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B-5 B-15 I-27 I-30 N-34 N-44 G-59 G-49 0-76 0-66 B-1 B-11 I-17 I-22 Kearney American Legion 1223 South Central Avenue N-44 N-39 G-50 This Friday & Saturday, Feb. 10 & 11 G-53 0-73 2-$1,000 Blackout Jackpots 0-68 (With attendance of 170 or more Players) B-11 B-6 I-25 I-20 Both Nights N-38 N-42 Up To $4,000 Paid-Out G-55 G-60 Both Nights 0-71 0-75 (With attendance of 200 or more Players) B-10 B-15 I-25 PLAY ALL GAMES FOR LESS THAN $20! I-33 N-38 Doors Open: 5pm • Early-Bird Games: 7pm N-43 G-54 G-59 Regular Session: 7:30pm

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B-5 I-30 N-44 G-59 0-76 B-1 I-17 -39 -50 0-73 B-11 I-20 N-42 G-60 0-75 Kearney American Legion Doors Open: 5pm • Early-Bird Games: 7pm Regul...