven temperature to Gas Mark 7, 220°C, 425°F, put oil or beef dripping in a 12hole muffin or Yorkshire Pudding tin and preheat in the oven for 5 minutes. Re-whisk the batter, adding extra milk if required, and pour into a jug. Remove the hot tin from the oven, evenly pour the batter into each hole, and cook for 30-35 minutes until golden brown and crisp. 5. For the gravy, spoon off excess oil from the tin, leaving about 30ml (2tbsp) of the juices. Place the roasting tin over a medium heat and sprinkle over the flour. Stir well with a small whisk or spoon, add a little stock and stir again, scraping the base of the pan to release any sediment. Add the remaining stock, wine and meat juices from the plate, adjust the seasoning and simmer for 8-10 minutes, stirring occasionally or until reduced to a wellflavoured gravy. Strain before serving.


This dish can also be made with topside, rolled sirloin or silverside - ask your butcher. Round off the whole meal with Mrs Darlinton’s Horseradish sauce available from George Haigh Butchers in Meltham.




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Open Tuesday to Saturday for Lunch & Dinner sandwiches, wraps, salads, burgers, steaks, fish, pasta

Early Bird 5 ‘til 7 John William Street, Huddersfield 01484 54 54 54




Happy Hours 5 ‘til 7 House Drinks £2 2.4.1 Cocktails


Tuesday Burger Night 2.4.1 on all burgers

Thursday Steak Night Steak, Chips and a drink £6

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Top Ten Money Saving Tips: Food Right now everyone is making sure they know just how much they are spending, and food shopping is one area where a bit of planning can see bills come right down. We’ve put together our top ten tips to show you how.


Page 27

1. Stop wasting food Write down menus for the week, make a shopping list, and only buy what’s on it. Even better, shop daily for exactly what you need. Go to Queensgate Market any day and the Open Market on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays for fresh fruit and veg, meat and fish. And don’t forget the butchers’ shops on Station Street and New Street! 2. Don’t buy ready meals - and that includes lunch! Three reasons: one, they tend to be full of fat, salt and additives; two, they don’t taste anything like as nice as home cooking; three, they are expensive. It’s a myth that cooking a meal from scratch takes a long time - we can cook most dinners in 45 minutes from start to finish. And how long does it really take to make a sandwich? 3. Eat seasonal foods Eating food that’s in season helps the environment by keeping food miles down, and supports British farmers. Plus, food that’s in season is food that there is plenty of ... and that means it’s less expensive. 4. Eat less meat Or buy cheaper cuts full of flavour, and give them long cooking for melt-in-the-mouth tenderness. Make a stew, bung it in a slow cooker before you go to work, and your dinner will be ready for you when you get home - thus helping with Top Tip Number Two! 5. Prepare your own veg Do you really not have enough time to peel and cut up a few carrots? Would it not be better to buy only as many carrots as you need, instead of buying a bag of carrot sticks and throwing half of them away? (Clue: see Top Tip Number One above.) 6. Stock up your freezer Just think how wonderful it would be if you were only ever 15 minutes away from a home-cooked meal. Well you can be - it’s as easy as making two (or more) times as much as you need. Pasta sauce, chilli, soup ... they are all ideal. You’re already doing the work so why not do a big batch and freeze the rest? 7. Start a store cupboard Or if you already have one, stock it up! Your store cupboard should contain all the non-perishable items you use on a regular basis. Store cupboard items are the only other things you should be buying if they are on offer but not on your shopping list (yes, it’s back to Top Tip Number One). 8. Shop around It’s convenient to do a one-stop weekly shop at a supermarket, and you will bag some bargains. But you may well end up paying over the odds for the rest of your shopping. Shopping at markets and in small butchers’ and greengrocers’ shops can mean big savings - and you can also get advice from experts on trying new things. 9. Buy the basics In the supermarket, look out for ‘basic’ lines, which are often not much different from premium brands. The label might not be as pretty, but what’s inside is just as good for you and at a fraction of the price. 10. Use up your leftovers Even Sainsburys has jumped on this bandwagon, with its leftovers recipes on TV! So think twice before you throw food away - and we’re back to Top Tip Number One again ...





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The Huddersfield

We’ve moved and expanded! We know you love the special offers in the magazine, and with our new look we have also extended to a full page to make sure you know what’s on offer throughout the town centre. This issue we’re bringing you all the regular specials you can find in the restaurants in Huddersfield - even in these credit crunch times there’s no excuse for not going out! The details are correct at the time of printing, but please check with the restaurant when reserving to avoid disappointment. And of course we have two special offers exclusive to readers of the Huddersfield Magazine. Make sure you cut out the coupons and take advantage of these special bargains.

Ali Murad Restaurant

Discovery Bay

OFFER: Special Buffet Menu AVAILABLE: Sunday to Thursday £6.99, Friday & Saturday £8.99

OFFER: 2 courses £9.95, 3 courses £12.95 AVAILABLE: Tuesday to Thursday 5.30pm-6.30pm

163 Wakefield Road 01484 454560 See ad on page 47

12 Wood Street 01484 300211

Gringo’s Restaurant OFFER: 2-4-1 AVAILABLE: Monday to Saturday 5pm-7pm


Ali Murad

OFFER: Early bird AVAILABLE: Monday to Friday 5.30pm-7pm 37 John William Street 01484 535440

Bradley’s OFFER: 3 courses including 1/2 bottle of wine AVAILABLE: Monday to Wednesday £14.95, Thursday to Saturday £18.95 84 Fitzwilliam Street 01484 516773

Ciao Bella OFFER: starter plus pasta or pizza dish with a glass of house wine £8.50 AVAILABLE: Monday to Friday 4pm-6.30pm




8 Railway Arches 01484 422411

Grosvenor Casino OFFER: 2 courses £8.95 AVAILABLE: Sunday to Thursday Folly Hall, St Thomas Road Tel: 01484 422441

Memsahib OFFER 1: Early Bird menu AVAILABLE: every day 5.30pm-7.30pm OFFER 2: Feast For Two 2 starters, 2 mains, 2 sundries for £15.95 AVAILABLE: any time every day 37-39 Queensgate 01484 422002

Moja OFFER: Special menu £9.00 AVAILABLE: Sunday to Thursday

52 John William Street 01484 544454

12 St Peter’s Street 01484 451991



OFFER: 2-4-1 AVAILABLE: Tuesday to Saturday 5pm-7pm

OFFER: 2-4-1 on all food AVAILABLE: every day with production of privilege card

7 Railway Arches 01484 510005

28 Cross Church Street 01484 546243


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OFFER: Buy One Get One Free on main dishes (and receive a £5 voucher for the A La Carte Menu for your next visit) AVAILABLE: every day 6pm-7pm

OFFER: 2 courses £11, 3 courses £13 AVAILABLE: Monday to Saturday 5pm-7pm


Page 29

68 John William Street 01484 545454 See ad on page 26

37-39 New Street 01484 549514

Shang Thai OFFER: 1 course £5.95, 2 courses £7.95, 3 courses £9.95 AVAILABLE: Monday to Thursday 5pm-7pm, Saturday and Sunday 5pm-6pm, and lunch times 32 King Street 01484 531999 Voda

Thai Sakon


OFFER: starter + main course with OFFER: 2 Meals at £6.95 rice, tea or coffee £10.95, or AVAILABLE: all day every day £14.25 with 1/2 bottle of wine 40-44 King Street AVAILABLE: Monday to Friday 01484 545186 5.30pm-7pm

5 St John’s Road 01484 450159

Calder Graphics Byram Arcade 01484 422991

15% OFF everything in store Offer valid until end of September 2009 Not to be used in conjunction with any other offers Offer only valid with coupon

Urbanescape 8 Station Street 01484 424244

SAVE £120 1/3 off a course of 8 microdermabrasion treatments Offer valid until end of September 2009 Not to be used in conjunction with any other offers Offer only valid with coupon





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Holmfirth Whether you are on a weekend break, visiting just for the day or lucky enough to live on the doorstep, a veritable feast of delights awaits you in Holmfirth.

orld famous as a TV location, the town has much to offer - and not just to the devoted fans of the BBC’s Last of the Summer Wine who travel hundreds, even thousands of miles to follow in the footsteps of their favourite characters.


Ask a cross section of visitors what has impressed them most about Holmfirth and the surrounding area, and chances are more than a few will mention the splendour of the Pennine hills, the spectacular views over the Holme Valley and quaint, narrow streets steeped in history. Others will tell you what a pleasant surprise it was to see so many traditional small shops and galleries, restaurants, pubs, café bars, bistros, cafes and tearooms all within a couple of square miles. Many of the town’s independent retailers have been meeting the needs of local and visiting shoppers for generations. Fresh fruit and vegetables, meats, bread and cakes, clothes and shoes, crafts and toys, cards and gifts, you’ll find all of these and much more besides.>

 #¾.  ÁjĆ ?™a Í?ÄÍß Ä?™a݉W†jÄ ?™a Ä??a MÝÄ 7?Á‰jÍß w aj‰W‰ÖÄ †”jˆ ”?aj W?jÄ ?™a ¬Öaa‰™~Ä Í ?™a Wa aÁ‰™Ä Ȥ ÖaajÁÄw‰ja -?a^ ”w‰Á͆  š ÏÔ 0j å¤|o| ÉoÈÔ|š O ÝÝݱjÄˆaj‰±W±Ö 30




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There is a weekly market on Thursdays, also a Saturday craft and food market and a farmers’ market on the third Sunday of the month. The last weekend in September is now firmly established as one of the busiest times of the year thanks to the huge success of the Holmfirth Food and Drink Festival, renowned for its fun and friendly atmosphere, with events ranging from taster sessions of local produce to cookery demonstrations, talks and tours, special menu promotions and much more.



Page 31

If you would like to explore the area on foot, the Holme Valley Riverside Way is ideal - a linear walking route following the River Holme from Magdale, through Holmfirth and Honley to Digley Reservoir, six miles in all. Wherever you go in the Holme Valley, whatever your interests, you’ll find no shortage of things to do and places to go. Helpful, friendly tourist information staff will be happy to point you in the right direction. Phone 01484 222444 or e-mail

Now in its fourth year, the festival is a truly mouth-watering experience for anyone who appreciates good food and drink. A park and ride scheme will be in place on both days - look for the signs on the way into Holmfirth. Dates: 26 -27 September. To find out more, contact Marie Wilson on 01484 225852 or visit ‘Wine’ of the finest vintage continues to be the first taste of Holmfirth for thousands of visitors from near and far. The challenge for the valley’s business community is to encourage sightseers to take a closer look at what the town has to offer, to extend their stay or plan a return visit. Short breaks - weekend or midweek have become especially popular with a good choice of B & B guest houses, self catering accommodation, a hotel in the heart of Holmfirth and others slightly further afield.

-##! . LAXMI

!2-. - . F # .#+

.+  # 8‰™ÍjÁ +?™Äß +ÖW†jÄ




Ý ‰ ?a ͆ Üj ͆‰ ÁÍ Ä

Á Ô wÁ

#w w


+?ß ? Ü‰Ä‰Í Í ÖÁ Wwwjj Ɲ¬^ ?Ý?Áaja yJ jÞWjj™Wj Á?͉™~± .jÁ܉™~ MÁj?w?ÄÍ^ Ö™W†jÄ F Íj?ı

.W†jÄ^ !jÝ ‰^ ”w‰Á͆

0j] å¤|o| ÉoÏoš¤

- .! ”‰ß ݝ֐a ‰j ͝ ‰™Ü‰Íj ßÖ Í ÖÁ wÁ‰j™aß ?͔Ä¬†jÁj ĬjW‰?‰Ä‰™~ ‰™] V ÖÍ͉™~ V -jÄÍߐ‰™~ V  ?ĬjWÍÄ w

ÖÁ‰™~ V +ÖÍ 2¬Ä V 8jaa‰™~Ä V j™ÍÄ V †‰aÁj™ ?Ä ‰™ÍÁaÖW‰™~ ‰^ ? Äj™‰Á ÄÍߐ‰ÄÍ ?Íj ™‰~†ÍÄ 0†ÖÁÄa?ß Í‰ Ȭ” !jÝ ?™a #a ÖÄ͝”jÁÄ 8jW”j Ï !#--  #00# ^ # -0 0 ] åȚÏÏ åÈÈ|Ϛ AN HTCPL PUBLICATION


Try our best selling early bird menu

(now available on Sat 5.30pm - 6.30pm*) (*vacate by 7.15pm)

to start with

pops and piks

to warm up with

Kid’s menu 2 course £5.95 3 course £7.95

vegetable samosa (v) onion pakora (v) meat samosa chicken kebabs

to fill up on

Take outs available Value set meal for 2 only £14.95

chicken korma (or lamb) chicken tikka masala chicken karai (or lamb) vegetable bhuna (v) chick peas (v) served with a choice of breads or rice

finish up with

tea or choice of coffee with mints all this for £12.50 per person both restaurants LAXMI


158 WOODHEAD ROAD, BERRY BROW, HUDDERSFIELD HD4 7NE Tel: 01484 666555/666444

5/5 hygeine rating





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e l l a V e Holm Holmbridge and Holme Walk A picnic route

Map: Ordnance Survey d No.288, Bradford & Huddersfiel scale. Explorer Map, 1:25000 e is limited we ridg As parking in Holmb ular bus reg the use to ple peo urge services. s. 314, 316 from Public transport: Bus No d. fiel ers dd Hu Holmfirth and ibus Service No. Holme Valley Local Min lmbridge (not Ho to irth lmf Ho from H7 stop opposite bus the at ht Alig . Sundays) e. ridg lmb Ho in ern the Bridge Tav ails det full for om o.c www.wymetr many stiles and Warning: This walk has steps along it. Distance: 5.25 miles.






ta ils ca w of o ll i w the n a w. r t th kirk wa e T lee lks ou s. in ris go the M ap t I v.u K nf k/ irk an or le le Ki d m is es rk wa at ur a l ion e rea Co ee lk s c un C ou vis Ce o t it: nt Un rys un rtes r e it ide cil y o f

bridleway sign taking Turn right at the public bends sharp right, it ere Wh ill. uph e the lan a horse stile into a ss cro n soo turn left and n stile and take an ode wo a b field. Then clim and broken wall, e pip uphill path to cross a ll-d we efined path. Pass continue to climb on a sets of stone posts. two en we bet eventually left but take the the on e lan Ignore a grass ding path folcen des A next stile on the left. nhill, keeping to dow g kin ban ss gra the lows is offered. The path the right where a choice ugh a wall gap thro s goe , crosses a stream ugh a small thro s ard and continues downw s in parts and row nar h pat the re He wood. end of the wood a stile care is needed. At the path down the right the and leads to a field a lane. Cross straight to side of a fence leads pass through a field ahead to another stile and takes you behind h pat The . ses hou towards a small wood to a these houses and throughe. Go uphill to the idg tbr stile leading to a foo the road to walk road. Turn left and cross s Hinchcliffe pas to ent em pav along the t. Turn left at Mill School on your righ road the the junction and follow down until you reach the church in Holmbridge and the point at which this walk started


next field and the botCross the middle of the In the third the path . one ing ow tom of the foll continues to rise in the rises to the middle and age becomes visible Vill next field where Holme the bottom of the s sse cro h pat The ahead. gate. In the last field next field to a stile by a beside a gate and e cross diagonally to a stil village. the into e lan lled wa a join y Reservoir to Holme From just before Bilberr the Kirklees Way. s ow foll te rou our Village and then first right to Turn left down the road behind a row of e lan ced urfa uns follow an ween two barns, houses. After passing bet to continue straight left ignore the path to the left bringing you to the ahead. The path bends ments are available. esh refr ere wh b Fleece Pu to turn right passing Cross Woodhead Road down a footpath. left n tur n the toilets to the through a garden to This takes you downhill bridge. Take the a then cross a stream by to cross a stile. ps uphill path of stone ste n access land and at Continue uphill on to ope meet go straight hs a stone wall where pat s to the right of the run h pat t bes The ad. ahe ins to criss-cross a stone wall. The path beg wall. Proceed in the n dow ken stream and bro marker, continuing direction of a gas pipe h care. At a T-juncwit ley val ep ste the n dow to cross a stile and tion of paths turn right the slope passing up left footbridge.Turn right of a wall and the to through a gate gap a lane. Turn left to o take a stile at the top ont ing Wood Rid ss cro to e lan follow the Reservoir banking.

Fo r

church on the Start Point: Outside the ridge. Woodhead Road, Holmb e, then first right up Lan Turn left up Field End the next road to take a a flight of steps. Cross te houses to reach osi opp the en we post bet ly turn right to a ate edi Imm e. fields via a gat walk up two fields to left n stone gap stile. Tur linked by two stiles. e up with a wall on the In the third field continu the left after the left on e stil a ss cro right and ue straight ahead with side wall corner. Contin three fields and turn ss Cro a wall on the left. t leads to a road. tha right into a green lane to the left of a large s Cross this road and pas a path reached by ) by house (Austonly Manor ond stile leads to the a stile on the left. A sec forwards with a wall lk Wa rear of the house. stile in it. Cross this a on your right to reach h a wall on your left wit lk wa to e stil h hig rather gonally right crossdia Go . left the to a stile on field corner and the in e stil ing the field to a out on to the road. – Digley Royd Lane – Turn left down this road ley Reservoir. Just to the car park before Dig park go right up a car after the entrance to the Valley Riverside lme footpath to pass a “Ho rd. Our path goes antiWay” interpretation boa oir. Take a path on erv clockwise round the res detour through a rt the right to make a sho choice of paths go quarry. Where there is a ken-down wall turn bro a left. Upon reaching reservoir path. left downhill to rejoin the obvious path which the ng alo t righ Continue voir embankment, ser Re y err will lead to Bilb bing some steep clim that is crossed before ng alo the clearly stone steps. Continue small footbridge a ch rea to h marked pat . across a stream uphill after 10 yards. Bear left then turn right ymarked route to a wa From here follow the a stile in the leftfaint but distinct path and field to a gap stile. t nex the ss Cro ll. hand wa

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Marsden Jazz Festival Comes of Age This October the Marsden Jazz Festival will be celebrating its 18th birthday in style, and we’re planning to join the party! From 9 to 11 October, Marsden will be the place to be, with over 50 free events, a stunning line-up of Headline concerts, a showcase for new music and a special family programme of events. Friday night kicks off with Georgie Fame, marking his 50th year on the road, and Ben Crosland will be joined on stage by one of the UK’s finest vibraphone players, Jim Hart. On Saturday you can join the Festival Parade, which this year will be led by Slick Stick Sambastic. Saturday’s line up includes pianist Alcyona Mick with Blink, Nicolas Meier, who will be joined on stage by Gilad Atzmon, followed by award-winning vocalist Ian Shaw. Then you can groove your way into the early hours

of Sunday to the funky sounds of The Haggis Horns. Look out for the New Stream, cutting edge gigs including Stuart McCallum, trio VD, If Destroyed Still True, Ruby Wood and The Hitmen. On Sunday, Mike Walker will bring his Madhouse Band to the main stage, followed by ‘The Fantastic Englishman’, saxophonist Iain Ballamy who will bring the party to a close. For families and younger audiences there are handson workshops, interactive concerts, a musical puppet show, craft activities, stalls and face painting, a oneman band and a Jazz Boat running between the railway station and the Standedge Tunnel Visitor Centre

For more information contact 01484 846969 or visit


JAZZ FESTIVAL October 9th - 11th, 2009 34




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A Super Start Choosing good nursery education is a major decision for all parents, keen to get the best possible start in life for their children.


he Huddersfield area is rich in excellent nursery and pre-school education provision. Many local villages have their own nurseries, catering for both local children and for parents who may work in the area and need full or parttime nursery provision for their youngsters. Parents often choose their nursery education from wordof-mouth referrals from friends or family members who have been happy with the nursery their own children attended.

You need to consider the size of the nursery, its indoor and outdoor facilities, food provision, location, proximity to home or work - all important factors. All nurseries will invite prospective families for a visit so they can see the facilities for themselves.

Make sure your children get ‘a super start’ in life.

! -#0  : - : !2-. -: Š ª?­­QªŒlµ -Œ?[X Œˆƒ`Æ ‚ ֐ß j¶Ö‰¬¬ja wÁ ¬ÁjˆÄW† jaÖW?͉™ ‚ ,Ö?‰Íß W?Áj wÁ W†‰aÁj™ É ÝjjÄ ͝

y ßj?ÁÄ ‚ ‰”‰Íja ¬?WjÄ ?Ü?‰?Mj ‚ ?Á~j ÄjWÖÁj ~?Áaj™ ?™a jÞÍj™Ä‰Üj ¬?ß ?Áj? ‚ Á‰j™aß^ ÝjW”‰™~ j™Ü‰Á™”j™Í ݉͆ †”j W‰™~ a?‰ß ‚ -jWj™Í ÞWjj™Í #wÄÍja Áj¬ÁÍ Á ? j™¶Ö‰Á‰jÄ^ ¬j?Äj Á‰™~

*,6/ 9 1,- , ÄÍ?M‰Ä†ja ¤y ßj?ÁÄ

8j #wwjÁ V  ‰™WÖĉÜj wjjÄ F ! †‰aaj™ WÄÍÄ V jމMj F ?wwÁa?Mj ÄjÄĉ™Ä ͝ ”jjÍ ßÖÁ ™jjaÄ V Ájj W†‰aW?Áj wÁ ÜjÁ ϾÄ

0j] ®å¤|o|¯ ÉÉÏÉo|


|oɈ|šå 8?jw‰ja -?a

?Í™^ ÖaajÁÄw‰ja 0j] å¤|o| |yÏ|yy

0Í? ‰Í™jÄÄ j?Í† ÖM 8?jw‰ja -?a^ ÖaajÁÄw‰ja 0j] å¤|o| y¤Ïåå¤




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- !0. F # . 0.

.¬jW‰?‰ÄÍÄ ‰™ ‰?”™aÄ

.¬j™a ÌÔåå ™ Üj‰™ W†?Á”Ä ?™a ~jÍ Í†j Á?WjjÍ -

jĉ~™jÁ Á?™a 8?ÍW†jÄ

888±#7 !.± #±2 ”?‰] ‰™wKÜj?‰™Ä±W±Ö yo ””jÁW‰? .ÍÁjjÍ  ¤ ¤, å¤|o| ȤoyÉo






?ÁjÍ +?Wj  ¤ Ô å¤|o| yÏooåå

È #a ?ÁjÍ 9¤ ¤0! å¤|ÔÔ ÔyÔåÔy

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Main pic: Mike Barrett

OPEN STUDIOS 2009 Jamie Fros

Andrew War


It’s that time again, when artists and makers throughout Kirklees will be throwing open the doors of their studios and workshops, and welcoming the public in. OST offers a rare chance to see nationally recognised, local creative talent at work and, now in its sixth year, has expanded from its Huddersfield roots into North Kirklees.



The talent on display includes jewellers, ceramicists, designers, textile artists, painters, photographers, fine artists, sculptors, print makers and many more.

Jana Do


This year there are two separate weekends the first one, 19 and 20 September will once again feature studios in and around Huddersfield. Look out for venues as far afield as Marsden and Denby Dale, and as close as just the other side of the ring road.

And it’s the perfect time to have a go yourself! There is a full programme of hands-on workshops in lots of different media ... and who could resist one called Pimp My Ballgown? Certainly not us (and we don’t even own a ballgown)!


The second weekend on 26 and 27 September sees artists in Mirfield and Batley taking part. The West Yorkshire Print Workshop in Mirfield has been open at previous HOST weekends, but this will be the first year for the others. With 63 artists in 27 different venues letting us into their private spaces, this is the perfect time to go round, see where and how they work, and chat to them about what inspires them. It’s also the ideal opportunity to buy something special, or even to commission work that will be truly unique.


Peter Fish er





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Byram Arcade For a unique shopping experience, why not enjoy a stroll around the many shops in Huddersfield’s Byram Arcade?


!"#$%& () *(+$,"


4 Byram Arcade, Westgate, Huddersfield Tel 01484 544 002 38




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Page 39



he historical arcade, home to a wide array of shops and cafés/ restaurants, is one of the town’s architectural gems. In recent years Byram Arcade has enjoyed a facelift and now enhances the town’s shopping options with authentic Victorian arcade splendour. Housed over three floors the shops are many and varied, selling an ever-increasing wide range of goods and services. It’s great place to browse for individual shopping, gift ideas and much more, and after all that shopping, why not take the weight off your feet and enjoy a coffee or lunch at one of the arcade’s dining establishments.


This elegant and much loved Victorian arcade was built in 1880 and 1881 by the architect W H Atkinson. It was acquired by the former Huddersfield Corporation in 1920 and refurbished by Kirklees Council over a period of several years.


Much of the paintwork was kept to colours more in keeping with the age of the arcade. A passenger lift was installed to allow easier access to the upper floors.

While stocks last

4th FREE

FROM £1-£2 After 2.30pm

Opening Times: Mon-Sat 9.00-5.30 Sun 10.30-4.30 Cafe: Mon-Sat 9.00-4.00 Sun 10.30-3.30

With numerous shops, the arcade has enjoyed a revival in interest from shopkeepers in recent years, keen to display their goods in a historical and interesting surrounding, a world away from the conventional high street

Scar Lane, Milnsbridge, Huddersfield

01484 656164

8ÁÁ‰ja ?MÖÍ Í†j ¤¤´ Þ?”‰™?͉™Ä·

™Žß a a ?Í !

™WjÁ™ja ßÖ W?™™Í ?wwÁa ™aj¬j™aj™Í aÖW?͉™ Á w‰™a ?™ ?ÍjÁ™?͉Üj Ä։Í?Mj ÄW†·

! ¤å 0†j j‰ šˆ¤å :- -  ^ 2


#? -”Ä 0j] å¤|o| y¤ÔÏÈÏ !¤å 0†j j‰ 0j F ?Þ] å¤|o| ÏååÉÔå

Buy 3 bags get



Byram Arcade is open six days a week, Monday to Saturday. Popular with all ages, it provides a much loved link to the past for older generations and a chance for younger people to appreciate the architecture and splendour of a by-gone age.

-?ÄÍÁ‰W ™aj¬j™aj™Í .W† ‰Ä †jÁj ͝ †j¬ ± ± ± V -jWj™Í ͆Ájj ¶Ö?ÁÍjÁ ”‰‰™ ¬Ö™a ‰™ÜjÄ͔j™Í †?Ä WÁj?Íja ?aa‰Í‰™? ¬?WjÄ^ j™?M‰™~ ÖÄ Í Áj?W† ÖÍ Í ͆j ݉ajÁ W””Ö™‰Íß V ÄĉÄÍ?™Wj^ ÖÁÄ?Á‰jÄ F .W†?ÁƉ¬Ä

8†ß W†Äj ÖÄ·

V ¤åå° +?ÄÄ -?Íj wÁ ¤| W™ÄjWÖ͉Üj ßj?ÁÄ V ¤åå° +?ÄÄ -?Íj ?Í j?ÄÍ y  . Jˆ ~Á?ajÄ ‰™WÖa‰™~ ?͆j”?͉WÄ ?™a ™~‰Ä† V 8†?ÍjÜjÁ ߝÖÁ W†‰a¾Ä ?~j yˆ¤| ßj?ÁÄ ßÖ W?™ ?¬¬ß wÁ †j¬ V +Áj¬?Á?͉™ wÁ ‰wj

½#™j w Á‰Í?‰™¾Ä ͝¬ ÄW†Ä¾± -?™ja Éo͆ !?͉™?ß r 0†j 0‰”jÄ

™Í?WÍ Í†j j?a”‰ÄÍÁjÄÄ wÁ ?™ ‰™wÁ”? W†?Í^ 8j ?Áj †jÁj ͝ ‰ÄÍj™±

-?ÄÍÁ‰W ™aj¬j™aj™Í .W†

#~aj™ ?™j^ -?ÄÍÁ‰W^ Á‰~†ÖÄj^  É Ï±

0j± å¤|o| |ååÏ||







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The world on a plate! Tastes from all over the world are to be found right here on the doorstep in Huddersfield

Tel: 01484 660004 to reserve your table

Finest quality Italian and mediterranean cuisine

hether you fancy a taste of China, India, the Mediterranean, Thailand, Mexico or others, there are local restaurants both in the town centre, surrounding villages and within a short driving distance of the Huddersfield area.


Today international cuisine is within easy reach of us all and you don’t have to travel far to find tastes which originally came from faraway lands.


Sun 3pm - 9.00pm Tues - Sat 5pm - 10pm Closed all day Monday

7/13 Church Street, Honley Holmfirth. HD9 6AH 40



One of the most popular restaurants in the Holme Valley is The Lemon Tree Trattoria situated in the cobbled Church Street in Honley. Serving a huge range of Mediterranean food, the restaurant is great for any occasion.


On the menu are Italian favourites including pizzas and pastas as well as a fine choice of seasonal specials using only the finest local produce. With a warm atmosphere, the restaurant has a welcoming bar area where diners can enjoy a drink while they look at the menu choices. >

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Page 41


Of the many Chinese restaurants in the area, the China Rose in Manchester Road, Milnsbridge is one of the most popular with local diners keen to try the wide range of dishes available. Set up a driveway off the main road, the restaurant also offers a takeaway service as well as a popular Early Bird meal option, an a la carte menu and banquet meals. A little further from the centre of Huddersfield is The Rose & Crown at Thurstonland which specialises in home cooked food served in the setting of a traditional English country pub.

On Mondays the pub serves pie and peas and on Fridays specialises in a seafood theme night. On Sundays the pub serves a popular Sunday lunch with a choice of roasts and fresh vegetables

-‰W†?Áa F .Í?ww ݝ֐a ‰j ͝ ͝ jÞÍj™a ? Ý?Á” ÝjW”j ͝


Exquisite Chinese Cuisine EARLY BIRD 3 Course £7.95 Mon-Fri 5-7pm Sun 12-5pm

***SPECIAL OFFER*** A la Carte & Banquet Menu 3 Courses £10 Per head Takeaway Available Mon - Sat 5pm-11.30pm Sunday 12 noon-11.30pm

735 Manchester Road, Milnsbridge Tel 01484 648099 FREE SECURE PARKING

.jÁ܉™~ ÄÖ¬jÁM ”j ja ?™a ”j ?aj wa ?™a ? ~Áj?Í ÄjjW͉™ w -j? jÄ ™a?ßÄ

+ F + . .#+ .2++ y±Ï刚¬”

0ÖjÄa?ß ˆ 0†ÖÁÄa?ß

!! -



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F -j~֐?Á ‰Üj ÖĉW

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Ô ÖÁÄjÄ Ìš±šy

݉͆ ? W†‰Wj w -?ÄÍÄ F ÁjĆ 7j~jÍ?MjÄ ¤Ô™™ ˆ ɬ”

¤ÄÍ .֙a?ß w ÜjÁß ™Í† ֐ ™~‰Ä† Áj?w?ÄÍ š ˆ ¤Ô ™™

֐ ÖÍ֔™Ê8‰™ÍjÁ Üj™Í +Á~Á?”

? ‰™ ͝ Äjj ݆?Í¾Ä ™

È -   .

™WÖa‰™~ Á?ÄÄ ™jß F Ô -Í?͉™~ ÖjÄÍı

0†j 7‰?~j^ 0†ÖÁÄ͝™?™a^ ÖaajÁÄw‰ja  | É92 å¤|o| ÉÉåȚå




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Page 42



CRUISIN’ We know that Huddersfield isn’t exactly a port town (don’t think Aspley Basin really counts), but we do lift our heads and look at the outside world from time to time. hen you hear the words ‘we’re going on a cruise’, what springs to mind? If it’s all about black tie dinners at the captain’s table and intimidating poshness, think again! You can still find that kind of cruise, but there are plenty more around that are much more informal and relaxed.


take a whale-spotting cruise up towards Alaska, or just head for the Caribbean and relax among the many islands. If you have all the time in the world, use it to go on a world cruise - what a way to travel! If time is a bit shorter, fly to wherever you fancy and explore for a week, or two ... or more. If it’s luxury you want, board the Queen Mary 2 and head for New York, then choose whether to sail or fly back.

Increasingly, cruise companies are offering an alternative to package holidays, with all-inclusive prices and incentives for families If it’s all about like free passage for chilblack tie dinners dren and baby-sitting services.

at the captain’s table and intimidating poshness, think again!

And you don’t have to fly half way around the world either (unless of course you want to!). The Examiner regularly features pages of cruises in the Mediterranean, and among the Scandinavian fjords, often departing from ports in the UK.

There are packages on all levels, for any length of time, and for all interests. Cruise the Mediterranean with guided stops at ancient historical sites, fly to the west coast of Canada or the USA and



And if you are really strapped for time and cash but just need to sleep on the ocean waves, you can always take a mini-cruise from Hull to Bruges!

We have to say that what we have always fancied is an old-fashioned cruise down the Nile. Think Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Nile and you will know what we mean. And it is still possible to go on that type of cruise - but it won’t be at an old-fashioned price! Cruises are rapidly gaining in popularity, so if you are thinking about it don’t leave it too late or they may all be booked up





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Page 44

Premier Coachworks are now offering a range of new services aimed at avoiding costly insurance claims and high excesses including:

YOUR LOCAL INDEPENDENT ACCIDENT REPAIR CENTRE - EST 1977 Repairing all makes of car, for the public, trade and local business.

DON’T take a back seat when it comes to choosing who repairs your car.

S.M.A.R.T Repairs (Small to medium area repair technique). Paintless dent removal to scratches and scrapes (carried out with fully qualified technicians) from £60 +VAT Parking Sensors, colour coded and fitted with a full 3 year guarantee from £220 +VAT New keyguard system that prevents thieves from starting your car with stolen keys £110 + VAT

Exercise your right to choose your own repairer for a more personal friendly service, that includes: Free courtesy car Full warranty Collection and Delivery Services At Home/Work Estimates to avoid inconvenience


01484 545777 Premier Coachworks, Blackmoor Blackmoor foot Roa Roa d, Cr osland Moor, Hudder Hudder sf ield HD4 5A 5AQ. The Good Accident Repair Scheme




VBRA Member


Mazda Approved

Honda Approved

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Page 45

It’s ‘Economy’ Drive Time

eco Volvo C30

In the second of our new features on cars and motoring, we have been checking out the most economical vehicles on your behalf.

Citroen C4 We love the new Citroens’ looks, and the C4 is probably our favourite. Stylishness comes at some cost of comfort for taller passengers though, with a narrow interior towards the top. Attention to detail inside is impressive, though the instrument panel could get confusing. The C4 provides a smooth quiet ride. There are excellent safety and security features, and overall standard equipment is good with plenty of extras available. Citroen are offering lots of discounts on an already attractive price.

Volkswagen Golf


e decided to ignore the tiny ‘city cars’ that are only any use if there are only two of you, and look at family compacts instead.

Fun, comfortable, great around town and on long trips. This isn’t the cheapest on our list, but it’s worth the price. It holds its value well, and the running costs won’t break the bank. The interior plastics are nice and soft, including those that are hidden from view. It has lots of safety features and good security, and is one of the best in this class in terms of space for both passengers and their luggage.

And we didn’t just go for the cheapest to buy or the ones that use the least petrol. There are other factors to take into account when you are looking for a vehicle that offers great value for money. We asked questions like: What exactly do you get for your money? How much will it cost to run - not just petrol, but parts and servicing? How long will it last? And finally, how much will you get when you come to sell it on? Fortunately, there are plenty of dealerships in and around Huddersfield to offer a great choice. And here are our top five, with petrol consumption ranging from 62.8 to 72.4mpg (combined) and list prices from £9,895 (basic model) to £25,740 (top of its range). We are struggling to make our own minds up, so we’ve put them in alphabetical order!

Volkswagen Golf

Citroen C4

Ford Focus Fun to drive, with good acceleration. It’s also reliable and comfortable, and offers lots of space for people and luggage. With plenty of extras, a relatively low price and reasonable running costs, it looks like a good deal - but it won’t get the most at resale. A 5-star Euro NCAP crash test rating demonstrates the safety, and security is good as well. Don’t be deceived by the sloping roofline - there’s plenty of headroom in the back.

Skoda Fabia Estate The biggest on our list, this is still small enough to be good in town. It’s really roomy, though tight in the middle in the back - suitable for kids or short journeys only. The diesel is noisy, but otherwise it’s a nice quiet ride. Skoda has an excellent reputation for reliability and customer service, and above-average resale values. Safety ratings are good, and it gets 5 stars on anti-theft. Low running costs and a low price make the Fabia hard to resist. Volkswagen Golf

Volvo C30 The C30 tops our list for low petrol consumption, but is more expensive to buy. However, Volvos hold their value so you will get more back when you sell it on. They are also always reliable and safe, but this one is pretty small. There is lots of room in the front, and plenty for two adults in the back - but you won’t squeeze in a third even for short trips. The interior fittings feel expensive, and are built to last. Lots of standard equipment, with plenty more available on upgrades. So there you have it - plenty of food for thought. You’ll need to weight up the pros and cons of the different models, and then head off to one of Huddersfield’s many dealerships for a test drive or two. Volvo C30









Page 46



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abseil at the Galpharm

Our second sports feature comes near the start of the new football season, so we thought we would have a chat with an expert on the game. We decided to go for a slightly different perspective, so we called on Marcus Middleton, the chairman of the Huddersfield Town Supporters Association. The HTSA started last summer, evolving from the coming together of three separate groups who realised that they were all doing very similar things. The club also felt it would be easier to communicate with just one group of fans. Marcus says: “We all want to support Town, and see them play well and hopefully gain promotion. But we also feel that the club needs to look after its supporters!” “A lot of fans just turn up to the matches, and that’s great, but we think it’s important to get involved as well. Membership only costs £5 and that’s really just to cover the costs of running the HTSA - our website shows what we do.” The supporters and the club are now working well together, with HTFC chairman Dean Hoyle and his team regularly attending meetings to take questions and chat to the members. Marcus confirms: “Dean is a life-long Town fan, and that really makes a difference.” Their most recent joint effort saw Dean, Marcus and 20 others cycling 260 miles in 4 days to the match at Southend on Saturday 6 August. “It wasn’t the only way of getting there, there was the usual coach we organise for supporters,” says Marcus with a laugh. “The cycle ride was to raise money for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance, the club’s sponsor charity. It was a huge success, we raised a total of £51,000 and money is still coming in. We also


did a sponsored abseil at the Galpharm on 1 August which raised about £2,800.” The Supporters Association is continuing to build its relationship with the club, maintaining links by making the recently retired player and icon Andy Booth Honorary Life President of the HTSA. Andy was delighted at the honour, saying: “I’ve always been incredibly grateful to the fans of Huddersfield Town for the way they have backed me in my career and I am really honoured to have been made Honorary Life President of the Supporters Association. It means a lot to me and the certificate will have pride of place in my house!” Long-term fan Patrick Stewart is a Vice President of the HTSA, as is Reece Dinsdale.

Cycle ride to raise money for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance - the club’s sponsor charity. HTFC chairman Dean Hoyle receives a send off from club manager Lee Clark, Marcus Middleton third from the left


This season the HTSA are again sponsoring a player, and drew young Irish midfielder James Berrett at a dinner on 27 July at the Galpharm, hosted by Town’s Commercial Director Sean Jarvis. “We want to do our bit to help Huddersfield Town get the promotion we think they richly deserve,” says Marcus. “That means doing whatever we can, from sponsoring a player to raising money for the sponsor charity, and letting the board know our views.” “And of course, turning up to as many matches as we can and showing our support for the players and the team!” To join the HTSA, visit or the portacabin in St Andrews car park at the stadium on a matchday.



#-    ,20:

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‰™‰ +?Á^ jjaÄ -?a^ ÖaajÁÄw‰ja^  ¤ É+


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Page 47

0Áß ? Áj? Í?ÄÍj w ĉ?




- .02-!0

20 !0  .! 2.!

ÝÌi˜`i` "«i˜ˆ˜} "vviÀI Ö͆Ý?ÍjÁ‰™~ ÖwwjÍ

8 1   , - E  1 / -

.֙a?ß ˆ 0†ÖÁÄa?ß Ìɱšš Á‰a?ß ˆ .?ÍÖÁa?ß Ìo±šš


œœŽˆ˜}à Ì>Ži˜ vœÀ «ÀˆÛ>Ìi «>À̈ià >˜` VœÀ«œÀ>Ìi Õ˜V…iÃ

­£Óä Ãi>̈˜} V>«>VˆÌÞ®

£ÈÎ 7>Živˆi` ,œ>`] Õ``iÀÃvˆi`  x ™ /ii«…œ˜i ä£{n{ {x{xxäÉä£{n{ {x{xÈä


™ˆ.?Í^ y¬”ˆ¤¤±Ïå¬”Ç .֙^ ¤¬”ˆ¤¤±Ï嬔


J#wwjÁ ÄÖMŽjWÍ Í W†?™~j




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Page 48

Huddersfield magazine PERSONAL SERVICES Ö™aja ¤š|È

W!20: 2! - . -7 . 0

‰ |ÔÉÔÈå

: #- !0

+Ájˆ¬?ߔj™Í ¬?™ ?Ü?‰?Mj


D J SCREEN & SONS Funeral Directors Our family helping yours Estimates and advice given with no obligation Funeral Home at: 222 Bradford Road, Huddersfield

TELEPHONE (01484) 452220

0 8 -. F .#!

”j 7?jß ֙jÁ? ”j

Complete caring personal service from an independent family run business We offer: • A private chapel of rest • Lady funeral director • 24 hour service

™ ™aj¬j™aj™Í F ?Á‰™~ ?”‰ß Öĉ™jÄÄ wÁ Ï ~j™jÁ?͉™Ä

PHONE SONYA LANG: 01484 429991

å¤|o| ÉoÏÏÔÔ

°   9 E -"

Ô| #2- + -.#! . -7 +Ájˆ¬?‰a w֙jÁ? ¬?™Ä ?Ü?‰?Mj

­-Ìi«…i˜ ˆ˜`iÞ® ˆ«   


, , /",-

j¬ÝÁ͆^ ”w‰Á͆

+Á‰Ü?Íj †?¬j w -jÄÍ Ô| †ÖÁ ÄjÁ܉Wj +Áj ¬?ߔj™Í ¬?™Ä ?Ü?‰?Mj


-Äj ‰

Ájj™ ÖÁ‰? ÁÖ™a  ÍÁ?™¶Ö‰ ?™a Mj?Ö͉w֐ ÄjÍ͉™~ ¤É¤ ‰ÁMß ? -?a^ ÖaajÁÄw‰ja  Ô Ô . ÝÝݱÁÄj†‰MÖÁ‰?Ä±W±Ö Á ?¬¬‰™Í”j™ÍÄ Íjj¬†™j å¤|o| y|ÉÏÔÔ Á j”?‰ ÁÄj†‰MÖÁ‰?Ä±W±Ö 8j W?™ ?Ä ?ÁÁ?™~j ܉ĉ͝Á WjW͉™ ?™a ÁjÍÖÁ™


Our garden teams are uniformed, professional and highly trained gardeners and landscapers

Landscape Design • Garden Makeovers Water Gardens • Fence/Rock Wall Construction Decking • Grass Cutting • Lawn Maintenance General Maintenance . . . and more A beautiful landscape for your home or office is just a phone call away Contact us today –

Tel: 01484 424811 48



• Power Tools • Heat, Light & Power • Woodworking and Building Machinery • Plumbing • Gardening • Lifting • Competitive Rates • Expert service


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Page 49

CLASSIFIED Telephone: 01484 431111



J.B. SYKES MOTORS LINFIT HALL GARAGE BANKS ROAD, LINTHWAITE, HUDDERSFIELD HD7 5LW Quality Accident Repairs & Resprays Jig & Paint Baking Facilities • M.O.T. Testing Recovery Service Mechanical Overhauls & Servicing VEHICLE TESTING Crypton Diagnostic Centre STATION Courtesy Cars Available APPROVED BY Approved by Insurance Companies



FROM 8.30am Classes IV and VII, Cars, Light Commercials and Diesels Servicing, Repairs and Spares Ring or call for appointment


Tel: (01484) 842514 Fax: (01484) 841044

Call at



Magdale, Honley

TEL 01484 684974 or Mobile 07970 196167

Tel 01484 662774





Unit 16, Honley Business Centre, New Mill Road, Honley, Holmfirth HD9 6QB Telephone: 01484 664799

#0¾Ä ™ß ÌÏy

. -7 wÁ” Ìyy 0:- . wÁ” ÌÔå 7 -: #

+ 007 -0 .

0 20#.

MOTs NOW MOT CLASS VII (HGV) ® ?ÄÄ |¯ 2! ! 8 ! !0

?™W†jÄÍjÁ -?a^ ‰™ÄMÁ‰a~j^ ÖaajÁÄw‰ja 0j] å¤|o| |Éåå|y

+‰™j ÖÁ™‰ÍÖÁj .¬jW‰?‰ÄÍÄ .†ÝÁ” ¬j™ È a?ßÄ ? Ýjj .?Í ?™a .֙ ¤¤ˆy¬”

Á‰Í?™™‰? -?a^ ‰™ÄMÁ‰a~j^ ÖaajÁÄw‰ja

0j å¤|o| |ÉÔ|Ϛ


ÃÌ>LˆÃ…i` Ó{ 9i>ÀÃ

0 0jÄ͉™~ ® .jÁ܉W‰™~ ® ® ‰jÄj .¬jW‰?‰ÄÍÄ ® +?ÁÍ w ͆j ~a ~?Á?~j ÄW†j”j ®


. :#2-  # ! #20 # 8--!0: + -# · w ĝ^ a™¾Í ¬?ß ”?‰™ aj?jÁ ¬Á‰WjÄ ˆ W™Í?WÍ ÖÄ !0 - . -7 ?™a #0 ̚š 8j W?™ W?ÁÁß ÖÁ ÖÁ ÄjÁ܉WjÄ ‰w ֙ajÁ Ý?ÁÁ?™Íß Öĉ™~  !2! ¬?ÁÍÄ Ä ?Ä ™Í ͝ ܝ‰a Ý?ÁÁ?™Íß

‰ÄWÖ™ÍÄ ™ ¬ÁaÖW‰™~ ?aÜjÁÍu

0j] å¤|o| |Ôo|oy M‰j] åÈoȚ ÉÔ¤¤ÈÉ AN HTCPL PUBLICATION


/i\ ä£{n{ {ÓxÈΙ





+! 2-!02-

iLi -ÌÀiiÌ >À>}i

™ˆÁ‰ o±Ïå?”ˆy¬”

 ”?ŽÁ WÁja‰Í W?ÁaÄ ?WWj¬Íja


 >“ˆÞ ,՘ ÕȘiÃà U Ý«iÀˆi˜Vi` 1˜ˆvœÀ“i` -Ì>vv U U ՏÞ ˆ˜ÃÕÀi` vœÀ }œœ`à ˆ˜ ÌÀ>˜ÃˆÌ U U -̜À>}i >VˆˆÌˆià U U Àii Ã̈“>Ìià U




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Page 50

Dates for your

Autumn’s coming and there’s a packed programme of events in and around Huddersfield. Have a look at our listings for some key dates for your diary - and don’t forget to check with individual venues for full details of what’s on. Until Saturday 3 October Huddersfield Art Gallery Material Intelligence: Sculpture on a theme of materials by eight contemporary artists Saturday 5 September to Saturday 7 November Huddersfield Art Gallery Dialogues: Robert Priseman The Francis Bacon Interiors Thursday 10 September Lawrence Batley Theatre Martin Bigpig, Andy Watson, Anthony J Brown in the Comedy Cellar Saturday 12 September Lawrence Batley Theatre Mid Wales Opera present The Marriage Of Figaro

Julian Clary: Lord Of The Mince Lawrence Batley Theatre The War of Buttons Lawrence Batley Theatre

Saturday 26 September Lawrence Batley Theatre Rich Hall & Otis Lee Crenshaw Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 September Holmfirth Holmfirth Food & Drink Festival Wednesday 30 September Lawrence Batley Theatre Balbir Singh Dance Company present Trespass and Play Of Percentages Thursday 1 October Huddersfield Town Hall Orchestra of Opera North Thursday 1 October Lawrence Batley Theatre Julian Clary: Lord Of The Mince

Thursday 17 to Saturday 19 September Lawrence Batley Theatre Middle Ground Theatre present Billy Liar

Friday 2 October Lawrence Batley Theatre Film: Katyn

Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 September Various venues HOST Open Studios

Monday 5 October Huddersfield Town Hall Lunchtime Recital: Andrew Carter 70th Birthday Concert

Saturday 10 October to Saturday 14 November Huddersfield Art Gallery Shared Horizons: Creative project involving local asylum seekers, organised by the Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Sunday 20 September Lawrence Batley Theatre Classical vocalist Sanjeev Chimmalgi presents Manasamitra

Thursday 8 October Lawrence Batley Theatre Sully O’Sullivan, John Smith, Anthony J Brown in the Comedy Cellar

Sunday 11 October Huddersfield Town Hall Choral Concert in aid of Kirkwood Hospice

Friday 25 September New Street French Market

Friday 9 to Sunday 11 October Marsden Marsden Jazz Festival

Tuesday 13 to Saturday 17 October Lawrence Batley Theatre Huddersfield Thespians present The Man With Two Gaffers

Saturday 26 September Lawrence Batley Theatre Compagnie Animotion present The War of Buttons

Saturday 10 October Huddersfield Town Hall New Mill Male Voice Choir

Saturday 17 October Huddersfield Town Hall Slaithwaite Philharmonic Orchestra

Saturday 10 October Lawrence Batley Theatre Roger Davies & Special Guests

Saturday 17 October Lawrence Batley Theatre Idolrich present Forest Of Fables

Saturday 26 September Lawrence Batley Theatre Huddersfield Jazz present Snake Davies Quartet

Saturday 17 October Lawrence Batley Theatre Huddersfield Jazz present Andy Payani Quartet

Jasmin Vardimon Company - Justitia Lawrence Batley Theatre

Saturday 17 October to Saturday 14 November Huddersfield Art Gallery Huddersfield Art Society: Annual exhibition of members’ work Monday 19 October Huddersfield Town Hall Lunchtime Recital: Dr Gordon Stewart

Monday 2 November Huddersfield Town Hall Lunchtime Recital: William Whitehead Monday 2 to Tuesday 3 November Lawrence Batley Theatre Love & Madness present Romeo & Juliet Tuesday 3 November Lawrence Batley Theatre Love & Madness present A Taste Of Honey Thursday 19 November The Piazza Christmas Lights Switch On Friday 20 to Sunday 29 November Various venues Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival

Tuesday 20 - Saturday 24 October Lawrence Batley Theatre Dick & Lottie present Table Manners

Huddersfield Art Gallery Tel: 01484 221964 Huddersfield Town Centre Partnership Tel: 01484 487933 Huddersfield Town Hall Tel: 01484 221947 Kirklees Markets Tel: 01484 223730 Lawrence Batley Theatre Tel: 01484 430528

Monday 26 to Wednesday 28 October Lawrence Batley Theatre Angel Exit Theatre present Moonfleet Friday 30 October Huddersfield Town Hall Huddersfield Choral Society


Saturday 31 October Lawrence Batley Theatre The LBT presents Halloween Happening


Saturday 24 October Lawrence Batley Theatre Jasmin Vardimon Company present Justitia


Saturday 31 October Huddersfield Town Centre Zombie Walk

Monday 19 October Lawrence Batley Theatre Ennio Marchetto

Saturday 24 October Huddersfield Town Hall Brighouse & Rastrick Band


Saturday 31 October Huddersfield Open Market Enjoy a spooky Halloween with our very own hearse and stilt-walking zombies


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Page 51


What’s wrong with dentures? S

Dr Robin Warne of Huddersfield Dental Implants & Cosmetics tells us. ince 4500 years ago in Mexico dentures in one form or other have been worn. The most famous early dentures were worn by USA President George Washington whose teeth were reputedly made from wood but actually being made from more bizarre materials like hippopotamus and walrus ivory as well as other human beings teeth. How things have changed over the years. But still today dentures are worn by one in five of us.

So what’s wrong with dentures? No longer is it inevitable that once we start to loose teeth that we have to wear a denture which is the most destructive dental treatment option. Once we start with a single tooth denture how often it grows until eventually we have all our teeth on a plate and have full dentures. With implants we can add individual or small groups of teeth together and the remaining teeth are unaffected. Dentures are actually very destructive, even full dentures when we no longer have any teeth left. The force of biting against the denture crushes the bone and causes it to shrink, and over the years there becomes very little to hold the dentures in with, especially lower dentures. Implants come to the rescue again and very simple mini implants can be placed from as little as £350.00 each to hold a loose denture in place transforming the lives of people. Once again they can choose the foods they want to eat rather than just the foods they can eat. The largest single cause of health problems later in life is the inability to eat correctly, either the diet is modified because we can’t eat the foods we need to have a balanced diet or we swallow large pieces of food simply because we can’t chew them properly. Other options include standard implants to retain a denture or to replace the denture with fixed teeth which function very much like our previous natural teeth.

Dental Implants The most successful and predictable option of any kind of active dental treatment today, they can be nearly 10 times less likely to fail than a bridge over a 10 to 15 year period. Implants have been on the scene for about 40 years, although only becoming main stream in the last 10 years. Many of the early implants are still in place today 40 years later. The main benefit of implants over more traditional bridges is that they do not involve cutting into and damaging the neighbouring teeth. As well as not putting extra loading on the neighbouring teeth. They also maintain the volume of bone rather than allowing it to shrink away giving a longer lasting, often more aesthetic result.

Above: The exterior of HDIC in Albert Yard

Dr Robin Warne Dr Robin Warne is the lead practitioner at Huddersfield Dental Implants & Cosmetics, and has a special interest in dental implantology. He is one of only a few dentists to have a Masters degree in Implant Dentistry. He qualified nearly 25 years ago and believes passionately in the work he does. He has studied in seven European countries as well as the United States, and regularly writes articles, and has featured in a couple of media makeovers including the magazine with Nicky Hambleton-Jones of ‘10 years younger’. He is a member of several associations including the ‘Association of Dental Implantologists’, the ‘Association of Facial Aesthetics’, the ‘International Academy of Advanced Facial Aesthetics’, the British Dental Association’,

Right: Robin is pictured with some of his dental team





Magazine AUTUMN 09:Magazine Wint Sprng 09



Page 52

Funeral Service

Tel: 01484 844289

Clive John Pearson LMBIFD DIP.F.D. M.BIE Member of the National Association of Funeral Directors

24 HOUR SERVICE Clive and family continue the 85 year tradition of providing a caring funeral service for the communities of Huddersfield and Saddleworth.

Our reputation has been built on trust and recommendation and we pride ourselves in giving the highest standard of service. We help and guide family members through the difficult decisions and legal requirements. We offer a full range of services which include chauffeur-driven Mercedes hearse and limousines, green funerals, catering, flowers, monumental masonry and pre-paid funerals. Each funeral is tailored to the personal requirements of the family and carried out with dignity and respect.

The family firm who care Manchester Road Marsden Huddersfield HD7 6EY Tel: 01484 844289 & 01457 874100

Clarke Lane Meltham Holmfirth Huddersfield HD9 4ND Tel: 01484 844289

98 Huddersfield Road Holmfirth Huddersfield HD9 3AX Tel: 01484 688575

Huddersfield Magazine, Autumn 2009  

Autumn edition of Huddersfield Magazine

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