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RANCH FOR SALE White Partnership Ranch: 7,749 +/- deeded acres plus 600 acres state lease. Extreme southeast corner of Cherry County, NE, 38 miles southwest of Ainsworth in Goose Creek Valley. Live water, subirrigated meadows, pivot irrigation, pipeline water, scales, good improvements, mature tree groves & shelter belts. 550-600 cow ranch. Available in 4 tracts which can be purchased separately including 2,480 acres of rangeland 8 miles north of Halsey on paved Purdum road, crossfenced with new pipeline water system. Sold: McKinley Ranch, Fuchser Ranch, Weeks Ranch, Stockdale Lake Ranch, McDermott Farm, Niobrara River Land.

NEBRASKA LAND & CATTLE AGENCY Richard Dawson, Broker Office: (800) 785-2528 Mobile: (308) 325-0839 Brochures available @