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Atmosphere • On my visit to school I felt welcomed by other students. • Students at St Hubert’s were outgoing and friendly. • Everyone I met told me how much they loved the school.

Academics • •

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I feel I can have a great academic experience at St Hubert’s that will prepare me for College The small class size will not allow me to hide or get lost in a class. Teachers will be able to give me the attention to succeed in school. It is my goal to be in honors and second track classes to challenge me academically. If I am comfortable with my school it will help me to grow and succeed in my classes. If I struggle in my classes I can use the tutors from the National Honor Society or my teachers to help me. This will help me to stay in honors and second track classes. My goal is to take AP courses so that I can see what college classes are like. This may help me to decide what college I want to attend and what I will study. I really like art and I will take the art class. My Dad asked about the Art program at the Open House and he was told it was one of the best in the Archdiocese.

Activities • By Going to St Hubert’s I will be comfortable in trying activities that I enjoy and try new activities like: – Soccer – Basketball – Swimming – Student government – Student Ambassadors – Art program – Some others that I may find out about once I get in school.

Cost •

My parents have always told me not to worry about the cost of my education they will do whatever it takes for me to get a good education. I watch my Mom clip coupons all the time to try and save money and she is always telling me not to spend to much on things when you can get the same things without spending to much money on them. St Hubert’s will cost a lot less than Nazareth Academy and I feel if I apply myself and work hard and take advantage of what St Hubert’s has to offer that I can get a good education and be prepared for college .



Conclusion • When I went to shadow at St Hubert’s I felt like I was at home. Everyone really made me feel like this is where I want to go to High School. • I will be spending a lot of time at school with my classes and activities. I think it is important that I like and enjoy being at school. • I really feel in my heart with the class size, activities, and all the things available at St Hubert’s that it will help me to grow and challenge me to work my best .

I just know this is the best place for me!!!

Why I Chose St. Huberts!  

Meghan Matthews Class of 2016 Bambie shows why she chose St. Hubert!

Why I Chose St. Huberts!  

Meghan Matthews Class of 2016 Bambie shows why she chose St. Hubert!