HUB Book - Catalogue 2019

Page 20

Philip Voysey | Illustrated by Cheryl Orsini

The Rainbow Girl Maribella is different from other children – she has a humpback. The people in her village say she brings bad luck, and they don’t let their children near her. But Maribella’s mother Luz tells them, ‘My daughter has a big heart. One day she will do something special.’ And one day she does, in a way the villagers will never forget. Set in the mountains of Peru, this is a magical story of sadness and hope, kindness and courage.

TAGS Standing up to evil; social inclusion and exclusion. STAGE 03 A2 | Original story 56 pages | 12,9 x 19,8cm ISBN 978-987-4945-18-1

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Sue Murray | Illustrated by Elizabeth Botté

Blown Away ‘Going to Samoa changed my life,’ says Corey Cassidy. He and his friend Grant are driving around the beautiful Pacific island, looking for good places to surf, when the weather changes. The sea gets rougher and the wind gets stronger and stronger. A tropical cyclone is coming. Corey tells the story of the terrible storm, and the people who help him get through it. Click to download answer key Click to download MP3 audio


TAGS Survival; enduring danger; helping others. STAGE 04 B1 | Original story 64 pages | 12,9 x 19,8cm ISBN 978-987-4945-21-1