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Top CD Rates across the Country This has been a bit since we have done, we here in better days CDprice thought we should take a look at the whole national image and to see which rates CDrates National CDin the top right now. Here is our overview of the highest rates National CDnationally. During the period of one year, SallieMae is on top in the annual percentage yield of 1.55%(APY), with no minimum deposit required to open or maintain account. Discover Bank is closely monitoring the TRA 1.50%with a minimum deposit of $ 2,500 and the Allied Bank is in its heels on TRA 1.49%with no minimum deposit required. AuroraBank and Woodlands Commercial Bank 1.49%TRA also offers a $ 1,000and $ 2,500 minimum deposit required (respectively). All are well above the national average of 0.69%TRA. Looking after three years, the rates of CDup, you see the New Dominion DIRECT2.50%APY with $ 3,000 minimum deposit requirement. SallieMae then comes next is no deposit 2.40%APY at least after Ally Bank 2.29%APY No minimum deposit. Moreover, 5 years, some national CDrates could Astoria Federal Savings 3.05%APY with $ 500 minimum deposit requirement. Many banks are 3.0%and USAAalso APY Stone Bridge Bank, $ 1,000and $ 500 minimum deposit requirement. Discover Bank and SalleMae as 3.0%have APY $ 0 and $ 2,500 minimum deposit is required (by analogy). Ally Bank has a 2.94%APY with no minimum deposit requirement to bring up the third place. All banks are insured by the FDICon the list. If none of these high rates of resource CD,locking in todays national CDthat can change quickly and without notice. Author publishes articles frequently regarding investment and financial topics. To help you comprehend more about PNCCDRates, Citibank CDRates, Best CDRates, highest cd rates, ChaseCD Rates, from Author pay a visit to -

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Find the Best CD Rates Today. Always buy CDs with the best bank CDrate by always knowing which banks are offering the best CD rates being

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