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By 2019, St. Hubert Catholic High School for Girls will increase financial aid in order to assist in the recruitment and retention of students as measured by: a. An increase in the number of EITC companies by five per year. b. An increase OSTC companies 3 per year c. An increase in the number of “major gift� donations of $500 or more by five per year. d. An increase in the percentage of Alumnae Donors. e. An increase in the amount of money contributed to the Faculty Scholarship Fund of $500 per year. f. An increase in the amount of money received through a Grant Writing Program by $1000.00 per year. Measurement Baseline 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 (20112012) EITC 4 (Educational Improvement Tax Credit) Companies OSTC 0 Companies # of Major Gift 47 Donors Alumnae Donors Faculty Scholarship Fund Grant Writing Program

2019 44

21 87 24%

16% $3,801




Financial Objectives  
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