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AtoZ by Cory Christians

Negotiating successful terms on your dream home doesn’t have to be difficult or scary. You’ve spent a lot of energy and time into finding the right home and a skillful negotiation will keep you from losing the right one. Here are some tips on turning that negotiation to a successful conclusion. 1) Don’t become too emotional. Buying a new home is an exciting time and filled with many emotions but try to keep a cool head. Remember that getting what you want will take some compromise. 2) Get totally pre-approved (not just prequalified). By providing a letter of preapproval from your lender, the seller will know that you are a serious buyer. 3) Offer the seller more earnest money to show you are serious. Your deposit is only lost upon you breaking the accepted agreement without good cause. Cover all the contingencies and negotiate from a position of strength. 4) Be flexible about moving dates. The more flexible you can be should almost always assure you of some price concession. 5) Rely on market information when determining if the seller’s asking price is in “the market.” Compare recent comparable home sales of what other buyers have experienced in their negotiations. As a buyer’s agent, I feel it’s my job to advise you on many of the possibilities, but the ultimate decision on what to offer is yours. I’d love to put my negotiating experience to work for you, please give me a call at 308-233-4553.


Real Estate by Cory Christians

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