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Real Estate

AtoZ by Susan Bice, CRS, GRI

When buying a property while selling a property your real estate agent is more important than ever. A qualified and competent agent should be able to give you an accurate estimation of the price your current property could sell for, which is crucial if the sale of the property is contingent on the purchase of another, and should also be able to help you make an informed offer on the property you wish to purchase. When listing your home be realistic with potential offers and ask for a closing date that fits your schedule. Perhaps, if the property you are purchasing is contingent on the sale of your current property, you can ask your buyers for an early closing date. If you have yet to find a property to purchase, you may ask for a later closing date so you won’t have to rent in the interim. No matter what your circumstances are, organization, preplanning, in-depth knowledge of your finances, coupled with a skilled and experienced real estate professional, are vital aspects to the process. I would like to work for you! Call or text me at 308-440-5306 or email me at


to Real Estate by Susan Bice, CRS, GRI