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Celebrating Patient-Centered Care in October Good Samaritan Hospital is pleased to join other patient-centered organizations from around the world in commemorating the fifth annual Patient-Centered Care Awareness Month in October. To celebrate this occasion, healthcare facilities are engaging in a variety of activities designed to empower patients, strengthen their patient-centered practices and reflect on their efforts to transform the healthcare experience. Patient-Centered Care Awareness Month’s theme is “Transformation through patient and family engagement.” A butterfly logo reinforces that while the process of transformation is gradual and at times challenging, with patience, creativity and perseverance, the results can be beautiful, vibrant and uplifting. We certainly hope that when patients and their loved ones come to Good Samaritan Hospital, they feel safe, secure and well cared for, but we consider these the minimum expectations for care. As a hospital committed to providing patient-centered care, we want patients who come to Good Samaritan Hospital to expect more. We want them to expect to be treated as partners in their own care. We want them to expect ample information about their treatment in language they can understand. And we want them to expect that when they go home, they will feel prepared to confidently manage their healthcare needs. Celebrating Patient-Centered Care Awareness Month is an opportunity for us to reinforce to our patients and their families what they can anticipate from us as a patientcentered hospital.

To translate the concept of patient-centered care to our patients, Good Samaritan Hospital uses the Planetree model of care. Since its founding as an international nonprofit organization, Planetree has pioneered methods for personalizing and demystifying the healthcare experience for patients and their families. The Planetree model of care is a holistic approach to healthcare, that empowers patients and families through the exchange of information and encourages healing partnerships with caregivers. It seeks to maximize positive healthcare outcomes by integrating optimal medical therapies and incorporating art and nature into the healing environment. Specific highlights of Patient-Centered Care Awareness Month include the Spirit of Planetree Awards ceremony in Nashville, Tenn. during which individual caregivers from Planetree affiliates worldwide—including Good Samaritan’s Dana Welsh, Spirit of Planetree Caregiver Award winner, Dr. Kristy Lawson, Spirit of Planetree Physician Award winner, and Yahu and handler, Suz Wiester, Spirit of Planetree Therapy Animal Award winner—will be recognized for their personal commitment to providing patient-centered care. We thank our caregivers for their dedication to providing patient care in new and innovative ways. And we thank our patients and their families for trusting us to give them unique and compassionate care when they need it most.

When healthcare experience matters, believe in Good Samaritan Hospital.

(C) 2011, Good Samaritan Hospital/Corporate Communications


We thank our caregivers for their dedication to providing patient care in new and innova- tive ways. And we thank our patients and their fam...