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Nebraska Legislature – District 37

★ Pro-Life Candidate ★ A Fiscal Conservative with 16 years experience as Buffalo County Assessor, who will work to reduce property ★

★ ★ ★

taxes and State spending. Has Farm Roots. A supporter of our Buffalo County agricultural way of life without interference from the Humane Society of the U.S. Supports continued work by farm children over 16 in safe farm work. In favor of valuations of Buffalo County farms based on Buffalo County sales, not those in other counties. Would work to maintain a fair school aid distribution to all Buffalo County schools Would work to Increase rural economic development, especially for Kearney and the surrounding areas. Will be available to meet with Buffalo County residents and to listen to problems and suggestions.

Professional Associations: (Current or Former Member) • Nebraska State Education Assoc., • Society of Manufacturing Engineers (including Mid-State NE Chapter President)

• Nebraska Trucking Assoc. • International Assoc. of Assessing Officers (member 16 years, NE State Representative 15 years) Paid for by Josiah H. Woodward Campaign Fund 208 East 27th Street, Kearney