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A change is brewing in the graffiti world, spearheaded by a collective of artists who are breaking all the rules.

Don’t bother asking Agents Of Change for the location of their revolutionary Ghostvillage Project, because they couldn’t tell you even if they wanted to. “You mustn’t go there,” says the amiable Timid, his face clouding with concern. “We can’t advertise it or tell anyone where it is because it’s such a dangerous place. There are maybe 15 different ways to die – broken glass everywhere, 15-foot potholes, dead sheep and asbestos and metal poles that will poke your eye out.”

A quick Google search reveals much of what the Agents themselves won’t or can’t reveal about the deserted Scottish town of Polphail. Once a fishing village and minor holiday destination, the area changed beyond all recognition in the 1970s with the construction of a series of concrete housing blocks to accommodate 500 workers from the planned oil rig at nearby Portavadie. The rig never materialised, the workers never arrived, and the brutal, half completed structures of Polphail were left to the whims of wild animals, the eroding powers of weeds and offshore


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