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Surveys of the highest standard

Welcome to Anthony Brookes Surveys Ltd Anthony Brookes Surveys Ltd was founded in 1995 with the aim of providing Land, Measured Building

• Topographical Surveys • Measured Building Surveys

and Engineering surveys of the highest standard. We believe that the clients needs are paramount and our policy of tailoring each specification to meet these needs has been rewarded with a well-respected reputation throughout the United Kingdom. This belief, coupled with our commitment to excellence, has enabled rapid growth in both our capacity and client base - largely through word of mouth.

We have strict checking procedures for issuing a quality product and are proud to have maintained Quality Assurance standard ISO 9001 since 1997. Using the latest technology both in the field and office, we are able to provide highly reliable and accurate drawings, in a wide range of formats, all at a most competitive rate.

• Railway Surveys

Measured Building Surveys Measured building surveys consisting of plans, elevations and sections or any combination thereof. We have a dedicated measured building surveys department, the surveyors as well as using the standard reflectorless instruments, distos, etc also have an invaluable tool in the depth of their experience. These members of staff are trained in both traditional and modern survey techniques and have an understanding of how buildings are constructed and how they evolve. This enables them to visualise how they should be represented when drawn. These – we feel - fundamental skills have helped us to gain a very good reputation for measuring and drafting very complicated and awkward buildings such as those that are Grade I, II and II* listed. Floor and roof plans can be provided for any kind of building from a simple single storey structure through to large and complex premises. Elevations can be anything from simple block massing wire frames to full architectural detail. They can be a standalone item, for instance as a streetscape showing how a particular building fits in with it’s surroundings, or as part of a comprehensive full building survey. Sections can be drawn through any part of a building and are usually generated using floor plan and elevation detail to

Bristol Head Office

ensure continuity through the entire survey, though they can

Unit 2, Thornbury Office Park,

be provided as a stand-alone item

Midland Way, Thornbury BS35 2BS

Laser Scanning is a relatively new technology which works by taking thousands of measurements very rapidly to build up a “cloud” of 3D points from whatever is in the instruments field of view. The points are rather like the pixels in a digital photo

Contact: Phil Roberts T: 01454 419133 F: 01454 501711

South West Office Rues Cottage, Westleigh

except that each pixel has a 3D co-ordinate so it is possible to

Tiverton, Devon, EX16 7HS

view the points from any location and direction and measure

Contact: Justin Marshall

precise distances between them.

T/F: 01823 674446

Unit 2, Thornbury Office Park, Midland Way, Thornbury BS35 2BS T: 01454 419133

F: 01454 501711

Railway Surveys Anthony Brookes Surveys Ltd has been Link-up registered (19073) since 2002 and are audited enabling us to provide PTS staff across the network. Our staff are all PTS AC/DC trained and are equipped with all the necessary PPE for the working environment. We are known for the high level of detail and accuracy of our surveys and for producing clear and concise drawings to best communicate the information to the end user. Our staff are experienced in surveying the specific features of the rail environment. We have built up a significant client base through word of mouth and have close working relationships enabling us to advise our clients on the most suitable working methods and bringing new technology to their attention to either improve safety or productivity. Typically our surveys cover embankments / cuttings and bridge and platform structures along with associated track and infrastructure for remediation, maintenance and renewals. These may be for small isolated sites up to entire route surveys. We are able to position our surveys to Ordnance Survey Grid and Datum or tied into Snakegrid derived route coordinates. Remote Observations and Night Possessions Anthony Brookes Surveys Ltd equipment has been specifically chosen to maximise the opportunities to avoid the need for direct access and possessions where conditions allow. This helps to keep our clients costs low – avoiding the need for possessions and improves safety by keeping the staff at a safe distance from the running lines while avoiding the need for night working where possible.

Topographical Surveys Anthony Brookes Surveys Ltd carries out Topographical (Land) Surveys to a wide range of specifications to cover the varying requirements of our clients. Our Surveys are used by a wide range of users from individual home improvers to major transport and utility organisations, emergency services groups, architects, planners, solicitors, engineers and construction companies. Sites range from open fields to roads and railways, residential areas and shopping centres, industrial and utility sites as well as hydrographical surveys of lakes rivers and coastal areas. Survey Specifications and Outputs Anthony Brookes Surveys Ltd can supply a typical specification. This will highlight Grid and Level Datum requirements, indicate features to be surveyed and in what detail, whether underground utility services and drainage are required and will state the output of the survey (2D or 3D CAD and paper copy requirements). This can then be tailored to the requirements of the project. Buried service surveys: We are able to undertake a range of surveys. At the basic level drainage manholes can be lifted and type, inverts, pipe sizes and directions recorded. We can supplement this with electro-detection surveys to locate other buried services or a full CCTV survey to enable assessment of the run’s condition. Ground Penetrating Radar surveys can be arranged to aid in the location of non-metallic service pipes which are not detected by electro-detection techniques. Monitoring surveys: Anthony Brookes Surveys Ltd use high specification Total Stations and Digital Levels for undertaking monitoring of buildings, earthworks and other structures in 3-Dimensions.

Bristol Head Office Unit 2, Thornbury Office Park, Midland Way, Thornbury BS35 2BS Contact: Anthony Brookes T: 01454 419133 F: 01454 501711

South West Office Rues Cottage, Westleigh Tiverton, Devon, EX16 7HS T/F: 01823 674446

Bristol Head Office: Unit 2, Thornbury Office Park, Midland Way, Thornbury BS35 2BS T: 01454 419133 F: 01454 501711

South West Office: Rues Cottage, Westleigh, Tiverton, Devon, EX16 7HS T/F: 01823 674446

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