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WINTER SAVINGS With complete on-the-farm grain storage and handling systems from MFS MFS • YORK YORK • STORMOR STORMOR • B ROWNIE, ROWNIE, you can gain greater control over what happens to your grain. You can also improve your profit in the process by avoiding in and out charges, shrinkage and marketing fees. You get a complete system customized to fit your operation, engineered for long life and priced for quick payback. M F S rugged, corrugated grain bins come in capacities up to 749,000 bushels. YORK grain handling equipment capacities to 60,000 bushels per hour, plus all conveyors, spouting valves and accessories. STORMOR Ezee Dry Systems, with the original rooftop drying design and drying capacity up to 1,000 bushels per hour on larger models, protects grain quality and reduces drying costs. BROWNIE SYSTEMS support: the world leader in structural support systems. Leg towers, catwalks, stair units, and more-fully integrated for easy installation and optimum performance.

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