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PLACE-SETTING TEETH “Baby” (or deciduous) teeth may begin to fall out and be replaced by permanent teeth starting at approximately six years of age, but that does not mean that they are expendable. Baby teeth play an important role in aligning the spacing of subsequent permanent teeth. They also serve to support the upper and lower jaws in proper alignment. Thus, parents will want to join the dentist in doing everything possible to preserve the health of their children’s baby teeth. If these place-setters are lost prematurely to injury or decay, it may adversely affect the positioning of the teeth that will replace them. For this reason and others, children should adopt healthy oral care habits at an early age. You can rely on us to answer all your questions about dental treatments and procedures. At PLATTE VALLEY DENTAL CLINIC, we appreciate the opportunity to provide you and your child with quality dental care. Our staff is made up of well-trained professionals who work together as a team to provide the highest quality treatment in a warm, caring setting. We’re located at 3915 N. 4th Ave. Please call 308.234.2828 to schedule an appointment. P.S. As emerging permanent teeth push against the roots of overlying deciduous teeth, the roots of the baby teeth dissolve and become absorbed by the forming permanent teeth.



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