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Stay independent

with Lifeline

NEW! AutoAlert automatically detects falls and calls for help In a fall or emergency, every second counts. Lifeline with AutoAlert is the only medical alert pendant that can automatically call for help, even if you can’t push your button. Lifeline costs include a one-time activation fee and a monthly service fee that amounts to about a dollar a day. There are no hidden costs, no long-term contracts, and you may discontinue service at any time. For local service from someone you trust, call Good Samaritan Hospital at:


Unlike cell phones, Lifeline is waterproof, always charged, and within reach!


NEW!AutoAlertautomaticallydetectsfallsandcallsforhelp Inafalloremergency,everysecondcounts. LifelinewithAutoAlertistheonlymedical alertpenda...