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Baby Boomers Now Fear Memory Loss More Than Cancer Mayo Clinic guidelines detailed in top-selling brain health book may help prevent mental decline; makes available 10,000 copies to ‘help fight memory loss’ SPOKANE, WASHINGTON – When do normal, everyday memory problems become a cause for concern? Millions of Americans aged 55 and older ask this same question, everyday. According to a recent MetLife/Harris survey, older Americans are now more concerned about losing their cognitive abilities than they are about cancer, heart disease or stroke. Recent research now shows that those early signs of memory loss may be more alarming than we ever imagined. Widespread anxiety and uncertainty about mental decline has prompted brain research scientist and author Joshua Reynolds to provide a special offer making a limited number of his top-selling book, 20/20 Brainpower: 20 Days to a Quicker, Calmer, Sharper Mind available, free of charge. Reynolds’ medically acclaimed book offers three simple steps to combat cognitive decline, including practical tips to build and protect your cognitive powers using proven brain exercises, foods and key, vital nutrients. You’ll also learn useful techniques to quickly relax and unwind – a perfect anti-stress formula. Leading psychologists, neuro-doctors and scientists call this “better brain book” a state-of-the-art, ‘owner’s manual’ for your brain. Use It or Lose It “If you don’t nourish, nurture and nudge your brain cells regularly,” Reynolds warns, “you may lose your mental sharpness, memory and ability to concentrate and think clearly.” It’s a theory echoed by former Harvard Medical School Neurosurgeon, and author of Reversing Memory Loss, Vernon Mark, MD, who says, “It’s true for the body. Use it or lose it may be even more important for saving your brain.”

Millions of adults are suffering with progressive mental decline, a mindrobbing form of memory loss that can rip apart families and lives. Research has identified effective preventive measures that can be used by anyone. drugs that can hurt your brain, and the Reynolds looked for a safe, natural, ones that can help. drug-free way to refuel and re-energize neurotransmitter and oxygen-depleted Peer Reviewed brains, identifying three naturally Reynolds’ book has received favorable occurring molecules that have a powerful reviews from professors and researchers effect: acetyl-l-carnitine, huperzine, and at Harvard University, UCLA, the Mayo vinpocetine. Clinic, and even NASA’s legendary Ames Using precise amounts of these Research Center. “miracle” memory molecules, he created UCLA School of Medicine Professor Procera AVH, a breakthrough brain Hyla Cass, MD, claims Reynolds’ book protective “cognitive enhancer.” can help you “...regain and maintain your brain.” Restores 50-Year-Old’s University of California, Berkeley, Brain Power to a 35-Year-Old’s Professor Emeritus, Arthur R. Jensen, Scientists were startled by the Ph.D. says this about the author, “He’s a formula’s ‘impressive effect.’ In controlled pioneer in the modern technology of brain clinical trials, it stimulated faster recall, science.” boosted memory, promoted more Doctor/pharmacist Ross Pelton calls youthful mental focus and clarity, and 20/20 Brainpower, “ Olympic training helped an average 50-year-old regain the program for the mind. Faster brains memory and brainpower of a healthy correlate to increased intelligence and 35-year-old. healthier, longer lives.” Today, Procera AVH is the #1 selling Dr. L. Cass Terry, former Chair and brain health and performance supplement Professor of Neurology, Medical College in the US with many thousands benefiting of Wisconsin, adds, “...very few people from the formula worldwide. understand the brain and cognitive function better than Joshua Reynolds.” Over the course of a 40-year career, what fitness gurus Jack Lalanne and Jane Fonda have done for the body, Josh Reynolds is now doing for your brain.

Mayo Clinic Agrees The world-famous Mayo Clinic concurs, reporting, “Cognitive decline is clearly not inevitable … cognitive training with brain exercise, stress reduction, proper nutrition and targeted therapeutics, Need for Speed including cognitive enhancers and Not only was he one of the first to protective brain agents may prove useful for the prevention and treatment of accurately measure the ‘processing’ speed of the brain, he may be the first to actually cognitive decline with aging.” help the brain ‘work faster,’ thanks to a revolutionary series of brain tune up Safeguard Memories Now Inside the “best selling” 176-page exercises — fun, five-minute “brain “better brain book” you’ll learn that trainings” now used by doctors and health memories need not fade away, especially enthusiasts worldwide to jump-start and when you learn the secret to locking-away speed up a sluggish brain. In one landmark 30-day trial, particiand safeguarding your treasured memories. pants using Reynolds’ brain exercises not only increased overall cognitive efficiency Better Brain Foods On page 92 you will learn about and brain speed, they slashed anxiety and newly discovered brain foods and nutrients, stress levels, and increased their IQ by an including the three foods & spices that you amazing nine points. Reynolds adds, “Stimulating your should serve your brain daily brain helps grow new brain cells. Large group studies have shown that brain speed Mental Fountain of Youth? On page 122, exercises, like those in 20/20 Brainpower, you’ll learn about can even improve driving skills and safety Nature’s “miracle records of older drivers.” Not one to rest on his laurels, a few memory molecules,” and how in just a few years ago Reynolds and fellow scientists weeks they can trans- at Brain Research Labs developed the port an aging mind world’s first clinically validated memory back in time, helping it pill, shown to help reverse up to 15 years function and respond of mental decline and lost memory power. Preeminent brain expert, more youthfully, even author Joshua Old Brains... Sputter restoring the memory Reynolds During his research, Reynolds learned and brain power you reveals brain rejuvenation had 10-15 years ago. of a common yet easily corrected brain techniques in It’s no coincidence condition that, if left untreated, could have his top-selling that these same brain alarming consequences for almost every book. nutrients are found in the #1 selling, adult. “We discovered that as your brain non-prescription, brain health supplement ages it can run low on a vital fuel called on the market. neurotransmitters,” says Reynolds. “These are like hi-octane additives in Stress-Relieving Brain Waves If you’re a walking stress-bomb, page gasoline. When the octane drops too 130 reveals how to quickly trigger a state low, your car sputters, loses power and of deep relaxation that signals your brain eventually dies. If you’re over the age of 45, and to ‘vacuum’ away stress. While alpha brain waves occur naturally, experiencing symptoms like mental several times a day, you’ll learn how to fatigue and sluggishness, poor concentracommand your brain into this calming, tion, and frequent forgetfulness, there’s a stress-releasing state, any time, any place. good chance your brain needs a neuroYou’ll also learn to identify the Rx transmitter boost. ”

More people are turning back the clock and living fuller lives by exercising and invigorating their brains with scientific brain ‘tune-ups.’ Like many people, Kasey L. of Olathe, Kansas takes Procera AVH every day. “I was having trouble finding words in my brain and remembering things. Now I am as sharp as a tack and I have a memory like an elephant. I will never stop taking it.” “I was having concentration problems and difficulty remembering things…,” recounts Grace K. from Alabama. “I felt mentally energized and more confident in myself after only one week of taking Procera AVH. Now, I enjoy reading again. I’ve regained confidence in myself.” Brain Stuck in the Slow Lane? Call to Claim your FREE Book and Bonus Full Month Supply of Procera AVH If you feel like you’re trapped in the slow lane and would like a more alert, sharper, quicker-thinking brain, call the phone number below. Ask how to get your copy of 20/20 Brainpower: 20 Days to a Quicker, Calmer, Sharper Mind absolutely free, along with a free 30-day supply of Reynolds’ landmark clinically-tested memory, focus, and concentration formula, Procera AVH with your order. Reserve your free book today, while supplies last. Call today.

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More people are turning back the clock and living fuller lives by exercising and invigorating their brains with scientific brain ‘tune-ups.’...