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Preying on your users 
 to make money is officially no longer ok A steady increase in data breaches, PSD2 (in January), GDPR (in May), and a 14-day April news cycle where a CEO was hauled in front of US Congress. These events have shown us that free digital products, and a playing field where companies have all the power have

The Internet is clearly broken. 
 We need to do something to change it

made us prey not hunters, products not customers, and subjects not authors. © 2017 Hub of All Things. Confidential




BROKEN Hub-of-All-Things

It leaks (security breaches!), it's invasive (ugly advertising), it's inefficient (companies hate sharing), it's manipulative (fake news!), and despite all that it doesn't even know what movies I like best.



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Only Companies have Internet Superpowers Companies created the explosive growth in awesome services that made the Internet what it is today. But if they own and control literally everything, we'll keep having these problems. Hub-of-All-Things



We need to rebalance the

sca es

- Shift some of the Internet’s power back to the people Our power today comes from tech. Tech's power comes from data. Changing the Internet will be easy - we just need to change who owns and controls the data. Hub-of-All-Things Š 2018 Hub of All Things. Confidential

A technology for owning your own data

HAT microservers give you a database you can own, with services you control. This new technology let's us own and use data just like companies do, in real-time and on-demand. The HAT is open-sourced to be built on by the community Hub-of-All-Things

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Like money, data is made to be used The HAT Data Exchange Platform The HAT Data Exchange is a technology for moving data around. Like a roads system, or plumbing, it keeps the HAT data ecosystem moving.

HATDeX technology let's anyone with a HAT give bits of their data to the apps and websites that they care about.

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HATDeX build HATs for people to own their daata, and Companies give HATs to their users

Companies give the HATs to their users so that their users can use it to give data. Like the way banks can give you bank accounts, so that you can pay. By asking for data directly, companies can learn new things, and avoid getting it creepily from elsewhere. Asking you directly. Now isn't that a change. Hub-of-All-Things

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The HAT replaces the “user account on an app”

HATs are better and can replace normal “user accounts” for future Internet apps User accounts are what you create when you use an app. Now app makers don’t need to have them. You can sign in to future apps with your HAT and keep that app’s data in your HAT for you to re-use and re-share with other apps! For app makers, they get GDPR-compliant out of the box, and being decentralised to the person, they are more cost effective than centralised mass storage and security. Hub-of-All-Things

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HATs make the Internet better Let’s say you booked one holiday through trivago, one through, and some flights through skyscanner. Currently, each holds your data, but that data is limited to each transaction, so they only serve you advertising and services based on their limited knowledge of you. If those services used HAT infrastructure, YOU would own your data, and through secure technology, those companies would be able to use all the data you choose to share with them to give you better offers and a better service. And it would stop them exchanging the data amongst themselves as well! Š 2018 Hub of All Things. Confidential


which means more apps on HAT! More apps on HAT means…

…more HAT data!

It’s a virtuous cycle!


CHANGE THE INTERNET Apps create data, which go into their users’ HATs. The data in those HATs attract new apps. Those apps create more data, which goes back into the HATs, which brings more Apps, and on, and on. © 2018 Hub of All Things. Confidential

HATs can create new data HAT owners can install new tools/algorithms in the ‘Smart HAT Engine’ (SHE), a part of the HAT microserver that can privately analyse data and create new data such as “30% of location last week was in green spaces” or “travelled 230 miles last week”. These new data stay in the HAT but can also be shared with apps if the HAT owner wishes. These tools can create ‘insights’ about your data (“love wine”) which you can use as “signal” data and decide which app to give it to.

The HAT creates better data about you, for you. Well, SHE does ;) CHANGE THE INTERNET © 2018 Hub of All Things. Confidential


which means even more apps on HAT! Better data in HATs mean…

More companies want the data to give you better services

HAT owners can become collectively more powerful than other Internet companies THAT’S HOW WE © 2018 Hub of All Things. Confidential


HAT is also your digital memory With all the apps data on your HAT, you can also use it to search your digital memories. Check where you’ve been, what tweets you posted, Songs you’ve listened to. And you can also donate data for health and societal good. And they make your digital life real. With a HAT, you can see your digital life, clear as day.

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Apps can also buy premium HATs to give their users (basic HATs are free). These premium HATs use SHE (Smart HAT Engine) to create new data and ‘signals’ like “love wine” so that their app users can share their signals back

HAT owner’s data is private, and they can choose to give it to whichever app they wish

And when they DO, companies will have to pay for the use of the exchange i.e. data exchange transaction cost, like the cost of transferring money from a bank account. This is HATDeX DEX revenues

HATDeX makes money from DEX when HAT data moves. © 2017 Hub of All Things. Confidential

Imagine your HAT signalling to Trip Advisor you are going to Boston for you to get the best deals in the city..... without you sharing your private calendar!

HATDeX makes money from premium HATs and SHE data exchange …. that means app makers don’t have to be a tech giant like Amazon or Google to have amazing data science or algorithmic capability! Just ask their own users!


There are more than 1000 HAT owners currently and >12 business partners

Our customers working on HAT technology include App of the Year Award Winners, Bolt Media, myCI, Tata Motors UK, World Around Me, Shape Influence, Mark and Maven, Feral Horses, Good-Loop, B.heard, Bear Health Technologies, Bounce, and Placement Loop.

We have traction for basic HATs, and in revenues for helping our partners create their apps on HATs. We are pre-revenues for DEX and SHE data (although we have 3 partners integrating over the next few months)

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4 £6

More than


 a further


Raised in 2018


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The HAT was born as a research project in 2013, and research continues on the HAT technology, governance, rights and ecosystem with U.K. universities including Cambridge, Surrey, UWE, Nottingham, Warwick, Edinburgh, UCL, and Kent. The research funding went into the design of the personal data market, technology, governance from 2013-2015 and from 2015-present, the continuing use of HATs in research across different sectors. HATDeX has only raised £420,000 of private (preSeed) funding before this round, from prominent Angel investors like Humayun Sheikh, founding investor in Deep Mind and Amadeus Capital Partners.

Supported by partner universities, 3 HAT entities implement the research and the collective vision

For-profit, technology provider of the HAT ecosystem Holds IP of DEX, SHE and other tech assets, maintains open sourced HAT baseline technology

Incubate, accelerate new apps on the HAT. Partnership of Foundation and HATDeX

Owns one guardian share, takes 30% dividend

Non profit, governs the HAT ecosystem on behalf of community of apps, HAT owners; champion personal data rights, supports continuing research, voice of the HAT community to government and policy Hub-of-All-Things

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HAT in the news

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Founders Irene Ng Founder, Chairman. Professor at University of Warwick, 15 years and entrepreneur, 15 years an academic in Economic models, market design and service ecosystems

Jon Crowcroft Founder, Advisor. Professor at Cambridge Computer Labs, University of Cambridge, Fellow of the Royal Society, One of the ‘fathers’ of the modern Internet Jon_Crowcroft

The Internet isn’t just a technology. It’s the world’s biggest data exchange whether it’s using apps, interacting on social media, buying stuff or browsing. It’s re-design require a change in its economic model, which can then change how power is redistributed. HATs changes the power distribution but only when you also redesign coordination, which is the function of the data exchange infrastructure.

The internet used to afford super-linear innovation: Metcalfe's Law put the value as n-squared the number of users. The emergence of centralised services for search, social media, cloud in general has collapsed this back down to old-school telephone network days where each value for each of those central businesses only scales linearly (double the users, double the value, as opposed to double the users, four times the value) HAT re-decentralises the network of services, regaining the old promise.

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Founders & Advisors Andrius Aucinas Founder, CEO PhD, Cambridge Computer labs Built the HAT and DEX infrastructure. Previously founder of Cambridge Coding Academy

Traditionally servers have been something that companies use for managing their data - essentially a set of big computers running enterprise applications and managed by teams specialists. A whole set of technological innovations over the last 10 years have enabled us to build decentralised microservers where the person is equal to an organisation

The future generation of apps on HATs would be more powerful and more useful to individuals, because they can access better data and more insights in a privacy preserving way. The talent to build those apps will come from a global pool. HATs will change the Internet because HAT owners and HAT apps will come from everywhere Alan Greenberg Branding & Major Business Advisor

Led the Apple team that built education podcasting and iTunes U, Head of Higher Education EMEA, Director of Solutions & Strategy Asia, on the team at Eight Great Technologies, a specialist technology venture capital fund for the growth of Sino-British tech companies; Fellow of the RSA in London Š 2018 Hub of All Things. Confidential

Xiao Ma
 Founder, Commercial Director, PhD, Warwick University, board member of CZ Investment committee (China)

Tolga Uzuner Strategy & Funding Advisor, HAT/DEX Accelerator lead

former Partner at Apollo Global Management, and prior to that Managing Director in the Chief Investment Office at JPMorganChase & Director in the Fixed Income Group at Credit Suisse. BSc in Computer Science and Engineering, BSc in Economics from MIT, a MSc in Finance from London Business School, and a PhD from University of Cambridge, Fellow of Kings College.

The Full Team Engineering




Andrius Aucinas* Founder CEO & Engineer

Irene Ng* Founder Chairman, economist, marketing

Xiao Ma*
 Founder BD Lead & Commercial Director

Patrick Andrews Legal Advisor

Augustinas Markevicius* Full-Stack developer

Theresa Rabing*
 Marketing and Product Manager

Paul Tasker Founder, Advisor, Management

Jon Crowcroft Founder, Technology, R&D /

Marios Tsekis* Mobile developer, iOS

Michael Lakeland UI Designer

Roni Ling* CFO, Head of Legal

Tolga Uzuner Strategy & Funding Advisor, HAT/DEX Acc Lead

Leyteris Lemmy* Mobile developer, Android

Ed Kemp UX Designer

Jonathan Holtby* Business Development

Alan Greenberg Branding & Major Business Advisor

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* Full time from September 2018


Invest in the future – £850,000 equity crowd round

Hub-of-All-Things © 2018 Hub of All Things. Confidential


Targeting 50,000 HATs with 10 scaling partners by summer 2019

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Today we’re scaling our partnership programme for new and established organisations, growing it from 1100 HATs (today) to 10,000 HATs by the fall. After the raise, we’ll deploy AI and machine learning for data transformation into our HATs (SHE capability), increasing their overall value and targeting to be in steady revenues with 50,000 microservers by 2019, ready for series A and global scaling with at least 10 scale partners in summer 2019 Hub-of-All-Things © 2018 Hub of All Things. Confidential

Raising £850,000 for

Increase traction funding the partnership programme and integrations

Harden systems and achieve compliance for clients handling sensitive data

Improving revenues & yields with SHE data analytics and personalisation

Build payment distribution & automated billings

Raised to date: • Community Round, July 2016 - £120k at £2M valuation • Pre-Seed Round, March 2017 - £300k at £5M valuation invested by Amadeus Capital Partners and Humayun Sheikh, original deep mind investor © 2017 Hub of All Things. Confidential

HAT Data Exchange About HATs The HAT Community

To allow as many of our crowd as possible to own a part of HatDex, we’ve decided to raise through equity crowdfunding on Crowdcube. Crowdcube was the world’s first and remains Europe’s leading equity crowdfunding platform, and makes it easy for anyone to invest in exciting growing businesses from as little as £10.

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HATDeX Crowdfund Deck 2018  
HATDeX Crowdfund Deck 2018