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Cruise Safely this Weekend Kearney’s Cruise Nite brings back wonderful memories of days gone by. Like taking your ’57 Chevy to the drive-in or singing along to the radio in your ’67 Camaro. Times have changed, but unfortunately some things stay the same: Automobiles, if mis-used, can be dangerous. One third of America’s automobile fatalities, and most autorelated injuries, are due to impaired driving. None of these deaths should have occurred. Share this message: Impaired driving is drunk driving. Always have a designated driver and please call 911 or *55 on your cell phone to reach the Nebraska State Patrol if you see an erratic driver. And just like many Cruise Nites before it, you can expect hot weather this year. The heat shouldn’t keep you from enjoying yourself, but taking a few precautions will protect you from

overexposure to heat and the sun. Stay hydrated and use sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher. If you begin to notice the effects of heat exhaustion or sunburn, take a break to grab a drink of water and apply more sunscreen. To provide extra help in the event of an emergency, Good Samaritan will have medical professionals on-hand in the MONA parking lot during the majority of the daytime activities in downtown Kearney on Saturday. And as always, our EMS teams will be standing by 24 hours a day to respond to 911 calls. We encourage all Cruise Nite enthusiasts to think about safety when they’re enjoying the weekend’s festivities. While emergencies can’t be planned for, some can be avoided with the right preparations. We wish you a great weekend. Please cruise safely.

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