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Everybody Get Feetloose! • Feel less stressed • Feel better about themselves • Feel more ready to learn and/or productive at work • Maintain a healthy weight • Build and maintain healthy bones, muscles and joints • Sleep better at night

It’s no secret that staying active is a great way to stay healthy—no matter your age. It’s also no secret that inactivity among our nation’s children is a growing concern along with rising rates of childhood obesity and its related illnesses. Good Samaritan Hospital is launching a new program with Buffalo County elementary students to address both of these serious health concerns: Feetloose! Feetloose with Sam the Moose has been introduced to elementary students in Buffalo County and officially kicks off October 1. Each student received a pedometer thanks to a wellness grant from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska. Those pedometers are accompanied by Healthy Steps log books and a challenge for each child to log 10,000 steps a day at least 5 days a week in the month of October. Those who log the appropriate number of steps are eligible for prizes like a bike, a RipStik skateboard and an iPod. And while elementary students will be paying careful attention to their steps, Good Samaritan Hospital’s Feetloose program can benefit the entire family’s health. Research shows that, in combination with healthy eating, physical activity helps prevent a range of chronic diseases including heart disease, cancer and stroke—the three leading causes of death. Getting more steps also helps children and adults:

Adults are welcome to visit and register for healthy emails that compliment the Feetloose program and its messages children receive at school. Through Feetloose, kids are encouraged to use creative ideas to get their steps in each day. Walking and jogging are easy ways, but so are dancing, playing tag, walking the dog and leading a pretend marching band around the yard! Feetloose is Sam the Moose’s latest effort to improve the health of our local communities. For the last several years he’s focused on handwashing as one of the simplest and easiest ways to stay healthy during cold and flu season. He’s building on that advice with Feetloose to further improve the health of our youngsters and their families at home. For more information about Feetloose, please visit or call 308-865-2275.

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For more information about Feetloose, please visit or call 308-865-2275. Feetloose is Sam the Moose’s latest effort t...