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Denise Kirby | Illustrated by Paul Fisher Johnson

The Bookshop It’s work experience week for Lucy Gardner and her classmates, but Lucy isn’t happy – she has to work in an old bookshop that nobody ever goes into. And worse, the owner of the shop is a very grumpy lady. But when Lucy finds an old diary in the shop one day, things start to get interesting. Many years ago, the person who wrote the diary hid something very valuable. But what was it, and where is it hidden? It’s a mystery – a mystery Lucy is determined to solve.

TAGS Using deduction to solve a mystery; appreciation of history; creativity; backing your own ideas. STAGE 02 A1 | Original story 52 pages | 12,9 x 19,8cm ISBN 978-987-4945-13-6

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Sue Murray | Illustrated by Sally Heinrich

Blue Moon Beach Sam Martin loves watching the beautiful sea eagles flying over Blue Moon Beach. But when two suspicious-looking men arrive, Sam begins to get worried. What do these men want? Soon Sam and his new friend Tim realise that the sea eagles are in danger, and they decide that they have to stop the men and save the birds. Click to download answer key Click to download MP3 audio


TAGS Bravery; taking action to protect threatened animals; environmental awareness. STAGE 01 A1 | Original story 40 pages | 12,9 x 19,8cm ISBN 978-987-4945-09-9

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HUB Book - Catalogue 2019