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20. 30 SECONDS TO MARS Plans for the new year 35.COREY TAYLOR The slipknot/sour tower front man revels all in new book 10. BLACK VEIL BRIDES Massive world tour 19.BAPTIZED IN BLOOD 25. PARAMORE lead singer Hayley reveals all

EXCLUSIVES! 40.vaNESSA VICKS The struggles to be NO.1 27. ENTER SHIKARI Their best year yet! 30.BATTLE OF THE BANDS! Your favourite bands go head to head

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38. Tracy Cox.

14. CRADLE OF FILTH! The world according to Dani Filth 42. 30 SECONDS TO MARS Interview with the rockstars! 23.BRING ME THE HORIZON





22.TRASH TALK! How smart are lee and sam?

35. the ultimate test!


The boys are back! exlcusoive info on their comeback

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12.ARCH ENEMY The swedish mettalers are back! 23.Week planner 37. 30 SECONDS TO MARS Exciting world tour details revealed. 43. ALL EXCLUSIVE GIG GUIDE Upcoming tours near you !

29. vannessa vicks Single paged exclusive poster! 38. Tracy Cox Your chance to find out about her. 35. Free gift A Romones t-shirt. 23. the king blues The London punks triumph 16. My passion Lawrence reveals his secret passions.

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January 2014



the amazing opportunity to meet So, your new single is called new people and make close friendespite her hectic schedule, we’ve managed to squeeze Blinding fire, can just briefly explain ships along the way. I wouldn’t in an all exclusive interview with the meaning behind the song? trade it all for the world! (Laughs) our favourite rock star, the sensational Vanessa Vicks. Follow- Humera: yeah sure, umm. So it’s Who do you consider to be your idols? ing her latest album release basically about facing personal One step at a time and hit song fears and conquering them in order Humera: Well, I’m a huge and I Blinding fire, Humera talks about for a person to move on in life and mean huge fan of major old school the struggles to be Number one. overcoming obstacles that are pre- rock bands like Rollin stones, Beaventing them from achieving your tles, Queen and Ramones, Black With the release of your brand own personal goals. (Laughs) Yeah Sabbath and Kiss (laughs). Those new album and with Blinding it sounds pretty sad and down put- bands have totally inspired me to fire hitting NO.1 on the mu- ting as it’s quite a touchy issue but I pursue this career and have defisic chart, how do you feel about wanted to add a fun and edgy vibe nitely made me fall in love with the outstanding response? to the song which is why it’s fierce the genre of rock. Oh my! I sound and compelling. (Smiles) In a way like a love crazed fan (laughs) Humera: Oh my god, it’s absolutely I wanted to inspire the listeners. incredible (laughs).I’m absolutely If I so say do myself you have an amazed at the amazing response We’re aware that music is your pas- amazing fashion sense, acenbut at the same time I’m also ex- sion and that you’ve wanted to do it tric at times but stunning! Who tremely overwhelmed at the out- all your life, but aside from that, how are your fashion icons?ww standing support I’ve been receiv- has the overall experience been? Humera: Um ,I don’t really have ing from my fans. Again, I’d like any fashion icons, don’t get me to thank them all for being loyal Humera: (laughs) oh gossh!! The wrong other rock artists out there and extremely supportive, they’re overall experience has been mem- dress amazingly, But, A lot of been all amazing and I love them from orising. Honestly, I’ve never so happy in my life. Yeah, it’s been what I wear is mainly old school, the bottom of my heart. Music is quite difficult adjusting to this new inspired by Punk fashion in 70’s passion and it’s what I love to do, and 80’s. So yeah, I tend to dress life. Umm and yeah I the fact that my fans are enjoydon’t get the quite casually but I make sure ing the music that’s being brought chance to visit back home as often I’m up to date with the latest out to them makes everything to be around my family and friends. fashion trends in rock. What can really worthwhile (smiles). But, aside from all that, I’ve had I say I’m complete fashion freak!

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January 2014 rampage 31.

that could potentially take place one another as often. But obWhat artist/bands do you during the course of the year? viously when I have a day off like or currently listening to? and they all have days off we Vanessa: I’m afraid I cannot make sure to seize every opporVanessa: love, love. Love par- tell at the moment but I will be tunity to meet up and catch up amour they are just amazing, able to guarantee that you’ll on things. But yeah, we’re aldefinitely anticipating their come definitely be seeing more of me ways texting each other and back. And I’m really loving 30 for sure. Ermm, in terms of fu- stuff, so we’re all still very close. seconds to mars at the moment ture collaborations, who knows their brilliant. There is also my chemical roWell that you have mance and all time an exciting year low who are huge ahead of you , favourites of mine. what are you looking forward to most Alright so, this is a about thiese tours? question we have been killing to ask you Vannessa: i’m deifand were sure your nately excited about fans have also been meeting my fans and itching to find out. maiking sure they Are you dating anyhave a really good one at the moment? time. They are the ones who have reVanessa: (laughs) I’m ally made this possure you have (laughs sible for me and i’d again) actually I’m really like to tha nks not at the moment but I do hope but like said I won’t be able to them for everything they do. I to if someone does come along. make any promises so I guess love them all so much and i hope Um, things have been very hec- you’ll just have to wait and see. they do continue to suppoort me. tic for me last year and I’m sure things will get even busier this Now, we all know that you we’ve been itching to ask you year also. But yeah, there no one have debuted with you band this question .Who is your cespecial at the bottom but this Crimson. But now that you’ve lebrity crush at the moment? year could bring, for now I’d like disbanded how does it feel to keep my options open (smiles). now that you’re a solo singer? Vannessa: oh my gosh! I havce loads ,they’re all actors. But B Again along the line of Romance, Vanessa: I really like it, it’s a Cooper definately,. Ryan Gosling we’ve noticed that you and fellow now an opportunity for me has definately been number one all time low band member Alex shine and share my talent with in my list , there is also Jhonny Gaskarth have been getting quite the rest of the world. But at the Depp and more but i’m afraid close recently. What going on? same time, it get really lonely theres too many to name . Those sometimes. I love them, they’re are my absolute fav though. Vaneessa: Oh God! (Laughs) all like brothers to me and it he’s a really great friend of hurts not to have them there. Where woulsd you like to see mine and we hang out a lot. yourself in ten years time? you guys still see um no, he’s just an awesome, Do cool guy and I can assure you each other and keep? Vannessa: oh thats a difficult one. there is nothing going on at all! Ernn in ten years time i’d like It’s a new year and a chance for Vanessa: now that we’re not to- to see myself writing songs for you to provide great music, like gether as a band and we each other artists or bands and mayalways. Are there perhaps any have our own solo activities we be owning my own record label future collaboration and tours don’t really get a chance to see and producing new rock aritists.

“I’m a major fan of oldschool rock bands”

32. rampage January


The music industry is my lfife and I’d tinations at the moment that to go there but i’ve never had the love to still maintain a carreer in it even you hasve already been to or chnace , but that is my number if i’m not an active artist anymore. would like to got to in the future? one on my list of places i really want to go. I promose to take a break This is a qustion suugestted by Vannessa: eermm., Dubai is real- and travel the worrld when have one of your fans. Name ten things ly good I love it there i’d totally the time. It’s definately one thing you’d like to beforre you die. iI have to do before I die.

“you will defnately be seeing alot more of me for sure”

Vanessa: ermm , well i’m afraid of heights so I’d go bungy jumping and skydiving to conquer my fear. I guess you could say that I’m an adrenlinine junkie so i’d think I would really enjoy it. I’d also love to go snorkiling , go kartiing , swim with sharks and loads of reccommend it for any couples or other thinsg but I read them from famlies out there who are looking the top of my head right now. to go on holiday somewhere. I’d absolutluy love to go to the Malwhat are your top 5 holiday des- dives one day. I’ve alwayes wnated

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Well is been great having you, thank you for taking the time to be here. It has been an absolute honour.

Thanks, it been a pleasure being here, I’ve had so much fun (smiles). I’m so glad that my fans can find out more about me.This was a really a good experince and i’d like to thanks Rampge and you for having me here today.

January 2014 rampage 33.

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