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Friday, August 19, 2011

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A Level and AS Level round up 2011

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By HAZEL ETTIENNE By Education Reporter

STUDENTS at Huddersfield New College were delighted with their results with many achieving higher grades than they expected. A record 1,413 students received A- level results yesterday with the college celebrating a 98% pass rate, higher than the national average. Among them were a delighted Funmi Alaiyemola, 18, from Mirfield who achieved four grade As and is now going to Bristol University and would like to become a history teacher.

New College students celebrate their grades

“I’m really surprised but delighted with my grades,” said Funmi, a former student of Brooksbank School, Elland. Daniel Bellafonte, 19, received a triple distinction in computing. The former Newsome High School student is to study internet computing at Liverpool University. Daniel, from Big Valley, said: “I’m

pleased. It was important to get in this year so I will be paying the lower tuition fees.” Bethan Jones, of Scapegoat Hill, received a double distinction in health and social care and a grade C in drama. She is taking a gap year and working as a health care assistant at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary before studying for a

degree in psychology with counselling at Huddersfield University. “I’m working for a year and then will be living at home to keep my loans to a minimum,” said Bethan, who wants to become a counsellor. Other successes at New College included student union president Josh Parker, who came to study at the college from Dubai two years ago and lived independently with his older brother. He attained three grade A A-levels in sociology, medieval history and classical civilisation and is to study sociology at Durham.

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Huddersfield Daily Examiner

Friday, August 19, 2011

Results GREENHEAD COLLEGE A LEVEL A A Abbas BUS, PY, Q, SC; N Abbas C, LW, PY, Q; Z Abdeslem A*, E, MA, Q; CT Ackroyd B, C, H, Q; R C Ackroyd B*, C, MA, Q; M J Adams BUS**, C, H, Q; R J Adams AS, LW, PY, Q; A L Adamson E*, GL, H*, Q*, T*; CE Addy AS**, H**, MA**, Q*; M C Aderaye C, H, Q, T; U Ahmad C, E/EL, H*, Q; A P Ahmed EC*, LW*, MA**, Q*; M Ahmed HS, SC, SOC; M Ahmed B, BUS, C; Y Ahmed AS, Q, SOC; K Akhtar SOC, TH; S Akhtar HS, SC; S Akhtar E, EC, GOV, Q; M M Akram AS, B, C; A Alam AS, HS, Q+, SC; F Albakri BUS**, IT, PE, Q; A Ali B, C, LW*; A Ali IT, LW, SC; M Ali AS, LW, Q, SOC; R Ali SOC; S Ali B, C, PY; R J Allsopp Q, RS, SOC; E Amin B**, MA*, Q; S A A Amin A**, B**, C*, Q; I Amjad C, MA, P; N Amjad B, C, MA, Q; B O Anderson BUS*, IT, PE*, Q; J L Anderson A*, E, G, Q; LQM Andrews E*, F**, H**, Q**; H Anjum E/EL, PY, Q, SOC; MR Anne E, F, MUS, Q; M S Anwar B, C, PY*, Q*; A Arif E, LW, MA, Q; C J Armitage A, E/EL, Q, SOC; DP Armitage BUS, MA*, MF*; E Armitage A, AS, PY; E N Armitage E, H*, Q, TH; F Armitage H, MA, Q, T; T J Armitage C**, MA**, MF+*, P**, Q*; M M Asghar B, PE, Q; M Asif B, C*, MA*; H Aslam HS**, PY, Q+, SC*; S L Aspinall B**, C*, F*, MA+*, Q*; EC Aspinall-budge E**, G, H**, MA*, Q*; J R Atkinson EL, PY, Q, SOC**; M J Atkinson BUS, PY, Q, SOC; H H Atmoko B, C, MA, Q; A Avrova B**, C**, MA*, Q; M A Awan B*, C**, MA*, Q; M J Aziz AS, LW; SE Babington A**, Q, Q+, RS; D J Bacon GOV, H*, Q, T; M Baig E/EL, SC, SOC+; O A Baig HS, PE*, SC; J C Bailey BUS, IT, PE+, Q; E B Baker EC, IT, Q, T; N M Baker E, H, LW, Q; E Balmforth F, HS, PY; K T Balmforth EL*, LW, Q, SOC*; V A Banks B, H*, Q, T; M Bano HS, Q+, SC, SOC; B O Barber B, GL, T; L E Barker F, I, Q, S; R P Barker AS*, C, Q, T; H R Barnett B*, C*, MA**, MF+*, Q; C E Barrow A*, MA*, MF, Q*; S Barrow A*, E, EL, Q; L M Bartle MA*, MF+, P, PE*, Q; H V Barton E, H*, Q, TH**; F T S Basheer B, C, F, Q; A S Bashforth A*, B*, E*, Q; E S L Bates E**, GOV**, H**, LW**, Q; S F Bates B, GL, PY, Q; C M J Beaumont B, C, MA, Q; SL Beck A, BUS+, C, Q; E Beecham EL*, H*, Q*, TH*; S M Beever B, E, Q, S; E M Beevers C*, MA**, MF*, Q; L A Beevers LW, Q, T; M J Begley G, MA, P, Q*; F Begum B, E/EL, HS, Q; H C Bennett EC, GOV, PE*, Q; T E Benson BUS, IT, Q+; W P Benton BUS*, MA*, P, Q; D M Berry B, C, S, S+; J Berry A*, E, GOV, Q; K M Berry HS, PY, Q, SC*; K Bi HS, PY, Q, SOC; H L Bianchi AS*, H, MA, Q*; R Bibi HS, LW, PY, Q; J Bielak AS, CS, MA, Q; E R Bishop C**, MA**, Q**, TH**; M J Bishop B, BUS*, PE*, Q; V G S Blezard B, BUS, PY*, Q; R S Blunt MA**, MF*, P*, PE, Q; T J G Blunt B*, C*, MA*, Q; AS Blythe GOV*, LW*, Q*, SOC**; K M A Bonner E/EL*, F*, Q, RS; A C Booth F*, MA**, MF+*, P**, Q; M Boothroyd BUS, LW, Q, SOC; W Boswell B*, C, MA, Q; S J Bottomley E/EL, PY, Q, SC. A L Boulton A**, E/EL*, F, Q*; A Bousfield BUS, E, Q, SOC; OC Boustead B*, C+, LW*, MA, Q; J S Bower B, MA, T; R A Bower EL, GOV, Q, T; C B Bowers BUS*, E/EL*, Q, S*; E K Bowers EL*, PE**, Q, TH*; FK Boycott-garnett A, Q, SOC, TH; C G Bradley A*, E*, EL, Q; P A Bradley B, C, MA, Q; C F Brammah B**, C**, MA*, Q; C R Brammah B*, MA**, PE*, Q; OJ Branchflower B**, C**, MA*, Q; J C Bratton B*, EL*, Q, RS; A V Brennan A**, EL*, F, Q; R G Brennan BUS*, E/EL, F, Q; S L Bretton A*, B, C, Q; T D Brier CS**, MA**, P*, Q; C A Briggs EC*, MA, PY*, Q*; C R Broadhead E/EL, PY, Q, SC; J Broadhead B, CRIT+, EL, PY*, Q; R E Brodie-browne F*, Q, S*, T*; E Brook B*, C*, H**, MA**, Q; H E Brook A*, EL, PY*, Q; J W Brook H*, MA, P, Q; R D Brook EL*, LW*, MA*, Q*, SOC**; Z Brook EL, LW, PY, Q; J Brooke EL, Q, RS, TH*; A D Brooks B, C, LW, Q; BK Brown BUS**, E, H*, Q; D W Brown EL, LW+, TH; J Brown CS*, EC, MA, Q; J M Brown GL, Q+, SOC, T; SAR Brown MA**, MF*, P, Q; L E Bruce C, EL, PY*, Q*; K A Buckley B*, H**, MA, Q*; K E Bullas A*, EL, H, Q; C E Bunker E, GOV, H, Q; R R Bunniss E/EL*, H**, Q*, T*, TH; S M Burluraux C*, MA*, MF+*, P*, Q; J Burnett BUS*, H*, LW*, Q; B Burns B*, C*, MA*, P*, Q; K L Busby E*, EL*, H**, Q*; A S Byram BUS*, EL, Q, Q+, T; J Cameron BUS, E/EL*, PY; O J Campbell B**, C**, MA**, P**, Q*; A D Cardus B*, MA*, PE*, Q, T*; E L Carr E**, EL*, MA*, MF+*, Q*; J J Carter B, C, Q; R J Carter B, C, MA, Q; HM Cartwright A*, EL, H*, Q; O J Cartwright EL*, H**, MA**, P**, Q*; C O Casey C**, CRIT+*, MA*, Q*, T**; J S Cave B, PE, Q, T; N E Chambers LW, PY, SC; N Cheema B*, BUS, C, Q; R Chhibber AS, EC, SC; R E Chingombe AS, IT+; W C Chung B, C, MA, Q; H M Clancy B**, C**, MA**, Q*; S Clark C**, MA*, Q, T*; G L R Clarke EL, F, GOV, Q; G R Clarke B**, C**, MA**, MF+*, Q; H E Clarke B*, C*, MA*, Q; S Clarke A, E, Q, S; S Clay HS, Q, SC, SOC; AN Clegg EL, GOV, H*, Q; L J Clegg E*, EL**, Q**, RS*; B Coban A, AS+, CS, TUR+*; J Cockin E, F*, I, Q; J O L Codner A**, E, F, Q; J A R Collinge H*, MA*, MF+*, P*, Q; K J Connolly B**, C**, MA**, Q; AR Cooke A*, H*, Q*, TH*; D M Cooke A**, E**, Q*, RS**; A J Cooper B*, C*, MA**, Q; J C Cooper A, EL*, MA**, Q, RS**; J T Cooper B, C, PY, Q; M A Copland A, Q; A V Copley B**, C*, MA*, Q; A J Corcoran C**, MA**, MF**, P**, Q; V Cornes EL, IT, LW, Q; SR Corns C**, EC**, MA**, Q; L Corradini EC, H, LW, Q; L A Cottam GOV, Q, RS, T; S A Coventry B, PE*, PY, Q; A Cowell BUS, LW, MA, Q; O J R Cox C*,

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A Level and AS Level round up

MA*, MF+, P**, Q; F Crookes BUS, HS, Q, SC; S J Cropper B, C, P, Q; H M Crosland B**, C, E*, Q; S E Cuthill HS, PY, Q, T; H R Czolacz B*, C, MA, Q; A Czyz B, C, PO*, PO+*, Q, S; B L Daley GL, Q+, SC, T. E S Davies B**, C*, E*, MA+, Q*; M F Davies EL*, F, I*, Q; O Davies E/EL, MA, Q, S; H R Dawson E, PE, SC; J A Dawson B, C, P, Q; M Dawson EC*, F**, MA*, Q; JR Day BUS*, E/EL*, H, Q; N J M Dearlove AS, H, MA, Q, Q+; S Dempsey B, C, Q, T; FJ Denton HS, PY, Q+, SC; J N Denton B, C, PY, Q; P A Derych E/EL, H, PY*, Q; L Devine C, E, H, Q; K P Devlin BUS, EL, PY, Q; H J Dickinson A, AS, IT; M Dickinson B, C, PY, Q; E R Dickson B*, C*, MA*, Q; Z J R Di'maio GOV*, H**, LW*, PY, Q*; EG Disken B, C*, Q, T*; B R Dobbin B*, C*, MA**, Q; M A Dodson BUS, EC, PY, Q; T E Donkersley CS, MA, PE*, Q; Z J A Donlon B, F, Q, TH; AP Dransfield CS, EC, MA, MF+, Q; C E Dransfield EL, Q, SOC, TH; K D H Dransfield C, MUS, P, Q; SL Drew EL, PY, Q, T*; E T Drummond B, C, PE**, Q; K E Drury C*, MA*, P*, Q*; L M Drysdale EL*, MA**, PY**, Q**; L J Dukes-beatty HS, PY, SC; M Duncan-barry E, Q, S+, TH; J L Duquemin A, LW, Q, T; ER Dyson B, MA, Q, T; J Dyson C**, MA**, MF+*, P*, Q; K E Dyson EL, LW, Q, RS; L M Dyson C, MA*, PE*; T W Dyson EL, H, Q; L C Eabry EL*, PY**, Q*, S; D J Edmondson CS, MA**, MF*, P*, Q; OA Edmondson E/EL, Q, SC, T; C C Edwards HS, PY, Q, T; J E Edwards A, PY*, Q, SOC*; K Eggleston A, BUS, EC, Q; N J Ellis EL, PY, Q, TH; S K Ellis F, Q, S*, SOC*; Y A Ellis E/EL, PY, Q, RS; R M Essof C, MA, Q, T; E V Evans B*, C, MA, Q; R L Evans E, EC*, H**, MA*, Q; M Farhan A*, B, G, Q; M Farooq B*, C*, MA*, Q; A Fayyaz AS, SC, SOC; SG Ferrari C, MA, PE**, Q+; A Field B, E, H, Q; S Fielding BUS, E, Q, T; J Finch E**, F, H; E M Finlayson A*, E, PY, Q; M A Fitzpatrick B**, C, H, Q; S D Flaherty C, PY, Q; H L Fletcher B, H, Q, T; S Fletcher B, C, Q, T; N L Folley A*, EC+, GOV, MA, Q; L C Foreman E, EC, Q, T; A J Foster B*, C, PY*, Q; L J Foster A**, B*, MA**, Q; S J Fowler B*, CS, P; L D Foxley B*, BUS, Q, T*; L J Francis EL, H, Q, S; K E Franklin MA**, P*, PE**, Q; N C Fraser B**, C**, MA*, Q, T*; RL Fray AS, EL, HS, Q; S Froudarakis E, PE; L R Gallagher E**, MA*, Q, RS*, TH*; A E Galloway B, C, PY, Q; A Garda B*, C, MA, Q; A L Gardner B, C, MA, Q; H J Gardner BUS, EC, IT, Q; J Gash BUS, IT, Q, SOC; J Gibney B, EL*, LW, Q; A Gibson EL, H, SC; MA Gibson EL*, LW*, MA*, Q; N B Gilchrist H, LW, T; L A Gill B, C, LW*, Q; M A Gill EC, EL, H, Q; NF Gill I, MA, Q, TH; S Gill-martin F*, GOV*, MA*, Q*; LG Gillott BUS+, MA, PE+; J L Ginnelly B, C, GL, Q; GK Gittins EL, HS*, Q, SOC*; L G Gleadall BUS*, EC*, MA*, MF+, Q; O J Gledhill B, C, Q, SOC; R L Gledhill C, MA, PY, Q; T O Gledhill E*, GOV*, Q, RS*; S J Glover B, C, MA; J Goddard EC, GOV**, H**, Q; J J Goddard B, BUS, H, Q; A Godin A, PY, Q, SOC, SOC+*; Z Goff B**, C*, MA*, Q; C R Goodall E, H**, Q*, SOC*; TJ Goodall B, PE*, PY+, Q; KV Gray B*, C*, MA*, Q; S J Gray B**, C*, MA*, Q; JWH Green C, P, Q, T*; R A Green GL*, H, Q, T*; DA Greenwood B**, C**, MA*, Q*, T*; J H Greenwood B*, PE**, Q, T*; M C Greenwood B*, C, F*, Q. E J Gregory E*, F, H*, Q*; R L Gregson C*, MA*, Q**, T**; J Greiff B, C, MA, Q; E R Guthrie B, C, MA, MF+, Q; Z Hadala BUS*, C, LW, Q; N Hafeez B, C, MA, Q+; M F Haider B, C, PY, Q; E G Haigh HS*, PE*, PY, Q; J J Haigh HS*, PY, Q*, SC*; B J Hall B**, C**, MA**, MF+*, P**, Q*; CY Hall EL**, F*, Q, T*; JE Hall A, E/EL, Q, TH*; S Hall A**, EL*, PY, Q; S Hallam EL*, PY*, TH; S L Halliwell A**, B, C*, Q; AN Halstead B, MA*, PY*, Q; A R Halstead B**, C**, MA*, Q; R C Hambleton B**, C**, MA*, Q; CA Hambling B**, C**, MA**, MF+*, Q*; T D Hampshire B**, C**, MA**, Q; T J Handley Q, RS, SOC, TH; M Hans E/EL, PY, Q, SOC*; MIT Haq B, C, Q, SOC*; R A Hardcastle B, GL, Q, T; C A Hardy EL, H, LW, Q; M O Harrington E, EL, PY*, Q; A F Harris E*, EL**, F**, Q*, RS*; OM Harris EC*, MA*, MF+, P, Q; I Hartland F*, H, PE**, Q; F Hassan B**, C**, MA**, Q; K D Haworth E*, G*, H**, Q*; H Hawrot B**, C**, Q**, T*; D R Hay C, EC, H, Q; M Healy A*, EL**, Q, S; A E Heaton AS, E/EL, Q, SOC; M Hebda B, C, MA, Q; A J Heeley B, MUS, Q, S*; JR Hepworth EL, H, MUS, Q; S V Hepworth BUS, HS; AE Hesling EL, HS, Q, SOC; S J Hewitt AS, H, LW; CJ Hill E, EL*, MUS, Q; J M Hinchliffe PY, Q, RS, SOC; Y J Hinchliffe B, C, P; AT Hind C, H, MA, Q; J L Hird E, EL*, F, Q; D Hirst B, IT, Q, S; J R Hirst BUS, Q, T; K C Hirst B, C, MA, Q; K M Hirst B, C, PY, Q; L A Hirst B**, C**, MA**, PE**, Q**; W O Hobson B, C, Q, T*; O Hodges A, E/EL, TH; C G Hodgson B, BUS+*, C+, EL, Q; C L Hodgson B, C, PY, Q; H L Hofton F, MA*, Q*, T*; D G Holbrook H**, PY**, Q*, T**; J W Holding C, CS, MA+, Q; MG Holdsworth A*, LW*, PY, Q; C Holroyd H, LW, Q, T; D Homan AS, H, Q+, T; LF Hope EC, H*, MA*, MF+, Q; S B Hopkinson LW*, PY, Q, SOC; C F E Hopley BUS*, H, LW*, Q*; J R Hopwood B*, C*, Q*, TH*; S J Horn MA*, MUS*, P, Q; D L Horsfall PE, Q, S+; A Howarth BUS, MA, PE, Q; B L Howgill E/EL, F, H, Q; L Howie GL, H, MA; R Howorth E*, EL*, Q, S; A Hoyland E*, F, Q*, S; ZE Hoyle EL, PY, Q, SOC; KL Huck F, PE*, Q, SOC; P V Hudson A**, BUS*, MA*, Q; R M Hughes GOV, H, Q, SOC; K E Hunt E**, H**, Q**, S*, T**; R Hunt B*, C*, PE*, Q; M P Hunt-brown E/EL, H, PE, Q; C L Hunter EL*, LW, MUS*, Q; A Hussain B, C, MA, Q; A Hussain B*, C, MA; A S Hussain BUS, H, LW, Q; A Z Hussain B*, C*, P, Q; M Hussain B*, C*, P*, Q; M W Hussain LW, PY, SC; N Hussain IT, Q, SC, SOC*; S Hussain B, C*, MA, Q; S Hussain B, C, MA; K E L Hutchinson A*, GL*, LW, Q; C J F Ider C**, MA**, P**, Q*; Z Idrees AS, B, C; U Ilyas B, C*, MA*, P, Q; J O Imeson F, PE, SC; L Imeson E, H, Q+, RS; L A M Inman B, MA, PE*, Q; A Iqbal BUS*, EC, LW**, Q; M A Iqbal B, C, Q, SOC; N A Iqbal BUS*, EC*, MA, Q; N A Iqbal C, GOV+, PY, T; U A Iqbal HS, SC; M B Irons E, H**, LW**; J M A Irving LW, PY*, Q, T*; A R Jackson B*, C*, MA*, Q**; O

Subject key A Art, AA Art and Craft, AB Arabic, AC Accounting, AD Art and Design, AL Ancient History and Literature, AM Applied mechanics, AS Applied Business, B Biology, BH Human biology, BS Social biology, BE Social and environmental biology, BLD Building and construction, BUS Business studies, C Chemistry, CL Classical studies, CM Communication studies, CS Computer science, CT Critital thinking, CW Creating writing, D Dutch, DA Dance, DR Dress, DRA Drama, DS Domestic science, DT Design and technology, DU Dutch, E English literature, EL English Language, E/EL English language and literature, EC Economics, EN Environmental science, ES Engineering science, ET Electronics, F French, FF Fashion and fabric, FS Film studies, FT Food Technology, G German, GC Graphical communications, GED Geometric and engineering drawing, GK Greek, GL Geology, GR Graphics, GOV British government and politics, H History, HA Ancient history, HC Hospitality and Catering, HE Home economics, HS Health and social care, I Italian, IT Information technology, JP Japanese, L Latin, LR Leisure and Recreation, LW Law, M Mathematics (pure and theoretical mechanics), MG Manufacturing, MA Mathermatics (pure and applied mathematics), ME Media studies, MP Mathematics (pure), MS Mathematics (pure Jackson C, MA, PE*, Q; S Jain BUS, MA, Q, RS, SC; HK Jameson C**, MA**, MF+*, P**, Q*; T M Jarratt BUS*, LW, PY*, Q; A J R Javed B*, C*, H*, Q; K H Javed BUS, EC, IT; M Javed HS, PE, SC; S Javed LW, Q, SC, SOC. K E Jessop B, E, PE**, Q; C Johnson B, H*, Q, RS; F Johnson A**, GL**, MA*, Q**, T*; K L A Johnston A, C, MA, P, Q+; G L Jones EL, LW+, PY; H L Jones E/EL, GOV, H, Q; M Jones B, C, Q, T*; R D Jones C*, MA**, MF+*, Q, T*; ZO Jones B, C, E/EL, Q; K Kaur E, H*, PY**, Q; M Kaur B*, C, H, Q; P Kaur HS, Q+, SC, SOC+; S Kauser HS, PY, SC; A P Kay B**, C*, MA, Q*; S K Keating BUS, PE, PY, Q+; H P Kelland A, E, Q, RS; H Kelly F*, H, Q, S*; J C O Kelly E, GOV, H*, Q; S Kelly H+, TH; J Kendall A**, E, EL*, Q; JR Kennedy E/EL, H, LW, Q; L Kenworthy HS, PE, PY, Q; C J Keogh B, BUS, C, Q; D J Kerr C, MA, P, Q; M Khalid B, C, PY, Q*; W Khalid B, BUS, C; I Khan B*, C*, MA; N Khan C, EC, Q, SOC; U Khan BUS, PY, SC; W Khan B, C, MA, Q; S Khela B, C, PY*, Q; M Kidanu GL*, MA, P, Q; B Kimmings A, H, Q, TH; J Kind AS**, EL, Q, S; S E King MA*, P, PE**, Q; N L Kitchen B, C, H, Q; H G Knight EL, HS, PY, Q+; J A Kras PY, Q, RS; A C Ladley EL, G, Q, TH*; J J Lagan EL, H, PY, Q; KHL Lai C*, MA**, MF**, P*, Q; C Laithwaite B*, C, PY, Q; A C Lamb HS, Q, SC; E Lamle E, S*; W Lander BUS, C, Q, T; T L M Lane MA**, MF+, P*, Q*, T*; A Latif EL, PY, SOC; A G B Lau BUS, EC, LW, Q; C Lau HS, PY, SC; E N Law A, PE, Q, SOC; J F D Lawson B, C, Q, T; S E Lawton A, AS*, PY, Q; G A Laycock-fleary EL*, F, Q, S; B C Lee B, C, E/EL, MA, Q; O S Lee A*, MA, P, Q; R J Lee BUS, C, PY, Q; S Lee E, H, Q, RS+; N Leigh EC, MA**, MF*, Q*; R J A Lewis C*, GL*, MA, P+, Q; S H Lewis E, LW*, PY*, Q; A J Lewthwaite A, GL, Q, T; R A Liddell CRIT+, E, Q, RS*, T H*; H E Liddle EC, H, Q; R J Liebmann BUS*, EL*, Q*, TH*; S D Light MA**, MF*, P, PY*, Q; H J Linton E*, H**, MA**, Q*, SOC**; L E Lister A*, HS*, Q*, RS; A M Littlewood B, C, Q; J Littlewood E/EL, H, MA, Q; J C Littlewood H, MA*, P*, Q*; J K Littlewood Q, SOC; L A R Lockwood B*, C, PY*, Q; S R Lockwood EL*, LW, Q, RS; G A Lodge BUS, EC, Q, SOC; A J Logan B, E*, H*, Q; J Logush B*, BUS*, E/EL*, H**, Q**; J A Long B, C, PY, Q, Q+; F N Longley B, E, PY*, Q; S M Longstaffe B**, C**, MA**, Q; J T J Lopez B*, C*, MA*, Q; C E Lothian GOV, H, Q, TH; L Loughran C, E, PY, Q; H F Loyd-hughes EL*, F*, H*, Q; A Luhishi B**, C*, E/EL*, Q; M Luhishi B*, C, MA, Q; R C Lunn C**, MA**, MF**, P**, Q*; S K Luqman B*, C, MA, Q; S L Lynskey EL*, F*, MUS, Q; H Madeley B*, C, H*, Q; S E Madine B*, C*, F*, Q; S S Mahil MA, P, Q, S; I Mahmood C, E*, H**, Q**; N Mahmood AS+, HS, Q, Q+, SOC; S Mahmood PY, Q, Q+, SC, SOC; M J Major MA, PE*, Q, T; Z E Manion AS*, HS*, Q, SC*; A Maqbool B, C, MA*; R S G Marsh BUS, H, PE, Q; JH Marshall A**, MA, P, Q; O J Marshall B, EL, PY, Q. A Martin BUS, PE*, Q, SOC*; C G Martin B, C, MA, Q; LJ Martin B, C, GL+, Q; O Martin F, MA, PY, Q; H S Mashiana BUS, EC+, PE, Q; AL Mason E, EL, H, Q; C E Mason B*, C, MA, Q; J E Mason B, C, H, Q*; J S Massey E/EL*, H**, PE**, Q; A Mathers EL, PY, Q, SC; R A Matheson C, MA; L D Mcadam E, F*, I+, Q, S*; R Mccollom E/EL, Q+, SOC*, TH; JL Mccolm BUS, E/EL, PY, Q; C Mcgenity B**, C*, F**, Q**; L V Mcginty EL, LW, Q, TH; M J Mcgoldrick E/EL, H*, Q, TH*; A Mcgowan E, H, PE*, Q; K E Mcgowan E/EL, HS, SC; S J Mcgrath EL, F, Q, S; R Mcinerney BUS, H, LW, Q;

mathematics with statistics), MM Mathematics (other mathematics papers), MF Further mathematics (all variations), MTEC Music technology, MUS Music, P Physics, PA Performing arts, PAN Panjabi, PE Physical education, PH Philosophy, PM Physics and Maths, PHO Photography, PO Polish,PS Political studies, PY Psychology, Q General studies, QE General studies with pass in spoken English, R Russian, RS Religious studies (scripture), S Spanish, SC Science, SE Spoken English, SOC Sociology, SPU Science for Public Understanding, SS Sports studies, ST Statistics, T Geography, TH Theatre studies, TT Travel and Tourism, TX Textiles technology, U Urdu, Z Zoology, FBUS French business studies. Letters not in capitals denote O-level passes to A-level candidates. STEP denotes Special University Entrance Paper. * Denotes grade A pass. ** Denotes grade A Star pass. ! Denotes pass in additional special paper. † Denotes grade one in additional special paper. ‡ Grade A pass with one in special paper. + Denotes AS-level. O Letters in brackets indicate passes at GNVQ. C Mcintosh E, H, Q, TH; T A Mckenzie C, MA*, P, Q; B F Mckenzie-barnes B**, C*, MA*, Q; I L Mckenzie-jones EL*, F*, H*, Q; Y Mcloughlin BUS**, IT*, Q, T*; J Mcquade E**, H**, MA*, P*, Q*; A C Mcveigh E/EL*, Q, S, T*; D R Melleney B**, C**, MA*, Q*; A J Mellor E, I*, Q**, S**; C A Mellor B, C, EL, MA, P, Q*; H Mellor B**, C*, MA*, MF, Q*; R E Mellor E/EL*, Q*, SOC**, TH*; D Menon B**, C**, MA*, P**, Q*; P L Merrifield BUS*, E/EL**, MA*; J Michaels B*, C*, H**, Q; S F Miles B*, MA*, PE**, Q; C Mitchell A, E/EL, TH; RLK Mitchell B*, C, MA, Q; SJ Mitchell B**, C*, MA*, Q*; C J Molloy B**, C**, MA*, Q; C J Molloy B, C, PY*, Q; SD Montisci BUS, EC, LW*; B J R Moore B**, C*, MA*, P*, Q; E V Moore E/EL*, F*, GOV, H**, Q; F E Moore EL, PY, Q, SOC; C K Morgan E*, H*, Q**, S*; C R Morgan BUS, CS, Q; E K Morgan EL, LW, PY, Q; N A Morrissey B*, C, PY*, Q; C L Morritt F, H*, PY*, Q*; A E Mortimer A**, B*, C*, Q*; J E Mott MA**, MF+*, MUS, PY*, Q; J M Moulson E/EL, PE, Q, T; W R Mowatt E/EL, H, Q, Q+, SOC; P R Mujuru A**, I, Q, S; H J Mundell E, I**, Q, S**; S Munir A, B, C; S Musa B, C, MA; S Mushibwe BUS, LW, PY, Q; C W Mutambirwa B, C, MA; D Myers CS*, MA**, MF**, Q*, TH*; W Nabi B*, C, PY, Q; MIA Naeem RS; BK Nahal E, P, Q, RS; E Naylor F*, H*, I, Q; J Nazareth B**, C, MA*, Q; B C Nelson A, AS+, Q+, T; C W Njenga H, PY, Q, SC; G S Norman B*, LW**, PY*, Q; J R O Norman LW+, Q, SOC+; HM Norris B**, C*, MA*, P**, Q; A Nosheen E/EL, LW, Q; DJ Nugent H, PY, Q, RS; O Nugent B, C, PY, Q+; WE Nye B, C, MA, Q; DE O'brien B, C*, Q, S; R E O'connell C, E/EL, Q, TH*; L Odai A+*, C*, MA*, Q, S; L E O'hagan H, LW*, PY*, Q; S J O'hara H*, Q*, RS*, T*; E Oldfield AS*, E/EL, Q, S; L Orwin B, MA, PY, Q; S M O'toole E/EL*, F, H, Q; N Ounees B*, C*, MA, Q; H Oxley B*, H, PE**, Q*; S Pacynko H, MA*, Q, S; K Palfrey E*, H**, Q*, S*; A L Palmer E**, F, Q, TH*; E Palmer E, EL, Q*, T*; L R Palmer A*, E/EL, Q, SOC; S S Panesar H*, LW, PY, Q; C Paramor EL, F*, H**, Q, S+*; J A Parker H*, MA**, MF*, P*, Q; J L Parker B**, C**, MA*, Q; A J Parkin E, PY, TH*; S Parnaby BUS, C, MA, Q; D M H Partington E/EL, H*, LW, Q*, TH; R Parvin A, LW, PY, Q; H J Pasek E**, GOV**, H**, Q**; A Patel B*, C, PY*, Q; I F Patel B*, C, MA, Q*; N P Patel C**, MA**, MF**, Q; PD Patel B*, C*, MA*, Q; Y Patel B*, C*, EC*, Q; H N Pauw A*, E*, Q, RS. E J Pawsey AS*, EL, Q, TH**; L Peaker EL*, H**, Q**, RS*; O W Pearson C**, MA**, MF+*, P*, Q**; T J Pearson EC, LW, Q, T; F Peel Q+, RS, SOC, TH; H Peel E*, MA*, MF**, P*, Q; A F Percival E, H*, Q**, SOC*; G E Perkins BUS, EC, LW*, Q; N M Perkins BUS, E/EL, LW+, Q; N J Perry B*, C, F*, Q; A Pickard A**, B*, BUS**; E L Pickles AS**, EL, IT, Q; M Pickup BUS, EL, F, Q; E L Plant B, C*, PY, Q; N R Platt H, Q, RS, TH**; H Plunkett C, GL*, H, Q; J E Pollard B, F, PY, Q; S J Popper EC*, H**, MA**, Q**; SM Porritt C**, MA**, MF**, P**, Q; G Prashar B, BUS, C, CRIT+, Q; J Prentice H**, MA, P, Q; A M S Preston E**, G*, H**, Q*; S M Pugh F*, G*, H**, Q**, T*; S Pullein C, LW, MA, Q; R R Puri BUS*, EC, MA, PY, Q; A Qadir B*, C, PY, T*; O Qadir B, C, EC; S Rafiq LW, PY, Q, SC; J Ramsden C**, MA**, MF+*, P**, Q; M Ramzan B, BUS, EC+; A Rana B, MA, P, Q; A Rana F*, MA*, Q, S*; I Rashid B, C, Q, SOC; M Raza AS, EC, IT; S Razaq HS, SC, SOC; R Razzaq B, C, MA, Q; S L Reid A, C, PY, Q; Y E Rejaei B**, C*, MA*, Q; P A Render F, MA*, MF+, P*, Q; AEA Reynolds B, C, MA, MF+, Q; B D Rhodes B, C, P, Q; M A Riaz BUS, PY, Q, SOC; J S

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A-mazing results at Greenhead College With 30 pupils achieving their Oxbridge offers and a 99% pass rate, the college had even more success than last year. Over two-thirds of the results were at A*, A or B and 86% were at grades A* to C. And out of 885 A-level candidates, all but 28 achieved three passes or more and 230 achieved an A grade or better in three or more subjects. Principal Martin Rostron praised the success of Greenhead students. “This is the second year of A*, and it was achieved in 13% of exams compared to last years 11% and 8% nationally which is fantastic. “I can’t single out one department as they have all done extremely well.

■ DELIGHT: For students at Greenhead (JH180811Eresults-04) “It has been a very tough year for students to get into university and they have worked very hard., we cannot praise the achievement of all of them adequately.” William Triner, of Lindley, achieved three A*s and is one of

Richards B, C, MA, Q; C S Richardson CS, MA, P*, Q; C Ripley E/EL, H, PY, Q; A T Rizvi A*, PY*, Q, RS; L V Roberts EL, HS, Q, SC; E H Robertson E, H*, MUS, Q; A Robinson BUS*, PY, Q, SOC*; L V Rochford HS, PY, Q, SOC; A Roden BUS*, PE*, PY, Q; T B Roebuck B*, EC*, H*, Q; S Romeo H**, PY, Q*, RS**; H I L Rose F, H*, MA**, MF*, Q*; S E Rosser B, MA, PY, Q; C Rotherham A*, E/EL, LW*, Q; J K Rowland B, E/EL, PE**, Q; M R Rowland B*, GL**, Q, T**; T J Rowntree E, F, P, Q*; M Royston A, EL+, SOC; J M Rusby EL*, I+*, MA*, Q, S*; J D Rushton-crawshaw H*, MA**, P, Q; A R Rushworth E, H, PE; AD Russell B, C, MA, Q; K Ryan E, HS, LW, Q; F J Ryder MA*, Q*, S*, T*; M Sabha HS, LW, Q, SC; M Q Sadiq B, C, LW; A Sagger B*, C, MA, Q; P Sahota BUS, E/EL, LW; A Sakharkar BUS*, C*, MA*, Q; S Sakharkar B, C, MA, Q; A Saleem B, PE, SOC; A Saleem B*, BUS, C**, Q+; R Z Saleem LW*, PY, Q, SC; A S Salihu-alkali B, C, MA, Q; E L Sanderson EL*, GOV**, H**, Q*; L E Sandland MA, MF, PY, Q; A Sarwar B, C+, E/EL; A T Sattar B, H, Q; W R Saville EC*, GOV**, H*, Q*; B Sawyer EL, F, Q, S; K R Scarff C, GL, MA, Q; J O Schofield B**, MA, P, Q; O C Schofield A, BUS, EL, Q; B M Scully B, C, Q, T*; K L V Senior B**, F*, PE**, Q; M Shaffiq B, EC, MA, Q; Z Shafi B*, C, Q, SOC*; M A Shafique B, BUS, C; P T M Shah B, C, MA, Q; G K L Shahed BUS, E, PE*, Q; A N Shahid BUS; J Shahid B*, C, MA; S A Shakeel AS, LW+, SC; G Shakirullah B*, BUS*, EC*, Q; S Sharif E, LW**, Q, SOC**; SA Sharif B, C, F*, Q*; R Sharma B*, C*, MA*; A J Sharrock C, MA*, Q, T*; S Shaukat H*, LW*, MA, Q; A Shaw EL, G, I, Q; C J A Shaw EC+, GOV, H, Q; S Shaw HS*, PY*, Q, SC; A E P Shearon E*, EL*, H**, Q*; R C Sheffield BUS**, EC+*, F, MA*, Q; SL Shields B**, C**, MA*, Q; A M Short B**, C*, H**, Q; K J Shorthouse B, PE, PY, Q; D L Sieradzan CS, PY, Q. M Siggins E, EL, H, Q; N Sinclair B*, MA*, PE**, Q; H Singh B**, C**, MA**, Q; S J Singleton H, PY, Q, RS; R C Sixsmith E*, F, MUS*, Q, S; A L Slingsby E, F, PY, Q; A J Smith F, MA, Q*, S; B C B Smith B**, MA**, P**, Q; C Smith E, F, LW, Q; F Smith A*, E, Q, RS; J E Smith G, PE, Q, S; LN Smith EL, HS, PY, Q; NK Smith A, E, H*, Q; O Smith B, C, MA, Q; O Smith E, PY, Q, TH; R E Smith E/EL, H, Q, TH+; T C Smith BUS, PE, PY, Q; RP Somers C, H, MA*, Q; A M Sommerville HS, PY, SOC; T M Sowerby B*, C*, T**; A J Spirrett MA*, MF+, MUS*, P, Q*; G L Stacey B, C, E, Q; M Stavrakantonaki A, C, MA, Q; O Stead C*, MA**, P*, Q; A Stephenson B, C, Q, TH*; C O Stephenson B*, C, PY*, Q; J D Stephenson G**, MA**, Q**, S**; EL St-hilaire EL, HS, PY*, Q; L M Stimpson C*, MA*, Q, T*; JE Stokes MA*, P, PE*; J K Street E**, H**, Q**, TH*; M Street E/EL+, Q, RS, SOC; G A Sugden C, EC*, H**, MA, Q; P J Sugden C**, GL**, MA**, Q; E M Summerscales BUS**, EL*, Q**, T*; L M Summerscales EL, PY*, Q, T*; R A Summerscales B, PE*, Q, T*; A J Sunderland B*, C*, MA, Q*; HL Sunderland E, PE**, Q, S; R M Sutton B, E, PE*, Q; R J Swales B, H, MUS, Q; L Swift EL, LW, PY, Q; S

the elite group that is headed to Oxford. He said: “I am going to study politics, philosophy and economics. “I am nervous but also really excited”. Claire Johnson, of Almondbury, said: “I looked online on the university system this morning after I saw everybody’s status’ on Facebook. “I was nervous looking but I think that my mum was even more nervous than me. “I am so relieved and looking forward to starting.” Having achieved three As, Claire scored higher than her two As one B offer and is headed to Manchester to study Philosophy. Friends Sarah Longstaff and Sophie Shields had a dual celebration last night as it was Sarah’s birthday and they both achieved the results needed to study medicine at Birmingham. The careers service was on hand from 6am for any student that

Swinden E/EL, H, Q, SOC; J Swire A, H, MA, Q; AG Swystun B, MA*, P; E J Sykes A*, E/EL, SC; YH Taheri E, Q, S, TH*; A Tai B, C, P; H Taj EL, LW, PY; J J Tanghe A, BUS, EL, Q; D Taylor B**, C*, MA*, MUS*, Q*; J A Taylor LW+, SOC; J P Taylor GOV, MA, P, Q; L Taylor LW, PY, Q, SOC+; R Taylor BUS, E, PY, Q; R L Taylor A, B, C, PY, Q; A Teftyuyeva BUS, E/EL, G, Q; A D Thomas B, C, MA, Q; D Thornley LW, MA, P, Q; A Thurlow BUS*, EL*, Q*, T*; M P Todd B**, C**, MA**, Q*; J M Townend H, MA*, P*, Q; S J Townsend BUS*, EC+*, IT, MA; WA Triner F**, GOV+*, H**, MA**, Q*; ET Troke H**, LW**, MA, Q; JCJ Tudor B*, C*, MA*, Q; J L Tunnacliffe EL*, GOV, PY, Q; C L Turner EL, HS, PY; E H Turner B*, C, MA*, MF+, Q; J Turner GOV*, H*, LW, Q; JR Turner MA, P, Q, T; M H Turner B*, C*, MA*, Q; R Turner A, E*, EL*, Q; M G Turnpenney H, Q*, RS, SOC*; L A Tyndall E/EL, G, Q, T; H R Tyrrell E, Q*, SC*, TH; M G Tyson B*, C*, MA*, Q; K Uari-siaoa HS, PY, Q, SC*; L Uari-siaoa B, HS, Q, T; M Uddin BUS, LW, Q, SOC; R Ullah H, LW, Q, RS; S Ullah B, EL, Q, RS; W A Unsworth BUS, PY, Q, T; D B Upadhyay B, C, MA, Q; RHL Van E*, EL*, MA**, Q**; AJ Vaughan E*, F, H, Q; J P Vincent C*, LW*, MA*; W Voce E/EL, LW, PY, Q; E Wade EL, HS, Q, SC; G T Wade E/EL, PY*, Q, RS; S S Wadoodi B, C*, MA; W Wagstaff A*, B**, Q*, T*; D Waites HS, PY, SC; A R Walker B**, C, MA*, Q; HL Walker B, C, MA, Q; J M Walker-saunders A+, E/EL, HS, Q; C R Waller BUS, E/EL, Q, S*; C E Wallwork HS**, PY, Q, SC*; T C Walpole MA*, MF, P, Q; J Walsh EL*, F*, MA*, Q*, SOC**; G L Walters B, C, GL; J Ward EL, GOV, LW, Q; J L Ward BUS, IT, Q, SOC; SJ Warren E**, EL*, H**; F Waseem B, BUS*, C, Q; T Waterson G, H**, MA**, MF*, Q; N L Watson A, MA, MF, P, Q; P J C Watson B, PE*, PY, Q; R J Watson GOV, H**, Q**, RS*; A Waud A**, H, MUS, Q; G A Waygood EL*, LW**, PY**, Q**; G J Webster E/EL, PE, Q, SOC; M J Wedge-roberts C**, F*, MA**, MF**, P**, Q; C J West H, IT, LW, Q; A A White EC*, MA*, Q*, T*; J L White E*, Q, T, TH; O White E, G, Q, T*; L J Whiteley A, AS*, MA, Q; K L Whiteley-maguire E*, I, Q**, RS*; DS Wilby E**, GOV**, Q*, RS*; A Wilkes H*, MUS, Q**, RS*; B R Wilkinson EC, GOV, H, Q; E B D Wilkinson B, GL, T; F E Williams E/EL, PY, Q, SOC; K E Williams B*, BUS*, Q, T*; S E Williams MA**, MF**, PY*, Q*; L Wilson E/EL, HS, SC; T Winkley A, BUS, MA, Q; D C Wise C, MA**, MF*, P*, Q+; M J Wood H*, LW*, PY, Q; B K Woodhead EL, HS, Q, T; C L Woodward B, HS*, PY, Q, T; E S H Woodward A**, HS, Q+, T; K Woolhouse EC*, MA, PY, Q; A C Woollett A*, E*, PY*, Q*; K A Wootton C**, E*, F**, Q**; SC Worthington BUS, EL, MA, Q; M D Wozniak EL, H, PE, Q+; BO Wray MA*, MF, P, Q, RS+; A W Wright C**, MA**, P*, Q; N J Wright B, GL*, H*, Q, Q+; RC Wright GL**, MA*, MF+, P, Q; T M Wright B, C, MA, Q; K L Wynne F**, MA**, MF+*, P**, Q*, S**; A Yasin C*, EC*, MA**, Q; M Younis AS, Q, SC, SOC; H Yousaf LW*, MA*, PY; S Yousaf E/EL, LW, PY, Q; A Yusuf A, PY, Q.

didn’t get the expected results. Head of careers Gillian Peers said: “There were issues with the Track system run by UCAS but once the students get through to the telephone numbers university staff have been really helpful. “We have managed to have alot of success through clearing. “We have been here since 6am and our first student came in at 6.50am.” Lauren Whiteley, of Beaumont Park, was due to go to Newcastle but marginally missed her place and is headed to John Moore’s University in Liverpool instead. She said: “It took me three hours to make sure I had a place through clearing and there has been a lot of holding and waiting for the system to work. “The staff at Greenhead though have been amazing and so helpful in trying to help us. “I am excited to go to Liverpool though, if there is somewhere else to go other than Newcastle, it would have been Liverpool.”

GREENHEAD COLLEGE AS LEVEL MR Aaron B+, BUS+, EC+, PY+; S Abdullah EL+, HS+, SOC+; A Abid BUS+; T Abraham B+, C+, MA+; D Ackroyd E+*, EL+, H+, LW+; A Adams EC+, GOV+*, MA+, S+; N G Adams A+*, BUS+, E/EL+; R Adamson A+, MA+, PY+, S+; K Addy A+*, P+; K P Afitlhile A+; N Aftab AS+, B+; S Aftab B+, C+, MA+, P+; R Afzal EL+, HS+, SC+; U A Afzal B+*, C+*, MA+*, T+*; R Aggarwal C+*, E+*, H+*, MA+*; R Ahmad CRIT+, E+, EL+*, GOV+, LW+; S Ahmad B+*, C+*, MA+*, SOC+*; A S Ahmed B+, C+, SOC+; H Ahmed EL+, LW+, PY+, DIDN'T get the grades you needed? Don't want to go to university? Planning a gap year? has teamed up with a website dedicated to giving you alternative career advice to let you put your questions to them. So if you haven't got the marks, been left out in the cold by the lack of higher education places, this is the place to be. Jason Borg from will answer questions from 1pm today. Whether you're a student or a parent, log onto and ask your questions. To ask a question, just put your first name and your location. You don't have to give your surname.

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A Level and AS Level round up

SCENES of smiling students and proud parents graced the hall of reenhead College on A-level results day.

Friday, August 19, 2011

SC+; M Ahmed BUS+; M S Ahmed EC+, LW+, P+; R Ahmed BUS+, EC+, H+, LW+; A Ahsan BUS+, SOC+; H L Ainsworth CRIT+, E+, EL+, LW+, PY+; D C Akam B+*, C+*, CRIT+*, H+*, MA+*; E G Akeroyd EL+, F+, H+*, T+*; H Akhtar HS+, LW+, PY+, SC+; J Akhtar B+, C+, EL+, SOC+; T Akhtar AS+, HS+, LW+, SOC+; I F Alam B+*, C+*, MA+*; A Ali AS+, IT+, SOC+; AN Ali B+, C+, PY+; F Ali EL+, IT+, MA+, SC+*; N Ali B+, E+, PY+; W Ali IT+; Z Ali B+, C+, LW+, MA+; R Allcock C+*, E+*, F+, S+; A C Allen B+, BUS+*, MA+, PE+; M J Allen C+*, MA+*, P+*, T+*; N Allen B+, PE+*, PY+, T+*; G J Ambrose B+, C+, MA+, P+; A Amin EL+, HS+, PY+, SOC+; A Amjad B+, PY+; S E Anderson A+*, BUS+, E+, PY+; E A Andrews C+, CRIT+, F+, P+; S Anjum B+*, C+*, MA+*, P+; J R Appleton BUS+*, MA+, P+, T+*; L D Archer B+*, C+, MA+, P+; B Ardron B+, C+, EC+, MA+; N Arif B+, C+, E/EL+; B H Armitage C+*, MA+*, PE+*, PY+; JE Armitage B+*, C+*, MA+*, PE+*; A Armstrong B+*, C+*, MA+, PE+*; L A Ashdown G+, GOV+, H+; S J Ashton E+, GOV+, H+, TH+; M Askham B+*, GL+, H+*, MA+*; A I Aslam B+, C+, E+, PY+; M Aslam HS+, PY+; P D Aspinall B+, CRIT+, E/EL+, H+, PE+; L K Atkin EL+, PE+*, PY+, T+*; D G Atkinson B+, BUS+, C+, PE+; J M Atkinson BUS+, E/EL+, EC+, PE+; Z Atkinson BUS+*, H+*, LW+, T+*; H Audin B+, EL+, LW+, PY+; M S Auvais GOV+, H+, LW+; AN Avery BUS+; N Azeem B+, E+, PY+; JS Bagri B+, C+, E+; C Bahadori B+, C+, CRIT+, GOV+*, H+; M Baig AS+, LW+, PY+; K R Baigent B+, C+, E/EL*, MA+; G Bailey C+*, MA+*, P+*; JC Bairstow B+, C+, EL+, H+*; J Bake F+, PE+, PY+; R Baker E/EL+, H+, LW+, PY+; HOS Baldry E+, H+, PY+, TH+; OJ Baldwin E/EL+, H+*, MA+*, PE+*; ETS Ball GOV+*, MA+*, P+*; JT Bamford B+*, MA+*, P+*; RDK Banger EC+, LW+, PY+, SOC+; ORS Banks C+*, MA+*, P+; GJ Barker BUS+*, F+, MA+, T+; A Basic BUS+, LW+, SOC+; L Baskeyfield-bride EL+, GOV+, H+, RS+; B Batbayar B+, C+, MA+, P+; H M Bates B+, H+*, PY+*, SOC+*; L Bates B+*, C+*, H+*, MA+; AE Batts B+, C+, E/EL+*, F+; JM Batty C+*, H+*, MA+*, P+*; A G Beardsall B+, BUS+, IT+, PE+*; J M Beecham BUS+*, H+, LW+, MUS+; E Bell CRIT+, E+, H+*, RS+; L J Bellas BUS+, PE+, TH+; R A Benn C+, P+, PE+; C A Bennett BUS+, E+, PY+; E J Bennett EL+, IT+, MA+*, T+*; B E Beresford EL+*, G+, PY+, RS+; J J Beresford C+, MA+*, PY+, T+; A Berry B+, C+, MUS+*, PY+; A T Berry CS+, H+, MA+, P+; D K Berry CS+, LW+, MA+*, P+*; H Beverley BUS+*, MA+, S+. A K Bhalla B+*, C+*, CRIT+, EC+, MA+*; H Bhullar AS+, LW+; M Bhullar EC+*, EL+, LW+*, MA+*; P K Bhullar A+*, EC+*, F+, MA+; H Bibi E/EL+, SOC+; R Bibi A+, AS+, HS+, PY+; Z Bibi HS+, LW+, SC+, SOC+; J L Bickerdike E+, IT+, PY+; A K Billam F+*, H+*, MA+*, P+*; A M J Bird GOV+, H+, T+; I Birdi AS+, LW+; J Birkett E+, GOV+, LW+, PE+; A E Birkhead E+, EC+*, H+, MA+*; G Birkhead B+*, C+, MA+, PE+*; Z Birring A+, LW+, PY+, SOC+; E C Black E/EL+, PE+; JL Blagbrough B+*, BUS+, MA+*, PE+*; SJ Blakey B+, C+, GL+, H+; NK Bolger A+, BUS+, PY+; J Booth C+, MA+, P+, T+*; JA Booth EC+*, MA+*, P+*, T+*; SR Booth B+*, C+*, MA+, P+; D Boothman B+, T+; AJ Boothroyd E+, H+*, LW+*; B Boothroyd B+, EL+, LW+, PE+; J Boothroyd C+*, G+, MA+*, P+; O P Boothroyd B+, GOV+*, HS+, LW+*; L K Boparai B+*, C+, MA+, PY+; HJ Boulton MA+, MUS+, P+, T+; E V Bowden B+, LW+*, MA+, RS+; V J B Bowden A+*, E/EL+, MA+, TH+; EJ Bowen A+, MA+, P+, TH+*; G J Bower B+*, BUS+*, MA+*, PE+*; S A Boyles B+, C+, H+, PY+; HF Bradshaw A+, BUS+, IT+, TH+; A Brady B+*, C+*, G+*, MA+*; N L Bramall A+, B+, H+, MA+; TJ Brammer C+, MA+, P+, TH+; S R Brear B+, HS+*, PY+*; C L Bree B+*, MA+, PE+*, PY+*; DO Breen B+*, C+*, H+*, MA+*; H L Brennan B+, C+, MA+, SOC+; H Brien B+*, C+*, MA+*; R H T Briggs GL+*, H+*, MA+*,

Higher Education & Construction Management So you’ve finished your A-levels, what’s next? How about a career in...... Architectural Technology, Building Services, Civil Engineering, Construction Management, Facilities Management or Surveying.

For more information you can contact us by: calling: 0113 222 6002 texting: LCBHE 88020 visiting:

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Huddersfield Daily Examiner

Friday, August 19, 2011

Results RS+; S Bright EC+, GOV+*, H+*, T+*; SK Brighton A+*, BUS+*, T+*; M V Broadbent F+, MA+, RS+*; G M B Brockway B+, E+*, H+*, S+; HW Brook BUS+, E/EL+, H+*, LW+*; J L Brooke EL+, HS+; KL Brooke B+*, C+*, MA+*, P+; L J V Brooke E/EL+, H+, IT+, SOC+; N Broster BUS+*, MA+, T+; R A Broughton B+, EC+, HS+, SOC+; C M Brown H+*, PY+*, RS+*, S+; H Brown B+, E/EL+, H+, MA+; TW Brown C+*, CRIT+*, MA+*, P+*; S N Buchanan A+, B+, C+, E/EL+; J Burgess LW+, PE+, SOC+, TH+; T Burhouse LW+; E Burnand E+, H+, SOC+, T+; S Burns B+, C+, E/EL+, PY+; C M Butler C+*, CRIT+*, E+*, EC+*, MA+*; H Buxton CRIT+, E/EL+, GOV+, LW+*, MA+; SD Bye EL+, SOC+, TH+; AE Callum E+, EL+, H+, RS+; J Cameron B+, C+, G+, RS+*; N H J Campbell E+*, G+*, GOV+*, H+*; S Canham B+*, C+*, MA+*; A V Carlos B+, C+, I+, MA+; J M Carr B+, C+, MA+, PY+; H L Carter B+*, C+*, CRIT+*, MA+*, RS+*; R Cartwright B+, E+, H+*, T+; A Casey B+, HS+; I M Chadha E/EL+*, GOV+, H+, MA+; S Chadwick EC+, MA+, P+, T+*; JA Chamberlain B+, BUS+*, H+, PE+*; K Chang B+, EC+*, MA+*; R C Chatterton B+, C+, E+, PY+; M Cheesbrough B+*, C+*, MA+*, S+; F D Chesswas BUS+, CRIT+, E/EL+, MA+, S+; AL Childs IT+, PY+; L Childs B+*, C+*, MA+, SOC+; IV Chinweze B+, PY+; C Clapham EL+, LW+, PY+; J M Clare BUS+*, C+, CS+*, MA+; L Clarke E+, HS+, PY+; A D Clayton B+*, C+*, MA+*, SOC+*; W Clegg BUS+, E/EL+, H+, MA+; T A Clowes B+, C+, P+; L Cocking AS+*, CRIT+, E+, PY+*, S+*; A Coleman E+, EL+*, H+*, LW+. R Coleman A+, T+; TE Collier BUS+*, EC+*, LW+, MA+*; L M Collins BUS+, LW+, PY+; EG Collomosse E+, F+, I+, RS+; EJ Colson GOV+, LW+, SOC+, TH+; J Conway BUS+, H+, PE+; A M D Cooke C+, GL+, P+; A M E Cooper E/EL+, F+, H+*, PY+; R D Cooper C+*, MA+*, MUS+*, P+*; M V Corless B+, HS+, PY+, T+; MA Cosgrove E/EL+, F+, S+, TH+; R M Cosslett B+, C+, MA+, T+*; A Cousins A+*, F+, H+*, RS+*; S Coyle F+, MA+*, P+; L J Crabb EL+, F+, G+; T Cracknell B+*, C+*, MA+*; H Craven E+, H+, PY+, SOC+; V Crosby E+*, F+, PY+, TH+; E K Crosland E/EL+, MA+, MUS+, PY+; J L Crosland BUS+*, MA+*, P+*; C A Crossland BUS+, IT+*, PY+*, SOC+; B Crowley EL+, LW+, PE+*, PY+; E J Crowther B+, HS+, PE+*; E Z Crowther E+, H+, HS+; K M Cryer A+, BUS+, EL+; E J Cudworth C+, MA+, MUS+, P+; TJ Cumiskey IT+, PE+, T+; M H Cunningham E+*, F+*, H+*, RS+; N R Davey E+*, MA+*, P+*; B Davies B+*, C+, GL+*, S+; T R L Davies AS+; MJ Davis B+*, C+*, GL+, MA+*; S Davis B+*, C+*, GL+*, MA+*, P+*; CP Daw A+, E/EL+; O Dawodu AS+, CS+, LW+; C J Dearden-briggs A+, TH+; L Degale E/EL+, HS+, PY+, SC+; J Dempsey BUS+*, GOV+, MA+*; L Denton H+, PY+; S L Detraux A+, C+, IT+*, MA+; T J Deveney B+*, MA+*, PE+*; A M Dewhirst B+, C+, MA+*, T+*; N S Dharmar B+, C+*, CRIT+, MA+*, P+; MS Dhesi B+, C+, MA+, T+; K Dickinson EL+*, MA+*, PE+*, PY+*; ZC Dobson BUS+, EC+, IT+; J M Dodson B+, GL+, MA+, T+*; L Dolan-rathmell EL+*, MA+, RS+*; C J Dorrian C+*, CS+, MA+, P+; C E Douthwaite F+, GOV+*, H+*, S+; L Doyle A+*, E/EL+, PY+; SJ Draper B+, CRIT+, EL+*, I+, S+; H R Dunne C+, E+*, F+, PY+; C L Durham A+*, E+*, G+*, H+*; K Dymowski A+, E+, IT+, PY+; A Dyson BUS+*, E/EL+, H+*, LW+; N Dyson GOV+, H+,

All-day breaking news at

A Level and AS Level round up

LW+; W Dyson B+, C+, MA+, P+; S Eales B+*, H+*, MA+*, SOC+*; S P Eardley CS+, MA+, PE+*, PY+; A L Earnshaw BUS+, EC+, MA+; C Eastwood BUS+*, E+, H+*, PY+; J S Eastwood C+, EC+, MA+; H J Edmonds B+*, C+, H+, T+*; C Effa A+*, AS+*, E/EL+*, RS+*; D Elliott B+*, C+, MA+*, MUS+*; CS Ellis A+*, E/EL+, F+, MA+; E R Ellis B+*, HS+*, PE+*, PY+*; R M Ellis B+, C+, IT+, PY+; C R Elliston E+*, F+*, H+*, TH+*; E English B+, BUS+*, C+, PY+; R L Eva B+, C+, H+; HL Evans B+, C+, PE+; M S Evans CRIT+, E+, H+, LW+, SOC+*; E M Ewart A+*, B+*, E/EL+, MA+; D M Farran IT+, MA+, PE+, SC+*; C J Farrar C+*, MA+*, P+*; L Farrington B+, C+, PY+, TH+; A J Field MA+, MUS+*, PY+, TH+*; C J Field B+, PE+; E F Fielding H+*, MA+*, PY+*; G Finch E+, PY+, SOC+, TH+; L Finch E+, H+, TH+; J R Finegold E/EL+, H+, RS+, TH+; C Firth E+, EL+; E E Firth EL+*, RS+, S+, T+; S J Flint E+, MUS+, S+, T+; K M Flood A+*, B+, C+, F+; C Forrest HS+, IT+; R Foster B+, C+, MA+; R K Foster B+*, LW+*, PY+, T+*; C J Fowler E+*, EL+*, H+*, RS+*; D V H Fowler E+, EL+*, F+, H+; BG Fox CRIT+, E/EL+, H+, MA+*, TH+; G Fox B+, C+, GL+, T+. IA Frampton B+, C+, MA+, P+; P A L Freear B+, C+, E+*, PY+; N J French B+*, C+, CRIT+, E+, T+*; ABH Froste GOV+, H+, PE+, TH+; D Fruttauro B+, BUS+*, IT+; N Fuller GOV+, MA+, P+; O H Futrell B+, C+, E+, PE+*; U C Gabriel A+, E+, LW+, SOC+; B M Gallagher BUS+, LW+, PE+; L P Garg-herrero A+, SOC+; JC Garlick B+, C+, CRIT+, H+, MA+; AG Garrod E+, EL+*, F+*, MA+*; E J Garside E/EL+, HS+, TH+; H G Garside BUS+, EC+, GOV+, T+; JW Garside CRIT+, GOV+, H+, MA+, T+*; A Gathercole EL+*, HS+*, PY+, SOC+; MC Gee C+, EL+, GL+, T+*; PK Gee B+, H+, PE+, T+; RG Geisler EL+, TH+; C Gibson BUS+, LW+, PY+; LK Gibson A+, SOC+*, TH+*; C R Gilbert EL+, PY+; J O Gilman B+*, C+, H+, MA+*; C R I Girdwood B+*, C+*, CRIT+, MA+*, P+*; S Girgis B+*, C+*, MA+, PY+*; E L Glover-humphreys B+, H+, MA+, PY+; A Gohir B+, E+, S+; A Goldthorpe B+, C+, F+, MA+; H G Goodison B+, HS+, PY+, T+; J Greaney B+, C+, E+, RS+; E Greathead F+*, GL+*, H+*, MA+*; A Green E/EL+, HS+, TH+; RS Green MA+*, P+, S+; LM Greenwood B+, E+, HS+, PY+; ZF Griffin A+*, B+*, E/EL+, PY+*; L Grogan BUS+*, EC+*, EL+, T+*; KL Gronow B+*, EL+, GOV+*, H+*; NZ Gulzar B+, C+, E/EL+, H+; LAM Hadfield B+, C+, MA+, MUS+; I Hafeez B+*, C+*, MA+*, PY+*; M Hafeez AS+, E/EL+, LW+, SOC+; N Hafeez B+, C+, LW+, PY+; EL Haigh B+, E/EL+, LW+, TH+*; MN Haigh IT+, SOC+; R Haigh B+, C+, MA+, S+; L Haley AS+, B+, IT+; RL Hall B+*, C+, EL+*, SOC+*; J Halonka A+, E+, H+, RS+*; A Hamid B+; E Hamill-murin E+, H+, SOC+; AV Hamilton SOC+; SE Handley B+, E+*, H+*, RS+*; S Hannon E+, F+, GOV+*, H+*; M Haq E/EL+, PY+; MT Haq B+*, C+*, MA+*, PY+*; N Haq BUS+, C+; BA Harban E/EL+, F+*, LW+, S+; A Hardy A+*, C+*, MA+, P+*; GE Harley CRIT+, E+, H+, MA+, S+; BJ Harper E+, HS+, PY+; DK Harper AS+*, IT+*, MA+, P+; LC Harrison C+, E/EL+, LW+; ALM Hartley B+*, C+*, MA+*, PY+*; SC Hartley CRIT+, EC+, MA+*, S+; SD Harvey F+*, G+, GOV+*, MA+*; M Hashmi A+*, B+, C+, MA+; A Hassan BUS+, EC+, MA+; SJ Hawkins BUS+, E/EL+, LW+, T+; DJ Hawksworth AS+*, EC+, H+, MA+; EJ Hawrot C+, MA+, P+, T+*; DJ Hayes

CS+, GL+, MA+, P+; SA Healey A+*, E+, SOC+*, TH+*; OJ Helliwell A+*, CRIT+, E+, EL+, PY+; AM Hendry B+*, C+, MA+, P+; H Henshall B+*, C+*, CRIT+*, MA+*, P+*; TN Henson B+, C+, P+; MJ Hepplestone B+, C+, H+, PE+; LJM Hesling E+, LW+, PY+; A Higgins B+, C+, MA+, S+; CL Higginson EL+, PE+*, S+, TH+; JD Highley AS+, C+; AJ Hill A+, BUS+, H+, LW+; JT Hill A+, E/EL+, RS+, TH+; AL Hilton B+*, C+, H+, MA+; T Hipkins B+, C+, MA+, T+; AE Hirst B+, C+, LW+, T+; G Hoare E+, H+, PE+*, TH+; PA Hoare B+, EC+*, LW+, MA+*; AG Hodgson E/EL+, HS+, SC+; E Hodgson E/EL+, PY+, S+, SOC+; AF Holdsworth E+, EL+*, PY+, TH+*; GA Holdsworth B+, C+, LW+*, PY+; KE Holford B+, E/EL+, PY+, T+. LJ Holland EC+, MA+, P+, PY+; M Holland E+, GOV+, TH+; AF Hollingworth GOV+, H+, LW+*, S+; MK Holman-sheard A+*, B+, PE+; AKM Holmes B+*, MA*, PE+*, T+*; BJ Holmes B+*, C+*, MA+*; SEM Holmes B+*, PY+*, RS+*, SOC+*; DF Holroyd E+*, EL+*, F+*, G+; BC Horner E/EL+*, LW+*, PY+*, S+; JR Horsfall E/EL+, H+, TH+; TE Hosty-cundell CS+, EC+, MA+, TH+; JT Houghton B+*, C+, IT+, MA+; SHR Housley E/EL+, GOV+, LW+, SOC+; SL Houston C+, E/EL+, SOC+; FC Howarth B+*, BUS+*, C+, MA+*; B Howe E+*, LW+*, RS+, S+; MRM Howe BUS+, E/EL+, H+, PY+; SG Hoyle EL+*, F+*, G+*, T+*; DJ Hughes E+*, F+*, H+*, MA+*, RS+*; DL Hughes B+*, BUS+*, C+*, CRIT+, MA+; JE Humphreys C+, MA+, P+; BP Hurdus B+*, C+*, MA+*, PE+*; LS Hurst E/EL+*, H+*, LW+*, RS+*; A Hussain B+, C+, H+, MA+; A Hussain B+, C+, RS+; AA Hussain A+*, E+, EL+*; AS Hussain BUS+; F Hussain BUS+, IT+, LW+; FA Hussain B+, C+, HS+, SOC+; MB Hussain AS+, B+, SOC+; MQA Hussain B+*, C+, MA+*, P+; SA Hussain B+, C+, MA+; MD Hynd EC+, GL+, H+, PE+; CMS Ijaz B+, C+, MA+*; H Ijaz HS+, PY+, RS+, SC+; AM Imran HS+, SC+; MS Imran AS+, CS+, SC+; OJL Ingham CS+, F+, H+, MA+; A Iqbal BUS+, EC+, SOC+; A Iqbal B+, C+*, MA+, PY+; M Iqbal HS+, LW+, PY+; MQ Iqbal B+, C+, G+; BK Irvin B+*, H+*, MA+*, P+*; M Iyenkepolor B+, C+*, MA+, P+; AR Jackman-smith B+, C+*, H+*, MA+*; F Jagger H+, T+, TH+*; F Jamal B+, H+, LW+; H Jamal EC+, IT+, PY+; HL James B+, F+, MA+, PE+*; OL James F+, MA+, PE+*, T+; BS Jaquet B+*, C+*, E/EL+, RS+*; M Javaid AS+*, E/EL+, PY+, SC+; MN Javaid B+*, C+*, EC+*, MA+*; S Javaid AS+, E/EL+, SOC+; B Jaza A+*, B+, C+, MA+; S Jehanzeb BUS+, IT+, PE+, SOC+; NR Jenkinson A+, H+, MA+, P+; A Johnsey C+, T+; L Johnson B+, BUS+*, PE+*; LS Jolly E/EL+, GOV+, LW+, SOC+; AV Jones EL+*, F+, MA+, MUS+, PY+; BD Jones B+, C+, MA+, P+; E Jones A+*, B+*, E+, T+*; J Jones C+, MA+*, P+; RH Jones B+, C+, H+, S+; WM Jones BUS+, MA+, T+; K Joseph B+, C+, E+, PY+; GS Kandola B+*, E/EL+, H+*, PE+*; G Karisa A+, BUS+, EC+, IT+; P Kaur B+*, C+*, MA+*, P+; K Kausar E/EL+, H+, MA+, PY+; HV Kaye B+*, C+, MA+*, T+*; MD Kaye H+*, MA+*, P+*, PE+*; S Kelcher C+*, MA+*, P+*, PE+*; JL Kellett H+, LW+; DJ Kelly B+*, C+*, F+*, MA+*; HB Kelly E/EL+, RS+; JJ Kelly C+, MA+, P+, T+*; NJ Kelly A+*, P+, T+; RP Kelly CS+, E+*, H+, MA+*; LV Kemp CRIT+, E+*, GOV+, MUS+, S+; JM Kendal A+*, BUS+, IT+; R Kenny A+, E/EL+,

H+, PY+. EL Kepczyk A+, BUS+, SOC+; JM Kernan E/EL+, H+*, MA+*, S+; S Kershaw BUS+*, C+, MUS+, T+; A Khaliq GOV+, LW+, SOC+, T+; A Khan B+, E+, PY+; HK Khan B+*, C+, F+, MA+; M Khan B+, C+, MA+, PY+; M Khan AS+, SC+, SOC+; S Khan E/EL+, SOC+; MS Khehra CRIT+, E+, EC+*, RS+, SOC+; M Kidanu A+, BUS+, IT+; SJO Kilbourne E+, EC+, LW+, MA+*; R Kilkenny B+, BUS+, LW+; W Kinder EL+*, GOV+*, H+*, T+*; JA Kirk B+, E/EL+, PY+, SOC+; L Kirk C+, E/EL+, HS+, MUS+; LJ Kirk E/EL+, H+, RS+, SOC+; A Kirsch-pinfold A+, C+, E+; LM Kiy B+*, EL+*, MA+*, PY+*; KM Kubinski BUS+, EL+, F+, I+; V Kutuzov B+*, C+*, EC+*, PY+*; K Lalli BUS+, IT+; RM Lang A+*, E+, EL+, H+; SJ Lang EL+*, GOV+*, H+*, S+; HJ Langdale EL+*, F+*, S+*, T+*; H Langton HS+, PE+, PY+; AB Lanne B+*, C+*, E+, MA+*; C Lauder B+, C+, CRIT+, MA+, T+*; C Lawrence S+, SOC+, TH+; JW Lawson B+, MA+*, P+, T+*; SL Leatham B+, C+, LW+, T+; CA Lee B+, E/EL+, H+, MA+; DJ Lee E/EL+, LW+, T+; J Lee B+*, C+*, MA+*, P+*; M Lee A+*, H+, MA+*, TH+; HJ Leech B+, LW+*, PY+, SOC+; DT Leese C+*, H+, MA+*, S+; CJ Leon I+, PY+, S+*, T+; B Leonard BUS+*, EC+, H+; HR Levery B+, MA+, P+, PY+; DL Lewis E+, F+*, MA+, S+; GC Liddicoat B+, C+, CRIT+, H+; JBG Lister MUS+*, T+, TH+; CG Littlewood B+*, C+, CRIT+, H+*, MA+*; ZS Littlewood B+*, C+*, F+*, MA+*; BR Lloyd A+, E+, EL+, RS+; MM Lochead E+, GOV+, H+, PY+; J Locking H+, PE+*, PY+*, RS+; AC Lockwood EL+*, P+, PY+; E Lockwood A+*, AS+*, E/EL+, PY+; NJ Lodge E+, EL+; RJ Lodge EL+*, MA+*, P+, PY+*; NH Loft GOV+, H+, MA+, P+; DJ Longbottom C+*, MA+, P+, T+; CS Loraine E+, EL+, RS+, SOC+; Z Lorgat EC+*, EL+*, MA+, SOC+*; SL Low A+, B+*, C+*, H+*; S Lumb CS+, MA+, P+, SOC+; MB Lunat B+, C+, GOV+, MA+; A Ma A+*, B+, MA+*, P+*; BK Macmillan CRIT+, I+, PY+*, RS+*, S+; CZ Macrae E+*, F+*, H+*, MA+*; TG Maguire SOC+; HS Mahil EC+, LW+, P+; S Mahil E+, LW+, S+, T+; F Mahmood B+, C+, PY+; S Mahmood B+, C+, EL+*, F+; S Mahmood B+, BUS+*, C+, SOC+; UM Mahmood B+*, C+*, G+*, MA+*; AR Malkin A+*, CS+, GL+, T+; D Mallinson BUS+, IT+, LW+; LM Mallinson B+, EL+, G+, PY+*; L Maloney A+, EL+, RS+; JE Mandi-ghomi B+, E+, H+*, TH+*; KE Manley B+*, C+*, MA+*, PY+*; R Mansoor B+, C+, H+, IT+; MK Maqsood B+, E+; APH Mard B+, C+, MA+, P+; N Marriyah B+, C+; JA Marsden BUS+, EC+, H+*, LW+*; RJ Marshall PE+, PY+, SC+; SL Marshall AS+*, EL+, LW+, PY+; T Marshall CRIT+, EC+, EL+, MA+, P+; AD Martindale AS+, EL+, IT+, LW+; A Maryam C+, HS+, PY+; CE Mason B+*, C+, GL+*, H+; D Massey GOV+, H+, SOC+, TH+; KR Matial B+, C+, HS+, PY+; GR Matthews BUS+*, EC+, IT+, MA+; MSJ Matthews A+, LW+, PY+, SOC+; M Matusz E+*, H+, SOC+, TH+*; CR Mccaig A+*, MA+*, MUS+*, P+*; BJ Mccarthy B+, C+, EC+, MA+; H Mcdonagh LW+, PY+, RS+, TH+; CWP Mcdonald E+, EC+, H+, LW+; MR Mcevoy A+*, B+*, C+*, S+; OJ Mcguire BUS+, H+*, IT+, LW+. J Mcinnis B+, C+, LW+, SOC+; AL Meadows B+, MA+, PY+, SOC+; D Medland B+, C+*, E+*, H+*; M Mehmood EC+, LW+, SOC+; LV Mellor EL+, LW+, PY+*, T+*; NA Metcalf B+, C+, H+, PY+*; KA Michalska BUS+*, H+, MA+, PY+; VL Micklethwaite EL+*, H+, S+*, SOC+*; KL Middleton E+, GOV+*, H+*, LW+; J Miles A+, PE+, RS+; LE Miles B+*, C+*, MA+*, PY+*; CE Miller A+, E+, GL+; GE Milner B+, GL+, H+, T+; ZS Minnett C+, IT+, MA+, T+*; CH Minors B+, C+, MA+, P+; SJ Mir EC+, GOV+, PY+, RS+; DME Mitchell B+, C+, MA+, S+; GE Mitchell A+*, C+, CRIT+, MA+*, P+; M Modeste B+, PY+, SOC+; HR Momcilovic CRIT+, E+, EL+, GL+, H+; J Moore EC+, F+, H+*, MA+; J Moore-bailey B+, GL+, T+; EF Morgan B+*, C+*, H+*, MA+*; JP Morgan BUS+*, MA+*, P+*; SP Morrison E+, LW+, SC+; AA Moughul B+, E+, EL+; BE Mozley EL+, HS+, SC+; A Mubeen B+, C+, PY+, SOC+; A Muhamed B+, C+, MA+, P+; C Mulheir A+, GOV+*, MA+*, S+*; JE Mulligan GL+, P+, T+; MH Murgett BUS+, E/EL+, IT+; ZRL Murphy E/EL+, LW+, MA+, PY+; OJ Murray BUS+, PE+; H Mushtaq B+, BUS+*, C+, EL+; JL Muxlow HS+, SOC+, TH+; JD Myall B+*, C+*, GL+*, H+*; F Myring E+, H+, SOC+; AB Nabi B+*, EC+*, H+, MA+; M Nafeez B+, C+, PY+, SOC+*; R Nami E+, EL+, LW+, SOC+; HLA Navarro B+, C+; HS Nayan BUS+, P+, SOC+; CE Naylor E+*, GOV+*, H+*, TH+*; M Nazir EL+; B Needham B+*, C+, LW+*, TH+; R Newby B+, C+, IT+, MA+*; BJ Newsome E+, LW+*, PY+*, SOC+*; M Nievas EL+, H+, PY+, S+; S Nighat HS+, PY+, SC+, SOC+; L Noble B+, BUS+, CS+, MA+; DJ Nobles BUS+*, MA+*, P+, T+; BM Noicely B+, E/EL+, HS+; AL North B+, H+, RS+; EA North A+*, C+, F+, MA+; TA

■ JUST WHAT WE WANTED: A-level students are all smiles after receiving their results at Greenhead College, Huddersfield (JH180811Eresults-07) Purchase: 01484 430000 ext 7778




(Sun to Fri) Sun Lunch £7 with this ad


01484 461111 (Conditions Apply)

All-day breaking news at

Huddersfield Daily Examiner

A Level and AS Level round up Northam EC+, MA+*, P+, TH+*; O Noton EC+, GOV+, T+; JA Nuttall BUS+*, EC+*, GOV+, LW+*; FA O'brien B+, H+, MA+, PY+; H O'brien B+*, C+*, MA+*, MUS+; DJ O'connor B+*, C+, GL+*, T+*; J O'connor B+, PE+, PY+, RS+; K O'donnell B+*, BUS+*, C+*, T+*; H O'donoghue B+*, C+*, CRIT+, MA+*, S+*; FP O'dowd BUS+*, IT+, LW+, RS+; SA Oldfield E/EL+, G+*, S+, T+*; DN Oldham B+*, MA+*, P+*, PE+*; JT Orchard BUS+*, CRIT+, H+, LW+; JR Owen B+, EC+*, MA+, PE+*; JO Paige B+*, C+*, MA+, P+*; ESP Palmer GOV+, H+, RS+, S+; KR Palmer B+*, C+*, MA+, P+*; ME Palmer A+*, MA+, P+, T+*; PG Papamichael EL+*, MA+, PY+*, RS+; GL Paris-parker B+*, C+, E+*, MA+; SJ Parry BUS+, C+, LW+, PY+; ZF Pasha A+, B+, C+, MA+; RS Pashley H+, PE+*, PY+, SC+*; J Patchett C+, GOV+, MA+, MUS+; A Patel B+*, C+, PY+*, T+*; JW Pearmain F+, MA+, MUS+*, P+; CE Pearson B+, CRIT+, EL+, F+, S+; GS Pearson C+, MA+*, P+*; MJ Pearson AS+, LW+, PY+, SOC+; SE Pearson A+*, B+*, C+*, MA+*; SK Pearson E/EL+, LW+, PE+*, T+; L Pearson-brook E+, RS+, SC+; RJ Peartree B+*, CRIT+*, E+*, H+*, PY+*; LE Peckett E+*, EC+, LW+*, MA+; AG Pejica T+; L Pellow A+*, B+, C+, MA+. S Pennington-north HS+; C Penson E/EL+, PE+; TE Percival B+*, H+*, PY+*, RS+*; MK Pettinger B+, HS+*, LW+*, T+*; HG Pickering E/EL+*, PY+, S+, TH+; A Pile B+*, C+*, MA+*, PY+; LM Platt E+, GOV+, H+*, SOC+; KL Pleasant CRIT+, E/EL+, LW+*, PY+*, SOC+*; GL Pollard E+*, EL+*, F+*, H+; JM Poppleton IT+; AM Postlethwaite E+, H+, LW+, PY+; A Potter A+, E+, GOV+, H+; C Potterton E+*, H+*, PY+*, RS+*; WTO Prady EL+, LW+, PE+; HL Prentice B+, C+, E+, MA+; AL Prescott MA+*, P+, PE+*, SOC+*; LB Preston B+*, C+, MA+*, P+; HE Priestley HS+, PE+*, PY+, SC+; JD Prince C+*, EL+*, H+*, MA+*; CH Pritchard EC+*, GOV+*, H+*, MA+*; HL Pufal B+, C+*, H+, MA+*; W Pugh E+, GOV+, LW+*, MA+; RD Purchon B+*, C+*, MA+, PE+*; RJE Purdy B+, C+, EC+, MA+; RSE Pygott CRIT+, E+, GOV+, H+*, RS+; J Quesne B+, C+, MA+, S+; EM Quintela B+*, C+*, H+*, MA+*; G Race B+*, C+*, MA+*, T+*; PN Rai BUS+, EC+, GOV+, SOC+; MR Ralph H+, MA+*, P+; MJ Rammell B+, MA+, PE+*, PY+; JA Ramsden B+, C+, EL+, T+; A Ramzan AS+, PE+; HM Randall E+, H+, TH+; OG Randall BUS+, EL+, SOC+; MA Rashid B+*, C+*, H+*, MA+*; UIH Rashid E/EL+, LW+, SOC+; SE Ratcliffe B+*, C+, MA+*, PE+*; GB Rawlinson MA+, P+, PE+; S Razzaq EC+, GOV+, IT+; A Rehman B+, C+, H+, MA+; SL Reid CRIT+, GOV+, MA+*, P+; WJ Reid B+*, C+*, MA+*, P+*; J Resurreccion B+, C+, MA+, PY+; OBW Reynolds EC+*, H+*, MA+*, S+*; JK Rhodes B+*, C+*, F+*, PY+*; A Riaz C+*, E+*, H+*, MA+*; M Riaz C+, PY+, RS+; A Richardson E+, GOV+, LW+, MUS+; AD Richardson B+*, C+*, MA+*, P+; HJ Rigg BUS+, F+, MA+*; JF Riggall B+*, E+*, F+*, H+; PI Rizvi E/EL+, PY+, TH+; DM Roach HS+, PE+*, SC+*, SOC+; EM Roberts E+, I+, S+, SOC+*; LA Robertshaw BUS+*, EC+*, LW+*, MA+*; J Robertson C+*, MA+*, P+; TW Robinson H+, PE+*, SC+, T+; O Robshaw C+*, MA*, MA+*, P+*, T+*; AJ Roffey CS+, MA+, PY+, T+; R Rogers CRIT+, E/EL+, MA+, PY+, RS+; AM Rollinson BUS+; EK Rose E/EL+*, F+*, I+, MA+*; TG Ross E+, EL+, GOV+, RS+; JL Rosser B+, C+, MA+, P+; DM Rotherham GOV+, H+, LW+, TH+; JJE Row GOV+, RS+, SOC+, T+; BO Rowan BUS+, E/EL+, PE+; KE Rowe B+, E+, PE+*, PY+; HL Royle HS+, PY+, RS+, SOC+; L Ruscoe B+, PE+, PY+, RS+; T Rush A+, GL+, MA+, P+; PS Russell E+, F+, H+, S+; E Ruta AS+*, B+, HS+, SOC+; CJ Ruttle B+, C+, H+, PY+; MN Ryll B+*, C+, PY+, RS+*; A Sabetti CRIT+, E+, F+, H+*, SOC+*; A Saddiq LW+, MA+; AY Saeid CS+*, MA+*, MUS+, P+*; A Sajid HS+, SC+, SOC+; SZ Sakharkar B+*, C+*, EL+*, MA+*; H Saleem EL+, HS+, PY+, SC+; M Saleem C+, HS+, SOC+; JM Salmon IT+*, MA+*, MUS+, SOC+; A Sanderson E+, H+*, LW+, SOC+*; C Sanderson BUS+, GOV+, T+; A Sandhu AS+; I Sanna B+, E/EL+, LW+; P Santar LW+, MA+, PE+. L Sarrafi E+, H+*, MA+, SOC+*; S Sarwar B+, C+, MA+, SOC+; L Satheeskumar B+*, C+*, G+, MA+; GB Saunders BUS+*, CRIT+*, EC+*, MA+*, T+*; BO Savidge B+*, C+*, CRIT+, MA+*, P+; LK Saxton A+*, B+, C+, E+; H Scargill A+*, E+, GOV+, H+; HV Scarth B+*, MA+, PE+*, SOC+; LE Scarth B+*, C+*, H+*, MA+*; RL Seal B+*, H+, MA+*, P+; LK Searby B+, BUS+, C+; RL Seiler EL+, F+, I+, SOC+; GA Selbie B+*, C+*, GL+*, MA+*; E Seneviratne-eglin C+*, F+, H+*, S+; LN Seward MA+*, PE+, PY+*; O Seymour E/EL+, TH+*; JA Shackleton GOV+, H+, T+; HP Shad EL+, HS+, SOC+, TH+; AM Shafi B+, C+, E+, PY+; HM Shafi HS+, SC+; MU Shahbaz BUS+, EL+; F Shakeel AS+, PE+; MU Shakeel B+; AT Shaw B+, C+, MA+*, T+*; ISM Shaw B+, GL+*, PE+*, T+*; JA Shaw E/EL+, LW+, SC+; R Shaw EL+, GOV+, S+; SR Shepherd C+, GL+, P+; MMI Sheraz HS+, PY+, SOC+; L Shires CS+, MA+, P+; JW Shirlaw E+, H+*, RS+, T+*; CL Shoel C+*, EC+*, F+*, MA+*, P+*; SJ Shore E/EL+, EC+*, H+, LW+; RL Short A+*, E+, G+, MA+; U Siddiq AS+, IT+, MA+, PE+; A Sidlow E+, LW+; A Simkins C+*, F+, MA+*, P+; AT Simkins B+*, C+*, MA+*, P+*; NL Simm B+, C+, H+, MA+; HK Simpson C+, E+, F+, MA+; RE Simpson B+, CRIT+, E/EL+, H+*, PY+*; RL Simpson B+*, C+*,

MA+, T+*; G Slater A+*, I+, RS+*, S+; Z Slater E+*, EL+*, H+*, MA+; A Slee B+, C+, E+, LW+; J Smedley B+, GL+*, MA+, T+*; BM Smith E+, GOV+*, H+*, SOC+*; BR Smith E/EL+, MA+, MUS+; CD Smith E+, IT+, PY+; JL Smith EL+; K Smith B+*, C+, MA+, RS+; K Smith B+, C+, P+; L Smith E+, IT+, LW+, SOC+; LJ Smith A+*, F+, I+; OE Smith EC+*, GOV+, MA+, P+; S Smith B+, E+, HS+*, PY+; N Smyth H+; T Smyth CRIT+, EL+, GL+, H+, SOC+; CG Sobala B+*, C+*, MA+*, P+*; J Sparling F+, H+*, MA+*, PY+; C Spencer F+, MA+*, P+; FI Spencer B+, C+, PY+; LM Spencer BUS+*, GOV+*, H+*, LW+; MA Spencer B+, C+*, MA+*, PY+*; NK Spencer B+, EL+, H+, LW+; AB Spruce MA+*, MUS+*, P+*, T+*; C Stacey-grant A+, B+, C+, GL+*; CR Stainer BUS+*, E/EL+*, MA+, T+*; GIS Stainsbury E+, GOV+, H+, TH+; LJ Stead B+, C+, E+, MA+; MM Stephenson EL+, H+, PE+, T+; A Stevenson B+, EC+*, H+*, MA+; ER Stevenson B+*, E+, F+, PY+*; N Stock H+, PE+; R Stopford EL+, SOC+; N Stott B+, LW+, PE+*, PY+; CR Stout CRIT+, EL+*, F+*, H+*, MA+*; BRO Strathearn C+*, H+, MA+*, SOC+*; CJ Summers PE+, TH+*; ME Sunderland CRIT+, E+*, EL+*, GOV+*, S+*; C Surdival SC+; BM Sutcliffe B+*, C+, MA+, P+; CJ Sykes B+; EV Sykes E/EL+, H+, HS+, MA+; LA Sykes I+, PE+, SOC+; OR Sykes SC+; I Szoradi B+*, C+*, MA+, PY+*; G Tariq AS+, E+, LW+, SOC+; M Tariq B+*, C+*, CS+, MA+; AL Tattersall EL+, LW+*, PY+, TH+; PA Taylforth B+, MA+, PE+*, T+; AK Taylor B+, E/EL+, MA+, P+; EN Taylor E/EL+, MA+*, P+*, S+*; GJ Taylor BUS+*, H+, MA+; J Taylor E/EL+, H+, LW+, TH+*; OD Taylor EC+, EL+, GOV+, H+; S Taylor EL+, H+, S+, TH+*; SA Taylor AS+, MUS+; SE Taylor A+*; CJ Thelier EL+, F+, LW+; K Thind B+, C+, EL+, H+. NM Thomas B+, E/EL+, RS+, S+; S Thomas AS+*, EL+, LW+, PY+; EA Thompson E+, SOC+; EC Thorpe E+, H+, I+, T+; BR Tibbott C+, EC+*, MA+*, PE+*; MLE Timms B+, EC+*, PE+*, PY+*; S Tinsdeall B+, C+, H+; DJ Todd HS+, LW+; CL Tootill F+, G+, MA+, PY+; MJ Torczynowycz B+, E/EL+, MA+, PE+; HG Toth A+, E/EL+, MA+, S+; RJ Townend AS+*, E/EL+, GOV+, MA+; JP Tracey B+, C+, H+, PY+; CE Trail A+, B+, C+, MA+; ED Trail AS+, IT+; T Traviss-pollard B+, C+, PE+*; MD Truby CRIT+*, EL+*, MA+*, P+*; MC True HS+, PY+, SOC+; EA Turner B+, EL+, HS+, PY+; L Turner A+*, E+, LW+, T+*; PJ Turner E+, EL+*, F+, S+; CR Tyas E/EL+, PY+, SOC+; CI Tyler B+*, CS+, MA+*, P+*; GK Tyreman E+, H+, MA+, SOC+*; HN Uddin A+*, B+, C+, MA+; K Uddin B+, BUS+, SOC+; M Umar B+, C+, MA+, P+; N Umar B+*, C+, EC+, MA+; TK Uppal HS+, PY+, SC+*, SOC+; LE Waddington H+*, MA+, PE+, T+*; C Wadsworth E+, SC+, TH+; AJ Wain BUS+, E+, H+, SOC+; AW Wain B+, C+*, G+, MA+*; CL Wainwright A+*, E+, H+*, PY+*; PR Waldock B+*, C+*, H+, MA+*; B Walker E/EL+, PY+, SC+, SOC+; CC Walker B+, E/EL+, LW+, PY+; JB Wallis GOV+, PE+*, T+, TH+; SM Walsh PE+, PY+, SOC+; HJ Ward EL+, F+, G+, RS+; HR Ward E/EL+, GL+*, H+*, T+*; JT Ward B+*, C+, H+, MA+; SH Ward A+, CRIT+*, EC+*, H+*, S+; JP Wardman E/EL+, LW+, RS+; BP Warrilow PE+, SC+; JD Washington EL+*, GOV+*, H+, SOC+*; MJ Waterhouse BUS+, E/EL+, IT+, PE+; AS Waters B+, C+, E+, TH+*; RS Waters B+*, C+*, MA+*, T+*; GJ Watson BUS+*, E+, H+*, TH+*; JR Weavill E/EL+, LW+, SC+; MA Webster B+, C+, MA+, T+*; L Wehden E+*, F+, H+*, T+*; GF Wescott A+, MA+, TH+; C Westacott B+, BUS+*, C+, T+*; CJ Westall BUS+, CS+, PE+; LG Westwell A+, EL+, SOC+; C Wheatley B+, H+*, MA+*, P+*; EJ White A+, E/EL+, MA+; SJ White A+, EL+, PE+*, SOC+; E Whiteley H+, LW+, PY+, RS+; GM Whiteley BUS+, F+, H+, SOC+; R Whitham B+, EL+, PY+, TH+*; KM Whittaker A+, BUS+, E/EL+; C Whyte GL+, T+; T Wicks A+, BUS+, EL+*, SOC+; GM Wignall B+, C+, E/EL+, MA+*; ER Wilkes B+*, C+, MA+, P+; C Wilkins E/EL+, H+, HS+, TH+; H Wilkinson B+, EL+, PE+; JD Wilkinson B+, PE+; JN Wilkinson CRIT+*, EL+*, GOV+, H+, S+; MC Wilkinson B+*, BUS+*, MA+*, T+; EK Williams B+*, C+, MA+, T+*; J Williams B+*, E+*, H+, PE+*; KJ Williams B+, C+, LW+, S+; G Willis B+, C+, PY+, T+*; AG Wilson C+, E+*, MA+*, T+*; EJ Wilson EC+, PY+; JA Wilson A+, MA+*, P+, PY+; SE Wimpenny C+*, GL+*, MA+*, T+*; SJ Wimpenny B+, C+, CRIT+, MA+, T+; D Winter A+*, E+, F+, H+; P Wondergem B+, PE+; J Wood E/EL+, EC+, PE+*, SOC+; RE Wood C+, MA+, P+, PY+; C Woodall C+*, MA+, P+*, TH+; SJ Woodall B+*, C+*, MA+*, P+*; K Woodard C+*, E+, H+, MA+*; JA Woodbridge E+, H+, MA+, P+; KL Woodhouse A+, IT+, MA+, PY+; TW Woolfe GL+, H+, MA+, P+; GK Wormald B+, E+, MA+, P+; H Wormald B+, H+, MA+, P+; LB Wrest CS+, EC+, MA+; LCA Wright B+, E+, PY+, T+; HX Yang B+, C+, E, H*; AR Young B+, C+*, PE+*, PY+; S Younis AS+, E/EL+, LW+, TH+; HL Zelei E/EL+, H+, MUS+, S+; E Zenkovic BUS+, LW+, SC+.

HUDDS NEW COLLEGE A LEVEL S Aboudari FS,F*,G;S L Acton E,PY,SOC;M S Adam H,LW,MS;T D Adams AD,DT,G;D Addy B,SS,PY**;A Ahmad B,C,MA;G N Ahmed FS*,H,PY;S M Ahmed EC,ME,SOC;W A Ahmed EC,MA;B A Akem EL**,F,H,SOC**;O Alaiyemola E*,GS*,H*,PY*;L A Alderson PS,LW,SOC;V J Aldridge PA,PY;O Ali AC,MM;G Allan IT,B,EL;M J Allatt SOC;J S Allison B,MF*,MA*;C E Allott PY;Z Allott PY*,SOC;B J Ambler

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Friday, August 19, 2011


BUS,MS;G N Ambler SC,E,PY;L R Amitrano AD,BUS,DT;T Andrews G,H,MA;L T Archer AD,E;F A Arif B,BUS*,C;I Arif IT,H,LW;C F Armitage BUS,TH;S L Armitage ME;J B Ashard EL,LW,SOC;J Ashford DT,MA,P;N Ashong MA,SS,PY;C L Ashworth E/EL,LW,SOC*;D G Asquith BUS**,MS;T J Aston TH,EL,PY;C Atack AD,EL,PY;S M Atkinson CL,T,H;O L Auger EL,PY;C J Augustine CL,EL,PY;A C Avery EL,PY;M Ayub IT,BUS;U M Ayyaz PS,PY,SOC;A Ball BUS,DT;M G Barker BUS,EL,T;L Barraclough C,GS*,P,MM;L J Barraclough IT,BUS*,H;S J Barrott IT,T,SS;A J Bartholomew H;F C Bartle IT,SOC;Z H Bartle IT,SOC;A E Bastow T,LW,PY;J M Battye FS,PS,H;O Baxter E/EL,H,PY*;L Baynham E/EL,PY;R Beaumont AD,AD;C C Bedford CL*,P,S;S Belgrave EL,PS,LW;D J Benson IT,MA,MS;V A Bentley IT,CL,H;R E Berry ME,AD;P C Besharat BUS,EL,PY;J Bhatoy AD,FS,PY;S Bhuta BUS,IT;M Bibi E/EL,H;K E Biggins AD,AD;J F Bilinski BUS,LW,SOC;S Binns BUS*,EL,AD;E Black PY,SOC;L J Blagbrough AC,AD,BUS;C Blakeney-Hope PS,H,PY;D Boddison MM;J P Bodkin BUS,EC,PY;S K Boghar PY,SOC;J Boorer PY;H L Booth AD;D Boothroyd BUS,TT,PY;M A Boothroyd IT,BUS,GS,T;T Bosley ME,AD,PY;K A Bower EL,T,ME;E L Boyes IT,PY;C Boyle EL,PY;L R Bradford H,SS,PY;A J Bradley MUS,MTEC,P;B Bradley FS,ME,AD;E L Bramley FS,AD,PY;J R Branigan EL,LW,PY;C S Brazier AD,E,S;L M Brennan E,ME,SOC;B Brierley-Carling EL**,E,MA;A A Briggs FS,P;A Broadbent AD,AD,MS;S G Broadbent GS,H,PY*,SOC*;A O Broadhead TH,EL;M Broadhead BUS,T,SOC;S J Broadhead BUS,TH;A R Brook EL;G C Brooke EL,ME;L J Brooke H,SS,MS;T S Brooke ME,AD;C L Brookes TT,GS,LW,ME;T A Broom BUS,EC,EL,GS;A M Brown AD,F,ME;E C R Brown IT,AD,MM;S I Bulbulia SC,MS;L J Bull DAN,FS,SOC;C L Bullers AD,PY;J Burns-Huett H;J Butcher EL,PY;L J Butler B,T,SS;L C Byrne PY,SOC;J H Calvert E/EL;R A Calvert BUS;B Carr EL,PY;H Carr DAN*,MF,MA*;B Carter SOC;S T Carter-Woodhead MTEC,AD,SOC;L D M Cartledge AD,E/EL,ME;M Castle BUS,TT;E Cavell AD,AD,PY;H L Charlesworth B;L B Chatburn TH;A Chaudry E/EL,FS;Z Chopdat E/EL,GS,LW,PY;K Chothia LW,PY,SOC;M Chumber AD,PY;C Cieciala AD;G Cina IT,AD,DT;A Clark ME;C Clark LW,ME,PY;V Clark BUS,SC,E;J Clavin IT,PY;J L C Clayton AC,BUS,MM;E L Cocker FS,ME,AD;L Cockroft IT,DT,EL;S A Coe B,PY,SOC;J L Coldwell AD,PY;J Collier-Marshall FS,H,ME;J Collins BUS,T,SS;R E Collins ME,MUS;M Collomosse SC,EL,T. M C Collu MTEC,PA,AD;S A Condon E/EL;N J Connor SOC;H J Constable B,C,MM;J Cooling AD,E,H;V H Cooper CL,EL,PY;C H Cordon BUS,DT,AD;A Cornally EL,ME,PY;E Costello TH,PY,SOC;J L Coupland T;M Crabtree B,EL,GS,SS;H Crawford E,FS,H;K Cropper BUS,EC;H Crosland T,ME,PY*;Z M Crosland TT;C E Crowther DT,EL;F J Crowther AD,DT,EC;L D Croxford PY;S Cummings B U S , S S , P Y; N S C u r r a n A D , B U S ; J T Czerwik-Hampshire MA,P;K L Dalby CL,PY;J L Dass FS,ME;C M Davidson E/EL,GS,LW;M J Davies TH,EL,ME;C C Davison EL,T,SOC;O R Davison ME,SS,PY;E Davy PY;K Dawood B,FS,PY;J A Dawson B,C,PY;M M De-Azevedo ME;A De-Bokx AD,B,AD;R Deans F*,PY,S;C Dempsey TH,MA,PY;R Denton FS,ME;S J Denvers AC,T,MM;A M H Dermawan EL*,E,H;I A M Desai PY;M Devine C;M F Dewhirst ME,AD;J Dibb BUS,LW,MTEC;C Dickinson IT,C;L Dickinson B,E,H;S Dimatteo TH,GS,LW,PY;J Dixon EC,MA,SS;J J Dopson FS,ME;A Dorotiak AC,LW,PY;K L Doyle AD,ME;E L Drennan LW,PY;R Duckering IT,ME,MTEC;J C Duffy EL,T,SS;S Duffy DT,H,ME;R L Dungan EL,ME,SOC;L C Dyson TH,EL,ME;R E Dyson EL,AD,PY;V E Dyson DT,T,AD;A Dzedzej CL,H,PY;B Edwards AD,PY;L J Ely BUS*,E/EL,SOC;J S Emsley CL,EL,AD;A Enderby H,LW,PY;H Ewart AD,EL,ME;M Eyre IT,AD*,AD;R Fairbank AD,FS,ME;M E Fa ir clo ug h-Tie rne y E L * , E , P S * * ; S W F a r n e l l AD,BUS,DT,GS;E L Farnsworth BUS,IT,MA;C O Farrar G,MUS,PA;A Farrell ME,MTEC;O Farrell C,H;I Faseyiku F*,H,PY;A J Field SC,PY;E Firbank DAN,EL,ME;L Firth IT,PY;C R Fisher EL,LW,SOC;T S Flanagan IT;R L Fleming BUS*,EL,H;L A Flynn B,PY;J M Folan SS;K D Folan BUS,IT;J L Ford AD,CL,AD;L J Ford EL*,PY;L N Foster EL,H,SOC;M Foster CL,PS;H L Francis BUS,EL,ME;A Frazer E,H,MS;E M Gallagher AD,AD,ME;J Galloway AD,EC,LW;E J Gamble EL,SOC*;S J Gandy EC,MS;A C Garside B,C,PY;J Garside EL;B Gaukroger AD,EL,GS,AD;P D A Gavin MF,MA*,MUS;R Giblin PY,SOC;E Gill ME,AD;H R Gilroy PS,SOC*;S M Goldthorpe EL,AD;C J Gomersall C L , P S , LW ; S M G o o d e T, H , LW ; A G o r r o d B,GS,SS*,MS;M Gould IT,DT,T;D J Goulder DT,TH,ME;J Govindji TH,E/EL,ME;A S Graham BUS,TT,AD;L J Grant C,T,SS;C K Grayshon B U S , D A N , P Y; T S G r e e n h a l g h A C , S S , P Y; T Greenhough AD;J R Greenwell AD,DT,H;A B Greenwood B,H,PY;D N Greenwood AC,BUS*,IT;R C Greenwood AD,PY;A Griffin MF,MA**,P;O Gwizdak AD,PY;S E Habib AC,IT,BUS;S Hafeji AC,BUS;A L Haggis DT,ME,PY;C Haigh BUS**,MS,MM;D H Haigh EL,PY,SOC;F L Haigh CL,GS,PS*,PY;L A Hall BUS,LW,PY;A R Halstead EL,G,AD;R Hancock TH;J Hankins AC,C,GS,MA;E J Hanwell EL*,FS,PY;C Hardy E,PY,SOC*;E R Hardy AD,AD,FS;J Hardy AD,ME. R G Hardy AD,AD,BUS;B R Harrison TT,EL,ME*;L D Harrison B,DT,SS;D L Hartley ME;L E Hartley M U S , M T E C , P Y; B H a r v e y E / E L ; J H a s l a m MUS,MTEC,P;P Hatami AD,EL;N Hatfield AD,PY,SOC;T D Hawkins BUS,PY;A Hawksworth B U S , I T, M E ; E J H e a l e y E , F, P Y; C R H e l m BUS,TT,GS,SS;M T Hemsley AC,BUS;H Henderson EC,PY;C Heptinstall IT,MM;R Hepworth IT,DT,GS;S J

Hetherington PY;C R Heywood AD,CL,H;L M Hickinson SC,PY,SOC;J R O Hill BUS,EC;J L Hill PY;J L Hill H;H Hindle PS,H;M Hinsley PS,H,LW;L Hirst EL;A Hirstle EL,GS,SS,PY;G Hitch EL,ME,PA;J A Hitchen BUS,MUS,MTEC;J Hodgkinson AD,DT,MM;O J Holbrook E,PY,SOC;K Holden LW,PY,SOC;E E Holland E,GS**,PS,H;J D Horsfall BUS,ME;E Hotic AD;C Howe BUS;R Howell E/EL,FS,SOC**;L J Hoyle AD,AD;A D Hudson AD,AD;R M Hudson SC,EL,PY;N Hughes TT;A R Hunter E/EL,PY,SOC;B Huntington BUS*,ME;M Hussain E,H,SOC;Y Hussain IT,PY,SOC;A Husthwaite FS,ME;R Hyland E,AD,PY;B J Illingworth AD,DT,PY;T Iredale EL;A R Irving TH,E/EL,FS;F Ismail EL,LW,SOC;L Jackisch B,C,MA;C E Jackson T,SS;E Jackson B,MA,P;N S N Jackson EL,LW,PY;L James C,DT,T;N E Janowska AD,PY,SOC;H C Jenkinson E,ME,PY;S M Jenkinson BUS;R H L Jennings AD,AD;A Johnstone BUS,LW,SOC;A A Jones DT,AD,SOC;B Jones DAN;C I Jones LW * , P Y * , S O C * * ; F J o n e s A D , F, H ; K J o n e s TH*,LW,SOC;N C Jopek AD,AD*,PY;D A Keane SS,MS;S R Keelan AD,BUS,AD;O J Kelly DT**,ME*,AD;G Keywood E/EL,H,LW;I Khalid IT,EL;S R Khan AC,LW,PY;M Kilner TT;R King AD,DT,EL;Z J King E,AD;R D Kirkby AD,AD;C Knapton EL,F,PA;E N Knight IT,SC,EL;E Knight SC,DT,SS;M R Knott IT;J M S Knowles AD,ME,PY,MM;J Laffey SOC;L Lamont E/EL,SOC;S L Lang B,C;V Langley BUS*,EL,ME;S O Lawrence EL,SS;J Lazenby E,GS**,H,LW;E J Lennie PY;S Leroy DAN;K L Lewins AD,ME,AD;T Li IT,BUS,FS;Z Liaquat B,C,MA;T P Lindley B,LW,P;J H Lindsay E/EL,PY;N B Lindsay-Impey F*,PS,S*;R Lister EL,ME;J V Lockett AD,ME,PY;R Lodge GS,AD;B Lomax-Thorpe DT*,MA,MTEC,P;A Long AC,BUS,EL;C A Long AC,E/EL,PY;J O Lucas BUS**,GS,T,H;B A Lumb IT;T D Lund SC,AD,EL;D J Lunness EL,MUS,MTEC;R A Macaskill AD,TH;C N Machon H,SOC;A Mahmood B,C;N Mahroof EL,PY,SOC;R Malik E,G,H;R A Mallinson T,SS;A Maniar BUS,EC,LW;G T Mann E,P,PY;W Marcinek MF*,MA**,P*;J S Markwell H,ME;V L Marsden AD,EL,PY;L Marshall EL,H,PA;S R Martin EL,PA,SOC;Z L Martin AD,DT,ME;A R Maskill AD,E,FS*;E R Mason AD,AD,S;M Masood AC,IT;H L Mather AD,AD,PY;L J Mather EL,AD;A Mathers EL,FS,ME;A Maude AC,BUS,PY;K F Mavrohannas IT,DT,E/EL;C C Maxwell-Smith S**;J Mbuyi F*,MM;Z Mcallister ME,AD;B J Mcardle PY,SOC;V Mccarthy TT,AD,BUS;B M Mcdermott AD,AD,EL;M L Mcdonagh FS,ME,AD;J E Mcgrath H,MUS,MTEC. A L Mckenzie EL,ME,SOC;B J Mclean ME,AD,PY;T R Mcnally B,E,SOC;A Mcnulty AD,PA,AD;M Mctiffin ME,AD,PY**;A J Meara EL,E*,ME*;G Melaragni TT,SOC;A Messenger TT,AD,PA;M N Mhlabi AD,SS,PY;O Midgley B,GS,SS,P;R C S Midgley TH,G,PS;K Miller AD,ME,AD;D J Mitchell CL,PS,H;J C Mitchell IT,E/EL*,GS,PY;K Moga BUS;S Montgomery FS,ME,AD;K Moran IT,PY,MS;S L Morrison AD,AD,E;W J Morrison BUS,EL,T;B Morrissey AD,E,H;E R Moss IT,AD,E/EL;A Mottram CL,E,PY;C A Moulsher EC,MA,PY;K L Moulson IT;J P M Mudd B,MA,SS;M G Mulheir B,C,MA;L Myers AD,FS,S;E Nardone TH,EL,ME;L M Newham CL*,H*,LW*;N A Newham TH,E/EL,H,PA;A Neydorff EL,H,PY;E K Nicholls E/EL;F M Nicolson H,SOC;R J Noble TT,DAN,ME;C S S P Norfolk AC,PS,AD;G E

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Huddersfield Daily Examiner

Friday, August 19, 2011

Results Norris E,H,SOC;G M Nuttall MUS,PA,AD;J J Nuttall AD,DT;S R Nuttall IT,PY;R O'hare AD,EL,PA*;H O'toole EL,ME,AD;R N Oakley SS;F L Oldfield IT*,F,T;B Oldroyd E/EL,H,PY;H R Overton B,GS,T,H;R T Padgett AD,DT,MS;J Parker CL*,H*,SOC*;C P Parkes IT,SC,SS;M Parkinson ME,SOC;M L Pascall TH,LW,PY;A Patel AC,EC,GS;A Patel BUS;I Patel B,C,P;I Patel BUS,EL,GS,LW;M Patel SC;S Patel E,ME;S Patel IT,MS;C M Patterson DT,H,SS;K A Pawson B,SS,MS;R Peace PY;J Peacock B,EL,SS;B L Pearson DT,MUS,PY;M Pearson TT,T,H;W M A Pearson BUS*,MA,P;C Peel-Kelly AD,H,MM;L J Pell EL,GS,ME,PY;A P T Penberthy IT,ME;R S Perkins E/EL,ME,SS;A R Peters EL,SOC;P L Phillip PA,PY;B C Philpott DT,MA;F H Pickering E,AD,PY;N Pike B,ME,SS;C Pilkington AD,FS,ME;T Pinder DT,MM;B Platt EL;J M Pollard BUS**,DT,S;K S Pollard E/EL,ME;R P Pollard AD,FS*,ME;K H Pollitt BUS*,TT;B C Porter DT,E/EL,AD;H J Porter PS,LW,PY;N Poskitt IT;G E Power SOC*;L M Presley EL,SS;T W Price EL,E,SS;T Pryce B,C,PY;C Pursey AD,ME,AD;O M Pygott MM;S Quarshie EL,SOC;J L A Radbone B,MS;S J Radley IT,AD,EL;A A Read BUS,DT,SS;M Reaks TT,AD,ME;J Redman BUS,EL,SS;T J Redshaw MA,P;J Rees BUS,ME,SOC;K Reynolds B,C,H;J G Rider FS,ME;A Ridgeway GS,PY,SOC;L S Ridley FS;J Riley AC,MA,MS;O D Roberts AC,BUS*,GS,PS;A J Robertson BUS,ME;C J Robinson B,ME,SS;E Robinson BUS,ME,AD;J L Robson E/EL,PY;H Roby H,LW,PY;J Roebuck TH,PY;M Rogowska S;A L Rolfe BUS*,EL*,PY;J W Ross LW,PY,MS;J L Ryan IT,B,GS*,H;B Sacab BUS,IT,LW;U Sacha T,PY;Z Sajid BUS;M R Saleem BUS;A L E Sanders T;C Saunderson B,EL*,G;H D Scott BUS,SS;M L Scott BUS,FS,ME;N Scott T,SS;O P Scott H;S A Scott EL,ME*,PY;A Senior GS;J P Senior TT,BUS,SS;L Senior EL,H,ME;S Shabir SC,PY;S Shackleton E/EL,GS,AD,PY;M K Shahijan B,C*,MA*;O S Shaw H,SS,MS;L A W Sheridan AD,ME,AD;L Shoesmith IT,EL,ME;J G P Short TH,E/EL,SOC;T A Shuttleworth IT,ME,AD;S Sidat PY;A J Simpson E/EL,F;O D J Simpson B,EL,H;O W Simpson MA*,P*,PY;H S Skayee ME;A Skelton AD,EL;A E Smedley CL,EL*,E;A G Smith AD,TH,MTEC;A H Smith AD;A Smith IT;B R Smith EL,E,PY;D J Smith T,MTEC,P;E + Smith AD,T,ME;F Smith AD,PY,MS;G E Smith T,LW,MM;G Smith BUS,E/EL,ME;H L Smith T,PY;J F Smith E/EL,ME;J J Smith E/EL,F,G,PY;R C Smith EL;S L Smith TH,ME,AD;V J Smith AD,T,AD;J Smith-Robertson SOC;P Snowden AD,AD;S Sodhi BUS,DT,LW;J Spenceley E/EL,GS,PY,SOC;N J Spychalski AD,ME,AD;E T Stead SC;J Stenhouse IT,SC,T;N Stephens AD,AD,EL;N A Sterling DT,MA,P;H Stock BUS,FS,ME;H Stock DT,EL,MM;L V L Stoker AD,AD,SOC;J Stott CL,E,ME;C C L Stringer SS;T Suleman AC,IT,MM;J N Swailes E,H,LW*;J Sweeney FS,MTEC,SS;L M Sykes EL,AD;L J Sykes SC,PY;M H Tai AC,BUS,IT;C Talbot B,C,G;L J Talbot AD,DAN,PA;D N Tattersley PY;L Taylor LW,PY*;S Taylor BUS**,H,MS;R Teal PY,SOC;I Teladia IT,GS,PY,MM;N D Thomas BUS,GS,ME;E J Thompson DAN,SOC;L J M Thorpe B,BUS,GS,SS;R Thorpe B,PY;G P N Tiffney PY;B J Tillotson B,H,SS;R S Timmons EL,ME,AD;J M Tindall SC,H,SS;L P Tinker BUS;J Tommis B,CL,H;J Toth SC,AD,SS;S L Townend AD,EL,ME;D Tyas B,C,MM;A Umar BUS,PY,SOC;H Valli AD,GS,PY;C Vanyj EL,FS;J Vickers BUS,MM;A Wadsworth AD,TH;M Waheed E/EL,PY;S A Walker MM;S J Walker B*,C,GS,MA;B E Wallace B,T*,H;C J M Ward CL,T,MTEC;J H Ward TH,E/EL,GS;K E Ward E,ME,PY;L M N Ward IT,H,SS;R H P Ward FS,PS,H;Z Warner BUS,DT,PY;P M Warrender B,C;L Waterhouse E/EL;H A J Watts BUS**,AD,EL*;J Weed TT,PY,SOC;J Weed SC,LW,SOC;L A Whitworth TT,GS,PY;R S Whitworth E/EL,LW;R Wickens BUS;C C Wild EL,MTEC;R C Wiles BUS,PY;H E Wilkinson IT,MA,P;S J Wilkinson B,H,MA;B Williams EL;I C Williams EL*,PY,SOC*;J W i l l i a m s T; J A W i l s o n B , D T, H ; S W i l s o n DAN,ME,AD;H Windle B,PY,SOC;J Winpenny E/EL,ME;R M Winstanley DT,SS;J C Wood IT,PY,MS;S Wood AC,BUS*,EC,GS;S J L Wood EL,G,PY;C R Woodhead EL,E,ME;L L Woodhead TH,E/EL,ME;S Woodhead T,SS;C P Woodward GS,PY,SOC;A C Wright EL,ME;M Zafar IT,LW,PY;S L Zottola EL*,F,H;

HUDDS NEW COLLEGE AS LEVEL H Abbott T,SOC;S Aboudari G;M Abunofal IT,BUS,DT;A Abushaira BUS,B,MA,P;T D Adams DT;J Airey B,FS;M N Akhtar SOC;S Akhtar PY;S Al-Ismaily EL,E;O Alaiyemola H;Y Alam BUS,ME,PY;A Ali B,LW,PY;D Ali IT,PY,MM;I Ali E/EL;S Ali IT,BUS,EL,PY;S Ali TT,B,PY;Z Ali BUS,B,C,SOC;M J Allatt PY;J S Allison MF*,MA*;A Alshamari IT,SOC;E Amster BUS,IT;J D Archer IT,DT,MA,P;L T Archer AD;S L Armitage FS;T Armitage BUS,ME,AD;A C Armstrong B,H,PY,SOC*;M Ashcroft AD,AD,PY;J Ashford DT;O Ashford BUS,IT,SS;S M Atkinson H;D R Austin C,DT,MA,P;L E Auty AD*,FS,ME*;A C Avery SOC;S

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A Level and AS Level round up

■ THE A TEAM: Four As student Funmi Alaiyemola (front) with Stephanie Williams (right), and, from left, Samuel Wakefield, Leanne Welch, Gabriella Dixon, Christian Nduwayo and Daniel Bellafonte (JH180811Aresults-03)

We’re very proud of them all Turned from Page 15

College principal Angela Williams said: “We are absolutely delighted with this year’s A level results. They are a just reward for the hard work and dedication of both staff and students over the last 12 months. “I am sure everyone will join me in congratulating our students on their richly deserved success and in Aveyard TH,ME,MM;R Ayre AD,TH,FS,AD;A Azam TT,EL,ME;L D Baker B*,C,SS*,P;T Baker ET,P,MM;D A Baldwin BUS,EL,E,AD;A Ball TT,DT;A L Balmforth TH*,E/EL*,MUS;C M Bamford TT,ME,SOC;M E Banks EL,PY;M L Barnett T;O Barrett B,BUS,SS,PY;A J Barrowcliffe BUS,MM;M R Barrows BUS,T,MM;A J Bartholomew B,EL;F C Bartle PY;Z H Bartle PY;R L Barton B,T;S Bassinder BUS,T,LW,ME;O J Bates B,E/EL,PY;S L Bates E/EL,PY,SOC;R Beaumont AD;M A Bedeau TH,E/EL,PY,SOC*;C C Bedford G;J R Beer H,AD;K M Belfield AD,ME,PY;J S Bell AD;J Bell ME,AD,PY;O Bellanfante-Sinclair AC;E R Bellfield EL,T;G Benjamin TT;A S Bennett B,F,PY;H B e n s o n - G a r r e t t I T, B U S , E / E L , M E ; R B e r r y EL,PY,SOC;S Bhuta PY;K E Biggins MS;A L Binns AD,PY;J A G Binns AD,DT;R C Blakeley CL,EL*,PY;D Boddison PY;T Bolland-Wilson BUS;J Booth MM;K L Booth IT,F,MM;J O Boothroyd EL;A Bottom T,P,MM;M J Bottom H,MUS*;S Bottomley DT,EL,PY;Z L Bottomley IT;S E Boukhatem BUS,MA,MS;K Bow PS,PY,SOC;C Bower PY*;K A Bower EL;G Bradley AD*,FS,AD,SOC;J L Bradshaw B,PY*,MS;T Bradshaw AD,EC,T,SS;P Bray AD,ME;O W Brierley F,H,P,MM*;A R Brook T;B J Brook BUS,DT,AD,PY;J J Brook B,T,PY*;S L Brook E/EL,H;K L Brooke BUS,AD;R L Brooke AD,EL;T S Brooke PY;J Brown EL,E;S H Brown E,LW,PY;D A Buchan IT,E/EL;F Bulbulia PY,SOC;L J Bull DAN;C L Bullers BUS;L E Burns E/EL*,LW,AD,PY*;J Burns-Huett BUS,EL;V Burnside E/EL,H,MM;L J Butler E/EL,T,H;F Butterick EL,E,ME*,PY;A J Butters EC,H,LW;J G Button AC,PY,MM;A Cadogan H,PY;R A Calvert TT;S Calvert SOC;B Carr SOC;G Carr MA;H Carr MF,MA*;M R Carter E/EL,H,ME*,PY;S J Cash PY;M Castle AC;S J Castle CL,H,ME;E Cavell AD;J M Cayenne I T, E T * , M A , P ; L T C h a d w i c k M M ; H C h a h a l BUS,C,T*,MA;N J Chambers TT,EL;T Chandler MF*,MA*,P;C J Chapman B,TH,SS,MM;A Chappell E L , A D ; J C h a r l t o n F S , P, M M ; P J C h a r n l e y AD,AD*,E*,S;W Y Chaudhary AC,IT,EC,MM;J Cheal E/EL,FS;J Cherubin DT,TH,E/EL,ME;C G Chittick

wishing them every success in their future studies and careers.” The Vocational A level pass rate at the college was 99% with 91.8% at grades A, B and C. One hundred and twenty one students achieved three or more A grades at A-level or equivalent and 28 advanced level subjects achieved a 100% pass rate. Pete Kennedy, the college’s deputy principal said: “Our results are much

EL,H,PY,SOC. K Chothia MM;J L Christie EL,FS,ME;A Chunara IT,BUS,LW;S L Clapham AC,PY,MM;B Clare EC,E,MF,MA*;C J Clark CL,E/EL,PS,H;J Clark F S , S O C ; C C C l a r k e B , P Y, M S ; M J C l a r k e CL,E/EL,T,PY;F E Clarkson AD,BUS,AD;J Clavin SOC;B Clay AD,B,EL*,T;M Clay BUS,EL;V Cleary I T, B , E * , P Y; L B A C l o u g h B ; H C o c k c r o f t BUS,FS,AD,PY;L G Cockcroft H,PY,SOC;C J Coleman E/EL,FS;E J Collins EL,PY;H J Collins AD,EL,AD;R E Collins FS;S Collins TT,BUS,EC;L G Conway AD,AD,E/EL,ME;A Cook EL,T,ME,PY;E J Cook B,AD*,SS,PY;H L Cook PY,SOC;T R Coonan SOC;B C Cottam IT,MM;J L Coupland MA;J Cowburn E,SS,PY,SOC;H Crawford H;S A Crawshaw IT,DT,TH,ME;B L Croad BUS,E,PY;E L Croft EL;A M Crompton TH,PY,MS;S Cronin PY,SOC;B Crowther B,EL,SS,PY;E N Crowther H,ME,PY;C Cumiskey TT,DT;B S Cunningham MM;B M Curley E,AD,PY;A F Curr AD,E/EL,FS,ME;N S Curran ME;A Dainton BUS;M Daji TT,E/EL,ME;C Daka IT,AD,DT,ME;A Dalal TT,EC;K L Dalby ME;A L Dalton EL,PY;J J Darson AD,ME,AD,PY;C L Davies AD,E/EL,ME,PY;J L A Davison DT,MA,ME*,P;M Davji IT;A Dawson SS;H A Dawson EL,SOC;R Dawson BUS,DT,EL;G M Dean FS;A Deans T;K Deen BUS;R Denton SOC;I A M Desai B,C;B J Dick ME,PY;L Dickinson H;L J Docherty AD,DT,ME,SOC;A G Donlan TT,BUS,E/EL,ME;J J Dopson H;A Dorotiak AC;M R Dorotiak AD,E/EL,PY;A M Dowling BUS*,IT,EC,MS;J L Drake IT,PY,SOC;R Drake FS,ME;J F Du-Buf AD,AD,P;C S Duffy E,PS,H*,SOC;R Duncombe SOC;C J Dunne B;L F Durbak BUS,AD,SS;L A Durkin E/EL,F,ME*;K Durrans EC,EL,PS,H;M Durrans DT;A M P Dyson AD,S,MM;J R Dyson DT,T,MA,P;M J Dyson B,MM;V E Dyson AD;A Dzedzej H;H L Earey AD*,DT,ME*,PY;R Earl AD,H,LW,AD;R L Easterbrook H,PY,SOC*;A F Eaton EL,ME;M Ellwood-Spencer PY,SOC;S Emery FS,PY,SOC;J L Evans AD,EL,AD;M H Fairley E/EL,H;J Farrar DT,LW,MA,P;O Farrell MA;S Farrington ME,PY;H Fawcett AD,EL,PY;I D Fawcett

better than last year. “The students have worked really hard. We are an inclusive college and the funds issue has no doubt focussed their efforts on gaining a university place this year rather than carrying the huge weight of debt in years to come. “Young people have had a bad press recently but our students are wonderful and we are really proud of them.” AD,EL;J E Fellows AD,E/EL,AD,PY*;G Finch E/EL,SOC;E Firbank DAN;H Firth AD,SOC;J Firth A D , T H , E , P Y; L F i s h e r E , P Y; L F i t z p a t r i c k AD,BUS,AD,PY;J M Folan MS;B R Foleher IT,LW,PY;S K Fomes MUS,MM;L J Ford EL*;J Foster AD,AD;S Francis BUS,IT,DT;K L Frank TH,EL*,PS*;A Frazer H;H S L Freeman BUS,EL,PY,SOC;A Frost EL*,H,ME*,PY;L J Frost FS,H,ME;P Gabor PO*;J Garvey LW,PY,SOC,MM;R J Gaunt AD,E/EL,PY;A P Gavin E,LW,PY*,SOC*;P D A Gavin MF,MA*;C Gee B U S , M M * ; H G e e B , P Y, M S ; J G e o r g e BUS*,TH,E/EL*,ME;O Ghee BUS,MA,SS,P;H J Gilbert EL;S Gilbert AD,PS,AD,SOC;A Gill CL,ME;E Gill MM;E Gill TT;G Gill B,SS,PY;K Gill PY,SOC*;T R Gillham EL,ME,AD;A Gledhill ET,MM;J Glossop CL,H;J Godfrey IT,BUS;A Goodall-Munroe E,F,PY;J L Goodward PY,SOC;M Gould DT;A G Graham BUS,DT,FS;J Graham BUS. C K Grayshon DAN;D S Green IT,MA,P;T Greenhough AD,E/EL;J A Greenwood IT,DT,MA,P;R G Greenwood EL,E,FS,H;B J Grendon B,ME;L C Grice AD,TH,E,AD;A Griffin MF,MA*;E G Griffin C,MF,MA*,P;I Guest TT;H Gulzar H,LW;F D Hackney IT,E/EL,ME;A L Haggis DT;E D C Haigh EL;K Hainsworth TT,AD,LW,ME;B D Haithwaite TH,H;S R Hall PY,SOC*,MS;L Hallam C,FS,ME,MM;B Hallas AD,EL;S L Halls E/EL,ME,AD,PY;R Halonka BUS*;A R Halstead AD;D J Hamer IT,BUS,DT;S Hames E*,FS*,H*,SOC*;J P A Hampshire B,C,PS,PY;R Hancock H;A Hancox BUS*,AD,DT,PY;J Handscomb B,T,SS,PY;U Hans BUS,C;C Hanson BUS,ME;N Haque PY,MM;L Harding TT,AD;J Hardman B,C,PY;S Hardwick ET,P,MM;E F Hardy E,H,LW;J Hardy E/EL;E Hargreaves IT,E/EL,PY,S;L E Hargreaves PY,S;B L Harker AD,E/EL,ME,AD;L P Harrington PS,PY,SOC;J N Harris C,EC,MA,P;G P Harrison EC;M Harrison E/EL*,FS,P;C Hartley CL,TH,E/EL,FS*;K Hartney AD,EL,ME*,AD;B Harvey ME;P Hatami AD;G R Hawksworth E,F,PY,S;L Hawley B*,C,P,PY*;R Haydock FS,SOC;P L Hayes PY,MS;B Heaton AD,E/EL;C Heaton EL,ME,PY;R S Heavens E,PY;T J

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A Level and AS Level round up Helliwell EL,ME;N J Hemingway BUS,IT,MUS;M T Hemsley MA;S Hepworth AD,PY,SOC;J W Herbert DT,T,MA,P;E A Hey B,EL,MS;C R Heywood H;S Hickox E/EL,FS,PY;E Higgins B;C Highfield EL;J R O Hill AC;J L Hill BUS;K J Hill AD,B,BUS,G*;D R Hinchliffe EL,PS,H,PY;T J H Hinchliffe BUS,DT*,H;T J O Hinchliffe B,PY;K Hirst LW,PY,SOC;J M Hirstle TT,ME;J J Hodgson FS,MUS,PY;N Holbrook IT,FS;A J Holdsworth EL,FS,LW,PY;K Holdsworth AD,EL;E Holgate B,C,T*,MM*;E E Holland H*;A K Holt BUS,SOC;K L Hopkins B,EL*,LW,PY;D R Horsley EC*,MUS*,AD;E L Horsley EL,LW,PY;E Hotic TT;M A Howley B,C,PY;L E Howson E/EL,PY,SOC;J Hoyle EL*,T,MA;L J Hoyle AD;A D Hudson AD;Z Hudson M E ; S H H u g h e s H , P Y, S O C ; J H u m e EL,ME*,PY,SOC;F Hurlbatt EL,E*,FS,ME;A Hussain FS,ME*,AD;M Hussain H;N Hussain B,MM;S Hussain B,C,P,MM*;S Hussain IT,BUS,ME,PY;A Husthwaite EL;D A Hutchinson H,PY,MS;M Ikram BUS;H Illingworth AD,ME,PY,SOC;Q Ilyas AC,BUS,MM;M Imran BUS,IT;H Imtiaz MA,MS;S Ineson BUS,EC,MM*;S C Iqbal EL,SOC;K Irving EL,FS,PY;F Ismail B,C,H;J Jackson EL,SOC;R A Jackson PY;D L Jaffier AD,EL,AD;L B Jagger IT,EL,ME;S James E/EL,ME,PY;H Janjua C,U*;D E Jarratt CL,T,PS,LW;J L Jenkins EL,PY;S Jenkinson EL,T,ME,PY;S M Jenkinson TT;K A Jennings ME;C Jessop IT,TH,EL;D T Jessop EL,SOC;A S M Johnson MA,PY;L J Johnson AD,E*,AD*,PY*;T Johnson EC,EL,PS,H;O Johnston CL,EL,PS,PY;E Johnstone E,ME,PY;A A Jones DT;B Jones EL,ME,MUS;C L Jones BUS,AD,AD;F Jones AD;L Jones FS,ME;N R Jones AD,B,CL;R A Jones AD,EL,AD,PY;S Jones AD,ME,PY;O L Jowett AD,BUS,EL,AD. S Juhasz AD,ME,PY;A Kauser TT;R L Kay PY;C G Kaye BUS,EL,ME;J Kaye AD;J A Kaye AD;L Keeling E/EL;E V Kennedy EL,H,MA,AD;M Kenton AD,TH,EL,ME*;L E Kettlewell EC,H;J A Kewley H;M U Khan BUS,LW;S R Khan AC;T C Kilby LW,SOC*;J Kimmings G;H L Kinder FS,H;K H Kinder CL,T,PS*,SOC*;A L Kiritschenko AD,EL,ME;R Kirkby IT,TT,ME;E Knight DT;A Kostyakov TH,E/EL,S;M + Laher IT,B,SS;J Lam IT,EL,ME,MM;K Lambert TT;J L Lawrence PY;S O Lawrence PY;M Lawton AC,P,MM;R T Lawton E/EL;F Lay PY;J A Laycock EL,FS,ME,AD;H J Lee TH,ME,AD;A J Leeman MM;R Leeming DT,MA,P;A S Lees TH,EL,SOC;R Leitch BUS,E/EL;S Leroy DAN;A S Y Lewis E,FS,PS,AD;L Liaqat ME;T S Lightfoot EL,PY;H C Lindsay IT,BUS,PY;K Lindsay E/EL;P A Lindsay E/EL*,T,H,PY*;A Lisik BUS,MA;L W Y Lo B,C,SOC,MS;M K Lockwood CL*,E/EL*,PS,H*;R Lodge B,SOC;S M Lodge E*,ME*,PY*,MS*;C A Long AC;K Lopuszniak IT,TH,EL;D Lovelace-Hanson TH*,ME,AD;J Lovell C,TH;R J Ludi B,EL*,PY;S Lunn EL,PY;D J Lunness MUS;E Luty BUS,AD,ME,PY;M C Luty MUS;M K Maan ME,AD;L A Mackley DT,SOC;S Madden EL*,H*,ME*,PY*;J T Maher EL,H,PY;A Mahmood PY;S Mahmood B,C;S M a k e p e a c e E L , M E , P Y, M S ; C M a l c o l m AD,BUS,AD*,PY;K Malley TT,EL,ME,PY;M J A Manderson EC,EL,H;R Mangat BUS,B;M S S Maqbool PY,SOC;B J Marchington TT,ME;W Marcinek MF*,MA*;A K Markowycz AD,EL,ME;J S Markwell H;R Marlow IT,AD,MM;A Marshall ME,AD;L Marshall H;J Martin MM*;D Mason DT,MA,P;S Masud MM;W B Mate IT,ET,P,MM*;D R Maximillian AD,E/EL,AD;C C Maxwell-Smith S*;C Mayes AD;L R Mazurek AD;J Mbuyi T;C J Mcdanielson EL,PY;B M Mcdermott AD;J Mcdonald IT,BUS,PY,MS;C Mckie E/EL,ME,PY;T Mckie AD,ME*,PY;C Mclachlan MM;S I Mclean EL,ME;Z L Mcleish TT,AD;S Mcneil F, M F * , M A * , P * ; M M c t i ff i n M E , A D ; A M c v a y AD,E/EL,H;T A Meddick-Dyson E*,H,LW,MUS;K Melbourne AD,E/EL,AD,PY;L A Melkowski SOC*,MS;H J Mercer AD,EL,ME,AD;J Merson AC*,TT*,PS,PY;L A Midgley PY;J L Miller BUS,ME,MM;L Milne AC,EL,MA;J M Milner TH,E,FS;J W + Mitchell ME;S A Mitchell AD,EL,PY;L N Modeste DT,SS,MM;K Moga MA;A I Mohammad IT,B,BUS,MM;Z Mohiuddin E/EL,SOC;Z Momoniat AC;J Moore B,C,PY,SOC*;M J Moore AC,MM;A L Moorhouse TH,E,PY;V Moorhouse TT,AD,ME;A Morley B,C,EL*,PY;B Morrissey H;E M Mottram AD,E/EL,FS*,SOC;A Mulholland AD,EL,PY;A Mulla AC,EC,MM;Z Mulla EL,SOC;T A Munro EL,PY;L J Murgatroyd B,C,MA,PY;C R Murphy AD,ME*;A Murray TH,E/EL,FS,AD;J Murray C,ET,MA,P;L Mutare TT,BUS,PY;B Nabi AC,ET,MM;M Naheem BUS;M Nana TT;C L Napier EL,PY*;T L Napier TH;P L Newham AD,PY;J T A Newsome BUS,DT;K Newsome AD,PY;C J Newton BUS,EC,PY,SOC;P M Newton MM. A Neydorff H;B J Nicholson AC,MM;F M Nicolson BUS;U Nisar B,BUS,C,LW;R J Noble DAN;L J Nolan D T, H , P Y, M S ; S N o t o n E L , M E ; J M N u t t CL,EL*,E,ME;L J Nuttall PY,MS;A N O'donnell TH,EL;F M O'driscoll AD,E,FS,MUS;B O'keeffe AD,E/EL,F,ME;D K O'neill E/EL,H;H O'toole AD;R N Oakley IT,B;A Oddy AD;B Oldroyd H,PY;T J Ormondroyd T,ME,SS;A D Ormsby AD,DT,ME,MM;C E Orwin B;H R Overton CL,H;K Overton BUS,ME;E L Oxley B,C,PY,MS;K Palmer CL,PY,SOC;C M Parker ME;L G Parker-Townend EL,E,H,PY;M Parkinson BUS;E Pashley BUS,C,PY,MS;F Patel BUS,TT,EC;I Patel MM;M Patel IT;S Patel BUS*,AD,E/EL,PY*;C M P a t t e r s o n D T; R P a y n e P Y ; R P e a r s a l l AD,E/EL,FS,SOC;B L Pearson DT;H B Peckett EL,SOC;J L Peel LW,SS,MS;N Peel B,T;A P T Penberthy BUS;J Percival AD,EL,E;N C Peterson B,C,MA;D Phillips ET,MM;J Phillips BUS,TH,FS,H;N Phillips IT,DT,MA,P;B C Philpott DT;F Pickard MA;E J

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Results KIRKLEES COLLEGE AS LEVEL S Abbott C; J J Armstrong FS; H Baxter FS; L R Boardman FS; J Dearnley FS; AJ Douglass FS; B Faulkner-Walford FS; D Fleming FS; R Folan FS; L M Hartley FS; J C Hoyle FS; M D Jaggar FS; JJ Keane FS; B Leslie FS; D Matcham C; AL Mcgranaghan FS; A J Muller C; S Oliver C*; NJ Paxman FS; N Reid FS; B L Scholefield FS; A Smith FS; T Smith FS; K L Taylor FS.


â– CELEBRATORY HUG: A-level students at Greenhead College, Huddersfield (JH180811Eresults-12) Purchase: 01484 430000 ext 7778

Pickering AD,BUS,SS,MM;J A Pickford IT,TH;T Pinder DT;J Plachcinski AD,BUS,H;A Pogson EL,PY,SOC;K S Pollard PY;S J Pollard B,MA,P;S Popat B,PY*;M P Popowych EL,H,PY;L Portman AD,AD;N Poskitt BUS;L M Presley E,SOC;A L Priestley AD,DT,ME;A R Prout EL,PY;J Pryce IT;O M Pygott P;S D Pyrah IT,AD,H;M Qamar BUS;S Quarshie AD;J L A Radbone C;M F Rahim MS;M J Ramsden IT,AD;I A Ramzan BUS,PY;U Rangara AC,BUS,MM;A S Rank B,ME;N L Rank SOC;W Razak BUS,B,C;A A Read DT;L F Redfearn E,FS,ME;F A Redman AD,BUS*,CL*,EC;N Redmond EL,PY;N Regan BUS,FS,ME;B S Reid AD,ME,PY;E Reid IT,E/EL,PY;J Reilly BUS;K Reynolds BUS,PY;A M Riaz B,BUS,C,MM*;H C Richardson IT,EL,PY;H J Richardson DT;J J Richardson IT,DT*,ET,H*;J G Rider EL;A Ridgeway FS;L S Ridley ME,PY;L J Rigg LW,ME,PY;M Roach ET,P;A P Roberts TH,PY,SOC;O D Roberts AC;F Robinson BUS,DT,ME;K Robinson IT,BUS,T,LW;H L Robson EL*,MA,PY;C Rodger B,EL,LW,PY;G P Rogers E,F,G;M Rogowska CL;C A Rose LW;S Routh ET,E/EL,P;C L Royle-Evatt CL,EL,E,H;H Rudd MA,SOC,MS;W Ruhkala DT,T,SS;K E Rush TT;D L Rushworth EL,T,ME,SS;K Sabaljauskas EC;U Sacha SOC*;J A S Sadler FS;Z Sajid MM;D Saker DT,TH,ME,AD;S Saleem TT,BUS,ME,SOC;S M Saleh C;Z Salter MUS,SOC;O J Sanders B,C,F,MA;A F Sanderson AD,EL;E H Saunderson AD,H,AD,PY;S M Sawyer AC,IT,BUS,EC;M A Sayeed BUS;B Sayer E/EL,H,PY,SOC*;L Sayer B,E/EL,H,PY;B Scargill BUS,EL;A G Sceats CL,E/EL,H,PY;R E Schofield EL,ME;H Schweidler CL,FS,AD;N Scott PY;O P Scott E/EL;A Selman BUS,PY,SOC;K J Senior AD,T,LW,PY;O Senior BUS,H,PY;M Shabir E,PY;H J Shackleton AD,E,AD;S Shaikh TT,PY,SOC;E M Sharpe TT,BUS,S;C Sheard AD,H,LW,PY;E Sheard TT,E/EL,ME;K Sheikh-Ali EL;R E Sheldon EL,AD;K S h e p h e r d T T, B , C , E L * ; R W S h i n g l e t o n TH,E/EL,MUS,PY;L Shoesmith PS;R Shutak B,PY,SOC;D Silvester E*,ME,PY,S;T N Sim AD,EL*,ME,AD. O Simpson EL,SOC;J Singleton CL,TH,PY;A F Sisson ME,AD;A Skelton AD;J Slater LW,PY,SOC*;L Slater TH*,E/EL,ME,SOC;N Slawson B,PY,MS;T R Slywkanycz E/EL,ME,MUS;J Smallbones PS*,LW,PY,SOC*;J A Smart MS;A K + Smith EL,AD,SOC;A Smith BUS,DT,P,MM;G E Smith LW;J F Smith H;K J P Smith MS;L E Smith AD,AD,T,PY;S Smith EL,PY;S Sodhi DT;T Somal BUS,IT,SOC;J L Sowerby E/EL,ME*,PY;T Spackman AD,EL,E,PY;M Speak TT,EL;M C Speight TH;K Spencer AD,AD;N J Spychalski AD;K Sraa AD;J M Stajic E/EL,H,LW;A

Stanbridge PY,MS;J A Staniforth AD,SOC;S Steadman AD,AD*,BUS,ME;S J Steel TH,E/EL,ME;R Steele T,PY;J Stobbs EC,T,LW,PY;H Stock EL;B Stone BUS,EC,F*,AD;M D Stor EL;K Stott PY,SOC;V L Stowe E/EL,H,SOC;G Stubbs AD,ME,AD;B Stubley TH,E,H,S;N A Stylianou BUS;F Suleman BUS,IT,EC,E/EL;T Suleman AC;J A Summerfield B,C,EC,MM;S Sutcliffe AD,AD*,PY,MM;J N Swailes H;A C Swaine FS,ME;T R H Swan TH,PY;J M Sweeney B,EL,LW,SS;F M Sykes PY;J Sykes AD,E/EL,SOC*,MM;L M Sykes AD;M A Taj BUS;B K Tarbatt AD,AD;A E Taylor TT,EL,T,PY;C M Taylor EL,ME,AD*;J O Taylor FS;N J Taylor AC,BUS,MA;O Taylor BUS,DT,ET,P;S Taylor BUS,E;S Taylor AC;Z Taylor IT,AD,MM;B J Terry ME,PY;N G Thackray SOC;C L Thaxter EL;A D Thewlis EL,H,LW;T W Thewlis H;E C Thomas TH,EL,ME;J Thomas PY,MM;N D Thomas FS;O Thomas IT*,B,DT*,P;C Thompson CL,TH,E,FS;L Thompson TH,EL,AD,SOC;O A Thompson AD,ME,AD;J Thornton AD*,EL*,FS*,MA*;A Timmins E/EL,FS*,ME,SOC;J M Tindall H;H Tinker A D , B U S , E L , H ; L P Ti n k e r P Y; J R Ti n s l e y AD,AD,B,AD;J P Tolhurst BUS,T,H;K L Tommis I T, F S , T; D To o b y B , LW, M A , P ; P L To o m e s E*,ME*,PY*,S;A B W Tsim AD,EL,T,PY;E C Tunnacliffe TH,EL,ME,SOC;J Turner B,BUS,T,H;O A Turner AD,DT,T*,MA;P J Turner CL,TH,PS,PY;B Varley EL,T,PY;A T Waite IT,DT,H;E A Walker EC,T,SS,PY;H J Walker TT,ME;T R Walker EL,PY;B E Wallace B;J Wallace EL,PS,LW,MM;S Walton AD,MM;J H Ward FS;K E Ward H;L Ward E/EL,PY;S H Ward B*,H*,MA*,P*;N Wardle AD,ME,AD,SOC;Z Warner DT;P M Warrender MM*;L Waterhouse FS;J J Weir CL,AD;Z West AD,ME;V J Wharf BUS,ME;H R Whitehead DT,AD,PY;E J Whiteley AD,EL,ME*,AD;S Whittaker AD,BUS,AD,PY;A Whitwam ME,AD;L A Whitworth SOC;O F Whitworth AD,EL,ME,AD;R S Whitworth B;C I Wild DT,EL,ME;A Wilinsky B,C,SS;N P Wilkinson B,C,EL,MA;J Williams PY;L T Williams BUS,SOC;O Williams AD,TH;S S Williams I T, A D , P Y; A W i l s o n F S * , T, H * , LW; B W i l s o n AD,ME,MM;B S Wilson IT,ME,MM;E Wilson H,ME,SS;G M Wilson AD,TH,E/EL;J A Wilson DT,H;S Wilson IT,SOC;S N Wiseman E,PY,SOC;C L Woffendin AD,E/EL,ME,AD;A V Wood A D , B U S , M S ; C W o o d B , E / E L , P Y; H W o o d EL,FS,AD;K Wood FS,PY,SOC;K Wood C,P,MM*;N J Wood E/EL,SOC;S Wood AD;C P Woodward E;J G Woodward PS,MA*,P;A D Wray BUS,IT,EL,PY;R C Wright DT,H,LW,AD;S Wright FS,T,H,ME;H Wroe BUS,T,SOC;J Yeung B,C,PY,MS;H Zafar AC,BUS;R Zahid E,ME;J Zatorski PY,MS;W Zhang MA;G E Zubak BUS,DT,ME;

R Adams B*, C**, Q*, HE*, MS*; H Ainsworth MS, SC, Q+; H Akroyd B, Q, MS, PY; L Allott EL, Q, ME, PY; A Andrews EL, Q, LW, PY, SC; C Armitage B*, GR**, Q, H*, MS; R Asensio-Barrowclough Q*, HE, SC*, PE; G Ayre Q, HE, SC, PE; O Bailey AS, HE, SC, T+; T Barber AS, ME; S Barker E, Q*, H*, LW; J Barnes EL, Q, H*, LW, ME*; R Bartram SC, BUS+; J Bawtry EL, Q, PY, SC; J Bedeau F, PY, SOC; T Bennett BUS, E, H, EL*+; D Black DT, IT, GL; R Blackburn A, BUS*, GR*, Q; F Blacker E**, Q, H, PY; K Blackwell TH*, Q, ME*, PY; D Booth B, C, P; J Booth BUS, EC, Q, PY; R Bramall B, Q, P, PY; E Bredin TH, EL, Q, ME*,E+; R Broderick GR, IT, MS; R Brown BUS*, DT, Q; J Buchanan-Black B, TH, E, Q, EL+; J Burton B, Q, MS, P, CT+; M Carter TH, E, Q+, SOC+; O Clark TH, Q, ME, PY; L Clayton A*, B, C, Q, H; J Coltham-Netherwood Q*, PY*, SC*, PE*; A Cooper B, Q, MS*, MUS; H Covell EL, Q, AD****; D Crilley B, Q, LW, PY, SOC*+; J Crossley BUS, EC, Q, T, MS; H Curtis A, TX, E, Q; J Davies BUS, EC, Q, H; L Dignan BUS, EL, Q, H; G Dodson BUS, EC, IT; M Ellis C, Q, MS*, MF, P; A Exley B, Q, H, PE; D Fella EL, F*, Q, S*; E Fisher EL, Q, PY, SOC*; J Fletcher SC, EC, Q, PE; M Gaskell GR, Q, MS, P; T Gibson A, EL, GR+; J Gill SC, SOC, Q+; S Gill Q, MS*, P, GL*, MF*+; A Greaves EL, SC; F Griffiths A*, BUS*, Q, T; G Haigh E, Q, H, SOC; J Haigh BUS, EC, Q, SOC, IT+; L Haigh E, Q, H, PY; L Halstead B, Q, HE, PY*; S Hamilton E, Q**, T, MUS; D Hardwick A, Q, T, H; R Hayes B, C, Q, MS, P; O Heath AS, Q, P, GL; L Hindley EL, E, Q, ME; R Hirst B, C, Q, P; Z Hodder Q, PY, SOC, PE; C Hogg B, C, E, Q*, PY, E+; P Hunt CS, Q, MS*, P; J Hussain Q, MS, S, PE; J Ingham LW, SC, SOC, Q+; B Jackson Q, HE, SC, SOC; B Jones-Walters C, Q, P, S. S Kauser E, SC, SOC; G Kaye A, B, Q, PY; J Kaye Q, MS, MUS, P, MF+, MUS+; N Kelly Q, H, PY; M Kenworthy B, Q, MS, P, MUS+; J Kenyon C, MS*, P*, MF+; E Knight A, EL*, Q**, T; J Lancaster TX, E, Q, ME*; M Langdale Q, T, MS*, P, MF*+; C, Law, EL, Q, ME, PY; J Law A, E, SC; D Lee E, Q, MS, MF; M Levitt TH, Q, PY, SOC; J Lockwood B, TH, Q, P, PE; W Lockwood B, C, HE; C Lumb Q, IT**, PY, SC; G Mallinson E, Q, SC, SOC; N Martin PY, SC, T+; C Mason C, EL, Q*, MS, P; J McGranaghan TX, Q, AD; R McLaughlin E, Q, H, SC; F McLoughlin Q, T, H, S; E Melling A, TH, EL, E; D Mellor EL, E, ME; K Mitchell A, E, Q, ME; D Morgan B, Q, IT, PE; R Mosley Q ,PY; R Moss EL, Q, T* MS; J Naylor E, Q, H, LW; O Newman B, C, EL, Q**; T Newman TH, Q, MUS, SOC*; C Newton-Mann B, MS, P, PE; S Nicholl BUS, EC; R Nichols E, Q, PY, SC; M Nixey AS; D Nutt GL, Q+, T+; G Parkes BUS, EL, H, SC+; J Parsons B**, Q*, T*, MS, C*+; B Pearson TX*, E, Q**, PY; E Pendlebury A, Q, MS, P; R Pinder B, BUS*, EC*, Q, PE; C Portman TX, AD; C Price GL, AD, Q+; D Price C*, Q, MS*, MF, P*; G Price C, Q, MS, P, MF+; H Proctor SC, S; C Radley H, IT, ME; G Radley PY, SC, SOC; P Rawson A, TH, F; T Reynolds B, CS, P; G Richardson B, BUS, Q, T** GL*; A Rollins B, Q, MS, PE, MF+; S Rylance BUS, EC, Q, H, PY+; J Sanderson A*, GR**, Q, MS; C Saynor B, Q, MS, PY; M Schmolke Q, H, A+; A Schofield E**, F*, Q, T*, H*; J Schofield TH, PY, SOC; F See BUS*, Q**, T*, H*, PY*+; A Sellers PY, AD**** TX+; C Sheard BUS, Q, H, SC; K Smales B BUS*, C, Q, PY*; E Smith AS, EC, Q; G W Smith BUS, EC, Q, T; G T Smith Q, LW, SC; H Smith TX, PY, SOC, Q+; M Smith EL, Q, PH, SOC; M Snowden EL, E, Q, PE; L Sowerby BUS, Q, T, PY; D Stokes DT*, Q, T, PE; D Storey BUS, EC, Q, SC; S Strickland Q, PY, SC, SOC; B Swift C, Q, MS, P, MF+; A Sykes Q, IT, SC, SOC; I Sykes B, Q, PY, SOC, RS+; L Sykes B, EL, Q, S; C Talboys Q, ME, SC, SOC; E Taylor TH, EL, E, Q, ME; L Taylor SC, A+; W Taylor Q, HE, MS* P; A Thompson ME, SC; S Thompson TX*, Q, H, SC; H Thomson E, Q, PY, SOC; M Tinsley A, IT, ME, Q+; S Todd ME, AD; A Trowell Q, T, SC GL; C Tucker E, Q, PY; H Verity-Collier Q, HE, PY, SOC; R Watson A, T, MUS; S Weavill EL, Q, SOC, E+; T Webster DT, MS, P, DT+; V Weed A, E, Q, PY, SC; C Whitaker GR, Q, HE, SC; E Whittaker B, Q, MS, PE; J Wilcockson B, C, Q*, MUS*; J Wilkinson AS; K Williams A*, DT, TH, EL; R Wilson BUS, F, Q, T; H Wood BUS, Q, LW, PY; C Wright BUS*, Q, IT, S; D Yates B, EL, Q, PY.

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Huddersfield Daily Examiner

Results MIRFIELD FREE A LEVEL F Adam PY, SC, SS*; W Addy B*, C*, M**, PM**; A Ali B, C, PY; A Ali AS; J Armitage B, Q, PY, SOC; M Asif HS, SC; M Asif AS, IT; L Atkinson Q, LW, PY, SOC; V Bardell PY, SC, SS*; A Basar BUS, IT, SOC; Z Basharat Q, LW*, PY*, RS*; H Basser A, HS; T Beaumont AD*; K Beckwith Q, PY, SC, SS*; J Bennett EL, E, SS*; C Bentley PY, TX; E Bradley T, PY; S Brogden Q, PY, SS*; J Brown AS, Q, PY; R Brown AS, Q, H, LR; M Chamberlain A, AD*; M Chaudhrey PY, SOC; C Clements EL, ME, PY; S Codman Q, T, M, PM; T Cogan IT, LW, PY; D Conway A, Q, AD*; L Cope SC, TX, SS; L Craven EL, Q, PY, SOC; Z Dalal AS, IT, CC; S Dharni EL, E, SS*; L Duncan E/EL, H, PY; N Eastell A, AD*; J Ehdieb E/EL, Q, RS; A Ellahi EL, Q, H, LW; A Fawcett IT, ME; G Fletcher Q, PY; D Galindo EL, PY, SS*; A Gee B, Q, T, PM**; S Gill B, Q, LR, PY*, SS*; C Hanson LR, SS; D Hanson BUS, Q, PY, RT*; C Harrison H, SOC; N Harvey E/EL, Q, PY; G Heia DRA, E/EL, Q, PY; R Higgins E/EL, Q, PY, SOC; D Hinchcliffe PY, AD*; J Hirst AS, Q, T; N Holbrook Q, T, SC, SS; D Hughes Q, HS, PY; N Hussain HS, LW, PY; N Hussain PY, SC, SOC; A Imran Q, RS, SC; A Jabeen Q, H, PY, SOC; A Jacobs A, IT, SC; O Karolia IT, PY, SOC; M Kayat B, C, Q, IT; S Kaye IT, SC; A Khalil HS, PY; T Law Q, PY, SC, AD*; N Lee BUS*, Q, M, PY*; D Lenton B, C, PY; H Liley E/EL, Q, ME, PY; W Liversidge C, M, PM; J Medlock DRA, E/EL*; N Munir EL, HS, PY; S Munshi EL, PY, RS; M Nadat AS, Q, SS*; U Naeem IT; S Nasir HS; N Nasser HS; F Navsarka EL, SOC; D Neville B, Q, LW, PY*; R Parkin B, Q, T, SS; L Parkinson AS, Q, T, PY; A Patel HS, CC; F Patel IT, LW, PY; H Patel AS, IT, PY; H Patel B, C; H Patel Q, IT, LW*, M*; I Patel IT, SC; K Patel IT, TX*; M Patel B, C, M; W Patel AS, LW, SC; D Pearson PY, SC, SS; J Proctor Q, PY, SC, SS*; M Ravat M; E Rawlinson HS, CC*; A Razaq E/EL, SC, TX; S Rekhad AS, LW, SC; J Rounding B, C, PY; M Sajjid HS, LW, SC; N Saville EL, E; M Scargill EL, E, Q, IT; R Senior EL, ME; S Sessions B, Q, T, PY; S Shafiq Q, LW, LR, SOC; F Shaikh LR, SC, SS*; N Shaw EL, HS, SC; S Shaw HS, TX; A Smith H, PY; E Smith EL, HS; E Spedding B*, C, Q, M; J Sutcliffe DRA, EL, SOC; D Sweeney HS, CC; S Tabassam HS, CC*; E Thompson B, DRA, Q, PY; J Thompson BUS*, Q, PY*, SOC*; R Thorpe E/EL, A, TX*; E Tizora A, M*, SC; A Tolson DRA, E/EL, Q, PY; J Tomlinson LR, PY, SS; J Turner HS, SC; J Vine EL, E, A; O Waheed IT, SC; R Ware T, H, AD; D Wilkinson A; S Wilkinson Q, AD*; M Willans Q, SC, SS*; A Womersley A, SC, SS*; R Womersley TX*, RT*, SS*; S Wright A, Q, PY.

MIRFIELD FREE AS LEVEL F Abdullah Q+, IT+, LW+, PY+; S Abubaker E/EL+, A+, Q+, LW+, SOC+; F Adam PY+, SC+; W Addy M*+, PM*+; A Ahmed AS+, EL+; M Ahmed A+; N Ahmed Q+, HS+, PY+; T Ahmed B+, C+, PY*+, SOC*+; N Akhtar AS+, SC+; S Akhtar AS+, EL+, Q+, SC+; S Akhtar HS+, SC+; S Akhtar EL+, Q+, H+, PY+, SOC+; A Ali B+, C+, PY+; F Ali AS+, SC+; N Altaf H+, PY+; M Amjad SC+; H Arber-Simpson HS+, PY+; J Armitage B+, SOC+; Y Arshad AS+, LR+; M Asif SC+; L Atkinson LW+, PY+, SOC+; A Awad AS+, Q+, PY+, SOC+; H Ayub B+, C+, Q+, HS+, H*+, RS+; M Badat LW+, PY+, SOC+; M Badat PY+, SOC+; A Bailey M+, PY+; V Bardell SC+; C Barker Q+, LW+, PY+; A Basar BUS+, IT+, SOC+; M Bashir RS+, SC+, SOC+; Z Basser SC+; K Beckwith PY+, SC+; J Bennett EL+, E+; C Bentley PY+, SC+; A Bismillah PY+, RS+, SOC+; E Bleazard HS+; A Booth AS+, DRA*+, E+, PY+; J Bould AS+, Q+, PY+; O Boyes M+, PM+; E Bradley T+; S Brogden PY+; K Brook Q+, HS+, PY+, SC+; C Brown HS+, SC+; J Brown E/EL+, LR+, PY+; R Bruce E/EL+, A+, Q+, PY+, SOC+; L Buckle B+, A+, Q+; S Burns A+, ME+, PY+; C Burton HS+; L Burton HS+; H Butt B+, C+, Q+, M+; J Butterfield HS+; R Chapman EL+, H+, PY+, SOC+; M Chaudhrey C+, SOC+; A Chaudhry Q+, PY+, RS+, SOC+; S Cheema AS+, EL+, Q+, SOC+; S Cheema BUS*+, E+, Q+, IT+, PY+; M Clay HS+, SC+; A Clayton DRA*+, E/EL+, Q+, PY+; C Clements PY+; S Codman T+, M*+, PM+; T Cogan LW+, PY+; J Colclough DRA+, E/EL+, A+, Q+, M+; A Consterdine E/EL+, A+, Q+, H+, PY+; L Cooper A+; L Cope SC+; L Craven PY+, SOC+; M Dadu A+, Q+, M+, PM+, PY+; S De Mello PY+, SC+; A Dean E/EL+; Y Delair A+; W Denham PY+, SC+; L Denton E/EL+, PY+, SC+; T Dockerill E+, Q+, H+, RS+; L Duncan PY+; J Ehdieb RS+, SOC+; A Ellahi H+; Z Ellahi EL+; A Ellis Q+, M+, PM+; S Esmail B+, C+, PY+; C Fern LR+; R Firdous B*+, C*+, M*+; Z Firth Q+, T+, H+, PY+; B Fox E/EL+, Q+, H+, PY+, SOC+; C

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Friday, August 19, 2011

A Level and AS Level round up

‘A time to celebrate’ THOUSANDS of students celebrated their A-level results across Kirklees.

They were among a quarter of a million nationally getting their life changing results as pressure on university places increased due to the rise in student fees next year. Universities Minister David Willetts has told students who may find themselves turned away from university “there isn’t only one chance in life” as a record number of students fight for places through clearing. The numbers, released by the university admissions service Ucas, will add pressure to disappointed A-level students facing an intense scramble to secure a place. Ucas said there were 189,992 students eligible for clearing, compared to 185,223 at the same time last year. It added that at midnight the number of courses showing vacancies was 29,409 - a drop from 33,105 last year. Kirklees Council leader Mehboob Khan congratulated all the district’s young people who have received their A-level results. He said: “The continued success of our students, with exceptional pass rates, is recognition for their commitment and hard work, as well as the support of teachers and parents. Whatever they now choose to do – whether that is university, vocational training, apprenticeships or employment – those

Gardner HS+, PY+; R Garvey PY+, SC+; A Gee B+, T+, PM+; K Gee PY+; Z Ghaffoor PY+, SC+; S Gill B+; D Hanson PY+; J Hanson Q+; C Harrison SOC+; N Harvey E/EL+, PY+; M Hassan Q+; G Heia PY+; S Henry Q+, PY+; S Hewitt B+, T+, PM+; N Higgins DRA+, E/EL+; R Higgins E/EL+, PY+, SOC+; T Hill B+; D Hinchcliffe PY+; A Hinchliffe DRA+, EL+, E+, Q+, PY+; J Hirst T+; E Hobson B+, Q+, T+, M+, PY+; N Holbrook SC+; A Hussain B+, C+, Q+, PY*+, SOC*+; I Hussain HS+; M Hussain B+, AS+, Q+, PY+; N Hussain LW+, PY+; N Hussain SC+; R Hussain AS+, Q+; Z Hussain H+, PY+, RS+, SC+; J Hutchinson B+, T+; A Imran PY+, RS+, SC+; R Ives Q+, M+, PM+; A Jabeen HS+, PY+, SOC*+; A Jabeen A+, Q+; A Jacobs IT+, SC+; L Jahangir M+, RS+; N Johnson AS+; M Jones AS+, Q*+, PY+; H Kamal C+, E/EL+, Q+, PY*+; I Karolia Q+, PY+, RS+, SOC+; O Karolia PY+, SOC+; U Karolia BUS+, EL+, H+; S Kaye LW+, SC+. R Kemp EL+, PY+; S Khalid B+, C+, Q+, M+; A Khalil PY+; K Khan HS+, PY+, SOC+; S Khan AS+, LW+, SC+; T Law PY+, SC+; N Lee M+, PY*+; A Lenton AS*+, Q+; D Lenton C+; H Liley E/EL*+, PY+; R Linnit ME+; W Liversidge C+, M+, PM+; G Loker A+, Q+, ME+; K Lowery B+, PY+; F Lunat AS+, Q+, LW+; K Mahoney HS+; S Makwinja B+, C+, PY+; A Maniar B+, AS*+, C*+, Q+, M+; J Manning AS+, ME+; M Manuel DRA+, E+, PY+; R Masood HS+, SOC+; A Masud B*+, C+, Q+, PY+, RS+; E Mayet AS+; B McArthur E+, H+, PY+, RS+; D McArthur EL+, T+, PY+; C Meddings DRA+, E/EL+, Q+, SOC+; A Milek A+, H*+, M+; H Moffat EL+, Q+, PY+, SOC+; A Mulla AS+, LR+; N Munir PY+; S Munshi PY+, RS+; M Mutebuka E/EL+, A+, H+; R Nadat PY+; U Naeem A+; F Navsarka EL+, SOC+; C Nelson DRA+, E/EL+, PY+; D Neville PY+; L Nutton DRA+, E/EL+, PY+; J Ogasia Q+, PY+; L O'Reilly HS+, SC+; R Parkin B+, T+; A Patel B+, C+, Q+, PY+, SOC+; F Patel LW+, PY+; H Patel PY+; H Patel B*+, C*+, Q+, LW*+, M*+; H Patel B+, BUS+, C+; H Patel M*+; H Patel AS+, C+, PM+; I Patel PY+, SC+; M Patel EL+, Q+, PY+, RS+; M Patel B+, C+, M+; S Patel PY+, SOC+; S Patel E+, Q+, PY+, RS+, SOC+; W Patel LW+, SC+; Z Patel AS+, LW+, LR+; W Patelmama M+, SC+; D Pearson PY+, SC+; O Pease EL+, Q+, LW+, PY*+; H Phillips DRA+, E/EL+, PY+, SC+; A Pickles B+, Q+, IT+, PY+; M Plumpton DRA+; J Proctor SC+; W Rafiq AS+, Q+, PY*+, SC+, SOC+; G Raja LW+, M+; Z Rauf Q+, HS+; M Ravat B+, C+, M+, SC+; J Rawcliffe Q+, T+, PY+; A Razaq SC+; Z Razaq A+, Q+, IT+, PY+; A Reece PM+, PY+; R Rehan AS+, Q+, IT+, LW+; S Rekhad LW+, SC+; D Renton M+, PM+, PY+; C Reynolds HS+; B Robinson SOC+; J Ross B+, Q+, T+, PY+; J Rounding B+, C*+, PY+; B Ruston EL+, Q+, PY+; M Sajjid LW+, SC+; S Sapstead Q+, ME+; N Saville E+; J Sawczyn B*+, C*+, Q*+, H*+, M+; M Scargill IT+; S Sessions B+, T+, PY+; Z Shabbir LW+, PY+, SOC+; F Shafiq AS+, SC+; S Shafiq LW+, SOC+; A Shafique AS+; E Shaikh AS+, PY+; F Shaikh SC+; S Shaqat PY+, SC+; R Sharma AS+, EL+, RS+; R Sharma AS+, Q+, LW+, PY+; N Shaw SC+; D Sheard B+, Q+, T+; K Sheard DRA+, E/EL+, Q+, PY+; W Smeaton AS+, EL+, Q+, PY+; A Smith EL+, ME+; C Smith EL+, PY+, RS+, SOC+; J Smith M+, SC+; E Spedding B*+, C+, M+; A Tanwir B+, C+, Q+, IT+, PY+; C Thompson EL+, Q+, PY+; E Thompson B+, PY+; J Thompson BUS*+; R Throup BUS+, Q+, LW+, SOC+; E Tizora M*+, SC+; A Tolson E/EL+, PY+; J Tomlinson PY+; D Tsang AS+, A+, ME+; J Turner SC+; M Umarji B+, AS+, C+, PY+; K Uttley HS+, SC+; D Vinton EL+, Q+, H+, PY+; T Wade A+; O Waheed SC+; L Walker PM+; S Walker

involved have demonstrated their talent and skill already and deserve praise. “There will be cynics who question whether exams are easier now or worth as much as in the past, but those arguments are for another day. Today is for celebrating the best of Kirklees and I hope it is a first step to a bright future for all the students involved.” Students and staff at Shelley College are also celebrating some excellent A’ level and BTEC results The average points score per student has increased from 875 points in 2010 to 893 points this year. Headteacher, John McNally, said he was proud of the achievements of all the students: “Congratulations to the students and their teachers who worked so hard for these results. We have rightly highlighted the names of a few particularly successful students but the figures can sometimes hide the achievements of those who have exceeded all expectations through determination and effort”. Students at Mirfield Free Grammar School’s celebrated an overall pass rate of 98% with one in every three grades achieved at A* to B. Vice-principal Maggie Dunn said: “I would like to congratulate all of our students on their superb results, and our staff who have worked very hard to help them create their success.”

Q+, HS+; E Walsh HS+; D Watson AS+; L Whittaker B*+, C*+, Q+, M*+, PY*+; J Wilks Q+, T+, PY+; M Willans SC+; E Wind A+, M+; A Womersley SC+; D Wood M+, PY+; S Wright PY*+, SOC+; S Yacoobali C+, E/EL+, Q+, M+; A Yaseen AS+, Q+, T+, SC+; S Yasin HS+; S Yasin A+, PY+.

CROSSLEY HEATH A LEVEL T Addison, DT, B, Q; K Afzal, PY, A, EL; H Ali, B, PY, C, Q; S Ali, M, PY*, C, B, Q*; U Ali, RS, H, BUS, Q; J Andrews, BUS, PY, G, Q; K Arak, C*, B*, M*, Q; N Ashraf, PY*, EL, E, Q; S Aslam, B, M, C, Q; K Bashir, M, PY, B, Q; A Bazaraa, C*, M*, B*, Q*; N Begum, B, M; J Bell, P*, A**, EL*, Q; M Bojovic, B*, C, PY, Q; S Booth, DT, M*, C, Q; T Bottomley, C, B, M, Q; P Bowling, TX*, PY, B, Q; J Brambles, H, EL, PE, Q; L Brighton, T, PY, E, Q; J Broadbent, EL, B, C, Q; M Browes, M*, H**, T*, BUS*, Q; A Brown, H, PY, T, Q; T Brown, A**, P*, E, Q; E Bryan, M, P, Q; K Chapman, TX, PY, EL, Q; T Chatterjee, MF*, M** C*, P*, Q**; G Chilcott, M, DT, G, Q**; A Condon, M, C, B, G, Q*; M Cook, PY, T, E, Q; J Cotton, BUS, B, H, Q; R Court, B, M, C, Q; S Croft, MF, M*, PY, C, Q; G Denison, B, C, PY*, Q*; G Dickens, M*, T*, P, Q; L Dransfield, M*, B, PY*, Q; D Elkin, B, M, PY, Q; B Essang, P*, B**, C*, Q*; J Faulkner, B**, F*, C*, Q; D Fearn, MUS*, B, C, Q; B Francis, B, C, EL*, Q*; D Furminger, DT, M, Q; J Gibson, EL, PY*, G, Q; S Gibson, BUS, EL, G, Q; S Gott, C, B, M, Q; S Gowda, B, M, EL, Q; L Graham, H*, DT, Q; A Gray, M, DT, PY, Q; H Gunningham, P*, M*, A*, Q; N Handley, M, T, P, Q; M Harris, BUS, H, EL, Q; S Harris, BUS, PE, Q; R Harwood, M, T, P, Q; L Heighes-Neale, H, PY, E, Q*; C Hellowell, M*, PY, B, Q; A Herman, P*, M**, C*, BUS*, Q; J Hill, BUS, H, PE, Q; O Holden, MF, M*, P*, G, Q*; G Horrocks, H, PY, M, Q*; P Horton, H, PY*, EL, Q; E Hudson, C, M, B, Q; G Hudson-Hunter, H, M, F, Q; E Hyland, H, T, B, Q; I Ikram, B, PY*, C; E Jackson-Burgess, M, PY, EL, Q; N Jacob, H, B, C, Q; E Johnes, H**, B, E, Q*; L Johnstone, H, B, C, Q; B Kerfoot-Roberts, B*, E, G, Q; S Khaliq, PY, Q; A Khan, EL, E, Q, LW; S Kuganesan, M, B, BUS, Q; P Lakhotia, B*, M*, P, Q; J Laynton, MF, M*, DT*, P*, Q; A Leonard, M*, DT**, BUS, Q; J Lingard, B, DT, T, Q; E Lister, P*, M*, T, B*, Q*; H Maclaren, BUS, PY*, M, Q*; J Maguire, BUS, M, P; S Mahmood, IT, M, B, Q; S Mandour, C, B, PY, Q; E Martin, MF*, M**, P*, C*, Q*; H Martin, TX*, H*, EL*, Q; M McCall, EL, PY, BUS*, Q; R Metcalfe, RS*, T, B, Q*; G Milner, RS, PY, B, Q; I Mir, M, RS, PY*, Q; Z Mir, PY, B, EL, Q; J Morgan, DT*, A**, E, G, Q; P Mumraz, M*, PY*, B*, C, Q; M Murch, MF*, M*, C, P*, Q; S Murch, BUS**, S**, EL*, F**, Q*; M Murray, C, MUS, M, Q; A Nasir, B*, M*, C, Q; D Nolan, B, EL, C, Q; S Patel, DT**, B*, C, Q; J Pegg, A**, PY, EL, Q; J Power, M*, Q, P*, C*; H Pownall, MF, M*, DT, P, Q; G Praulins, P, B*, C, Q; N Ramzan, M*, B*, C*, Q*; IT*; J Reynolds, M*, T, BUS, Q; T Rhodes, MF, M*, P*, G, Q; H Riaz, C, M, B, Q*; M Richards, MF, M*, P*, Q; J Ridler, MUS, PY*, EL, Q; J Scriven, MF**, M**, F*, P**, Q*; N Shad, RS,

B, E, Q; H Shoesmith, PY*, B, PE, Q; L Smith, BUS, T, EL*, Q; M Squires, H*, T*, BUS**, Q; J Stelfox, H, B, PY*, Q; R Stokes, M, DT, P, Q; C Taylor, IT*, C, P, Q; J Thaxter, B*, H**, BUS**, Q; M Tolley, B, PY*, PE, Q; R Turner, BUS, T, EL, Q; G Twibill, P*, M**, EL, Q; C Vine, M*, C, PE*, Q; J Walker, S*, M, G, Q; H Warbrick, PY**, H**, G*, Q*; Z Ward, H, PE, Q; B Watkinson, M*, B, P; C Webber, M, B, P*, Q; E Weeden, M, A*, P, Q; J Whitwell, H**, F, EL**, G*, Q*; B Williams, M*, B*, PE**, Q; A Williamson, TX, PY*, EL, Q; P Wilson, M*, P, PE*, Q; P Wisniewski, MF, M*, P, Q; D Wood, H, E, PE, Q; M Worsnop, M, C, P*, Q; S Wrench, IT, PY, PE, Q; K Wright, H, A, E, Q; S Yasin, B, M, C, Q; L Young, M**, B*, C*, P*, Q*; S Younis, PY, EL, Q; A Yusuf, B, BUS, PY, Q; M Zabair, C, B, PY*, Q; S Zolfeghari, RS, EL, PY, Q.

CROSSLEY HEATH AS LEVEL D Agbim, C, B*, BUS, P, Q; H Ahmed, BUS; M Ahmed, A, BUS, Q; T Akhtar, RS*, C, H, B, Q; A Akram, DT*, M, PY*, B, Q; K Ali, RS*, C, M, B, Q; U Ali, DT, B, C, M*, Q; Z Alyas, EL, BUS, Q; N Amin, E, PY, Q; J Andlib, EL; S Arif, PY, EL, BUS, M, Q; A Aslam, PY, A, Q; H Azam, PY*, EL, BUS, B, Q; C Bainbridge, B, M, PE, IT, Q; M Baker, PY, M, BUS*, Q*, IT; A Banham, DT, A*, EL*, E, Q; J Barber, B, C, M, P, Q*; R Baron, PY, A, EL, F*, Q; S Bastola, M, BUS, B, Q; W Batist, B, M*, BUS, P, Q; D Belomarkovic, S*, PY, E, H, Q; F Bennett, C, P, M, E, CT; Q*; J Bonville-Ginn, EL, T, H, BUS, Q*; S Boullier, RS*, EL*, M, FS*, Q*; E Brandon, PY, EL, Q; L Brennand, EL, E, PY, Q; V Carlin, EL, TX, E, F, Q; A Carradus, B, C, M*, P, Q*; J Carroll, B, A, P, C, Q; W Chadwick, PY, P, H, Q; A Chatha, DT, A*, BUS; S Chishti, C, M, B, P, Q; H Coleman, B, M, C, PY*, Q*; L Corcos, PY, A, Q, DA; L Cordingley, S*, PY, BUS, F*, Q*; C Cornish, DT*, A, FS*, B, Q; P Crabtree, RS*, EL, H*, PY*, Q*; J Crampton, M, EL, DRA; A Crawford, DT, PY, P, H, Q*; B Crossley, PY, A*, EL, PE, Q; K Crossley, MF*, M*, P, BUS*, Q*; L Dalton, PY*, MUS, E*, H*, Q*; K Davies, S, C, B, M, Q; O Demnyk, PY*, P*, BUS*, M*, Q; L Dickens, PY*, B*, EL*, C, Q*; H Dixon, MF, M*, P, BUS*, Q*; H Dixon, MF*, M*, G*, P*, IT, Q*; J Dobbins, EL*, MUS*, E*, M*, Q*; L Doherty, RS*, PY, FS, BUS, Q; L Drummond, C, P, B, M, Q; D Durrance, C, B, PY, PE, Q; L Ettenfield-Naan, PY, BUS, H, Q; S Farooq, MF, BUS; E Fletcher, PY, BUS, PE, Q; A Foster, C, B, M, H, Q; J Francis, DT, P, IT; G Funk, MF*, M*, P*, C*, F*, Q; J Gallagher, DT, M, BUS, Q; J Garner, DT, G*, M, IT, Q*; J Garside, EL, T, BUS, Q; L George, DT, A, P, M, Q; J Gilchrist, MF, M*, C, P, Q; C Grabowski, S, G, T, E*, Q*; S Gul, E, EL, H, Q; O Haleem, PY, B, C, Q; H Haroon, E*, PY*, BUS*, H*, Q*; A Hartley, DT*, A*, G, H, Q; J Helliwell, B, P, C, M, Q*; T Hiley, MF*, M*, P*, C*, Q; H Holdsworth, C, B, BUS, MF*, PY, Q; J Hope-Collins, MF, M*, P*, PY*, Q; J Hudson, E , BUS, H*, F, Q; A Hussain, EL, BUS, Q; H Hussain, RS, C, PY*, B, Q; K Hussain, M, C, B, H, Q; K Hussain, PY*, EL, C, B*, Q; L Hygate, S, C, PY, B; C Hyland, M*, T, C, BUS*, Q; H Ibbitson, M, B, MUS, C, Q; H Ikram, C*, M*, B*, PY*, Q*; L Illingworth, P, M, H, BUS, Q; A Ilyas, C, M; N Jacob, C, B, M, H, Q; H Javed, RS, PY, BUS, E, Q; V Kandasamy, B*, P*, M*, C*, Q*; I Kay, C, B, T*, H*, Q; W Kelly, G, P, C, M, Q; S Kerfoot-Roberts, P*, T*, C*, M*, Q*; Q Khalil, M*, C, B, BUS, Q; F Khan, E*, PY*, C, B, Q; A Khushu, MF*, M*, P*, C*, B*, Q*; R Kilburn, RS*, TX, E, H, Q; A Lea, B, PY, P, Q; C Lockwood, E*, M*, H*, F*, CT* Q*; H Lomas, MF*, M*, P, B, Q; J Lorimer, PY, FS, Q; L Luty, E*, PY*, FS*, H*, Q*; S Mahmood, C, B, EL, PY, Q; E Marshall, M*, C*, B*, F*, Q; B Martin-Hirsch, S*, C, B*, IT, Q; E Mason, BUS, E, PY, Q; M Mason, C, M*, EL, H*, Q*; S Mattock, PY*, M*, MUS, Q, DANCE; J McGrath, E*, EL*, H*, F*, Q*; Z Mir, C, EL*, M*, PY*, Q; R Moorman, RS*, EL, TX*, E, Q; J Nawaz, C, P, M*, B*, Q*; A Nicholl, T, PE, BUS, Q; G O’Connell, B, PY, EL*, C, Q*; R Oliver, RS*, G*, C*, B, Q*; H Palmer, DT, M, FS*, P, Q; A Parkinson, S, C, M, P, Q; L Pearson, PY, A, M, P, Q; L Pennington, MF*, M*, P*, C, F*, Q; F Porter, S*, M*, PY*, F*, Q; D Pritchard, MF* M*, P*, C*, B*, Q*; A Qureshi, C, B, PY*, Q; M Rafiq, C, BUS, B, Q; T Rafiq, PY, M, C, B, Q; A Rashid, B, EL, C, H, Q; M Richardson, S, EL, PY, E, Q; V Rutten, MF*, M*, C*, P*, B*, Q*; J Saltonstall, M, BUS*, PE, Q; O Scovell, PY, BUS, IT, Q; S Seraj, E, B, H, Q; Q Shazad, C*, B*, P*, M*, Q*; C Skelsey, C, PY, FS, BUS, Q; P Smith, C, PY, BUS, B, Q; C Stainthorpe, M, G, P, C, Q; H Suleman, B, C, M; L Sutcliffe, E*, PY, MUS, Q, DA; K Tariq, RS, B, C, Q; M Tariq, DT, PY, EL; J Taylor, RS, TX, E, BUS, Q; M Thornton, E, EL*, T, PY, Q; J Vogel, RS, EL, PY, Q; M Waites, C, B, PY, H, Q; A Watkins, PY, M, BUS, IT, Q; E Watson, RS*, EL*, E*, F*, Q*; T West, PE; M Wheelwright, M*, P*, C*, B, Q*; O Whitwam, M, B, P, C, Q; A Wiacek, M, PY, TX*, BUS*, Q; D Wilkinson, M, C, PY, H, Q; T Wilson, E, MUS, H, Q*, DRA; F Yousaf, EL, PY, Q; A Zahar, RS, M, BUS, PY, Q; Q Zahid, E, PY, M, H, Q; Y Zareen, BUS, B, Q; X Zhang, MF*, M*, P*, T*, Q*;

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WAKEFIELD GIRLS A LEVEL H Ahir B, BUS*, C, Q; E Atkinson BUS, EL, Q, DT; K Bacon MUS, PE, Q, FT; H Barker BUS*, PE**, PY, Q; J Barker F*, H, Q, S; C Beck BUS*, EL, T, Q; C Bingley B**, C*, P*, Q*; E Boothman F*, PS**, H*, Q; J Brown B, C, DRA, Q*; L Chaplin B, EL, F*, Q; R Cooper T, PY, Q, AD**; E Corbett B, BUS, H, Q; V Coughlan B*, C*, P*, Q; C Croft F*, MUS, Q, S; E Cross C*, MA**, P**, Q; E Crowson EC*, H*, MA**, Q*; J Crowther B**, C*, T*, Q*; R Cust L*, MF*, MA*, S; A Dean CL, PS, H, Q; C Dobson B, C, MA, Q; R Dods EL, H, RS, Q; V Eades C, MF*, MA*, P, Q; C Ferris C**, MF**, MA**, P**, Q; V Field AD**, DT*, H, Q; L Georgiou AD**, DRA, E, Q; S Gibbons DRA, EL, Q, AD**; E Gill B**, C*, MA*, P*, Q; R Greenwood B, E, PY, Q; C Guest BUS**, EL*, PY*, Q**; J Guy EL, PE**, PY, Q; L Hargreaves B**, C*, P*, Q*; S Hartley B*, C, MA*, Q; A Higgins EL, E, RS*, Q; K Inman-Rollin AD*, CL**, EL*, Q; S Jenkinson B**, C, Q, AD**; R Jennings MUS*, PY, Q, AD*; H Jones B**, C**, F*, MA**, Q**; L Jones B, BUS*, PY, Q; R Jones C**, MF**, MA**, P**, Q; K Kapur B**, C*, EC*, MA*, Q**; K Kaur AD, MA; D Kaye CL, DRA, EL, Q; E King B*, EC, MUS, Q**; S Lavery E, F**, S*,Q**; J N Lawson C, MA, RS; J Lawson AD**, EL, S*, Q; L Lindsay B**, C*, H*, Q*; V Linter B, C, H, MA; L MacGregor B**, C*, MA*, Q; C Mawby B**, C*, F*, MA*, Q**; B Mears B, C, MA; A Midgley B*, MA*, P*, Q*; C Morris B, C, H, Q; A Parry E*, H**, L**, Q; A Patel EC, EL, H, Q; G Patterson C, F, MA, MUS, Q; S Proud EL*, F*, PE**, Q; E Rawnsley C, FT*, PE**, Q; H Reddish BUS,CL*, IT, Q; E Reilly E, H*, MA, Q; E Richmond CL**, E, H*, Q; M Sayner H, IT, PY, Q; J Schofield B**, C**, P**, Q; R Seymour C, CL, P, Q; B Sharp B**, C*, MUS, Q*; N Shaw C, TX*, MA, Q; S Singh EC, H, MA; A Smith AD**, BUS*, TX; N Stanley BUS, DRA, EL, Q; R Taylor AD**, CL, PY*, Q**; E Thompson EL, T*, PY*, Q; S Turton B*, C, EL*, Q; A Ward F**, L**, MF**, MA**, Q*; L Watts AD, DT, EL, Q; R Watts B, BUS, PY, Q; L West AD, BUS, TX, Q; R West C, DT*, P, Q; S Whittell EL, T**, H**, Q*; A Wilson CL**, EL*, E*, Q**; C Youngs B*, C, PE**, Q.


â– OUR GRADES ARE GREAT: Rastrick students are, from left, Matthew Richardson, Richard Schofield, Olivia Turner, Ellie Thomas and Beth Freeman Bolton: MA, PY; S J Bolton: H*, PS**, PY; M S D Brightbart: E/EL**, F*, TH**; SJ Brooksbank: BUS, IT, PE; A E Browne: C*, H*, L*, MA*; G Butterworth: BUS**, C, PS*; M E Chapman: B**, C*, E**, L**; A G Cleminson: ET*, MA*, P; JD Compton: C, DT*, MA; S J G Connor: BUS, H, PE; O E Cooper: E/EL, H, PS; N Darr: B, C, EC, PS; H L Deegan: BUS*, EC*, MA*; S C C Dereix: EL, PY, RS*; G R B Dixon: BUS, F, PS; A Docrat: C*, EC*, MA*; J H P Dow: MA, PE, P; K L Fitzpatrick: B, H*, PS**; T C Gardiner: ET**, MA**, P**; A H Giffen: B, C, EL*; E Hadfield: A*, E/EL*, H*; A A Haider: B*, C, EC*; A M Haigh: B**, C**, T*, MA*; E G Hainsworth: EC*, PE**, PS**; S V Halliday: BUS, T, PE; H J Harrison: DT*, MA, R*; C S Heaton: CL, H*, PS**; A Holmes: F*, G*, H*; D W Holmes: C*, T**, GL*; M H Hussain: B, BUS, H; M U A Hussain: C, EC, MA; A Imtiaz: B*, C*, MA**; A A Iqbal: H*, IT*, MA; S Iqbal: B*, C*, MA*, P*; S Ishaq: B, C, MA; Y Jiang: C**, MA**, MF**, P*; O G Jones: C*, EC**, MA*, P*; J Kaul: B*, C**, F*, MA*; J Kazi: B**, C*, MA*; M U Khan: EC, H, PS; T Z Khan: H, PS, RS*; H A S Khokhar: EC*, H*; C J Kilduff: F, PS, S*; A C L Kwan: C**, L*, MA**, P**; BCH Law: B**, C*, F*, MA*; G J H Mack: B, C*, MA*, P*; F Macor-Castillo: EC*, F*, T**, MA*; K E Mallas: T**, H**, MA*; ED Mancey: H*, MA**, MF**, P*; A S Mann: CL*, E, TH*; G A Manock: DT, EC, H; D P Marshall: EC*, G, MA*; S E McCaffrey: F*, S*, TH*; J H McWhinney: C*, DT*, MA**, MF*, P**; P C Medley: B, MA, PE*; N C J Merrick: B, C, H; R E Middleton: A*, B, C; W G Miller: B, T, IT; C A J Milne: DT, MA, P; A R Misra: BUS*, E/EL, MA*; Z E Newsham: H, PS*, PY; J W Ogden: ET, MA, PS*; G F M O'Hara: BUS, PE, PS; UT Okeahialam: B, C, MA; C T Osborn-Brayshaw: A, E, H; C D Oxley: BUS**, EC*, IT**; O J Packman: C, MA*, MTEC*, P*; D N Palihawadana: B, C, MA; S B Patel: B, C, PY; A W Payne: EC, EL, H; GP Pickles: EC, ET*, MA; J A Pimblett-Speck: C*, G, MA*, P*; I A Qureshi: F*, PS*, R**, S*; J I Ramsden: B, C, MA; J M S Ramsey: BUS*, H, RS; S Rashid: B**, C**, L*, MA**; O T B Rhodes: BUS, EL, H; GE Riley: C, MA*, MTEC, P; CL Rix: MA*, P*, TH*; S P Rothery: BUS*, PY, RS; J D Savry: A, B, T*; J R Schneider: EC, G**, H*, MA; A D Secker: B*, C*, R**; S M Shah: B*, C, EC*; S M Shah: B, C, MA*; CA Sharpe: A*, EL, MUS, PY; O A Shaw: MA, MUS, TH; E O Smallwood: BUS, H, PS*; T D Snowden: A, BUS, T; CCEM St BUS, PS**, PY; M F Sultan: B, C, MA; J R T Swale: EC, ET, MA; R B Taylor: A*, H*, MA*; C E T Tracey: A*, BUS, TH; S I Ul-Sehr-Tahir: E*, H*, L; P E Wagstaff: B, C, MA; S J P Walsh: EC, H, MA*, P*; J D P Watson: EC, H*, PS**; T M Webster: B*, C, H; A A Whitaker: BUS, T, PE; J J Wilkhu: A, BUS*, EL; M U Zafar: B, C, PS*;

BRADFORD GIRLS BRADFORD GS A LEVEL A LEVEL KA Alexander: B, EL, H; SF Ali: B, C, MA; ZM Ansar: A, BUS, IT; C P I Armstrong: CL*, E*, PY; B A Balmforth: C*, MA*, MF, P*; S P Bancroft: IT*, MA, PE; S J Barker: E**, H**, L*, PS**; S Barnett: BUS, EL, MA; H Begum: B, C, MA; M E Bennett: EC, H, PS*; FM Berryman: B, C, MA, P; M J Birkenhead: B*, C, H; C A

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A Level and AS Level round up R Aggarwal B**, C**, F*, Q; H Ahir B, Q; S Ahmad B*, C, MA*, Q; J Allott B, BUS*, PE, Q; L Alsop DU*, E*, F*, G*, Q*; R Barbour C*, MF**, MA**, P**, Q; D Barraclough B, C, MA*, Q; J Bhullar B*, C*, G*, Q; J Bittiner B, C*, PS, Q; T Braithwaite A, BUS, T, Q; A Bray A*, BUS, DT; G Bridgewood A**, PS**, H*, Q; J Brook EC*, MF, MA**, P*, Q; J Brookes A**, MA**, P**, Q; A Brown B*, C, MUS, Q; J Bywater A*, DT, MA, Q; R Cadman F*, MF**, MA**, P**, Q*; R Catton T, MA, P, Q; J Charlesworth G, MA*, P, Q; G Cheung A**, DT*, MA*, P*, Q; M Cook MA, MUS, P, Q; T Cotran A, DRA/TH, E, Q; L Darnton A**, MA*, P*, Q; J Denison E, PE, PY*, Q; R Durno A*, BUS, E; S Duttagupta B*, C*, H*, Q; R Farrimond B*, C*, T*, Q; J Foy IT, MA, P, Q; T Garner B, C, EC, Q; J Garrett EC*, MA*, P, Q; H Godson B*, C*, MA*, Q; P Goodwill B*, C, MA, Q; A Grundy B, DT*, IT*, Q; S Hall DRA/TH, DT; J Hanson-Shaw A, BUS, DT; J Harbisher A, BUS, T, Q; A Henderson DT, MA, P, Q; P Hobbs B, MA, P; L Hogan A, DT, Q; J House A**, DRA/TH, EL*, Q; S Hujwan IT, PE, PY, Q; S Hulley EC*, MF*, MA*, P*, Q; D Hurst E*, MF**, MA**, P**, Q; H Jackson A*, E, PS*, H*, Q*; J Jaques EL**, T**, H**, Q; P Jones EL*, F*, H*, Q*; M Kelly MF*, H, MA**, P**; R Knowles DT, MA*, P*, Q; B Korosi E**, F*, G*, Q; J Lawson BUS, IT, RS; A Laycock A, P, Q; J Loy FT, E, IT; A Maarouf B, T, PY; F Mahmood B*, C*, MA*, Q; J McClelland A, MA, P, Q; E McGuire EL, MA*, MUS**, Q; J McLean BUS*, F, H, Q; M Mokrysz C, MF, MA*, P*, Q; A Murray DRA/TH*, EL*, MA*, RS, Q; A Narendran B*, C*, MA*, Q; O Nicholls A**, MA, S*, Q; M Oldfield EC*, T*, MA, Q*; D Parker C, P, PE, Q; T Pickersgill B, T*, PE, Q; C Roebuck EL*, F**, H**, Q; A Sharp BUS, PE*, RS*; B Smith BUS, Q; J Stead BUS, IT, RS, Q; S Taher B, C, T*; A Taylor B*, C*, L, Q; G Taylor EL*, MA*, MUS*, Q; R Taylor B**, C, P*, Q; D Teasdale BUS**, EL*, H*, Q; W Thornton BUS, EC, PS, Q; O Ufodiama C*, MF*, MA**, P**, Q; H Vann A*, CL, DRA/TH; W Wan A**, CL*, H, Q; D Whiteley A, E*, PS*, Q*; M Woodhead EL**, PS**, H**, Q**;

Friday, August 19, 2011

S Abbas E*, F, Q, GOV; M Afshan B, C, E; L Bowdery EL*, Q*, S, PY; L Brown B, C, Q*, M; S Butt BUS*, Q, IT*, RS; H Coubrough MF*, B*, C*, M*; E Davies B**, C*, Q* M*; C Edlington T; L Elliot MF*, C*, P* M**; E Elmasry B, C, Q, S; C Everson B**, C*, M*, PE*; C Feather MF**, C*, P* M**; H Haq B, C, E*, Q; F Houghton E, Q, G, H; A Hussain B*, C*, S*; R Hutchinson E, Q, RS**, PY; J Ingham EL, E*, Q, PY; H Kaur EL, Q, RS, PY; R Khan Q, RS, GOV, PY; F Kipling B**, C*, M*; H Lee A**, EC, M; L Machin L, E*,


Q*, H*; M Mahfooz MF*, B*, C*, M**; A Patel B*, C*, M*; N Patel BUS, IT, PY; A Pervez Q, IT, PY; H Rafaquat B*, C*, S*; M Rehman B, C, M*; I Saleem B, C, M; H Smith B, C, Q, M; H Swale E, Q, T, PY*; R Wagner EC, F, Q*, H; J Wall E**, H**, RS**; J Wilkie A**, P, M*; J Wright E, Q*, G, H**; S Wright EL, Q, S, PY; Z Zaman C, Q, RS*

BATLEY GS A LEVEL M AAsim Bus,B,IT,Q; A Anderson CL,RS,E/EL,; H Bham M,B,C; M Chopdat,M,B,C; F Dobson,M,B,; E Firth CL*,A**E/EL,Q; J Forsbrook, CL,B,H;W Saghir Khan,M*,B,C,P;M lambat, RS,B,IT;H Maniyar IT,E/EL;S Mantle PE,E/El; Ying Mao, M,;A Mayat CL,RS,E/El;N Mortimer,BUS,B,PE;C Mullaney, M,;A Notay, M*,C,P;O Otway,PE,French,G;M Patel BUS,IT,Q;C Qian M**MF**P;N Saleem,T,B,P;E Schofield B,E/EL,MUS;A Seedat M,B,P;M Sabir B,C,IT**;K Stone,CL*,French*,H*;E valli,BUS,E/EL;H Wei,P;YI Fan Zhang (YI)M**MF*P*.

RASTRICK A LEVEL S Ahmed, AS, ICT ; D Ahmed, AS, Q, IT; A Ali, EL; S Ali, AS, IT; T Ali, IT, SOC; A Asquith, EC, T, IT; S Azhar, EC; C Bains, MA; R Barwick, Hi, TX; H Bashir, AS, IT, ME; J Bassi, B, C,T ; B Beal, Q, MA, PY; N Booth, IT, TX; A Bottomley, EL, H, IT; F Bottomley, IT, PHO; S Braithwaite, B Q, MA, P; L Bushby, EL, PE; J Carey, E, Q, H, IT; N Charlesworth, IT, PHO; A Cording, E; S Cornelly, AS; G Cowen, EC, E, ME; S Dealey, T, MA, P; D Dennison,; K Dhothar, SOC; R Dixon, IT, MA, PHO; D Ellis, ET, IT, P; T Eyles, EC, H, ITt; D Farley, BH, MA, P; H Farooq, AS, ; C Forbes, MA, P; E Fox, B, C, PY; B Freeman, C, EL*, MA, PE*; S Gale, IT, PHO; L George, DT, T; L Gill, IT; J Goveia, Q, SOC; K Gray, EL,; A Greenhough, E, H, IT; M Hameed, IT, MA ; J Hampton, PE; R Hare, T, Q, H, IT; J-L Hawtin, AD IT; J-L Hemmings, IT, SOC; C Hickey, H, T, IT, PY; T Hirst, R Hopper, EC, MA, P; J Horne, EL, ME; S Houlahan, ET MA, P; K Hussain; S Hussain, E, IT; A James, C, EN P; K Jones, BH, PY; M Kaur, BH, IT, MA; K Kaur, IT; N Kaur, EL, IT, ME; R Kaur, AS, ME, TX; J Khan, EC, IT, MA; N Kissoon, MA, P; D Knight, C, T, MA; E Kroliczek, H, MA, SOC*; J Lawson, EC H, PE*; C Lister, EN, IT; B Maffin, AD, MA; M Majid, B, C MA; M McPhee, EC, MA; O Menaghan,T, MA, P; K Middleton, B, C, Q, IT; C Muyanga,; H Najda, B, C, P; Z Pasha, C MA, P; S Pearson, IT, DT; H Plummer, EL, IT, PA; M Rahman; D Read, E, MTEC, P, PY; G Riar, EC, H, Q; M Richardson, T, IT, MA*, P*; A Rowe, IT, ME, S; I Saleem, B, C, F Saleem,; S Sarwar, ; R Schofield, AS, IT PE; A Simpson, MA, DT; N Simpson, C, BH, PY; T Smith, TX; J Stoker, BS, IT; J Storry, PHO; E Stoutt, EL, IT, PE; J Street, BS*, C, MA; J Suttle, BH; S Tariq, C, IT, BH; E Thomas, Bi, PE, PY; R Tomlinson, BS, Q, IT; H Townley, H, IT, MUS, PY; O Turner, BS*, IT, MA, DT; J Wade, ME, PHO; J Walker, IT, SOC; A Wdowczyk, EC, IT, T; A White, EC, T, IT; R Wells, C, MA P; J Wilby, EC; B Wisdom, EL, MUS; D Woods IT; M Younis, EC, PY, T.

H Adamson, APP IT, FT; H Aitken, EC, EL, Q, PY, TX; D Akhtar, APP IT, B, C Q; Asmah Ali, CT, EL, SOC; Aqib Ali, B, C; A Ali, EC, PY; H Ali, C, MA; Z Ali, TX; T Ambler, Bi, MA, PY; I Arif, B, C, MA;A Austin, AD, Q, PHO, T ; J Baggley, C, CT, H, MA, P; A Baig, Q, SOC; K Bali, APP IT, EC, MA; D Baranowski, APP IT, ; F Bateman, AD, EC ME; S Baxter, AD, Q, PHO; H Bentley, B, Q, PY; E Blackburn, APP IT, MA, DT, SOC, PY; R Blaeford, B, E PE, PY; J Booth, B, C, CT EC, T; J Boyle, APP IT, ME, PY; H Brophy; APP IT, EL, Q; H Cairns, H, MUS; F Chaudry, APP IT Q; C Clay, C, MA, PHO, TX; L Clayton, APP IT, CT, E, MA, PY; H Cowen, B, CH, MA, P; L Darnbrough, Q, PHO; J Dawson, APP IT, EC, Q, MA, ME; S Dawson, CT E; E Dockerty, SOC, TX; F Dolan, ARC, CT EL, G, Hi; E Edwards, Q, H, BH, PE, RS; C Ellis, SOC; H Faichney, FT, Q, MA; H Finnigan, D, EL, PHO; L Fisher, AD, PHO; A Garth, ET, MA, DT, P; A Griffiths, Q, BH, SOC; R Guy, EL, Q, H, SOC, TX; M Hallett, APP IT, CT, EC H; J Hampton, B, MA; T Hardwick, ME, MTEC, PY; K Hassen, APP IT; B Henderson, APP IT, F; K Hirst, B; J Hollingdrake, AD; E Hopper, B, CT, H, MA; H Hussain, AD, EC, Q, PY; S Kelly, Q, PY, SOC; E Large, APP IT; C Lee, E, EL, G, SOC; J Leonard, APP IT, Q, Hi; M Malik, Q; L Marshall, B, C, T, Q, PY; L Maughan, AD, APP IT, SOC; G McKean, ET, MA, P, PHO; N Mead, EL, Q, H; E Michaels, EC, Q, ME, PY; C Morgan-Myers, B, EN, T, Q, MUS; L Mortimer, EL, Q; J Musthaffa, C, Q, BH, MA, PY; A Nadeem, B; C, Q, PY; V Noble, EL, MA, MUS; S Pathak, B E, ME, PY; J Pedder, B, C, Q, H, MA; M Pickering Q; R Pickering, B, Q, PY; R Pickering, AD, GR, PHO; F Portman, AD, EL H, PHO; A Pritchard, APP IT, EC, EN, Q; S Rathor, B, C, Q, PY; H Reilly, EL, Q, DT, SOC; J Riar, APP IT, EC, Q, H, SOC; N Robinson, EL, DT; O Roughton, G, Q, H, MA, RS; P Rufus, C, CT, BH, MA, PY; C Rushton, B, EC, Q, PE, PY; M Saeed, BH; S Saleem, APP IT, B, EC; J Senior, DT; M Shakoor, Bi, C, EC Q, SOC; R Shukla, APP IT, EL, ME; H Singh, APP IT, EC, Q, DT; E Smallman, Q, SOC; H Smith, B, EL, PY; C Thornton, APP IT, B, Hi, PY; S Thornton, PHO; C Townley, C, Q, MA, PHO, TX; M Uddin, EL, SOC; D Walker, PHO; J Watts, C, ET, MA, P; J Whiteley, MTEC; A Wood, E, EL; C Worsley, GR, APP IT, EC, EN, Q; Z Zaffer, APP IT;S Ahmed, MA; D Ahmed, SOC; A Ali, PHO; S Ali, Q, SOC; S Azhar, E, Q, SOC; C Bains, C, P; R Barwick, Q, SOC; J Bassi, MA; B Beal, E; A Bottomley, CT; B Bowers, SOC; S Braithwaite, EN; C Brooke, ME; L Bushby, Q, PY; J Carey, EC; N Charlesworth, ME; A Cording, H, S; S Dealey, C, ET; K Dhothar, PY; R Dixon, Q, P; D Ellis, EN; T Eyles, Q, ME; D Farley, C, CT; H Farooq, C, Q, PHO; C Forbes, Q; E Fox, CT; L George, GR; L Gill, B, PE; K Gray, Q; A Greenhough, Q, S; J-L Hawtin, Q, PHO; C Hickey, Q; R Hopper, C. CT; S Houlahan, AD, Q; S Hussain, Q; M Iqbal, PY; A James, Q; R Kaur, APP IT; J Khan, Q, PY; N Kissoon, PY; D Knight, CT, MF, Q, P; E Kroliczek, CT; J Lawson, B, Q; B Maffin, DT; R Malik, T, B, C: K Middleton, ME; C Muyanga, Q; H Najda, CT; S Pearson, GR, Q; H Plummer, H; D Read, Q; M Richardson, CT; A Rowe, EC, Q; S Sarwar, PE; R Schofield, Q; N Simpson, Q; T Smith, PHO; J Storry, MTEC; E Stoutt, Q; J Street, B, Q; S Tariq, CT; E Thomas, Q; R Tomlinson, DT; H Townley, CT; O Turner, CT; J Wade, Q; A Wdowczyk, CT, H; R Wells, MF;

HIPPERHOLME A LEVEL R Aujla E, H, RS; S Bashir M, DT, P; R Davies BUS, H, RS; J Firth BUS, PE, GG; V Hendry B; J Hoyle E, H, PE; J Johnson E, BUS; N Mashinter E, H, RS; K Narey E, A; T Nicholson E, A, DT; K Pawson E, RS; M Saville M, PE*, DT, P; C Smith PE, B; O Wilson E, H, RS; B Wood H, PE, RS,

HIPPERHOLME AS LEVEL N Aslam BUS, B, C; R Aujla S; J Aurangzeb E, RS, PY; D Baxter E; R Booth E, H*, F, G; C Deol B, C, PY; L Dyson PE, DT; A Gavin M*; N Fitz-Costa E, PE, PY; H Knibbs E, BUS, H, IT; K Narey M, DRA; M Orme M, PE, P, IT; R Sabin E, H*, F*, G*; I Shibil E, PE, A; C Smith BUS; V Tariq M, B, C; K Town E, BUS, PE; C Walker E, PE, DRA; T Williams BUS, PE ; D Wood E, DT, MUS, A Wrigley E, BUS, IT*, PY; M Zafar IT; T Zaheer M, A.

A Level and AS Level round up 2011  

2011 A Level and AS Level round up from Greenhead College, New College, Kirklees College, Shelley College, Mirfield Free, Crossley Heath, QU...

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