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A Safe and Quiet Place Jay Towell Kearney Church of Christ

When I was a kid I was fascinated by all things creepy and crawly. My friends and I could spend entire days down at the river just a half mile from my house. We would seine for minnows and catch crawdads. We would scour the river bank for lizards, grass snakes, gophers and baby rabbits. We collected leaves and bugs and rocks. Still today, just taking a walk out in nature brings back wonderful childhood memories. I remember many times finding caterpillars and carrying them home. One time in particular, I found a caterpillar that was ready to spin it’s cocoon and undergo that magical, hidden stage of transformation. But its natural habitat had just been mown down by the city maintenance folk. It was sluggish from the unseasonably cool weather and was about to cross four lanes of brisk traffic. So I took the caterpillar home and

put it in a suitable container (quart mason jar) to do its thing safely. A couple weeks later, it emerged from it’s cocoon a beautiful monarch butterfly which I released and watched fly away. Countless caterpillars become butterflies every year without my assistance. Moreover, I did not need to explain to the caterpillar what it was supposed to do or become. Those things come naturally to caterpillars. For this particular pre-butterfly, though, a little assistance at the critical moment in its journey and a safe space to change and emerge probably made the difference between completing its metamorphosis (and living to reproduce the next generation) or becoming a disgusting splat on Highway 30. It seems that each week, God leads new people my direction, or into our church

fellowship who are at critical moments on their journey. Some with physical or emotional needs - all with spiritual needs. How would it change our communities of faith, and our witness to the world if we learned to simply be loving and supportive and patient in these times? Allowing them to grow beside us. Patiently watching and waiting for them to become whatever is meant for them to be. That form will become clear to us in time. For now, many simply need a safe and quiet space to be, to change, to become and to emerge. God does not ask of us that we be the agents of change in another person’s life. The change will come from within and will happen precisely on cue by the hand of God. Jay

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Living stones being built together


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