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OVERDENTURES SUPPORTED BY IMPLANTS In cases in which a patient cannot tolerate wearing traditional dentures, or bone loss prohibits traditional denture wear, a removable overdenture supported by implant anchors may offer the best solution. This prosthetic treatment begins with the implantation of several titanium anchors in the upper or lower dental arch or both. After five to six implants are anchored into the bone of the upper arch, and/or four or five are inserted into the lower arch, each group of implants is connected by a stabilizing bar. At the appropriate time, a customfabricated overdenture is placed over the bar by means of a silicone gasket, which comfortably holds the denture in place as an interface with the implants. Are you a candidate for a tooth implant? At PLATTE VALLEY DENTAL CLINIC, our commitment is to provide you the highest standard of personalized dental care. You will find our dental services exceptional. Good dentistry is more than excellent clinical skills and state-ofthe-art equipment. Establishing lasting relationships with our patients based on mutual trust and open communication is an equally important factor. We’re located at 3915 N. 4th Ave., where we work together, so you can have the smile you’ve always wanted. We’re currently accepting new patients. Please call 308.234.2828 to schedule your appointment. P.S. Implants may serve as stable abutments to bridges and partial dentures.