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Organizational Capacity Objective # 1 Financial Aid Objective #1: By the year 2019, the number of business giving tuition assistance through the EITC program will increase to 30 businesses. Strategy #1.1 Establish an EITC/OSTC Committee Action Plan 1.1.1 Invite members of the Advisory Board and some donors to form the committee.

Person(s)/Group(s) Responsible President, DIA and Advisory Board members

Timeline Committee to be in place by OCT 2012

Resources Needed Suggestions for Advisory, Alumnae, and Parents’ Boards

Indicators of Success Committee formed


Strategy #1.1a Committee members will make initial contact with local businesses to test interest in participation and make recommendations to President of probable participants in OSTC. Action Plan Person(s)/Group(s) Timeline Resources Needed Indicators of Status Responsible Success 1.1a.1 Committee will DIA and Committee Ongoing Suggestions for Increased number assign members to contact members businesses from all of businesses to be certain businesses constituents. approached. 1.1a.2 After initial contact, Committee members Ongoing Local businesses Number of committee members will businesses to be determine probability of visited participation and recommend a visit by the president 1.1a.3 President will visit President Ongoing Recommendations Commitment on recommended businesses from Committee the part of local to formally solicit EITC businesses participation.

Objective # 2: Increase Major Donors of $500 or more 5 per year (goal 87 by 2019) Strategy 2.1 Identify Major donors and potential major donors Action Plan Person(s)/Group(s) Timeline Resources Needed Responsible 2.1.1 Grow Advisory President November 2012 Advisory board from 15 to 35 Advisory Board nominations members. Board members Chair and Executive will be responsible for committee bringing in at least 1 major donor. 2..1.2 President , DIA Ongoing Updated database Identify past donors of $250 or more and reconnect to school asking for greater contribution 2.1.3 President, DIA, Ongoing none Cultivate local business Advisory Board relationships w/ aim of adding 1 business donor per quarter of $500 or more.

Indicators of Success Confirmed board appointments

# of donors increasing to $500 or more

# of Business donors


Objective # 3: Increase % of Alumnae donors 1% per year (24% by 2012) Strategy 3.1 Target contact to first time donors Action Plan Person(s)/Group(s) Timeline for Resources Needed Responsible Completion 3.1.1 DIA and Alumnae June 2013 Database updates Contact alumnae in office current database with emphasis on first time donors

Indicators of Success % of increase Alumnae donation

Strategy 3.2 100 % of prior class and current graduating class Action Plan Person(s)/Group(s) Timeline Resources Needed Indicators of Responsible Success 3.2.1 DIA, Alumnae and February 2013 Contacts for class of % of participation Create goal of 100% Bambie 2012 participation of Ambassadors Assembly for class class of 2012 in of 2013 spring 2013 annual giving. 100% participation class of 2013



Objective # 4: Increase Faculty Scholarship Fund Strategy 4 Increase number of Faculty Scholarship Fundraisers Action Plan Person(s)/Group(s) Timeline Resources Needed Responsible 4.1.1 Faculty Fundraising Fall 2012 – Spring Possible Committee 2013 institutional $ start up support

Indicators of Success # of events held


Objective # 5: An increase in the amount of money received through a Grant Writing Program by $1000.00 per year. Strategy 5.1 Grant Writing Program Action Plan Person(s)/Group(s) Timeline Resources Needed Indicators of Status Responsible Success 5.1.1 DIA Ongoing Internet and % and or $ increase Investigate more Foundation guides in grants grant opportunities for Music and Arts programs

Strategy 5.2 Local Foundation Action Plan Person(s)/Group(s) Timeline Responsible 5.2.1 Research local President, DIA Ongoing foundations for Develop log for partnerships with contacts current programs

Strategy 5.3 Science and Technology Grants Action Plan Person(s)/Group(s) Timeline Responsible 5.3.1Apply for President, DIA, Ongoing Science and Moderators Technology grants to work with groups like robotics

Resources Needed Foundation guides and internet research

Resources Needed Identification of grant agencies

Indicators of Success Contacts made


Indicators of Success Grants applied for


Final Financial Objective Action Plan