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Thank you to these area teachers for supporting the Newspaper In Education program by using the Kearney Hub newspaper in their classrooms throughout the 2010-2011 school year. The NIE program is free to Kearney area classrooms and provides teachers with the most current “living texbook”. in their classrooms. • Darrin Max Anselmo-Merna • Nicole Badgley Arnold High School • Lynne Ayres Arnold High School • Judy Sikes Callaway High School • Becki Dierking Custer Elementary • Zella Briggs Custer Elementary • Kari Bourke Elm Creek School • Brandi McCarter Elm Creek School • Renee Bauer Elm Creek School • Angie Brown Gibbon Elementary • Mary Anderson Gibbon Elementary • Amber Garner Gibbon Elementary • Tammy Kenton Lexington High School • Shawn Polacek Lexington High School • Mary Bergstrom Lexington High School • Janet Kuszak Loup City Schools • Kevin McConnell Overton High School • Sherry Nelson Ravenna Elementary School • Brandy Brodersen Ravenna Elementary School

• Deb Jensen Ravenna High School • Carolyn McCurry Sandoz Elementary • Stephanie Shaw SEM Public School • John Bonk Bryant Elementary • Amanda Garringer Bryant Elementary • Kina Marlatt Emerson Elementary • Lesley Clark Emerson Elementary • Sharee Jasjor Horizon Middle School • Jen Palser Horizon Middle School • Marilyn Lammers Horizon Middle School • Genny Wolf Kearney High School • Ceann Getz Kearney High School • Kathy Petri Kearney High School • Dan Fong Kearney High School • Dr. Dostal Kearney High School • Ann Black Kearney High School • John Manley Kenwood Elementary • Tamma Zulkoski Kenwood Elementary • Tracy Schall Meadowlark Elementary

For more information about our NIE program contact Julie Speirs at the Kearney Hub or call 308-233-9790

• Karyn Dahlke Northeast Elementary • Dennis Hartner Northeast Elementary • Jennifer Goff Windy Hills Elementary • Krista Cox Alma High School • Shawn Wheelock C.L. Jones Middle School • Don Miller C.L. Jones Middle School • Caleb Wall Eustis-Farnman Public School • Lynn Young Eustis-Farnman Public School • Dianna Chambers Eustis-Farnman Public School • Katie McClemens Faith Christian School • Laicie Clark Head Start • Carolyn Miller Kearney Catholic High School • Eileen Anderson Loomis High School • Holly Johnson Loomis Public School • Sam Dunn Minden High School • Tony Kleidosty YRTC

The NIE Program is made possible by these sponsors. Kearney Orthopedic & Sports Medicine



For more information about our NIE program contact Julie Speirs at the Kearney Hub or call 308-233-9790 Kearney...

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