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NOTICE OF BUDGET AMENDMENT Public notice is hereby given, that the Central Platte Natural Resources District Board of Directors, following a public hearing on July 28, 2011, did amend and adopt as amended, their proposed budget. The adopted changes in the budget are as follow: General Fund Sinking Fund Proposed Proposed Adopted Adopted Requirements Ensuing Year 2011/2012 26,431,972.90 24,763,375.69 3,289,665.95 4,299,665.95 Necessary Cash Reserve 125,000.00 125,000.00 -0-0Total Resources Available 20,687,795.62 20,382,063.12 3,289,665.95 3,289,665.95 Total 2011/2012 Personal & Real Property Tax Require. 5,869,177.28 4,506,312.57 -01,010,000.00 Changes due to decreased General Fund Expense & Revenue &increased Sinking Fund Expense. Legal Adv. Ag2,t1