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Real Estate

AtoZ by Susan Bice, CRS, GRI

A fully executed purchase agreement between a buyer and seller may seem like the end of the journey to the buyer, especially if the buyer has been looking at properties for a long time, but the signed contract is actually just the beginning of the final journey to closing the sale. Until then the sale can fall apart for a variety of reasons. Here are some tips for buyers to help avoid mistakes that can make a home sale fail to happen. 1) Tell the truth and nothing but the truth on your mortgage application. You’ll be asked to document everything you say, in writing, prior to closing. 2) Don’t make any big purchases. When closing gets near the lender will double-check your credit. 3) Stay in your job. 4) Make or beat all of your contingency deadlines. If you say in the contract you’ll do something by a certain date, do it a day early. 5) Respect the closing date in the contract and don’t expect it to be changeable. All parties are planning their lives around it. Following these tips will help to ensure a path to a painless closing. Call me today at 440-5306 to assist you to the closing table and for all your real estate needs.


to Real Estate by Susan Bice, CRS, GRI