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_ INTRODUCTION I love reading! Unique series of ten readers for our little ones. Unique for its captivating stories, adorable illustrations, enjoyable audios and its exclusive supplementary Brainy Reading Booklets. Written by Jane Cadwallader and illustrated by Gustavo Mazali People become good readers through reading. The aim of this series is for an initial successful experience so that children discover they can read in English and that they enjoy it. This positive experience should stimulate them to read more, increasing motivation, enjoyment and a desire to read. One of the key factors to the success (or not) is motivation. Capturing student interest is the key. Reading must be a pleasurable part of the class and not something to be endured. The great thing about reading a book together is that you suddenly have a whole set of characters and a story that everyone is familiar with to use as a basis for a number of activities. We hope the contact with the I love reading! series will enable children to take pleasure in reading for its own sake.

Description: • Language levels: Below A1 to A2 • Level one of the series are wordless picture books • Original stories and simplified classics • Colour picture dictionary to explain new vocabulary • Comprehension exercises • MP3 audio available I love reading! Brainy Reading Booklets Written by Laura Lewin and Lucrecia Prat Gay Series of supplementary activities to engage and help students develop social-emotional activities while enjoying the pleasure of reading. All activities have been developed taking into account how our students learn and what they need in order to develop their critical thinking competences. In order to create an effective learning environment activities are based on four pillars: brain compatible practices, multiple intelligences, emotional literacy and critical thinking. You will find further information in the free online teaching notes that you can request at contacto@hubeditorial.com.ar We hope you and your students will love reading the I love reading! series.


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HUB Book - Catalogue 2019