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Where children are in caring hands. WHAT CAN I DO IF MY BABY HAS AN UNUSUALLY SHAPED HEAD? Many babies are born with head shapes that are less than perfect. Some babies develop these head shapes because their neck muscles are weak, tight, or have restricted movement. Still others develop flattening because they are spending too much time on their backs during the day and night. Family Orthotics and Prosthetics specializes in providing cranial remolding headbands for infants with plagiocephaly.We use the STARscanner - the only FDA approved scanning device suitable for use on infants. The scan takes less than two seconds, is painless, and provides a report that can be used by your primary care physician to determine if a cranial remolding headband is needed.

EVALUATION SCANS ARE ALWAYS FREE AND REQUIRE NO REFERRAL. Call today for an appointment. If you want additional information on the STARscanner, visit the web at

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