HUB Book - Catalogue 2019

Page 18

Denise Kirby | Illustrated by Sally Heinrich

Between the Flags What Scott Gordon wants most of all is to be a lifesaver. He lives near the beach and belongs to the surf club. Soon he’s going to try for the Bronze Medallion – the first step to becoming a real lifesaver. But his grandmother doesn’t like the idea. When she tells Scott the story of a day that changed her life, he begins to understand how dangerous the sea can be.

TAGS Working hard to achieve a goal; bravery in rescuing someone; danger and loss of life in the surf. STAGE 02 A1 | Original story 52 pages | 12,9 x 19,8cm ISBN 978-987-4945-08-2

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Pauline O’Carolan | Illustrated by Ian Forss

The Black Night Archie loves to draw. He often goes to the Art Gallery to make copies of the beautiful paintings there. One evening he finds himself locked in the gallery after it has closed. It should be easy to get someone to let him out. But Archie is not the only person in the gallery that night. There are other visitors – and they are up to no good. When he realises there’s a robbery happening, Archie knows it’s his job to stop it. Click to download answer key Click to download MP3 audio


TAGS Appreciation of art; ingenuity and quick thinking; bravery in stopping a crime. STAGE 02 A1 | Original story 48 pages | 12,9 x 19,8cm ISBN 978-987-4945-12-9