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Good Samaritan Cancer Center Introduces New Staff The Good Samaritan Cancer Center proudly introduces its 10 new staff members. Affiliation with the National Cancer Institute Community Cancer Centers Program (NCCCP) and recent funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) has enabled the Cancer Center to hire new staff to assist in its expansion of programs and services to the region. Those new staff members include: •Lynne Beckstead, multidisciplinary care coordinator •Kim Burr, tobacco cessation counselor •Melissa Florell, state cancer partnership project coordinator •Shanna Gillming, cancer disparities outreach coordinator •Josh Hanshaw, cancer center communications manager •Amy Jordan, cancer genetic counselor •Elizabeth Laursen, cancer disparities clinical trials coordinator •Jill Loshonkohl, oncology special projects coordinator •Carol O’Neill, cancer disparities outreach coordinator •Pat Smith, oncology special projects coordinator Feel free to contact any of our new staff members for more information by calling the Cancer Center at 308-865-7985.

Front: Pat Smith, Shanna Gillming, Kim Burr, Melissa Florell. Back: Lynne Beckstead, Elizabeth Laursen, Carol O’Neill, Josh Hanshaw. Not pictured: Amy Jordan and Jill Loshonkohl.

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