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The Family That Naps Together... Jay Towell Kearney Church of Christ

I know the official name of the holiday is Thanksgiving. But if we ever want to change it, I would like to suggest the “National Day of Napping.” How is it that what is shunned and frowned upon the rest of the year is openly celebrated and encouraged on this day? I suppose everyone naps on Thanksgiving Day for their own personal reasons. Some are preventative naps, brought on by long hours of holiday travel. Some are preparatory naps, anticipating that midnight shopping trip. For me, it comes from a place of deep contentment. I don’t just enjoy a nap after Thanksgiving dinner, I revel in it! I delight in it from beginning to end. It’s the one day of the year when I can nap proudly! Not everyone appreciates the value of a good nap. Our society refers to it as “stealing a nap”, or “taking a nap” or “sneaking a nap”. And heaven forbid you should be “caught napping.”

I once had a security officer tell me I couldn’t nap on the bench at the mall. Of course, most Nap Police are not in uniform. They are everywhere, masquerading as civilians, doing what they think is their civic duty: waking nappers, making them ashamed of napping, without giving a single thought to the biblical precedent for napping. The Good Book clearly says that God created the world in six days and on the seventh day He rested. Even God takes an occasional nap! I suspect that in the original Hebrew, the text reads, “And on the seventh day, God nappeth.” Napping in church also has a long and storied tradition. People have been falling asleep in church all the way back to the first century. The Bible

even records a story about a young man who took a nap while sitting in a 3rd story windowsill listening to the apostle Paul preach! (Of course, he also fell out of the window and died. But let’s not get bogged down with details.) I once heard about a furniture store that advertised their mattresses as being “comfy as a church pew.” My point is this: seize the moment. We are a tired society, and if there’s one thing we can be thankful for, it’s having an occasional chance to rest. Be supportive of other nappers. The family that naps together in complete harmony can also play and enjoy other things in life together in harmony. Ah, well...enough about that. See you Sunday. I’ll save you a nice comfy pew.


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Jay 308-293-5896 Jay Towell Kearney Church of Christ Living stones being built together


Jay 308-293-5896 Jay Towell Kearney Church of Christ Living stones being built together