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S how tim esva lid M a r 3 0-Ap r 5 Ad u lt:$10 + ta x •Sen io r:$9 + ta x •Child :$8 + ta x

S ea Rex 3 D Fri:12p,2p,4p,6p S a t:12p,2p,4p S u n :12p Tu e-Thu r:12p

Africa n Ad ven tu re 3 D Fri-S a t:1p,5p Tu e-Thu r:2p

Flyin g M on sters3 D Fri:3p S a t:11a ,3p Tu e-Thu r:4p

Torn a d o Alley 3 D (O PEN IN G ) S u n :1p,2p,3p Tu e-Thu r:11a ,1p,3p AllSea ts$4.50 + ta x

Alvin a n d the C hip m u n ks: C hip w recked Fri:7p S u n :5p (G)


Sea Rex 3D Showtimesvalid Mar 30-Apr 5 Fri: 12p,2p,4p,6p Sat: 12p,2p,4p Sun: 12p Tue-Thur: 12p Sun: 1p,2p,3p Tue-Thur: 11a,1p,3p Fri-Sat: 1p...

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