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Congratulations, Scholarship Winners! Good Samaritan Hospital Foundation’s annual Scholarship Awards Luncheon took place on July 18. In all, 17 students whose field of study includes a health career were presented scholarships by GSH Foundation President and Executive Director Randy DeFreece. Members of Good Samaritan’s executive leadership team including President and CEO Michael Schnieders joined the scholarship winners and their families at the luncheon. Scholarships and their respective winners were: •Bernard Haag Endowed Nursing Scholarship ($500) – Allison Bean, Emily Carlson, Kelsey Dobish, Lacie Evans, Karla Hosick, Amanda Huerta, Sheila Jimenez, Sarvinoz Kadyrova, Ashley Kulwicki, Janna Montgomery •Buffalo County Medical Alliance Scholarship ($750) – Jill Loshonkohl •Don and Delores Williams Endowed Scholarship ($500) – Julie Keaschall •Dr. H.R. and Suz Walker Endowed Scholarship ($500) – Joe Radke •Jim Elder Memorial Radiology Scholarship ($500) – McKenzie Stevens •Future Health Care Providers Scholarship ($500) – Jennifer Ellingson •LeRoy Rheault Endowed Scholarship ($500) – Dina Robinson •Shirley Chavanu Nursing Scholarship ($500) – Theresa Langan

Recipients must be currently enrolled or accepted in an accredited program of a recognized health career and must be permanent residents or students attending schools in the Good Samaritan primary or secondary service county area. These scholarships are made possible by many generous donors: colleagues and friends of LeRoy Rheault established an endowed health career scholarship in 1987; the Buffalo County Medical Alliance has supported an annual health career scholarship since 1989; Don and Delores Williams created an endowed health career scholarship in 1992; Dr. and Mrs. H.R. Walker created an endowed health career scholarship in 1997; Shirley Chavanu’s family and friends created a nursing scholarship in her honor in 1999; Nelda Haag created an endowed scholarship in memory of her husband in 2005; and family and friends created a scholarship in memory of Jim Elder in 2011. Other donations to the Good Samaritan Hospital Foundation Scholarship Fund make it possible to award health career scholarships. Congratulations to our 2011 scholarship recipients and warm thanks to our many charitable donors who make these scholarships possible. Scholarship applications are due June 1 of each year. For more information, please contact us at 308-865-2700 or visit

Since 1989, Good Samaritan Hospital Foundation has awarded 231 health career scholarships amounting to $150,641.

When healthcare experience matters, believe in Good Samaritan Hospital.

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