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Real Estate

AtoZ by Cory Christians

The time between accepted real estate offer and the closing date is that busy time called escrow. In our market, it is fairly common for this process to be handled by an escrow agent. The binding accepted purchase agreement is the direction the escrow agent uses to see that all terms and conditions between the parties are met as agreed to. This is the time when inspections are completed and satisfied, buyer’s loan is processed, title insurance and closing documents prepared and final balancing of all monies takes place. The escrow officer is authorized to allocate and disperse the monies involved in the transaction for seller’s and buyer’s costs, payoff of mortgages and proration of real estate taxes. Upon closing, the escrow agent causes the required documents to be recorded and disperses the funds per the instructions. The fee for an escrow agent services are typically split equally between the buyer and the seller. At Century 21 Midlands, our closing officer is Nancy Schanbacher. She becomes the escrow closing agent for the sale of all our listings. And to put it simply, “She is the Best.” Her attention to timeliness and detail is unmatched in our real estate market. She’s another great reason to list your home with us. If you’ve considered selling a property, I’d love to visit with you and share all the latest tools we use to sell your property. Please give me a call at 308-233-4553 or email at