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An Ad to Bless You Depression is a debilitating illness that strikes the lives of many young and old. Thank God there are some medications that prove helpful along with counseling or other therapies. Depression is sometimes ridiculed in faith circles as a sign of lack of faith. Nothing could be further from the truth. You don’t need to look very long at Elijah’s depression in 1 Kings 19 to see that the greatest people of faith can still wrestle with depression. Perhaps this is why the Scriptures encourage us to “encourage one another daily”. Thank God for the Scriptures, the Spirit, the songs and those who encourage.

May you by encouraged!

First Baptist Church 1616 W. 39th St., Kearney • 234-2311


First Baptist Church May you by encouraged! 1616 W. 39th St., Kearney • 234-2311