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A Simple Blog Network Case Study Today I concept I'd enter a quick case research to extravaganza all just how effortless it is to cadge top search locomotive rankings. I'm constantly discussion in this area SEO and how my websites are Doing properly - yet some men and women solely don't think me. Anyway, I'm doing a quick case cram to show you how merely 6 articles submitted by means of 5differentblog networks will influence my rankings. I sort out borrow paid blog networks such as Unique Article Wizard, My Article Network and as a result on, save for for this experiment I thought I'd recently deployment the free networks. This should happen a good model of why you must be incorporating them into your by and large search engine Marketing strategy. Since contemporary Google updates and the clack down next to spammy link construction practices, are suffering to putrid well modish the quest engines. So I thought I'd do this to movie you simply how powerful weblog networks are, flush post-panda. The Networks I'll Be Using: Backlinks Kingdom Article Ranks Authority Link Network Free Blog Links Ninja Link Juice All of them accept spun articles which they distribute to their arrangement of blogs. Backlinks Kingdom is elusively differnet to the others because it submits to each blogs and article directories (mainly the former). All the networks are completely free, but in order to expend them (besides BK) you must enlarge your own high PR domain. That's how these free networks work, in cleanness to aid them you must contribute to the network near count a domain. For each and every domain you add, you merit credits which you can utilize for submitting articles. You can think of the credits as currency you use to shell out for submissions. Here is a breakdown of the credits system: *NEW SUBMISSION RULES* (1 POINT = 1 SUBMISSION PER DAY): - Add a PR 1 sites: Your submission regulate will be augmented using 0.5 points. - Add a PR 2 sites: Your submission limit will be greater by 1 points. - Add a PR three sites: Your submission limit will be elevated by 1.5 points. - Add a PR four sites: Your submission restriction will be greater by 3 points. - Add a PR >5 sites: Your submission minimize will be elevated by 6 points. The higher the page rank of the domain, the far more credits you will earn. For this experiment, I'm just adding 1 PR4 lands ( which will allocate me to acquiesce almost 3+ articles/day to each and every network. You can purchase 1 reedy sheet rank land's starting the Digital Point discussion board and add it to all the networks. I'm going to promote 2 different sites of mine, targeting lone key phrase each: (keyword: audi tt for sale) (keyword: vw beetle for sale) Yes, I'm "giving" away 2 niches here. But to be honest, these are 2 micro hidey-hole sites I have and standardized when they practice rank for their keywords, they are not going to compose a fortune. So am I scared of competition? I bet not... Before Screenshots: Right now the Audi site is readily sitting at #10 after simply eight oneway links and a small on-page SEO. Somehow it has PR2, who knows why? It's a few months geriatric and only attack #10 a few weeks ago. It hasn't moved because thereby this must be a rational valise study. Here's the other keyword and the top 20 ranking websites: As you can see, I'm not even ranked in the top 20 for "vw beetle for sale". The key-word shouldn't be too tough to rank for, however there are two different exact equalize domain names tree really high aloft with many backlinks. I'll soon find out what the outcomes are. After Screen Shots: As you can see It is now rating #7 for its keyword "audi tt for sale". The locate jumped positive 3 places from its previous #10 ranking five days ago. Here is the other keyword: Unlike keyword 1, I did not get it on page 1 for this keyword, yet. Before the experiment I wasn't even ranking in the surf 5 pages, so a bound to #11 is fairly impressive. Overall, the blog network case sanctum has been a success. I'm sure with the intention of within the subsequent 2 weeks I'll be ranking in the most sensible 5 positions for both keywords. The blog network/s all drip nosh your submissions to build associations ended a digit of weeks. It's only been 5 days and the results genuinely speak for themselves. While I may possibly not be ranking on page one for keyword 2, I've seen a appreciable accrue in traffic. All of the backlinks are Creating an bearing on the sites general rankings. I'm too pulling in a small Adsense cremation from each sites. Checkout my vwbeetle site's Adsense earnings from the ago 7 days: That's a screen bullet's of the hindmost 7 days Adsense earnings of and they are not bad right? Sure, 6 kilos which is apropos $10 in US dollars. Before making these blog network hyperlinks the website online was incomes nothing. Now it is a absolutely passive 300+/year web site or


$500+/year web page for those of you in the US. Not villainous at all right? All it took changed into the best part of $30 and four hours. Best of all every little thing can be totally outsourced. In Conclusion... Blog networks Buck some ass and are a fool-proof course ofsuccessfullyranking in the seek engines. It's as fundamental as writing/borrowing an article, spiraling it and submitting it through the 5 blog networks. Here's the list again: Backlinks Kingdom Article Ranks Authority Link Network Free Blog Links Ninja Link Juice blog network



1/2 blog network 2/2

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