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Viaero Wireless Announces New Customer Loyalty Program Is customer loyalty important? With its new Viaero Value Rewards program, a n n o u n c e d t o d a y, t h e Midwestern-based wireless carrier obviously thinks so. A January announcement issued by Verizon® stated that they were eliminating their “New Every Two ® program” for any new customer that signed a new service agreement after January 16. That wasn’t the catalyst for today’s Viaero announcement as the carrier had been planning the new rewards program for months.

Viaero also announced that the Motorola Cliq will be a limited time instantly free Android™ phone while supplies last.

“Viaero is firmly committed to offering our customer family the best value in wireless. We’ve given this a lot of thought and talked extensively with our current customers as we were building the Viaero Value Rewards program” Viaero owner and President Frank DiRico pointed out during today’s announcement. “This program has the rewards they asked for and really want!” Highlights of Viaero Value Rewards include early eligibility for all current custom-

ers. Rewards begin as early as the 20th month of their current contract when they renew. Each line in a shared account also qualifies for rewards in its 20th month. New customers switching to Viaero will also qualify for the loyalty program when they reach their 20th month. With certain restrictions, rewards are earned based on each account. Those having monthly reoccurring charges of $85 or higher will receive a $50 credit. Those below $85 will receive a $30 ccredit. Viaero Value Rewards can bbe applied towards the ppurchase of any smart phone in including Android phones, B BlackBerry and feature pphones or accessories. W When a customer uses the rewards toward a new phone purchase, more good news is that it’s based on the lowest available price for that phone. Special promotion and even free phones are also included and leftover rewards can be used for accessories or applied toward their bills. Viaero Value Rewards was the second major announcement from Viaero in the past five months. The company launched new Nationwide Plans with carryover minutes in 2010 along with revising its popular MyGroup free number rate plans. New

Samsung Galaxy just one of the Android phones offered at Viaero.

lower cost data plans were also previously announced that DiRico says are powering the company’s rapid growth of their smart phone business. “Many of our customers want the new Android™ powered phones and we applied Viaero value to our data plans. N o w o n l y Vi a e r o c a n custom fit a voice and data plan so our customers w o n ’t s p e n d o n e e x t r a dollar than they need to. Our new Nationwide Plans with carryover minutes also mean that minutes they don’t use they won’t lose for up to one year.” Viaero Wireless provides nationwide coverage and successfully negotiated special rates with many foreign countries. Viaero has retail stores and dealers throughout Colorado and Nebraska, Kansas and areas of Wyoming.

Viaero i Wi Wireless l recently l iintroduced d d the new Samsung Galaxy Tablet available throughout their store and dealer locations.

The above is a paid advertisement from Viaero Wireless


Is customer loyalty impor- tant? With its new Viaero Value Rewards program, announced today, the Midwestern-based wireless carrier obviously...